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by Santa Ends
An Interview with Solis
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For the second issue of the interview in 2015, we have Solis. He's a relatively new member, but have been in one of our sister clan, Knights of the Abyss for a long time.

Having held council positions in KOTA as well as being a fellow quest noob, he's no stranger to the clan. A quiet figure in the clan, his warm presence is felt when he waves in game.

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How did you get into Runescape?

My friend introduced it to me during school back 11 years ago, I made my first account when I got home and we explored and got lost right outside of Lumbridge near the windmill.

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Describe your typical game session, what's your routine, what do you enjoy doing and what you dislike.

I would say I have no routine. Currently, i'm trying to max so most of the times that i'm playing i'm skilling. If I maxed you might see me running around aimlessly or standing in a bank somewhere. I think most of all I like chatting with my friends.

How did you get to know about KOTA and subsequently Clan Quest? What did you do in KOTA? Why did you cross over to CQ?

This will be lengthy since there is a whole story behind it: While I was still fairly new to the game I was exploring varrock and was checking the abandon houses. I climbed the ladder up into one of the houses and intruded into a clan meeting.

I was quickly persuaded to join the clan 'The Crimson Knights'. after most of the members of that clan stopped playing, one of my friends asked if I wanted to join the clan he was in, at that point I joined 'The Bane Legion'. I was with that clan for a number of months until the leader had to take real life responsibilities and quit. that left a vacuum of power and the structure of the clan collapsed.

It was at this point that I started used the forums semi-regularly. I figured that to be cheeky, i'll look at the ally list of TBL, find a clan, look at the enemy list of said clan and that's how I found Knights of the Abyss. I found out about CQ from getting involved with KOTA and its' allies.

What did I not do in KOTA? There is really nothing I can say I did not do while in that clan. every position up to High Council. I left because I was going to be inactive from the game for a long time so I stepped down from my position.

I joined CQ because I still am fairly active in KOTA but didn't want to necessarily join back since they would stick me right back into a leadership position. So I joined CQ to meet some new people to speak with in the game- I also have been very interested in the lore of the game and was the 'Quest Noob' of KOTA, why not go to my people?  :D

Any regrets when you played the game? E.g. missing out on event item, buying something too early or late, etc.

My biggest regret/thing i'm upset about is that Jagex deleted my first account when they wiped all the inactive ones from the game. :x I lost every holiday event item from 04-07/8ish. I lost my snowglobe! I loved that thing!

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(Lumbridge in your hands)

What is your favourite skill, minigame and wearable item and why you like it.

I suppose favorite skill is the one i'm training currently. might as well enjoy it.

Favorite item is my Silver necklace from the Murder Mystery quest. Shame I can't keepsake it. I also had some of the gold relics from the salve river quests but those got deleted with my account.

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Is there a set of in game clothes you always wear?

I wear keepsaked Sunglasses and Backstab cape and Vesta armour. although that might change since I see a lot of people running around with it now.

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What is your ideal retirement? What are you working towards in life? What is your goal? For what purpose do you steal my oxygen?

Spending my days reading and learning about things that strike my interest in a nice naturally lit, relaxing environment. Being as happy as I can be. Learn as much as I can. Sharing is caring.

If you were lost in a desert and came upon two people, brothers, and one was unable to walk, what would be your advice to them?

They have enough water for 1 person to last 2 days if rationed properly. They know a town is somewhere to the West, but it's 3 days away by foot.

Would you have the brother who could still walk take the remaining water, leave his brother to die, and attempt to make it to town on his own? Would you have him leave the water with his injured brother and strike off on his own, in hopes of finding some help? Would you have him carry his brother, sharing the water between them until it was exhausted, increasing the chance of both their deaths?

Deserts are very hot in the day and cold at night. if you had a large sheet or parachute like object, it would be possible to set that up so that it will collect water from the air being blown by the wind at night. also if you had that and some sticks/cart of some sort, it would be possible to use the parachute to create a land sled and have the wind carry you to your destination. doing this will limit water consumption and because the wind blows faster than you can walk you will get there faster as well.

If you cannot travel using that method because you do not have the correct materials, travel at night and find some form of shelter in the day. anything to shield you from the sun (me) during the day to preserve energy and supplies. if none of these are available, I would still recommend traveling at night since that would be the absolute best way to stay alive.

What is justice? Is it abiding by the law? Do all humans have a basic sense of right or wrong that we share, or is that conditioned into them as a result of the societal norms into which they were born?

Justice and law are part of a similar process... a law is a guideline that is expected to be followed and when it is broken, justice could be defined at the punishment. this is getting into philosophy and I don't feel like writing another paper on that subject.  :P Hold on... let me find my notes... yeah... Kant, Mill, John Stuart, Hobbes...

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("You still remember my name")

Man is born in a state of nature, that state is war. instinct tells you to survive. Because of the society we have today the instinct to survive is different than how it would be in the wild. Something... Something Metaphysics! Social & Political philosophy! :cheers:

BONUS QUESTION: What game is my desert question a reference to?

No idea, Brothers, a tale of two sons?

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LIGHTNING ROUND: How many versions of this game exist?

I stopped counting.


If you woke up from this reality into another, and RuneScape didn't exist, would you try and create it there?

I don't know. would this new reality be any different other than the lack of Runescape? I know nothing about game making either. I might have the idea, but I could never create it myself.

If you could change the name of a single skill in RuneScape, what would it be and what would you change it to?

Dungeoneering. I wouldn't change just the name I would make it more.. adventurous? the ultimate adventure skill. it would still use up all the skills in the game to complete it, but it wouldn't be a plain dungeon crawl.

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(One ring to bore them all)

If time travel was possible and you got stuck into a specific year (at least 100 years back), which year would you least hate to get stuck into? Why?

I don't want to go back in time.

Which God and Mahjarrat are you most scared of? Why?

Saradomin. He is the self proclaimed god of order. Order by any means necessary.

If one city was destroyed completely from RuneScape by the player, which one would you want it to be? Why?

Falador. the quests that could come from that destruction would be very involved. plus, rioters would have to find a new place.

Do you consider yourself a special person?

Nope. Just crazy.

Do you have a real-life superpower? If so, why and what is it?

My ability to focus on a task if it gets my attention. I'll go days without eating or sleeping and not realize it.

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Sinistral Round 2:

Do you prefer the end of your toilet paper to be under or over the roll?

Always over.

What herb heals all wounds?

I'll have to ask the Xiaolin monks if I ever go visit.

If you were a god, what would be the core of your mantra, the aspect of the world with which you most identified?

Knowledge for the sake of making things better. Learning things.

What would you say is your most prevalent character flaw? Are you working to overcome it, or have you accepted it as more than a flaw?

It takes someone else to identify the flaw in someone's character. uhh... My procrastination? I'll get around to it.


I feel I would like to get to know you better, as we really had no contact when you were with KOTA. How long were you with that clan? Why did you leave? Are you happy in Clan Quest? Do you feel easily accepted now, or still like a new comer?

I have no idea. A good number of years. I left, as I think I explained earlier, because I was going to be inactive for a long time and kinda wanted a new start. They still insist that I belong to them and that Clan Quest needs to return stolen property. I feel more comfortable speaking in the chat randomly.

When I see someone (generally any clan member) I run up to them and do the wave emote.

September 2015 012.png

For those I do not know well, i'll seem like an introvert, if you know me... well, just ask Sin how much I can go on. Now, with that said, I generally don't do well with small talk with people whom I don't know their interests. For example; I know someone in game and we have a common interest about cars. So i'll start up a conversation with a question about how modifications on his vehicle are going.

As for opinions, well, I generally keep them quiet.

Is there something in real life you would like to tell us about yourself?

I learned to type playing Runescape. Typing classes in school didn't do anything. Selling things on world 1 and 2 in the old days, that teaches you to type.

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Is there something in the game you have learned that you would like to share?

I'm surprised at the number of people who don't remember the post bag from the hedge. and the running joke that kebabs were made from goblin meat. Also, the highway man that used to be in Lumbridge.

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I think you said something in your introduction when I spoke of 'your sunny disposition' about maybe I 'guessed your steam'. What exactly does that mean? I thought at the time you were referring to a blub you published somewhere. See, I am too old school to understand all the newer terms, so you need to explain to granny. :lol:

Steam is a program that you download to your computer that acts as a way to purchase and play many games online. SolisTheSun, happens to be my name through Steam.

September 2015 015.png

If asked to take a more active part in this clan, what would you most like to do? Recruit? Lead events? Skill along side others? Go on PVM attacks? Would you feel you had enough time to be online longer, just playing Runescape?

Well, at the moment i'm skilling, and any company skilling wouldn't be bad. I know how bad wcing and fishing can get. After I max, which might take a while, I plan to do alot of PVM. So if I ever learn how to not be a complete Nub at bossing, I could certainly teach people how.

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You also told us in the interview you are a soldier. Are you still serving in the military?

That would be correct.

Do you still have your pet Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot? What is the thing you most like about that pet?

I do, her name is Bunkie. I like my pet because she is considered an exotic pet and is fairly uncommon. I also like her because I am the only person she really likes. She tolerates other people and is smart enough to know to let them take care of her while i'm away but she only lets me handle her.

*MsK requests for photo*


Why the name "Solis"?

It's a bit of a story, like other things. It is a bit of a nickname that i've grown into that my friends gave me for a couple reasons. But long story short its a name for the Sun, and it plays into my persona of being a physical manifestation of the sun.

(bonus knowledge) in the fun aspect of character building, Solis has a twin brother called Helios. Helios is actually one of the mythological name of the man who drives the chariot across the sky during the day. The chariot being the actual sun.

That concludes the article this month. It was a pleasure to know more about you. Since you live halfway across the world, and we seldom meet in game, I decided this was best :P

Article by Santa Ends