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Interview with
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~ by LizBeth ~
Iskh, another Clan Quest's awesome mom. Do you ever wonder how she manages being a mom, a scuba diver, an athlete, and a gamer? I think it is about time to get to know Iskh, who happens to have a very unique RSname, too.

Hello, Iskh, how's it going?
Good so far, getting a bit busy now so I have not got as much time to play. I must admit to dawdling with the latest two quests as I have found since getting a quest cape I really miss having a list of quests to work toward.

When did you start playing RuneScape?
8 years ago

How did you find out about this clan?
Searched Forums for questing clans

What's your favorite color?

At what age did you start scuba diving?
I started scuba diving when I was 36. The whole family were on holiday in Cyprus visiting a friend who ran a restaurant. We were bored on the beach, so decided on mass to try scuba and loved it. My son qualified as a junior open water diver when he was 10 years old.

Have you ever encountered any sharks? What was it like to be up close and personal with these sea creatures?
Oh yes, I go out of my way to encounter sharks. I have attached some photos for Wolfie.
In general they are very shy and difficult to see. They have much better senses than us on the water and can hear us long before we can see them, so we are lucky if we see them. Obviously, you need to treat them with great respect, and avoid being around them when they are hungry.

Do you have a ready tranquilizer or something to protect yourself?
No. I have a mate who came out to Egypt with us on a trip and on the first dive we did to see sharks his log entry was:
“For some unknown reason we swam out into the blue void to hang on a rope like a human kebab. Eventually as predicted a shark came along. I had asked Helen what to do if it came too close and she said I should purge my alternate at it as they didn't like the noise and bubbles, so my best defense against 400 million years of predatory evolution is to blow raspberries at it”.

What was the most amazing thing you've ever seen underwater?
June 2014 003.jpg

What was the maximum depth you've ever reached?
On scuba 45m in water but I have been on a club trip where they blew us down to 50m in a pot. You are in air in a compression chamber (pot) and the when you stir the air it’s like custard. I am also a 3* free diver so have dived to 25m constant weight breath-hold, i.e. swam down to 25M and back up again on one breath.

Where do you go to scuba dive? Do you have a favorite place?
Socorro in Mexico was awesome for big stuff and Indonesia for unusual things.

Is the whole family into scuba diving?
My hubby and I teach at a local scuba diving school. My son and daughter have both just qualified as dive masters and my daughter’s boyfriend has just qualified as an advanced diver. We are hoping to go away on a holiday together soon.

You play field hockey, is it as rough as ice hockey?
Nope, it’s quite civilised.
June 2014 004.jpg

Does it have similar game rules as ice hockey?
It’s as similar to ice hockey as 5 aside soccer is to 11 aside soccer. However it’s none contact so we are not allowed to take out the opposition bodily.

How long have you been a field hockey player?
I used to play at school and then gave up until I was 31. I have been playing at a low level since then as it’s an easy way to get some exercise and I really can’t do gym and there is no ball to chase.

Santa Ends:
Hey Iskh,
How are you doing in clan quest so far?
OK – ish LOL!
I think being in a Clan Quest is awesome and I have made some good mates here. I enjoy the clan chat and the company and have learnt loads of stuff about the game and really appreciate the people who have chip in with help on my keep safe.
If you have not done so, check out the “small games tips thread” by Tohtli as there is loads of useful stuff in there.

Does Iskh mean anything in particular? It's such a unique name!
I am not as good at video game as my son, so when he asked how I was getting on or whether I had done something well, I used to answer “ish, kay”, i.e. sort of done it and Ok stop asking. Hence I arrived at IshKay for a name to play Morrowwind, Oblivion and COD with. My son started playing RS before me, knew I would love it, and created my Runescape account for me as. He’s dyslexic and so spelt my name wrong. I kept it as it reminds me of how cute he was then, he was only 12 at the time.

Do you have any dreams, even when you're a mom?
Yes, of course. You should always have dreams and whatever you do, don’t grow up!

Describe your perfect day.
Don’t think I can fit everything I want to do in one day 2- icon smile.gif
Day 1 – Be somewhere exotic and have a wonderful day diving
Day 2 – Play a field hockey tour tournament well, with barbeque etc. in the sunshine.
I won’t include playing computer games in my perfect day as I do that when I have nothing better to do instead of watching telly. Everyone needs down time and if I am going to waste my time I would prefer to waste it doing something I enjoy.

Have you had any really good days in real life or runescape?
In real life the last day of diving in Indonesia this Christmas was close to perfect. The last dive we did we dropped off the front of the reef, woke up the white tip sharks, spent half hour hanging around with the fish and the sharks at the front of the reef,
dropped over the back to see 30 bump head parrot fish and then our own personal tornado style school of barracuda.

Best day in Runescape so far was finally beating Hreidmar and Grimsson in Birthright of the Dwarves.
I really struggled with this quest and got a lot of support and help from my Clannies and was made up when I got my quest cape back.

Do you play anything other than runescape?
Recently I have played and completed all the quests I can find (including killing bears in peoples gardens etc.) in Morrowind, Obvilion, Skyrim. I have always played first person RPG since computers first came out such as dungeon keeper, might and magic, eye of the beholder… and used to be a dab hand at net hack.

What's your favourite skill?
Well, I got a 99 in cooking, but am bored with than now. I ought to be better at combat, but just can’t get motivated.
I suppose after years of avoiding dungeoneering and getting to level 70 just on TOG I am really getting into it now, so that’s probably my favourite at the moment.
I am disappointed I can’t progress with the achievement diary without wasting shed loads of dungeoneering tokens on things I don’t want.

Wise Ork:
Hi Iskh 2- icon smile.gif
What does your name (Iskh) mean?
See earlier answer

Is it the only RS name you ever had? If not, could you give us some/a previous name(s)?
Yes I have only ever been Iskh on RS.

What watch do you use while scuba diving?
I use two computers a Sunnto Stinger and a Suunto Zoop. As I don’t do anything really techy like gas switching these are fine at the moment. They do everything I do: scuba on air and nitrox and free diving.

What is the coolest thing you have seen while diving? (Do you have pictures?)
Sharks. I love seeing sharks. I have attached some pictures.Also mimic octopus and rhinopias scorpionfish fish are very cool, mantis shrimps, feather stars.

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Do you have any embarrassing stories about your child/children you would like to share?
My son was always very dis-organised. There was once when it was a non-uniform day at junior school where if he took in some tinned food for the harvest festival (thanks giving), he could wear whatever clothes he wanted. He told us on the morning we said, “Oh well get two tins from downstairs and take them”. It wasn't until parents evening we found out he had actually picked up two tins of Stella larger and walked to school, one in each pocket of his camo jacket.

When my son was still a baby and I was changing his nappy (diaper), my daughter got the Sudocream nappy rash cream and sat in the middle of my bed “stroking” the cats with it. When I found them, they split in 3 directions. It took me ages to clean up and the cats did not appreciate me washing them.

What is your favorite quest and why?
At the moment fate of the gods because there is so much content. I must admit I cheated outrageously on this one though. I had not got time to play as we were re-decorating the kitchen and I wanted to know what happens. I found a YouTube video by rainy and watched it through about 3 times whilst eliminating grease with Ajax, sugar soap and a steam cleaner.

What is your favorite book and why?
The books I have re-read most often are Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen by Garth Nix. I really liked Enders game series and am currently reading Brent Weeks and Maria Snyder.

Favorite song?
Mobius Strip by a band called Orbital. Seen them live a number of times at Glastonbury festival. Doctor Who played with them once. They don’t so much play music as re-arrange your internal organs with sound waves. I will be seeing Skrillex instead this year.

Do you have any pets? (If not and you could have any pet what would it be?)
I used to have two cats but am too busy to look after pets properly at the moment. They were great, one of them had an ear operation go wrong and I spent a small fortune getting him fixed up at Liverpool Vet Hospital. In the end he had one eye, one ear and no sense of balance. This did not stop him sleeping on top of our shed or on the stair banister.

What is it like being a mom in Clanquest?
I am really enjoying myself in clan quest. I have made friends with a slot of people and learnt and awful lot about the game. Also I very occasionally know more than the youngsters and am able to chip in in cc with some useful advice. It suits me as I can be a Noob.

Is the number of moms in Clan Quest unusual compared to other clans or is this your first clan?
Never been in a different clan. I imagine as Clan Quest is a mature, friendly place to be as it attracts a lot of moms and dads.

I've always thought your name was really cool! It sounds like the noise a boxer makes with their mouth as they let air out when they throw a punch! Jajaja
So out of all names why iskh and what does it mean????? See ealier answer

Thanks so much for all your help in the clan.
Now, let's see

1. What is your ideal breakfast?
Nam Pla or Rice Soup (Rice in a fish and chilli sauce). I like these for breakfast as it means I am in a faraway country having fun on a diving trip

2. How did you and your husband meet? What was your first impression about him? How has that changed?
I met my husband at a gig when I was 17 where he criticised my taste in music. I felt it was my duty to re-educate him, I am still trying =) He is a really outgoing guy and I don't think I would have done all the interesting thing I have if I was not with him. He hates computer games and likes telly. I hate telly. Life’s a compromise, get on with it. =)

3. What do you want for your children? (Successful, happy, being a good person, etc).
I have always treated my kids like grown-ups and asked for their opinions on decisions that affect them. I hope this has enabled them to grow up with an ability to make the right choices. I obviously want them to be successful and happy. Ideally, they need to be able to get a job that pays well enough they can afford to do the things they want to do. I would like them to do exciting things, but that’s their choice. At the end of the day, I can’t live their life for them.

4. What is something you always want your children to remember or something they should live by?
Yes, I want them “to live life”. No matter what you do and how much money you earn you can't buy time back, so as a minimum do something you enjoy doing. Ideally, do something you enjoy doing that is worth remembering and that makes a difference.

5. Most influential/inspirational book you've read?
Probably 1984. When I first read it I thought “there’s no way you can collect that much information about everybody”. Look how wrong I was. Scary isn’t it.

6. Most comedic book you've read?
A book about a family living in the Scilly Isles I can’t remember the name of. It described their life on the islands and had me corpsed on almost every page.

7. Most influential/inspirational movie or show you've seen?
My favourite movies include Abyss, Long kiss good Night, Millennium. I really liked the book series Ender’s Game and thought they did a good job of the movie but the box office figures didn't seem to back it up.

8. How did you first learn about runescape and what made you keep playing it?
My son introduced me to it (curse him). I keep playing because I haven’t finished it yet.

9. What's your favorite aspect of runescape?
Quests. I have always done skills, bought kit etc. as a prelude to completing quests. To be honest now I haven’t got any left I am a bit lost as to what to do.

10. What is your worst aspect of runescape?
How long it takes to get farming experience. I do bits and pieces of farming every day and it’s still my worst skill.

11. Did you play any other games in the past? Growing up?
See earlier answer

12. One thing to make the world a better place?
I would like the human race to grow up and realise RL is not RS and you can’t keep taking. It just doesn't come back on the next game tick.

Thank you, Iskh, for doing this interview. It is so nice to know more about you. Your scuba diving adventures were awesome, especially, the pictures you've shared. It is wonderful to know, through your experiences, that you can have a balanced life by enjoying the things you like to do.
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Article by LizBeth

<@> Truly Original <@>
June 2014 011.jpg
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Article by LizBeth

~!~ New content from RSBANDB ~!~
(Info about the Elf City)

With the addition of Earth to High Councilor, we have a link with RSBANDB, a RuneScape fan site. They post high quality magazine articles, and we are invited to share those articles in our Questaholic magazine. This month there is an exceptional article about 'The New Elf City' expected to be released in September. The article is by 'Tanis' and is long and detailed. I'm enclosing the first paragraph, and then a link for you to RSBANDB INFORMER where you can read the whole article.

June 2014 012.png

The article goes on to discuss various methods of getting to Prifddinas, the amenities offered by the 'Tower of Voices', and the fact that 'The Elf City' will become a hub for higher level players, and what that may mean to the game.

Here is the link to the whole article.

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Article by Tanis

~!~ Recipes ~!~
by Konnan
June 2014 013.png

Just say the word, 'Pizza' - you are getting hungery! Can be assembled the night before and left in the fridge until morning.


cooking spray
3 slices left over pizza, cut into 3/4 - inch squares
4 eggs, beaten
1 cup milk
1 - 8oz. pkg. shredded mozzarella cheese
1/3 cup chopped onion
3 Tbsp. butter, melted
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tsp. dried oregano
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. (175 degrees C.) Spray 9x9 inch baking dish with cooking spray.

2. Arrange pizza squares in prepared dish. Mix eggs, milk, mozzarella cheese, onion, butter, garlic, oregano, and salt together in a large bowl. Pour over pizza pieces. Top with Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes. Cover dish with aluminum foil.

3. Bake in preheated oven 45 minutes. Remove foil, and continue baking for 20 mins. or until eggs are set and cheese is melted on top.

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Article by MsKonnan

Your Horoscope for June, 2014
~ LizBeth ~
March 2014 009.gif

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)

June 2014 014.jpg

PISCES (February 19 to March 20)

June 2014 015.jpg

ARIES (March 21 to April 19)

June 2014 016.jpg

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20)

June 2014 017.jpg

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20)

June 2014 018.jpg

CANCER (June 21 to July 22)

June 2014 019.jpg

LEO (July 23 to August 22)

June 2014 020.jpg

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22)

June 2014 021.jpg

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22)

June 2014 022.jpg

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21)

June 2014 023.jpg

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21)

June 2014 024.jpg

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19)

June 2014 025.jpg

Source: Horoscope for the Whole Year

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Article by LizBeth

~!~Avant-Garde Poetry Corner ~!~

by O.H.

Trapped by demons in a cage
People staring at the stage
They just laugh along my pain
I have long since gone insane

Don't tell me how to live my life
I just try to win this strife
Caught in shadows of my fate
I try to run but it's too late

Monsters crawling up at me
As I drown in misery
The helping hands have all been sliced
And my love was sacrificed

Don't tell me how to live my life
I just try to win this strife
Caught in shadows of my fate
I try to run but it's too late

How long till my mind gives in
And my heart commits a sin
I wish you could understand
The torture of the promised land

Don't tell me how to live my life
I just try to win this strife
Caught in shadows of my fate
I try to run but it's too late

And maybe someday I'll find rest
When a knife goes through my chest
Demons and monsters, they will die
As I speak my last goodbye

Don't tell me how to live my life
I just try to win this strife
Caught in shadows of my fate
I try to run but it's too late
I try to run but it's too late...

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by Wise Ork

~!~ Wolf's Series picks ~!~
by Wolfie

The following is just my opinion of some of my favorite tv series (yours may differ and that's okay) but I'll try to do a good job explaining what caused me to form my opinions so you'll be able to tell if yours will match my own or not. Basically these are my personal feelings so don't freak out.

June 2014 026.jpg
Criminal Minds

This show does a great job of showing both the investigator's and the unsub's (unknown subject's) point of view without giving away all the mystery. Every episode ends with an insightful quote into the nature of the killer or where they went wrong or how the events of the episode impacted them. The characters are also very diverse and unique making for a well rounded team where nobody just "takes up space". If you are looking for a show about catching criminals that will take you right inside how they tick and creep you out from time to time but still manages to feel lighthearted and comedic from time to time this is the show for you. 8/10.

June 2014 027.jpg
Breaking Bad

This show is pretty unique because it depicts events from the point of view of the "bad guys" and shows that even "bad guys" are not 100% bad. Even stranger is the fact that you really feel for these characters and root for them. The show gets a bit repetitive using the same 1 step forward 3 steps back formula at the start but when it shakes things up... it really shakes things up. Walt's transformation in this show is one of the most incredible transformations I have ever seen. He goes from a normal highschool chemistry teacher with some inadequacy issues to a full on soulless monster right under the viewers' noses and it completely took me by surprise. This show is also unique in that you know bad things are going to happen and the wide viewing audience still watches it anyways because there is some strange feeling of relief after all the smoke clears from the most recent tragic event and you look back on the pieces of your soul it shredded and think "I survived watching that!" Also Chemistry rules! Science bi...ftw! 9/10.

June 2014 028.jpg

I know I said breaking bad was unique because it showed events from the point of view of the "bad guys" and many would say that Dexter does the same thing, however the interesting part about this show is that many people would argue Dexter isn't a bad guy! Dexter is a sick individual who feels the "uncontrollable" urge to kill, however he copes with it in a way that is arguably "good" to the minds of some. By hunting and only satisfying his urges on people that deserve it, other killers. Now sure breaking into suspected killer's houses and property to search for evidence is wrong, and if you throw out proper search and seizure laws you open up the possibility of a police state and all kinds of bad things can happen. However you can not argue that by stopping these killers before the police could Dexter is saving lives that would have been lost to maintain the cost of liberty. This is an incredibly complex and multifaceted way to look at the balance between safety and liberty if you want to view the show with your brain power set to "maximum". But if you just want to watch someone chop up sickos though and be like "lol karma fool" you can do that as well. One thing about this show that I don't like is that it makes Dexter seem really cool despite the fact that most killers with personality disorders are obviously creepy and do not function well in society; but I forgive the show for that because they go to great length to stress that Dexter is unique in the world of killers and show a whole ton of creepy sick people he pays a visit to. The ending sucks though, but yea Dexter is incredibly cool 8/10.

June 2014 029.jpg
Burn Notice

This is a wonderful show if you want to see a few dozen James Bond movies all strung together. Being a spy has never been this cool or this much fun. Now there are sad moments and they do hit hard and drag on but for the most part this show is incredibly upbeat and the characters just have fun with things. Each episode has 2 focuses, a charity mission done to clean up for people that deserve it and actual spy work to try and improve the main characters' positions. This show does a fantastic job making things look realistic although they repeatedly call magazines "clips" which no one familiar with gun terminology would do. A really touching aspect of this show is that despite the fact it is about spies which usually implies "trust no one" is the way to stay alive the success this group has is fueled by their deep and unwavering trust of each other. 9/10.

June 2014 030.jpg

This show is essentially about a bromance between King Arthur and his Squire who is actually Merlin in a time when magic is outlawed. All kinds of awesome spells and magical events take place in this show and it is just filled with the lore of Camelot and magical beasts. The underlying themes of prejudice translate very well into many of today's political issues. If you like magic and friendship and pointless secrets kept wayyyy longer than they should be to keep things interesting this show is for you. 7/10.

June 2014 031.jpg

Sad that X-men movies are over a year apart? Well check out this show! It is basically live action X-men for tv. Despite the fact that is has been finished for several years demand for a new season has risen to the point where it was renewed again and slated for a new season in 2015. The characters are diverse as are the powers and a lot of cool stuff happens on this show that really pushes the limit of a tv budget. I really like how the powers manifest in ways that suit the personalities of people that develop them. Also Sylar is perhaps the most amazing villain ever in my opinion. 8/10.


Dr. House is known for being a complete jerk in a way that is often hilarious. He's mean because he cares, and being mean keeps people at arms length and when you care for people suffering from mysterious diseases letting them get too close will eat away at you when things don't turn out for the best. While this show is very comedic it is definitely a tragedy and if you try to marathon it all at once you will get VERY depressed. If you don't mind being sad as long as the journey is worth it this show is fantastic and amazingly witty. Dr. House is actually a character based on the real life Doctor that Sherlock Holmes had his investigative abilities based on and also Dr. House has a drug addiction and Sherlock Holmes took heroin. I find the show fantastic but the medical practices simply appalling. Were any Doctor to actually prescribe medicine the way he does and operate under the dosages of vicodin he uses they would surely kill many, many patients. That being said it is a wonderful fictional show. 7/10.

June 2014 032.jpg

If a broken man is made whole by being with his soul mate he will know no rest if you take that from him. Monk is one of the most genius (and also comically zany) minds in the world on account of his intense ocd which he wields like a superpower. But someone made the mistake of taking something precious from him. His wife. And while he was completely nonfunctional for a time after her death he made it back out into the world and while the show focuses on being lighthearted and comical the truth is under all that is his unwavering desire to find his wife's killer and bring them to justice.This show is hilarious but it is about 2% dead serious and when those moments come they hit hard. Oh yea and he is afraid of germs to the point where he will put his own life in danger to avoid things that he thinks are dirty which is hilarious but also touching because he always overcomes his fear if it is to protect others. 10/10.


Fake Psychic detectives with a serious bromance go on adventures. Good times with this show. It is basically like Monk as a buddy comedy with no "find his wife's killer" subplot. The show is... comedic genius with a mix of horribly funny mistakes and boyish antics from grown men. 8/10.

June 2014 033.jpg

In this show bad guys find out they can be good guys and still have fun. This expert team of crooks has A LOT of fun bringing down bad guys that hurt people in their crimes. The leader is a former star insurance agent who decided he hated most of the world after his own insurance company refused to treat his dying child's illness as the care was "experimental" and so they didn't have to cover it and could save a ton of money denying the claim. As a result when crimes target families a particularly satisfying and thorough scam is run against them. 8/10

June 2014 034.jpg
Doctor Who

As the longest running adventure show on tv (50+ years) it is safe to say this show is amazing or it wouldn't have survived this long. The show's greatest strength is the ability it has to reinvent itself whenever it needs a fresh coat of paint by regenerating The Doctor which can change the entire tone of the show without breaking the continuity. Not to mention this appeals to a vast audience as there have been many kinds of Doctors over the years so there is something to pull in new fans all the time as well as keep the old fans interested. 10000/10.

The Walking Dead

If you enjoy a good zombie flick this show will scratch that itch for you in the best way possible. It has scary moments but it is not non-stop terror. This show introduces a lot of other aspects besides just horror like resource scarcity and the impact of stress and disease and other humans being scumbags. It really does an excellent job giving people a look at the whole picture of what an apocalypse has to offer. 9/10.

June 2014 035.jpg

Perhaps the greatest detective series ever adapted in its most accurate form to date. Sherlock is more or less exactly as he was in the books; a complete unsociable slob who has an addiction and is such a jerk he shoots shapes in a wall when he gets bored. And Watson manages to come across as more than just the bumbling fool Sherlock allows to tag along with him. He is a valuable member of the team with real skills unlike how he is often portrayed. The adventures are often a mix of several original Holmes stories with some artistic license to them. Personally I think this is for the best as it allows the Holmes stories to be applied in a modern setting with internet and cellphones and google which would have made some of the old adventures not translate as well. 9/10.


Supernatural can get kind of old in that the Winchester brothers die multiple times a season and always come back to life after a lot of fuss and some horrible sacrifices get made. The first few seasons are great though and seeing some "modern day" monster fighting techniques is really thrilling like the rocksalt shotguns. Also seeing all the different kinds of monsters from spooky stories adapted into live action versions is just so awesome. Also the brothers have excellent taste in cars and music (Rock is my favorite!). 7/10.

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by Wolfie

December 2013 005.png

1. Fastest fishing xp in game for low levelled fishers.

So yeah, for the past few months I've been writing about skilling guides catering to the higher level players, so I thought why not include one that can help the mid to low level players as well? Credits to Ork for this method, it's amazing xp.

Fly fishing beside the Baxtorian Falls, south of Rasolo the wandering merchant. Get a fly fishing rod and feathers, and fish. Sell the fish to Rasolo. This is the fastest way to get rid of fish in game, other than drop clicking. It's even nearer than Shilo Village, which requires 80 agility to hop over the river for maximum efficiency.

In addition, the fishing spots are the closest in game; Barbarian Village has 4 spawns which are separated to 2 by 2, you need to cross the river with agility at Shilo and the spots are far apart at the river north of Seers' Village.

Basically, this is the best place to train, until you can get a comparable rate at 58 fishing by Barbarian Fishing (When you get Leaping Salmon with the Trout).

Recommended for those who enjoy afking, and dislike dropping fish.

June 2014 036.png

June 2014 037.png

June 2014 038.jpg

Got a tip or two to share with fellow questers? Give me a private message on the offsite and if I use it, I will credit you.

Article by SantaEnds