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Bulletin - June 2020

Hey folks, we’re back with another clan bulletin.

Last month I mentioned what these bulletins typically should be used for, a place where we can “run around in circles and tout all of the accomplishments of the clan.” This month we are going to do exactly that.

State of the Union 2020:
Clan Quest has many moving parts and we’re so fortunate to have many great volunteers that make running this place a lot easier. This past month I’m proud to announce that Questcaping has been promoted to moderator. Moderators help us manage the clan and that’s what Questcaping has been doing, especially in relation to our social media channels. Plus he hosts some really great events weekly for our RuneScape 3 guild. Congratulations!

On that, you can find us on social media on Twitter and Facebook @ClanQuest on both platforms. There you’ll see clan wide announcements and guild specific ones too. If you have anything you need posted or want to advertise on our social media, send a message to Questcaping or Shane. We have a couple things starting up in the next month, so watch this space! Now for those of you who were aware of Questcaping's promotion, you probably heard about it at our State of the Union address.

At this gathering we announced Questcaping's promotion, talked a bit about Discord, and outlined what’s next for the website and wiki. If you’re interested in helping with the wiki or you have pictures, message Sirapyro or Draziw to help.

Our guilds also took the opportunity to announce the recently concluded recruitment thread preamble contest for RS3, the promotion of Doobz007 to Guild Council for Old School, and Rocket League wants anyone who plays the game to ask about joining their guild. Also, if there’s a shared interest and you think Clan Quest could do with a new guild, inquire about how to set it up!

You can find the full meeting notes here:

That’s about all we got for this month, if there’s ever any questions that need answering or anything that needs doing, just tag any of the yellow people (Clan Council) in Discord and we’ll be happy to help!

See you next month!

Article by Shane



An interview with iiDefend

by 1234werecool.


June 2020 002.jpg

What are you currently studying?
Nothing. I work 3rd shift, full time.

What do you currently do for a living?
I operate forklifts and utilize them to load and unload semi-trailers with skids of magazines, mail inserts, and other paper-based products that you may receive in the mail.

What's your favourite sport?
Bowling, my Grandparents started me young and I've always strived for that perfect game.

June 2020 003.jpg

If you could have any superpower other than invincibility, what would you choose and why?
Super Speed. The Flash makes it look so fun and dangerous at the same time. I'd zoom around my house getting all of my daily chores done, just so I could sit down to relax and realize that I triggered some world-ending apocalypse because I stepped on an ant.

What are your favourite outdoor activities?
Due to my funny sleeping hours, there isn't much sunlight I get to utilize. However, I enjoy sitting on the porch swing in my backyard. If I wake up early enough I can watch the sun setting over the neighbourhood here.

Which is your favourite movie?
Dead Poets Society. I was introduced to it by my senior-year English teacher. Fun Fact: This movie released before I was born.

What sort of music and artists do you listen to?
I'll give anything a listen if I'm feeling the rhythm. At the moment I'm listening to LoFi Hip hop beats.

Which books would you recommend?
I haven't read a book in a long time. If I recall, the last book I enjoyed and remember was "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

What's your favourite type of food?
Pasta, all day every day.

Do you prefer mom's food or restaurant food?
My mother used to make grilled cheese, when I was a child, in the afternoons before "Days of Our Lives" would come on the television. She would pair it with some tomato soup and quite frankly was the best food I had ever had back then. If I could, I would go back to that innocence. Home-cooked meals from Mom.

June 2020 004.jpg

What are your biggest dreams in life?
To stay out of debt. To have a family. To leave a legacy (Good, hopefully) for my kids to tell their kids.

If you could have any 3 animals in the world (only real animals, no fictional), which would you pick?
A Cheetah, A Rhinoceros, A Dog.

June 2020 005.jpg

If you had to give up one of your senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) which one would you pick?
Taste. I need to see, hear, touch, and smell. Having a lack of taste wouldn't be fun, but I think it'd be better than any of the others.

What's the toughest thing you've ever had to do?
Standing up for myself. Wish I could explain more.

Which are your favourite childhood cartoons?
Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry, "Ed, Edd, N' Eddy", Dexter's Lab.

How would you describe yourself to others?
Humble, Caring, much better at Listening than Talking, I probably think about things too much.

What is your most used item in your daily life?
My cellphone. It's a lifeline, contacts, entertainment.

What's your favourite skill in Runescape?
Defence. What's the point in being able to use that sword if you can't withstand the blows.

June 2020 006.jpg

What's your favourite quest in Runescape?
While Guthix Sleeps. Who knew that this was going to be the jumping-off point for our characters to become world heroes? Where would we be if not for this quest?

Which are your favourite games?
I enjoy Simulators (Truck Sim, MudRunner) Shooters (Destiny, Call of Duty, Division) and casual multiplayer games (Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Burnout Paradise

What are your favourite video game genres?
I would say the Casual Multiplayer Games. You can't beat the enjoyment of crushing your friends or working together to see something monumental come to life.

Which was the most difficult video game you ever beat?
It's a toss-up between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Mile High Club Achievement (60 seconds of pure chaos) or Halo 3's Legendary All Skulls On (LASO) run.

What's the toughest thing you've ever accomplished in a video game?
See above.

When playing with friends, do you prefer video games or tabletop games, and why do you prefer one over the other?
Video Games. It's more for everyone's convenience.

Big thanks to iiDefend for the interview and to the Hood for its merciful grace. See you all next month!

Article by 1234werecool

June 2020 007.jpg

When Archaeology was first announced, I still felt a little tepid about whether they could actually deliver something so complex in one update. Remembering the initial release of Invention, and what training Slayer past 99 felt like when Menaphos first opened its gates, it was hard to trust Jagex to pull off a skill as ambitious and deep as the canvas they were painting at Runefest 2019. Even after watching the many streams leading up to the initial release, I still couldn’t shake the embers of trepidation at the back of my mind.

On March 30th, after blowing through the tutorial and starting to really sink my teeth into Kharid-et, My trepidation was quickly consumed by a need to complete everything that I could in the skill. Within the first day, I saw the friendly purple warning for the first time: You’ve been playing for a while, consider taking a break from your screen. I was hooked. Still, I didn’t expect it would last. Invention was a joy to explore in the beginning too.

June 2020 008.jpg

So I persisted. I went from digsite to digsite, always collecting enough artifacts to contribute to collections and solve mysteries. First clearing my way into the main hall of Kharid-et, exploring the secrets of the Order of Dis and reaching the Infernal Source itself, arriving at the now partially submerged Icyene city surrounding Saradomin’s Everlight, Flying through Armadyl’s Stormguard Citadel, and finally digging into Bandos’ Warforge(!). Always exceeding the level of what I excavated, I continued diving deeper into this new skill, but even after days of training, I still couldn’t feel the grind. Every level brought with it more engaging stories, more captivating landscapes, and of course more logs to complete.

June 2020 009.jpg

I simply took my time exploring everything I could: excavating artifacts; collecting materials; solving puzzles; and completing collections. I took a lot of my time. I didn’t even realize I was racing until I got to level 90 before Pop did. When I finally began to appreciate that I was actually leading the race, I knew I needed a new goal: As a regular listener to Shane’s wonderful weekly RSBandB podcast, I wanted to be the first in Clan Quest to reach 99 Archaeology, and hear my name in the weekly achievements the week after Archaeology came out.

June 2020 010.jpg

So, for the first time since the skill came out, I slammed my nose against the grindstone. After a short few days, I achieved my goal on the morning of April 8th, becoming the first in Clan Quest to reach 99 Archaeology.

Taking my achievement in hand, I marched my way through the front doors of the Max guild, finally feeling back at home. Having finally reached 99 and reclaimed my cape, I thought it was finally time to really explore the benefits of Archaeology. I harvested some herbs using Pharm Ecology, knowing I would never again need to check the remote farming machine. I gathered some incandescent energy to restore my vastly depleted stock of porters. I made Vis Wax, reached into the Motherlode Maw, tested my luck with the vast hoard of clue scrolls I accumulated over the first week of April, but the hook of Archaeology was still too deep. I had to go back.

June 2020 011.jpg

The push to 99 was a sprint, but I reaching 120 required some grinding. I knew I had to plan things much better if I wanted to reach my goal within the remainder of April. By this point, The top streamers were already closing in on 200m, so there was plenty of knowledge to draw from now. I chose to pursue collections. Looking through the top level collections, I selected a couple I wanted to focus on and began collecting. Zaros’ collections stood out as an obvious choice, and I even discovered two pieces of the Inquisitor’s staff before Jagex’ nerf bat came crashing down. I started discarding any artifacts I couldn’t contribute to a collection, or use in solving a mystery. By the end, I had completed over 40 of each of the final Armadyl and Zaros collections, as well as over 20 Saradomin, Zamorak, and Bandos collections before finally reaching 120.

June 2020 012.jpg

Sadly, I failed to maintain my hard earned lead. Starting from the level 115 Kharid-et excavation, I started seeing Derparnieux and Omega at the same excavations I was. Derparnieux became the first in Clan Quest to wear the Archaeology Master Skillcape on April 29th, and I retrieved my own on the 30th, just under a day later. Still, I enjoyed playing Runescape more throughout April than I ever have before, and I once again wait with baited breath for what the amazing team at Jagex brings us in the Summer.

June 2020 013.jpg

Article by Malinoric

May 2020 018.jpg

This is part two of a Q&A about what it means to play as a Ironman

As I really don’t understand what a Ironman is or why I see these messages in red when they die, I thought I’d ask Diapolo10, who plays OSRS, to write up some answers to my noob questions.

Did you start out as a Ironman on old School?
Technically, no I didn't. I first tried it out with my RS3 main account back when OSRS launched (how many years ago was that again? 6?), though I didn't play for very long and went back to RS3. However, when the ironman modes were released, I got exceedingly curious and decided to give it a go. I like challenges if I feel they're not impossible, so I decided to go for an Ultimate Ironman. Of course, since I had already logged in with my main I needed to create a new account.

How many modes are there?
There are currently three modes. There's basic Ironman that only restricts you from trading items with other players and using the Grand Exchange. Then there's Hardcore Ironman that is essentially normal Ironman but with only one life, and which reverts to normal Ironman after death (though at least in RS3 you can buy up to two extra lives; I don't know if this is possible in OSRS). Finally, there's Ultimate Ironman, which is regular Ironman except you also lose access to banks, seed vault, Managing Miscellania, asking servants to go to sawmill, and probably other things I can't remember right now. There's also the upcoming Group Ironman which lets you join forces with four other players to trade with each other, though there's no ETA for that.

June 2020 014.jpg

Were you always this mode?
You can only downgrade Ironman modes, so yes, I've always been UIM on this account.

Why not?

What armor/weps can you have?
I can use any armour and weapons normal players can, plus the prestigious Ultimate Ironman armour set which is exclusive to us. The only problem is, obtaining those weapons is a lot more difficult. You can't just buy a whip or blow pipe from GE and call it a day!

June 2020 015.jpg

Have you ever died?
Sure I have, death is par for the course when playing Ultimate Ironman. I'm sure you've heard of our awesome Zulrah bank; that costs a death per use.

Though I haven't kept track of how many times I've died, probably like 20 or 30.

June 2020 016.jpg

If you die, do you have to start all over again?
No, though unexpected deaths can cause me to lose some item progression. If I die while I have stuff in Zulrah bank, I can kiss those items goodbye. But that's just the nature of the gamemode. On UIM, all items are expendable; the important thing is stats, quests and achievement diaries which you can never lose, plus POH progress as that's your main hub. Again, technically answered this before. All except Hardcore Ironman players use normal death mechanics, so you'll keep your three most valuable items and all untradeables. Hardcore in OSRS is the same but you lose your Hardcore status and go back to normal Ironman. In RS3, Hardcore death is permadeath.

Are all modes the same in the way of dying? (having to start over I mean)
The only additional thing Hardcore Ironman players have is the single life. In other words, just like regular Ironman players, they can store items in their banks, seed vault... y'know, I'm basically just listing all the additional UIM restrictions I already said before. :p

Do you know what Ironmen were called before there was a name for them?
I'm not super-knowledgeable of the beginning of the ironman movement, but I think it began in World of Warcraft as a self-imposed challenge. Back then it was generally different from the RS incarnation, though. I forgot who popularised it in RuneScape, but Jagex took note and created Ironman mode. They also saw someone who basically made the whole challenge even more difficult, and inspired by that created Ultimate Ironman for OSRS. Dunno about the origins of Hardcore, but many games have no-death runs so...

June 2020 017.jpg

How many Ironman accounts can you have?
Just one, Ironman-Dia. I technically have created three accounts in total, but the first one I only used briefly in 2008-2009 (and I can't even remember its name, let alone login details), while the second one was my RS3 main, Diapolo_10. I have no plans to make additional Ironman accounts unless someone really wants me to do Group Ironman whenever that comes, and I'm planning to save Ironman-Dia from RS3 until it gets Ultimate Ironman or something similar. Because, y'know, paying for multiple memberships gets expensive fast especially for ironmen because we can't trade anything for bonds. Oh, the question asked in general. There's no limit to the number of ironman accounts one can create, but why would anyone create more than a handful? Unless you're going for 99 Agility on all of them, I guess...

So from what I understand, there will be more going on in the Ironman world later on and I'm sure we will be hearing about it and that both of these will be alive to tell the tale. Thanks Ytse and Diapolo. Much as it sounds challenging, I think I will at least try to get a 120 skill first 1- icon biggrin.png

PS: Diapolo10 has a training journal he kept...very fascinating read.

Thanks for reading!

Article by Evilphan

June 2020 018.jpg
June 2020 019.jpg

Thanks to everyone who attended FPF today! We actually didn't get distracted by any other minigames this time round, and all ended up in the same FPF instance to boot!

June 2020 020.jpg

Saint God Emperor Earth get DESTROYED

June 2020 021.jpg

Typical Shane? Really?

June 2020 022.jpg

Questcaping (he/they)
Thank you to all eighteen people who attended Stealing Creation today, as well as the six who subsequently attended Fist of Guthix!
Hope to see at least some of you at Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza tomorrow!

June 2020 023.jpg

Thank you to all nine people who attended Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza today, it was a riot 2- icon smile.gif
And well done for everyone in that last round for surviving till the end!

We've officially switched to Fist of Guthix -- come join us!
Need one more to get a game started!

June 2020 024.jpg

We had a few games!PvP minigames in a nutshell:
Thanks to everyone who came!
evilphan 05/09/2020 "And I learned everything not to do in my first time there"

June 2020 025.jpg

Questcaping (he/they)05/16/2020
there's always next time -- and there will definitely be a next time 2- icon smile.gif
here's the final few punching the giant mole to death, for starters

June 2020 026.jpg

Five minutes until today's minigame event: we're playing Conquest! Meet us downstairs in the Conquest lobby on Pest Control island!

June 2020 027.jpg

Questcaping (he/they)05/16/2020
Well, here's a preview of our upcoming events, but this is all subject to change -- is there anything on here that people don't want, anything they might want switched around, or anything that people want added in?

June 2020 028.jpg
**Questcaping has generously offered to write up a monthly article for these Weekly events**

Article by Evilphan

June 2020 029.jpg

It’s important to stock up on some things while waiting out Covid-19.

People Around the World Are Panic-Buying … Toilet Paper?

Stop calling 911 over coronavirus toilet paper shortage, cops beg

By Nadine DeNinnoMarch 16, 2020 | 1:43pm | Updated
Tweets and videos of people panic-buying toilet paper are
But hoarding unnecessary items can deplete the supply for everyone else.
proliferating on social media.
Yes, being prepared for a possible quarantine
From the U.S. to Ireland, from the U.K. to Australia and Taiwan, people
are buying up insane amounts of toilet paper. I mean, look at this. What is
going on with all this pandemic panic- buying? Coronavirus causes several
symptoms, but diarrhea is not that common among them — at least not
common enough to need a lot of this in a hurry. Do these people know
something we don’t? Toilet paper, the ultimate quarantine essential, used
since the days of the Black Death to ward off disease.

June 2020 030.jpg

It’s incredibly versatile. It makes a delicious meal. Face mask.
A comfy pillow. Cozy scarf. Hot date. Fetching hat. No, coronavirus
probably won’t make you soil your pants, but panic-buying kind of
should. Consumers tend not to think about it, but buying more than our
fair share of something means other people won’t get theirs. And that’s
usually people on lower incomes who can’t afford to drop 100 bucks on
a trolley full of triple ply.

June 2020 033.jpg

And the sight of empty shelves tricks other
shoppers into panicking and the whole thing starts to spread like, well,
you know. So look, realistically,you should stock up on some things just
in case you and your family need to isolate yourselves in the near future.
Canned dry and frozen foods are all good as well as drinks and of course,
any medication. But you only need enough for a couple of weeks. That’s
the general length of a coronavirus quarantine. Stockpile more and we
might all find that sense of being in control is forever slipping out of our
Adam Westbrook(@AdamWestbrook) is a producer with Opinion Video.

June 2020 034.jpg

June 2020 031.jpg
June 2020 032.jpg
June 2020 036.jpg
June 2020 035.jpg

Article by Evilphan

As hopefully promised here are the RS3 clan members' achievements for
November and December 2019
to finish up the year

1ryb 99 Farming, November 27, 2019 Frawr 99 Hunter, December 31, 2019
Doctor_bruce 99 Invention November 27, 2019 Shamrocksage 99 Slayer December 31, 2019
Jammy_jenni 99 Crafting November 27, 2019 Sillycat98 99 Summoning December 31, 2019
Jammy_jenni 99 Summoning November 27, 2019 Xenon_ray 120 Farming December 30, 2019
Moodragonx 99 Thieving November 27, 2019 Ytse 99 Summoning December 29, 2019
Omega 120 Construction November 27, 2019 Derparnieux 120 Farming December 28, 2019
Wikky86 99 Fishing November 27, 2019 Dragonkith 99 Firemaking December 28, 2019
Cypdeboo 99 Construction November 26, 2019 Blacknexaken 99 Magic December 27, 2019
Luv_natural 99 Farming November 26, 2019 Blacknexaken 99 Thieving December 27, 2019
Merovech 99 Divination November 26, 2019 Moodragonx 99 Defence December 27, 2019
Moodragonx 99 Cooking November 26, 2019 Yawho 99 Ranged December 27, 2019
Moodragonx 99 Hunter November 26, 2019 1ryb 99 Hunter December 26, 2019
R_3po 99 Construction November 26, 2019 Frawr 99 Agility December 25, 2019
Takis_fuego 99 Crafting November 26, 2019 Blacknexaken 99 Constitution December 24, 2019
82ndairborne 120 Farming November 25, 2019 Lusha 99 Constitution December 24, 2019
Doctor_bruce 99 Crafting November 25, 2019 Lusha 99 Ranged December 24, 2019
Gardenchick 120 Farming November 25, 2019 Lanaikea 99 Prayer December 23, 2019
Gardenchick 120 Herblore November 25, 2019 Blacknexaken 99 Defence December 20, 2019
I_herblaw 120 Farming November 25, 2019 1234werecool 99 Runecrafting December 19, 2019
I_herblaw 120 Herblore November 25, 2019 1234werecool 99 Construction December 19, 2019
Lord_dustea 120 Farming November 25, 2019 1234werecool 99 Woodcutting December 19, 2019
Omega 120 Farming November 25, 2019 Luv_natural 99 Thieving December 19, 2019
Robbe 120 Herblore November 25, 2019 Dragonkith 99 Thieving December 18, 2019
Scarec_row 120 Farming November 25, 2019 Shamrocksage 99 Herblore December 18, 2019
Shane12088 120 Farming November 25, 2019 Takis_fuego 99 Construction December 18, 2019
Shane12088 120 Herblore November 25, 2019 Arix 99 Fishing December 17, 2019
Swmartijn 99 Hunter November 25, 2019 Blacknexaken 99 Ranged December 17, 2019
Truly_a_weeb 99 Firemaking November 25, 2019 Doc_hawk 99 Smithing December 15, 2019
Vodka_b 120 Herblore November 25, 2019 Ytse 99 Runecrafting December 14, 2019
Zhii 120 Herblore November 25, 2019 Eeeeevan 99 Fletching December 13, 2019
Zhii 120 Farming November 25, 2019 Discipulus 99 Prayer December 12, 2019
0_kosov_0 120 Magic November 24, 2019 Taffing_spy 99 Fishing December 11, 2019
Choto_3000 120 Smithing November 24, 2019 Doc_hawk 99 Crafting December 10, 2019
Crying_wolf 99 Hunter November 24, 2019 1234werecool 99 Thieving December 7, 2019
Crying_wolf 99 Thieving November 24, 2019 Minority 99 Runecrafting December 7, 2019
Luv_natural 99 Attack November 24, 2019 Moodragonx 99 Fishing December 6, 2019
Minority 99 Herblore November 24, 2019 Doc_hawk 99 Agility December 5, 2019
Moodragonx 99 Firemaking November 24, 2019 Luv_natural 99 Invention December 5, 2019
Moodragonx 99 Divination November 24, 2019 1ryb 99 Magic December 4, 2019
Swmartijn 99 Firemaking November 24, 2019 Letyrman 99 Agility December 2, 2019
Swmartijn , , 99 Smithing November 24, 2019 Seth_e_roth 99 Ranged December 2, 2019
0_kosov_0 , 200m Constitution XP November 23, 2019 Vss 120 Slayer December 2, 2019
Elven_badass 99 Hunter November 23, 2019 Arix 99 Dungeoneering December 1, 2019
Malchior 99 Herblore November 23, 2019 Letyrman 99 Smithing December 1, 2019
Minorit 99 Agility November 23, 2019 Moodragonx 99 Constitution December 1, 2019
Schnetts 99 Attack November 23, 2019 Omega 120 Summoning December 1, 2019
Swmartijn 99 Crafting November 23, 2019 Omega 120 Cooking December 1, 2019
Taffing_spy 99 Crafting November 23, 2019 Omega 120 Hunter December 1, 2019
Truly_a_weeb 99 Crafting November 23, 2019 Omega 120 Runecrafting December 1, 2019
Ali_the_wise 99 Herblore November 22, 2019 Swmartijn 99 Divination December 1, 2019
Crying_wolf 99 Attack November 22, 2019 Takis_fuego 99 Agility December 1, 2019
Dannyyyy 99 Fletching November 22, 2019 Doc_hawk 99 Fletching November 30, 2019
Elven_badass 99 Agility November 22, 2019 Dragonkith 99 Magic November 30, 2019
Letyrman 99 Slayer November 22, 2019 Letyrman 99 Runecrafting November 30, 2019
Minority 99 Crafting November 22, 2019 Moodragonx 99 Runecrafting November 30, 2019
Santa_ends 120 Ranged November 22, 2019 R_3po 99 Magic November 30, 2019
Truly_a_weeb 99 Dungeoneering November 22, 2019 Starshyne 99 Construction November 30, 2019
Swmartijn 99 Farming November 20, 2019 Darthmarth 99 Ranged November 29, 2019
Arix 99 Mining November 19, 2019 Darthmarth 99 Magic November 29, 2019
Cassperr 99 Fletching November 19, 2019 Jammy_jenni 99 Magic November 29, 2019
Cypdeboo 99 Farming November 19, 2019 Letyrman 99 Fletching November 29, 2019
Crying_wolf 99 Runecrafting November 18, 2019 Luv_natural 99 Hunter November 29, 2019
Scarec_row 99 Magic November 18, 2019 Pop_o 120 Herblore November 29, 2019
De_lta 99 Woodcutting November 17, 2019 Pop_o 120 Farming November 29, 2019
Frawr 99 Magic November 16, 2019 Darthmarth 99 Strength November 28, 2019
Frawr 99 Cooking November 15, 2019 Darthmarth 99 Defence November 28, 2019
Cypdeboo 99 Smithing November 6, 2019 Darthmarth 99 Constitution November 28, 2019
Data479 99 Invention November 4, 2019 Darthmarth 99 Attack November 28, 2019
Seth_e_roth 99 Constitution November 2, 2019 Derparnieux 120 Herblore November 28, 2019
Tyco_elf 120 Constitution November 2, 2019

And then we have the end of year for OSRS
November and December 2019

Doobz007 126,537,454 142,414,551 15,877,097
Pistolerotsj 103,563,486 112,907,233 9,343,747
Cruelcanary 233,704,081 240,976,165 7,272,084
The Skeezer 107,731,889 114,920,352 7,188,463
IFARMONRS 132,701,669 138,512,156 5,810,487
Sk8rDanMan 39,968,300 45,641,456 5,673,156
I Prevail 81,555,455 86,676,929 5,121,474
Swolepaca 13,209,004 15,150,875 1,941,871
Santa Ends 42,579,170 43,642,215 1,063,045
AesXSedai 100,793,117 101,611,269 818,152
Prlnessi 20,076,532 20,827,586 751,054
Pouks 11,175,369 11,770,837 595,468
Francine1225 68,743,423 68,912,613 169,190
Iidefend 9,075,131 9,076,231 1,100
Iamroot 24,880,706 24,881,265 559
OldQuests 37,202,862 37,202,979 117
Shupoorihcim 6,864,272 6,864,307 35
Doobz007 142,414,551 173,494,102 31,079,551
Cruelcanary 241,011,035 254,625,966 13,614,931
Pistolerotsj 112,907,233 118,839,730 5,932,497
Prlnessl 20,827,586 21,610,035 782,449
Francine1225 69,371,308 70,098,655 727,347
Irdifferent 119,479,798 120,039,154 559,356
IFarmOnRS 138,512,156 138,748,072 235,916
I Prevail 86,676,929 86,717,671 40,742
The Skeezer 114,920,352 114,948,449 28,097
Ilikeslayer 15,855 42,344 26,489

Article by Evilphan

May 2020 023.jpg
I will be highlighting things that went on last month and in the coming month!

May 2020 024.jpg

Now that DXP is over here are some stats:
Our Clan did a whopping 3,664,386,841xp.
Jaguar 007 came in first with 150,195,440,
Idiotonastic came in second with 125,350,211
and in third was Denniz with 111,868,164.
Then in 68th place was me with 17,579,974 with almost 10 hours leftover.
The person in last place, number 156 made 135xp.
My goal was not made and is par for the course 1- icon biggrin.png

We should have a winner in our "Craft the Recruitment Thread Pre-amble" contest Congratulations!

And if you haven't read the "State of the Union Meeting Minutes", please do soon.

Old School is getting a new login screen, a new quest and a whole lot friendly. It is the last in a series and it will be here Soon after you read this on June 4th

June 2020 037.jpg

I want to thank everyone that contributed to this months magazine. Every little bit helps!

I've also been going through the offline forums and lots of stuff goes on there also. Might want to check out things like a couple of ongoing games , some funny conversations, a long standing ongoing battle. Other games that people here play, a birthday list and even a venting thread. So much to read -

I'm realizing how much time goes into putting this magazine together and would like to ask for some help. The biggest struggle I have is the BBCode. I've not done it and it is taking me time to learn it. If you know it and would enjoy helping, I'd gladly take your help. Secondly are the interviews. We have a list of questions already, you can pick the ones you want to ask and make some of your own. Here is the link: Thirdly, if there is something that you'd like to write and share about (it doesn't have to be about Runescape), please let me know and we can see about adding it. This is your magazine!

I have been going back thru all the old issues to find things that worked and didn't work. Wow we have had quite a few things. I'm going to list some and you all let me know what you'de like to see return. Of course I will need help speaking of that, I do need help with a few things that I will be listing later, but first lets do the fun part.

  • New Members

  • Jokes/Riddles

  • Astrology

  • Recipes

  • Forum Games

  • Artwork

  • Book Reviews

  • Quizzes/Games

  • Guides

  • Members Stories

  • RAWR Awards

  • Fashion Show

Here is my noob tip for the month:
You can now convert generic Daily and Weekly D&D tokens to Weekly and Monthly D&D tokens:
You can convert 7 Daily D&D tokens into 1 Weekly D&D token
You can convert 28 Daily D&D tokens into 1 Monthly D&D token
You can convert 4 Weekly D&D tokens into 1 Monthly D&D token


  • BBCoding the pages

  • Interviewing

  • Articles about things you might do outside of RS

  • Any guide you might want to write and submit that we dont have already

  • Article about your journey, anything odd you might do, anything we might want to know about you (or not)

  • A ongoing saga, lore, story etc.

  • Member stats

And Questcaping is going to give us a image each month to post, so here is the first one he's done:

June 2020 038.jpg

Article by Evilphan