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July 2018
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"Questaholic" is the name of Clan Quest's monthly Magazine, which is currently being published by Choto 3000. At present it is predominantly geared towards the Questing Clan of RuneScape, the Guild in which it was conceived and has had all of its issues published. Despite its current RuneScape-heavy focus, the Questaholic Magazine has, in the past, featured a wide array of articles from member submitted poetry, to recipes, to fun facts and jokes, or even astrological concepts.


The First Run

The Questaholic Magazine was initially conceived by Daviddts, who had been the leader of the clan "Wolfs Eye" which was absorbed into Clan Quest in October 2011. On October 15th he made a public post detailing his idea, immediately declaring his intent to name the magazine "Questaholic" as a mixture of "Quests", the overall theme and binding force of Clan Quest, and the suffix "Holic", thus playing on similar words such as "Alcoholic" or "Workaholic". The idea was taken to immediately, and many of the magazine's major early contributors quickly attached themselves to the project.

In an odd twist of fater, however, Daviddts did not stick around to see his idea to fruition. By November 11th he had left Clan Quest, leaving the project at risk of losing its legs. Fortunately, the idea for the project had already been seeded, and committed members such as MsKonnan10 and LizBeth ensured that on January 1st, 2012 the first issue of the Questaholic Magazine went live. The first issue of the Magazine, and the next few that followed it, primarily consisted of clanmember submitted recipes, and a series of stories written by MsKonnan about the birth and upbringing of the Clan Quest Dragon "Nogard", who would later become a reality with the release of Citadel Dragons in RuneScape later that year.

Another one of the important articles from the first issue of Questaholic, though, was a fictitious interview with the RuneScape NPC "Max", who infamously maxed out all of his skills. Conducted by Ytse, this interview set a precedent for almost every single Magazine that has come since: several members of the clan submitting questions for another member to answer. In the February addition it was Draziw, in March it was Bigg Doggg, and the list goes on. The Clan member interview has been the centerpiece of Questaholic for years, and finds its roots all the way back in that original issue.

The Magazine also found its first "Editor" with the first Magazine in Borizi, who both occasionally contributed articles and consistently created covers for the first two years of the magazine's run. With a solid team under its belt, which would go on to include Miss Alaska, Wolfie, Wise Ork, and others, Questaholic experienced great success throughout the clan. The team never missed a month for three years straight, and for a long time the magazine only grew as time went on. The November 2013 issue, which was posted almost two years after the original, was the largest to date. Unfortunately, as time went on people began to drop off of the project. Borizi eventually left, and without him the magazine covers became increasingly simpler and harder to come by, and sometimes an issue of the Magazine was published with no cover at all.

Finally, in the December 2014 issue it was announced that it would be the last issue of the Questaholic, due to a general lack of interest, and more and more of its regular content, such as lore or jokes, being relocated to other locations on the forum.

The Revival

The Magazine remained nothing more than a memory for several months after publication ceased, but on July 13th, 2015, former contributor Santa Ends decided that he missed the monthly interview, and decided to revive that portion of the Magazine in a new "Monthly Clanmember Interview" project. He found success in this, and went on to post a total of four of these monthly interviews, the first being posted at the end of July and the last at the end of October. Officially, each of these interviews was brand for the following month, meaning that the interviews posted in October were the "November Issue".

Shortly after the November issue launched a general clan meeting was held, on November 9th, 2015. It was here that the Clan Council announced their intention to relaunch the Questaholic magazine in full, under Santa Ends' leadership. After a full year the Questaholic would make its return that December.

Second Run

While the December issue of the refreshed Questaholic magazine was light, very light, on content, it brought a lot of joy to the members of the Clan who remembered it. For a time it was primarily Santa Ends leading the charge, posting all of the articles, and for the most part they were still more or less focused around the monthly interview. Still, addtional articles such as the RSMV review helped keep it a little more fleshed out, until more people began contributing to it once again. Users such as Gardenchick and Mskonnan brought back games and recipes, and as of June 2016, a monthly clan bulletin has been submitted to the magazine, created by Cireon.

In August 2016 Choto 3000 began contributing to the Magazine as well, quickly becoming a staple in the magazine's monthly publication. Members such as Shane and Miss Alaska posted articles about history and lore, and by January 2017 a monthly update on the clans new members and promotees was being provided by Sirapyro. In little more than a year the Magazine was once again resembling the activity it had experienced during its original run. As 2017 progressed Choto 3000 took on a more prominent role as the "spearhead" of Questaholic, compiling most of the articles and making sure it was posted every month, but Santa Ends still maintained an active presence and level of contribution.

The Magazine is currently running strong into 2018, with the Clan Council working to make the Magazine a much more official part of the Clans infrastructure. Work is being done to give it its own place on the website, rather than a forum post, and the editors have begun playing with the idea of making it accessible to the public, as a service Clan Quest provides to the community at large.


The Magazine has had a long list of contributors over its many years of publication, who have been listed below:
Current Contributors
      •Choto 3000

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