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~!~ Books, Journals, Notes, and Dialogues ~!~
by Wolfie

Currently there are around 300 readable items in Runescape, not counting the Lores and Histories stories published and Npc dialogues from Quests, Mini-games, and Easter Eggs. That amount of material is simply overwhelming to keep track of so the following is a condensed archive of the very important Lore related reading materials and dialogues.


Ali the Wise - Ali the Wise is Wahisietel a Zarosian Mahjarrat who chronicles the events of Mahjarrat related quests for the Player.

Wahisietel Dialogue

Ashuelot Reis - Ashuelot is the Nature Spirit that guards the Frozen Prison and tells the story of how Sliske attempted to free Nex.

Ashuelot Reis Dialogue

Curse of Zaros - This dialogue is from perhaps the very first source of Zarosian Lore and it tells about the attaining of, and role of, The Staff of Armadyl in the fall of Zaros.

The Curse of Zaros Transcript

Gwir - Gwir is the Elf Scribe. She is basically the Ali the Wise of the Elves and will recount all important Elf related Quest events.

Gwir Dialogue

Mr. Mordaut - Mr. Mordaut is a highly intelligent dragon hybrid that is willing to share information about the Dragonkin with us based on our own encounters with them.

Mr. Mordaut Dialogue

Senliten - Senliten is the Pharaoh Queen who once ruled a large portion of the desert and has first hand knowledge of the Mahjarrat from their early years on Gielinor.

Senliten Dialogue

Vorago - Vorago is part of the Anima Mundi (World Soul that is created by a well balanced environment) and has interesting information about it and a powerful artifact known as the "Maul of Omens".

Vorago Dialogue

Wizard Elriss - Wizard Elriss is able to use her knowledge to locate the Stone of Jas, and has information from meeting Movario. She only shares this dialogue if you talk to her while wearing full Runecrafter Robes with a Ring of Charos (a).

Wizard Elriss Dialogue
Lores and Histories

The Fall of Six - Tells of the fall of the Barrows Brothers. Very interesting lore relating to Sliske, Saradomin, and Drakan.

The Fall of Six Transcript

Guthixian Memories - Memories of the fall of the Naragi homeworld and the discovery of Gielinor. Also talks about relations between Gods and Elder Artifacts.

Guthixian Memories Transcript

Tumeken's Dream - An origin mythos about the creation of Het, Apmeken, Scabaras, and Crondis. Also contains lore about the rest of the Desert Pantheon.

Tumeken's Dream Transcript

Twice Burnt - Lore about Perjour and Zamorak's efforts to betray Zaros. Also some information on Char, one of Zaros' generals.

Twice Burnt Transcript
Reading Materials

6th Bookcase - The 6th Bookcase contains information written down by early TokHaar about The Elder Gods and their roles.

TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot Dialogue(of a book)

Abyssal Research Notes - Contains lore about the discovery of the Abyssal Realm by Zamorakians and research into Rune Essence and teleporting.

Abyssal Research Notes Book

Ascension Journal - Contains lore about the Guardian of Guthix Ocellus and his experiments at bringing humans to be at the same level as Gods.

Ascension Journal

Book of Char, The - Contains lore about one of Zaros' strongest generals and possibly a female he has romantic feelings for. This is the story of Char and the betrayal of Zamorak.

The Book of Char

Book of The Gods - Contains lore about all 8 factions.

Book of The Gods

Dathana's Message - Contains lore about the Mage Conclave, the fall of Kethsi, the Stone of Jas, and the Dragonkin. Most importantly the weakness of the Dragonkin.

Dathana's Message

Declaration of Viggora - Contains lore about General Viggora, one of the first high ranking humans in a war, and covers his humiliation which caused him to betray Zaros who he felt had not fulfilled his promise to raise the status of humans.

Declaration of Viggora

Diary of Tarn Razorlor, The - Contains lore about Tarn's mysterious excavation and the undead.

The Diary of Tarn Razorlor

Dragonkin Journals - Contains lore about the Dragonkin and the origins of the Queen Black Dragon.

Dragonkin Journals

Dungeoneering Journals - Daemonheim is perhaps one of the richest areas for lore in Gielinor. It covers everything from the origins of the monsters within its walls to Bilrach's descent into madness and some interesting hints about The Smuggler's identity.

Dungeoneering Journals

God Wars Dungeon Journals - These journals are dropped from the generals inside the God Wars Dungeon and contain everything from details about the God Wars to histories of races involved with specific Gods.

Zilyana's Notes Book
Razulei's Tale Book
The Glory of General Graardor Book
Armadyl's Assault Book
Nex's Followers Book

History of Magics - Contains lore about V------ finding the Stone of Jas and Rune Essence and how magic got started for humans in the 5th age.

History of Magics

Journal (Slayer Tower) - Similar to Abyssal Research Notes this book contains lore about early experiments involving the Abyssal Realm.

Journal (Slayer Tower)

Last Riders - Contains lore about the Dragon Riders and their fall after the fall of Zaros.

Last Riders Book

Mahjarrat Notes A-Z - Contains lore on all the Mahjarrat in Gielinor Zemouregal was aware of.

Mahjarrat Notes A-J
Notes K-Z

Movario's Notes - Perhaps one of the greatest sources of lore ever. Contains lore tying together a multitude of questlines which all center around events or people looking for the Stone of Jas.

Movario's Notes Volume 1

Notes Volume 2

My Notes (Baxtorian) - Contains lore about the Ancient Cavern under Baxtorian Falls and the events that have occurred there. A wide range of topics are covered from Glough and Arposandra to Imcando Dwarves to Scabaras to the Dragonkin and the Stone of Jas. This was incredibly important lore at the time because the events of While Guthix Sleeps had not occurred yet.

My Notes (Baxtorian)

My Notes (Scabaras) - Contains lore about the Scabarites and Scabaras.

My Notes (Scabaras)
I hope you enjoyed this collection of reading material which is directly quoted from Runescape and copyrighted by Jagex. I do not own this material.
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Article by Wolfie

~!~ FIND THE CAT ~!~
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September 2013 002.jpg
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Article by MsKonnan

Interview with the Clan Quest's Ninja
September 2013 004.jpg
~ by LizBeth ~

Supmyninja, quite an interesting name, isn't it? Break it down and you have "sup my ninja". A quiet Low Councilor whose presence is often obscure until he makes a comment, which would surely catch your attention. Perhaps, it is time to get to know more about our very own Clan Quest Ninja and reveal the true person behind that mysterious name.


Sent: Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:58 pm
From: Lizbeth
To: supmyninjaa

'Sup my Ninja? Is it okay with you to be interviewed for the September issue of Questaholic?

If you want to, sure. Though, I doubt enough people in the clan know me well enough to ask good questions.

Don't worry about it. I can always bombard you with questions.13- icon twisted.gif

Thanks! Liz

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Muahahahaha!!!13- icon twisted.gif

Silliness is always a lot more fun.15- icon wink.gif

I do agree with that. I love being a sarcastic asshole. Though not in the clan chat/texts (with people I don't know that well) because the sarcasm isn't translated that well.

The Interview

Beth: Yo, ‘sup my ninja? I find your name very intriguing. *Moves closer to Ninja for a more up close and personal interrogation*. What’s up with the name, dude?

- Well it all started when I got a xbox 360 and I needed a good xbox live name. I couldn't think of anything (I hate coming up with names) good, but my friend I was with came up with this. I thought it was funny (around 8th grade) so I decided to go with it. I didn't really realize the implied racism that it could have at the time (I was very innocent growing up, and still am, kind of). Though, the name would always be fun to have when on xbox live. People would always just say, "Sup my ni@@a...ahhhh shit, I mean ninja". People would do this all the time and think they were original. It was pretty entertaining.

Are you really a ninja?

- I'm good at doing things right under peoples noses and having them baffled how/when it happened if that counts.

Are you ninjutsu trained?

- Nope, never did any karate or wrestling. Though I do manage to get people on the ground very quickly with very little conflict if I do get in a scuffle unless the person has karate or wrestling training.

Are you an assassin? *Moves even closer to her prey with every question*.

- The world may never know unless I get caught.

Liz: Oh my Guthix! Beth, be nice! He already turned pale on me when I told him he was going to be interviewed.


Liz: Anyway, since I’m feeling under the weather, my alter ego, Beth, will be handling the interview. She’s quite harmless, really. Just one question from me: what’s your favorite color(s)?

- Green

Liz: Alright then, you guys have fun! Cheerio!

Beth: *Mischievous grin* Lovely! I’ll let the other noobs ask their questions first. Then you’re all mine. Oh, happy days! *Stares at Ninja*

Wise Ork:

Why did you decide to become a ninja? What's it like being one?

- ummmmmmmmmmm yaaaaaaaaaaaaa I think I might pass on this question.

If you met a pirate who's just as strong/smart/agile as you, how would you beat him?

- Assuming that the pirate is on the ship, I would wait till night fall to board the ship. Then I would set off a diversionary fire on the ship. The pirate would then have to reveal himself to get the fire out or else risk losing his ship and livelihood. Then when the pirate comes out, I would wait in the shadows and take him out with a throwing star.

Any advice you want to share about anything at all?

- Get a job in cold calling or something similar to this for one summer. It helps you deal with people tremendously in being able to recognize what to say to help influence people. Great life skill to learn especially for introverts like me. Though, you will absolutely despise your job at first, that's part of the experience, but you will start to have fun with the job (maybe not enjoy, but at least have fun) within a few weeks of doing it.

- Also, fortune favors the bold. If you believe in yourself (or at least portray confidence), it is amazing what you can get when dealing with others or get others to do for you.

IRL photo?

- Maybe once I figure out how to add a photo.

What's your favourite thing about the clan? What about the offsite?

- My favorite thing about the clan is the people. So many different and unique people that are always interesting. Despite all the different personalities, everybody is very friendly.

- Then my favorite thing about the offsite is the way it is put together. I have to give huge props to Tohtli (assuming this is how you spell his name) for making such a fantastic website.

If you could change 1 thing in RuneScape, but it would be irreversible, what would you change and why?

- I would probably go back to the old combat system. The new combat system over complicates combat to me and is really annoying. One of my favorite things about this game was the fact that the combat was so easy to understand, now its just overly complicated for the sake of complexity.

What's your favourite type of pizza? Favourite ice-cream flavour? Favourite all-time movie?

- Pepperoni with onions (minus the onions depending on who I'm with). Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Though what's even better is making chocolate chip cookies and putting vanilla ice cream in between two cookies to make homemade ice cream sandwiches. Very delicious. Even though I don't watch many movies and don't have any clear cut favorites, I would probably go with Gladiator (amazing opening scene) or Blood Diamond.

Am I Ork?

- No.

Santa Ends:

What's your goal in life?

- Retire by the age of 40 with $400 million. Buy a small private island in the Caribbean where I can go and relax all the time. Then I'm going to find an abandoned airport near a wooded area. I'm going to make the airport into my own racetrack (I love driving fast cars) and make my own off-road racing course too. I figure that would take care of about $200 million. Then with the other $200 million, find a way to make a positive lasting impact in the world. Either through a charity or some other way.


Hey, Ninja! Looking forward to your interview.
We had a recent talk in game about all the restrictions on F2P you are experiencing. I feel so badly that you can not attend events in the Citadel. Is there a chance you will be returning to P2P any time soon?

- It's not too bad being f2p when the only reason I really get on now is to talk to friends and clan mates. With that said, I probably won't come back to p2p except maybe during Xmas break. I just won't have time this year with school and fraternity to play. Along with that, the game itself just doesn't hold my attention anymore. Maybe once a lot more quests come out I might become interested again especially with the addition of the two new skills.

When did you first start playing RuneScape? In what world do you play most?

- I first started playing around 5th or 6th grade. It was always the top game on so I decided to give it a try with a friend helping me (who had played it before). I never have had a home world per say until I joined the clan. I never really thought it made a difference.

Do you have any 99's, and if so what are they? Is firemaking one of them?

- I still don't have 99 firemaking even though that's the only thing I really do when I get on now. I'm probably going to stop training it whenever I get it to level 90, maybe, level 92 for the adze. With that said, I don't have any 99's and I don't plan on getting any. I'm pulling a Draz here with having everything balanced (all skills are between 72-90) and refusing to get any 99's. I refuse to get any 99's because I've never seen the appeal of it. The time consumed grinding for it is too high compared to the benefit of it being level 99.

I only know you as the ETU treasurer. Can you tell us a little about your feelings on "events" that the clan does?

- I love the events that this clan does, but I'm just disappointed with the low attendance at some of the events. Even if you don't like the event that's being planned, you should still go and hang out with the clannies. In the long run, the clannies are going to be the reason why you keep playing the game. That level in whatever skill you're doing can always wait. Though it might not be mentioned, your support means a lot to whoever is hosting the event.

You really must start posting more on the offsite so we can get to know you better.

- Nah, it's much more interesting to see what others have to say compared to what I have to say.

Miss Alaska:

What would you rather, fantasy or reality?

- Reality. What's the point in experiencing somebody else's life? Life is all about going out and doing whatever you enjoy, why would you want to just sit at home and do nothing with life? Not too long ago, I might have said reality. However, I soon realized going and experiencing life makes life so much more enjoyable instead of being bored and bottled up inside.

Have you ever been on any cool holidays or have some holiday destinations in mind?

- I've been to the Bahamas twice when I was younger and Mexico around 10 times but haven't gone in a while. Though, I am planning a ski trip to Japan one winter with some buddies which will probably happen next Christmas break. Then I'm going to do a study abroad one summer in Europe, which will be a lot of fun. After, I'm done with college I'm probably going to travel for a few months before I start work either going to southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand area or Europe for a couple months. I still have a few years to decide on that.

If you could get the answer to any question you wanted to ask, what question would you end up asking?

- What do I need to do to successfully reach my goal of $400,000,000.00 by the age of 45?


Ermahgerd! There's gotta be a much entertaining way to do this interview. What's your favorite topic...besides!?

- Can't answer girls? That's no fun even though I don't really talk about girls that much compared to a lot of guys. Though, I'm not really sure what to answer for this. Frankly, I hate talking about myself. I would much rather listen to other people. I'm not really sure how to answer this question since my super sarcasm doesn't translate well over text.

Quite understandable, not many people like to talk about themselves. As for the sarcasm part, I’m pretty sure many would be able to relate to that since it is such a natural thing, it seems, for some members of Clan Quest. I'm quite sarcastic, too, if I don't curb it.

So, I guess you can ask random questions to see what hits and what misses.

Sure, let’s give it a shot, shall we?

Telling you about myself might give you a better start on this.

Okay, go for it.

I don't like talking about emotions; I'm not an emotional person at all. I'm a very blunt, honest person. My philosophy is: if you didn't want to know, you shouldn't have asked in the first place. I don't sugar coat things.

I admire people who say it like it is. There’s nothing wrong with being blunt and honest.

- I like playing basketball, ping pong, watching baseball, basketball, and football, and drinking with buddies (not getting drunk). Love watching drunk people and messing with them.

I play basketball, too. Well, not as often as I used to. So who are your favorite team and player(s)? If ever you play basketball, what’s your position? Would you say you’re a pretty good player? Did you play Varsity basketball in High School? How about now that you’re in college?

- Dirk Nowitizki and the Dallas Mavericks though he is getting up there in age, unfortunately. I quit after 8th grade just because it hurts my knees and ankles so much. To the point where I couldn't run a mile without my knees killing me. Though, in the last year I picked up basketball again. I use to be a great shot, but now I am just horrendous at shooting. It's bad. I will out rebound by at least 2 to 1 and it takes a miraculous shot to score on me. I can defend people who are 3-4 inches taller then me and still block them. Or I can defend point guards. Then my position would probably be small/power forward depending on the height of everyone in the game.

You've mentioned you love watching drunken people and messing with them, especially during college free parties, what do you do, videotape them and expose them on youtube? Lol!

- No, I wouldn't videotape them, but I do get a big laugh out of it. My favorite one is still going to a house party and opens the front door. Right there is the staircase with a girl just army crawling down it with a bandanna on covering her face. I was so confused.

When is first day of school? Are you a full time student?

- School starts on the 19th or 17th (Whichever is the Monday). I'm a full time student going into finance, accounting or, value and supply chain management or possibly two of the above. I'm not sure which one, yet. Ya, I definitely plan on enjoying college while still getting good grades (3.8 gpa first year). Though it will be interesting tomorrow night with it being stripper night for my frat (never seen a stripper in person before so it should be interesting) and then margaritaville the next day.

What was your hazing like when you joined your fraternity? What's the name of your frat? Nice gpa, maintain your awesome gpa so you'll be included to the Dean's list. I bet you'll be all googly-eyed with those strippers right in front of you. Hopefully, they all have the face and physique to boot.

- There wasn't really any hazing besides drinking/pointless manual labor/and mental games. They can't really haze anymore since they got in trouble a few years ago when the chancellors son went through a few years ago. He ended up getting a 3rd degree burn (I think it was 3rd degree, I know it was really bad) on his butt from trying to get the Sigma Chi logo branded there. Luckily though, it wasn't during pledge-ship or else Sigma Chis probably would have been kicked off campus.

- Also, I doubt I'll get googly-eyed, I have very high standards.

- I actually don't like getting shitfaced (unlike most people in college) when drinking. I like having a few drinks and just watching other people who are drunk do stupid stuff (great source of entertainment to me). So under my context, I feel like it's fine to drink.

You party animal...and you're an introvert?

- Well rush parties = free alcohol for everybody, so I've got to take advantage of that while I can. Like I said earlier though, I like going to parties just to be entertained by drunk people. And when I drink a few, I'm usually pretty outgoing instead of the usual introvert.

Dude, you like country music, right? Whereabouts are you in the US?

- Absolutely, I mostly listen to that and classic rock. I'm from Texas by way of Utah. Though, I'm not Mormon, I can not emphasize this enough.

How old were you when you moved to Texas? Do you have that Texan southern twang?

- Lived in Texas until I was 13ish then moved to Utah. Then my parents just moved back half way through freshman year of college. If by southern twang, you mean accent? No, but my dad does.

Is Texas home to you now, or do you still visit Utah?

I'm still not sure which to consider my home but I do still visit Utah.

Per Wise Ork's request, how about a real life photo of you?

- Problem with photos is that I'm very good at avoiding photos unless I've been drinking. Then you obviously don't want to use a photo where I'm drinking and probably flipping off the photo. I love flipping photos/people off for some reason (do it all in good humor with people, and only no-fun-people don't like it).

You got a job as a summer intern at Morgan Stanley, that's a very established and well-known financial company. Will you still continue to work there even when school starts? What got you interested in investments and finance?

- I quit there the week I moved into college, though I will probably work there again next summer. I'm great at dealing with numbers and I want lots of money and the best way to get money is by handling other peoples money for them. Also, investment banking seems like something right up my alley. I'm not sure what I'm going to major in, but it will probably be finance, accounting, or value and supply chain management or two of the above.

How about being a stockbroker? Probably, get a job at Wall Street, eventually?

- That is my goal one day, or possibly, start my own hedge-fund. Just going to take it one step at a time and see where life leads me for now.

September 2013 005.jpg
Thank you for doing this interview, Supmyninja, and giving us a glimpse of the very candid, smart and future Wall Street tycoon. Don't forget your little Clan Quest friends once you're featured on the cover of the Fortune Magazine. All the best to your future endeavors in real life. Here's to your success...cheers!
~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by LizBeth

~!~ Recipes ~!~
~ by Lizbeth ~
September 2013 006.jpg

This is a really easy dish to prepare, and it looks so darn cute! It is also a great dish to serve on a buffet table because each serving is completely self-contained and can just be picked up and popped on a plate.

1 20 ounce package pre-shredded hash brown-style potatoes
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
4 tablespoons flour
1 small sweet onion, coarsely grated
2 thick slices deli ham, chopped into small bits (about 1 cup)
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 dozen eggs, scrambled*
chives for garnish

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F., and lightly spray a 12-cup muffin tin with non-stick cooking spray. Mix the first eight ingredients together in a large bowl. Spoon potato mixture into each prepared muffin cup until about 1/3 full. Gently press the potato mixture down in the middle and up the sides of each cup. Bake until golden brown, about 25-30 minutes. If the nests have puffed up too much in the center, scoop out a little with a teaspoon. Spoon a few tablespoons of scramble eggs into each nest and top with chives.

Healthy Snack
Roasted Broccoli
September 2013 007.jpgSeptember 2013 008.jpg

Preheat oven to 375°
1 1/2 pounds broccoli, cut into florets
2-3 garlic cloves, minced
3-4 tbsp. olive oil
Put broccoli, garlic, olive oil, and a few shakes of salt and pepper in a ziploc bag.
Shake it up.
Spread out on baking sheet, place on top rack, and bake for about 30 minutes (or until cooked through and nicely brown).
Broccoli will be crunchy and delicious!
You may also add Parmesan cheese, if you like.

Bon Appetit!
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Article by LizBeth

22- star3.png22- star3.png22- star3.png Astrological Concepts 22- star3.png22- star3.png22- star3.png
~ by LizBeth ~
Your Horoscope for the Month of September, 2013

Aries (21 March – 20 April)

September 2013 009.jpg

Taurus (21 April – 21 May)

September 2013 010.jpg

Gemini (22 May – 22 June)

September 2013 011.jpg

Cancer (23 June – 23 July)

September 2013 012.jpg

Leo (24 July – 23 August)

September 2013 013.jpg

Virgo (24 August – 23 September)

September 2013 014.jpg

Libra (24 September – 23 October)

September 2013 015.jpg

Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

September 2013 016.jpg

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

September 2013 017.jpg

Capricorn ( 22 December – 20 January)

September 2013 018.jpg

Aquarius (21 January – 19 February)

September 2013 019.jpg

Pisces (20 February – 20 March)

September 2013 020.jpg

Horoscope Source
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Article by LizBeth

~!~ JOKES ~!~
by Konnan
7- icon lol.gif*******************************7- icon lol.gif

Some School Jokes:
September 2013 021.jpg
TEACHER: Why are you late?
STUDENT: Class started before I got here.

TEACHER: Glenn, how do you spell 'crocodile?'
TEACHER: No, that's wrong.
GLENN: Maybe it is wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.

TEACHER: Donald, what is the chemical formula for water?
TEACHER: What are you talking about?
DONALD: Yesterday you said it's H to O.

TEACHER: Millie, give me a sentence starting with ' I. '
MILLIE: I is...
TEACHER: No, Millie..... Always say, 'I am.'
MILLIE: All right... 'I am the ninth letter of the alphabet'.

TEACHER: George Washington not only chopped down his
father's cherry tree, but also admitted it.
Now, Louie, do you know why his father didn't punish him?
LOUIS: Because George still had the axe in his hand.....

TEACHER: Clyde , your composition on 'My Dog' is exactly the
same as your brother's.. Did you copy his?
CLYDE : No, sir. It's the same dog.

(I want to adopt this kid!!!)
TEACHER: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested? HAROLD: A teacher.

Some Newspaper Ads:
September 2013 022.jpg
Mother is a Kennel Club registered German Shepherd.
Father is a Super Dog, able to leap tall fences in a single

Worn once by mistake.
Call Stephanie.

Due to current economic conditions
the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off

College Weird Science Jokes:

• "When you breath, you inspire. When you do not breath, you expire."

• "H2O is hot water, and CO2 is cold water."

• "When you smell an odorless gas, it is probably carbon monoxide."

• "Blood flows down one leg and up the other."

• "Dew is formed on leaves when the sun shines down on them and makes them perspire."

• "A super-saturated solution is one that holds more than it can hold."

• "Mushrooms always grow in damp places and so they look like umbrellas."

• "The skeleton is what is left after the insides have been taken out and the outsides have been taken off. The purpose of the skeleton is something to hitch meat to."

• "The tides are a fight between the Earth and moon. All water tends towards the moon, because there is no water in the moon, and nature abhors a vacuum. I forget where the sun joins in this fight."

• "A fossil is an extinct animal. The older it is, the more extinct it is."

• "Planet: A body of Earth surrounded by sky."

•"To keep milk from turning sour: Keep it in the cow."


Funny Photos

September 2013 023.png

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Article by MsKonnan