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by Santa Ends
An Interview with Tyco elf

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Hello clannies, we have Tyco elf from Sweden with us this month. Clan Quest's number 1 vexillum planter, divine charges dealer, and the artist behind this month's front page cover.


May 2016 002.png


Is there also a Tyco dwarf?

I checked on the RS highscore and did not find him, so I pressure there isn’t. Although, I have many elven brothers and sisters around Runescape. MahjarratElf in our clan is an example.

May 2016 003.png

How do you like Sweden? Would you emigrate if you could? If you want/had to, where to?

I am not exaggerating when I say I’m in love with Sweden. The clean air, its deep forests, their ideology of peace and creativity…. I can’t name them all, but it’s the best country for me to live in.

Emigrate? Well, I could always move to Dalarna, where the deepest forests in Sweden exist and with the wonderful mountains at the border of Norway. But emigrate outside Sweden? Only if offered the job of being a Jagex Moderator in Cambridge.

May 2016 004.png

I know from experience Scandinavia is beautiful. What location would you like to see built in NXT?

I think the forest that surrounds Tirannwn could be inspired from Scandinavia for reduced visibility (and maybe hide Lletya?) and boost its natural presence in the area. However, nothing beats the view of a mountain.

Since NXT already has multiple high viewpoints, let’s reverse it to a low viewpoint that sees a mountain rise in the distance, with the determination to get there. If asking for a specific location, I would say the view of Sylarna 2 km from Storulvåns fjällstation (Storulvån mountain-checkpoint).

May 2016 005.png

Is there a location in Gielinor you would visit in real life?

I would like to visit the Fremennik Province, Neitiznot, the snowy hunter area and the Ritaul site of the Mahjarrat. Even if that would not be as exotic as Karamja, Sophanem or Prifddinas, I feel I could get a great experience of the nature and environment I already am in love with.

May 2016 006.png

Choto 3000:

What was your very first accomplishment cape?

The Quest cape! Also, my first 99 skill was prayer, the hardest skill to train (or so they say). Going for Master Quest Cape, but slowed down as I don’t want the adventure to be over quite yet.

May 2016 007.png

What would you say it's your favourite videogame (excluding RS, ofc)?

I guess it’s Advanced Warfare, but I am drawn to fantasy games like Runescape and have tested some PS3 games that I’m sure you never ever heard of, with dragons, swords and other RS stuff.

May 2016 008.png

Have you ever visited another country? And, if yes, what was the best thing you can remember about it?

Although I prefer to visit locations within Sweden, I have been in Norway, Denmark, Spain, Germany, England, and Florida in America. Oh, and around 5 hours in Finland.

If asked for the best memory abroad, that would be when in Florida visiting Universal Studios while living in a 5 star hotel. Although, for someone more used to colder weather, the heat was constantly draining me.

May 2016 009.png

How do you like beaches in Sweden? Lol

They are quite boring during all seasons except summer, when the sand is grey and hard as concrete. Otherwise I guess it passes as being a beach.

The water is what’s important. Always a bit too cold, just the way one wants it during a hot summer day. Can’t recommend people to visit us for a swim if used to +20 C waters. 1- icon biggrin.png


What's your favourite thing to do outside of RuneScape?

Being creative. As I am a generalist (meaning I know a lot of all-around stuff), I can sew, carve, edit, program, build, organize or pretty much work with anything that has any connection with the word creativity. But a good hike is always something I am looking for.

May 2016 010.png

Leading on from this is RuneScape the only game you play or do you play others?

It depends. Normally I work with other people but it happens that we “play” rather than “work”. Someone who loves their job a lot might come across this. If looking at the Jagex crew, you might know what I mean. If you mean play in other games, no. I only play one game at the time.

Have you heard of the Swedish initiative in order to promote tourism that allows anyone to connect with a random Swede? If so, are you one of the people we can talk to?

This is the first time I have ever heard of it. The idea is good, but I wonder if they accounted the risk of the receiver thinking that the caller is a scammer? 56- icon scratch.png

May 2016 011.png

If you would like to know the Swedes more, I strongly recommend the reality show “Allt för Sverige” on youtube, where 10 Americans travel to Sweden and try to find their long lost ancestors and learn more about the Swedish people. It’s 20% in Swedish and 80% in English.

May 2016 012.png

But if you want to talk to me through that initiative, you have 1/10 000 000 chance of reaching me. Quite a good number, compared to the rest of the world.


What are your plans for the future, both in-game and IRL?

In-game my plan is to get the Master Quest cape. After that, I don’t really know. Worst case is that I will take a break due to the cape proving I have already discovered 99,9% of everything Runescape has to offer. I am not interested in Comp cape by the way, that is more working on one thing than discovering.

May 2016 013.png

IRL goals? I guess that would to get more experience, to apply my knowledge to a work-area when I am not the boss and where others have expectations. Being your own boss has its perks, but out there you need to meet others' expectations.

But serious, can you lend me 100M?

Nope. I am using it to learn merching. Don’t know how well I will succeed though.


Tyco, how can you be so awesome?

2 things: Be creative and be yourself. Combine those two and people will start liking you. Either that or you can just get all the energy you can get your hands on and bribe every single clan-member with charges for invention. They will love you more than Max’s love to xp-lamps. 24- herz.png24- herz.png24- herz.png

In cc your are very funny at times, and in your teaching events you are like a lecturing professor...which is the true you irl?

I am a generalist, meaning I seek knowledge from all areas. I'm a balanced person, or rather "Friend of everything, master of none".

The lecturing professor comes from my knowledge of psychology and teaching. Me being funny is a result of me being spontaneous, not binding myself to something and just saying whatever comes up to mind. It creates a lot of typos in chat though.

I’m quite ironic in IRL, something that is harder to express in chat when you can’t have a facial expression others can see. To make it short, everything is a part of me.

How did you enjoy that little skirmish with Karen Angel in the gaming grotto the other day?

I enjoyed it, it reminded me I still have more to learn about combat and bossing. Being able to push her back to the extent she used Immortality to pull the rug under my feet left me a bit surprised, maybe I am strong enough to boss after all…

May 2016 014.png

How are you liking the clan so far? What would you like to see improved? Are you glad I made you join the offsite now?

I like the clan, especially that many here are knowledgeable in different areas. I would love to see more (active) members to the clan, which is a reason why I’m sometimes at Grand Exchange on different worlds recruiting for the clan. I am glad to have joined the offsite, thank you. And by the way, it was Alphard who made me join the offsite by bribing me with cookies.

May 2016 015.png

Anything else you would like to tell us about?

I like cookies. 14- icon rolleyes.gif

Karen Angel:

What is your normal blood pressure?

No idea, I tend to avoid doctors and hospitals. 25- kopfschuettel.gif It’s kind of a half-ofobic-ish thing that I can’t explain. It keeps me motivated to be healthy though.

How old were you, when you had your first kiss?

Let’s reverse the question: How old will I be when I get my first kiss?

What is your favorite shoe brand?

Ecco. A good grip is a must when walking, no matter where the walking is done.

May 2016 016.png

Do you play any sports?

Tested many different sports (I’m a generalist, remember?), but right now I’m just taking a walk now and then of 3km. Paperwork keeps me indoors lately though, something I hope I can change during summer.

May 2016 017.png

What is your favorite sport to watch?

The NHL, Detroit Red Wings with the Swedish captain Henrik Zetterberg and his troop of Swedish (and American) players. 55- icon geek.png

May 2016 018.png

If you could be any anime character, who would you be?

Let’s see…. Someone creative, with freedom and humor that isn’t the main character but that is clearly noticed when on screen. Hard to pick just one, but the closest to that description would be Urahara Kisuke. (Santa, please put a picture here for me please?)

May 2016 019.png
Aye aye!

How often do you brush your teeth?

Once a day, it’s one of my biggest weaknesses in this world. The tooth fairy in Zanaris still gives me the angry look every time I pass by using the fairy ring. 1- icon biggrin.png

May 2016 020.png

Would you have all the money in the world, or all girls in the world?

All the money. Love makes you blind. “So does greed” I hear some say. Not my problem. I can afford a couple of economists to take care of the money for me. If you really need something, I will be over there making something creative I can be proud of. Just pay the bills so I can continue play Runescape, ok? Oh, and an ice-cream would be good.

What is your favorite facial expression?

The ironic expression with a raised eyebrow and a half-smile. Actually don’t know if I manage to raise my eyebrow, but at least I imagine I do it. 15- icon wink.gif

How often do you smile?

Very often, unless paperwork stops me from being creative. 2- icon smile.gif


If you had a day and a night left to live, what would you do and who would you spend it with?

First of all, I would write my last will, with very specific details. This would probably take 6 hours. Then, I would buy 5 Ben&Jerry ice-creams and the fastest transportation to the mountain range between Sweden and Norway and start hiking. Along the way I would probably call a couple of friends and close relatives for a chat.

When the night falls, as I know my last moment in this world has come, I would take of my backpack and let it fall to the ground, lean myself back on a boulder and start singing “Song to Nature” (a local song) over and over again while gazing upon the stars and auroras. As I see the sun slowly starting to rise in the horizon, I close my eyes knowing I have lived a good life.

May 2016 021.png

What is the origin story of your iconic outfit?

I have had several stages of outfits. First it was Adamant armor, then it was dragon. After that I wore Bandos armor while doing combat-related quests and slayer.

Then Prifddinas came out and I wore the exoskeleton outfit for a very long time. Around the autumn, I tried other outfits for a change and the blue mystic set had the kind of blue that was close to my favorite color. And this is where I am today.

My helm is from my homeland. The walking stick on my back due to that it looks like a one-handed staff and symbolizes wisdom. The sword due to its healing ability and to remind me who I am IRL. I will let you guess that one.

May 2016 022.png

As a proud swede, do you own a BILLY?

Give me a second. *walks away to the miniature home-library* Yep, it’s here!

Santa Ends:

Is there a player or mod that you admire/ respect? Why?

There are many players I respect, as every person has its good sides, abilities and the impact they have on other people. But Mod Osbourne for his burning passion and Mod Shauny for his interest in involving the community.

Over the few years you've been playing, is there anything you've learned in-game that you've implemented in your real life?

Believe it or not, I do Hefin-stretching after my 3km walk. Also, I train my English while being in chat. But the biggest thing would be the teachings of Guthix after discovering that it was very similar to my own point of view.

May 2016 023.png

Now the other way around. Anything you took from real life to the game?

I would say it would be my personality, the way I talk and how I act.

If money, time, commitments etc. was no issue, what would your perfect day look like?

My perfect day would be hiking in the mountains with a couple of friends, reaching our destination a little after dinnertime. It may sound simple, but I can’t really think of anything else than abandoning the problems of the world behind me and find my inner self when traveling through the mountains.

Is there a promise you made to yourself, that you kept true to this day?

To never be bound nor blind to anything in this world. This is a promise I made to myself, to see everything and everyone as equal, without clouded by emotions or origin, and that what’s good and bad in this world is a part of the never-ending balance. It has similarities to the teachings of Guthix.

I do not remember at what point I swore this to myself, but it's something I have carried for some time. To have arrived to the same conclusion sure was a shock when I came to know Guthix history and teaching on Gelinor.


What is with you and suddenly making GIFs? And also, how is it pronounced?

As said before, I like everything that involve creativity. I wanted to combine my Runescape experience with something that might be handy IRL. Photo-editing became the answer. How it’s pronounced? I don’t know, maybe like its written? This is the level I'm aiming to reach one day:


Please recommend us a song you like.

For some reasons, I'm attracted to music that either contain feelings or boost emotions, like movie music. This one however is one I would describe as containing a wide range of feelings. So sit down, relax and prepare to listen to one of my favorite musics: The poet and the Pendulum by Nightwish.

Finally, let me finish of with a long story from a question asked by ILikeSlayer:
Why did you join clan Quest, anything in particular that drew you in?

"Tyco" wrote
I think it was almost a year back now, when I wandered the world of RuneScape after returning from almost a 2-year break from the game. The world was at war, gods fighting against each other, divination was out and other new content made the world once again a new place to discover. I was a happy adventurer on an adventure once again.

Time passed. Although I gained a new interest in Combat Theory and leading a small group of Bandosians against Armadyl followers, we lost the war and Bandos was as a result killed before my eyes. A kind, but deadly, American girl noticed my qualities and insisted I would join her family clan. Never been in a clan before, not even knowing the existence of citadels, I was suspicious of what kind of work were to be expected of me if entering one. I declined, but was still for some time hunted and asked to join. I started to guest them, slowly discovering a new area of knowledge I never seen before. 2 months later, I swore an oath to Home of Glory that I still hold dear.

More time passed. The perk of being an adventurer started to show among the other clan-members as I was the primary source of information and advice. Learning about clans, being social and sharing information gave me a new sight of Runescape than when I was a lone wolf during all those years. Home of Glory being a family clan made it all the better, as everyone was happy and kind towards each other. Together, we weakened Tuska enough to let Vorago deal the final blow.

But as more time passed, the leader slowly fell into sickness and the future of the clan was at stake. Of the 4 candidates for the position as the clan owner, I was the obvious choice in everyone’s eyes. Never being a leader before and suddenly having the eyes of expectation to carry the clan on my shoulders made me uncomfortable. I declined, only to once again be chased with reconsidering my choice. An option appeared, to merge the clan with another clan we had connections with. After 2 clan meetings at the meeting room at our citadel, we announced that we were going to move. The disbanding of Home of Glory had begun.

The move went smoothly. I, as agreed was to be the last member to leave the clan, made sure everyone was informed and knew what to do. However, when the moment came to leave the clan, I couldn’t. I simply couldn’t. The feelings I had for the clan kept me there for longer than first thought of. Promising I would soon join the others, I went around our empty citadel, remembering those happy days. But then the news hit us! Our members, not happy with the new system, ruler or attitude in the new clan, either left or stayed in silent disappointment. After hearing further details, I decided to stay in the clan as the last member. In the end I became a Clan owner, wondering if maybe it would been better to just accept the fate when it comes, instead of being part of this disbanding and members that I would, to this day, never to see again.

I kept roaming the empty citadel. But as the clan system removed not only the citadel but the clan symbol on the vex and cloak, the memories caused more suffer than comfort since there was literally nothing left but me. Deciding the time had come, I gathered a small amount of old members and held a small ceremony, as I reminded everyone of those happy days we had to together. Holding by oath fulfilled, to stay loyal to the clan until the end of its days, I left the clan and found myself once again wandering the world and its mysteries. A hole was left behind, something I looked to fill during my travels.

Time passed and the snow was now falling outside the window. Missing the warmth feeling of a home, especially from a family clan, became strong during December. None of the clans around seemed promising or even close to the one I had been in during those times I passed by the Grand exchange. PvE, PvP, Skillers, they all were something I was not. That raised a question inside me. Where are they? The people like me? I mean, I can’t be the only adventurer in whole Gielinor, can I? The feeling of a new adventure slowly peeked my interest. Going to the rankings of clans at RS highscores I found at 92nd place Clan Quest. I joined their clan chat as a guest and a new adventure began...

Thank you Tyco for the nice and detailed answers, as well as everyone for sending in the questions. If anyone has interest in publishing articles for the clan magazine, feel free to PM me on the offsite or in game.

Article by SantaEnds

RSMV Review

What's a year of reviews without 99Hybr1d? Being one of the older RSMV makers- he has slipped under the radars back in the day of Regicidal1, Xgen2004, Cherrybomb4 and Luckybucket. However he goes stronger and stronger with each edit. This is All I Want by A Day to Remember (ADTR), one of my favourite bands.

He keeps up with the times- always changing outfits, progressing on the live game. His best part- well he has lots of good things- he's actually an all rounder. He has lots of friends for emote syncs, awesome orb of oculus skills, great colouring skills, one of the best panning skills. Did you know he was one of the first to start using Adobe After Effects? Back in the day where everyone uses Vegas, he was one of the pioneers of AE edited RSMVs. Even his early older videos, like Seether's Fake It, it was evident he had great skills. Truly a dedicated one. The only thing is he isn't maxed, so he's limited by his cape emote choices. But he more than makes up for it.

Article by SantaEnds

We're on Youtube!
May 2016 024.png

Special mention to interviewee of the month, who has been planting the clan Vex tirelessly. Not to mention the Razzers who have been working hard recruiting and accepting, as well as the various people who have sponsored new members. You know who you are! If anyone wants to be part of the recruitment team, you can pm Irene Angel on the offsite or in game.

Article by SantaEnds

The Value of Gathering Skills

There's an upcoming mining and smithing rework in game, and clanmates have shared their opinions on it.

"Shane" wrote
The updated skills need to offer progression reminiscent of early mining and smithing. This means, no 99s or 120s in under 48 hours as is the case with the current progression of these skills. They should remain the same or get slower.

- A smithing update should also provide a different avenue for gathering armour rather than what seems like the never ending pvm boss grind at endgame. This doesn't mean that smithing should give armour of the same effectiveness as Vorago or Raids. What it does mean is that a player should be able smith armour that is 75%-80% effective as the high end boss offerings.

- Bossing encounters should drop the materials and/or recipes to make this endgame armour. You invest in the pvm side of the game, that means you love RuneScape. You should love the game enough to get 80 smithing so you can better yourself at bossing.

- Finishing up, the gathering side should remain simple and provide skillers a steady but not absurdly generous flow of income and XP. This means that raw materials shouldn't drop from NPCs (slayer or pvm) but rather let's actually rely on player gatherers and rebuild this portion of the RuneScape economy.

Article by SantaEnds

~!~ The Cartoon Corner ~!~
Grooks shared by Konnan

These little cartoons are called "Grooks". I have a book of them, written by author Piet Heim. I also have one currently hidden in my signature. 15- icon wink.gif

May 2016 025.png
This is one to remember when Bossing

May 2016 026.png
And this one is for the Skillers

May 2016 027.png
This is one of my favorites which reflects our sometimes secret thoughts 1- icon biggrin.png

Article by MsKonnan

Puzzle Corner - The Reveal!

Okay last month I put out this puzzle: It was difficult and I only got two correct replies.. Neo Deadpool aka Doctor Quest answered first. He received 5m gp. Seth E Roth answered second. Still need to pay him his 3m gp prize.

Fancy yourself a WIZ at Puzzles? Are you a logician at logic? If you are among the first 3 people to respond to me in off-site pm with the correct solution to all 8 words encoded below, you will win a prize.

1st - 5M gp
2nd - 3M gp
3rd - 1M gp

Decode these eight familiar 4-letter words.

U Z H F (has a D)
L F H B (has a W)
B H G U (has an A)
B Z G U (has an N)
K Z F U (has an M)
B Z F U (has an I)
L H F K (has a C)
B H F F (has an L)

I will give a hint here how to solve this thing. And then I will hide the rest of the solution steps and the answer:

Hint: There are 8 letters used in all of the words: D, W, A, N, M, I, C, L. All 8 words are formed from these letters. One of the words has a double letter. Two of the letters are only used in two words each. Those are your hints.

Here is the solution

Since the solution has been given, there will be no more prizes. I will try to get another puzzle that translates well to this magazine format for next month. Hope you enjoyed this and hope I will have more winners with the next puzzle.

Garden 59- icon flower.png

Article by Gardenchick