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stolen from Santa Ends
by Choto 3000
I guess it’s coal again *sigh*
An interview with The Werecool


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-Why do you like ordering the discord bots around so much? What have they ever done to you?

I uh... I.... I.... um..... but I...
*breaks down and cries*


-What is your earliest memory of Runescape (plz don't say dark wizards)?

December 2016 003.png

I remember watching a friend playing Runescape, followed up closely by playing through the tutorial. I never had a problem with dark wizards. It was always those dastardly chickens that got me.

-You get a ticket to visit Gelinor IRL. Where do you go first?

The Wilderness Crater, because REASONS.

-How did you get your attachment to stick figures?

One day one of my friends showed me an xkcd comic. I spammed random for a few hours that day and the days following. From then on, it's been something of a constant in daily life.

December 2016 004.png


-How are your port ships called?

Well, after obtaining my *through megaphone* 90 HERBLORE, I decided to give ports a whirl. My ships are currently called Ship and Ship 2. Original, I know.

-What makes you a noob?

What doesn't?

-How do you best learn new things?

Reading them, dismissing them, hearing them again from friends, rereading them, accepting them as fact, having them ingrained in my memory.

-Why did you choose Clan Quest?

I hadn't had any contact from any other clans before, and so after I had a chat with ol' Pac at the Herblore Habitat, I thought why not?

-Do you have a favorite book and comic?

Er.... no? I'm clearly not one for favourites.

-If you were rich beyond belief, would you do charity work or enjoy the wealth all day long?

Charity work.

-Swimming at the beach or at an indoor spa?

Well, given that I'm just about the biggest wimp you're gonna meet this year, indoor spa. But don't turn the temperature above 22C.

-What's your favorite movie/book quote?

Hmm..... (again, Google consulted).... nothing worth my time came up.

December 2016 005.jpg

Thelma (Karen, for those who don't read funny convos thread)

-What is your normal blood pressure?

Never measured, but I'd say either 1/3 or three times the normal, fluctuating depending on the day and whether or not it's a leap year.

-How often do you brush your teeth?

Twice a day, give or take 5 times.

-Do you floss?

If there's floss in the house and I'm bored, yes!
Also, since when were you a medical health pedantic?

-How many relationships have you been in?

0. Of course, if we expand our view to include people to whom I have shown particularly flirtatious or affectionate attitudes, we have a total of about 10 people, a disturbing number of whom are clannies. Now, if we take only the outliers from this term in terms of emotional response from the self invoked, we get a group of ~3 people, again a number of whom are clannies. The names in this group are as follows: --CENSORED BY COMMON SENSE--

-When was your first kiss?

hahahahahahaha..... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha.... oh my,
Thelma dear, you do have me in stitches... hahahaahahahahahahhaha.....
you are quite the comedian.... hahahahahahahahahhaa *wipes eyes*
hahahahahahahahahah.... yes, yes... quite the jest hahahahahahaha..... why do you humour me so?
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.... *rereads question* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... please...... no, please.... can't... stop....
*sound of floorboards breaking is heard* *panicked cries in the distance* *ambulance sirens*

December 2016 006.jpg

-When was the last time you got someone a gift?

Quite a while ago, and to be fair, I don't really have anyone to give gifts to, although the Banksy's Secret Santa might change this.

December 2016 007.jpg

-How often do you get a hair cut?

Once every 2-ish months.

-Do you actually like me?

December 2016 008.png

My irl name isn't Isaac, for the record.


-If you could have one weapon and one other item from Runescape in real life - fully functional - what would they be and why?

I would take my trusty staff of light and the expensive spices from Let Them Eat Pie. The staff because staff, and the spices because eating things. I've never found food to be much of an incentive for anything.


-Whats your earliest memory of your favorite game?

Well, RS has been my favourite game since I started playing, so see above.

-What do you do in your spare time? Music practice and reading. Contemplate human life. Forum stalking.

-Do you enjoy sports if so which ones?

I play tennis and enjoy it. I play chess badly and enjoy it.

December 2016 009.jpg

-Whats your proudest achievement inside a game or irl?

I'm still young; irl has yet to see the best of me.
Inside a game, I guess that ol' *through megaphone* 90 HERBLORE is one of my more valued accomplishments.

-Would you ever go to runefest?

Probably not, although if I'm properly convinced, I would consider it. I'm not too hardcore of a player.

-How many years have you played runescape for?

Six or seven, I forget.


-What's your opinion on the current state of Runescape?

I kinda like Runescape as is, although that's mainly because I'm lazy. I wouldn't mind the removal of some of the newer hyper-training methods like Runespan, however.

-Do you plan on trying out the new Bounty Hunter game mode?

Not as of current.

December 2016 010.png

-Combat or skilling?

Not so long ago, I would've had no hesitation in saying skilling. However, a few people have managed to sway my mind towards PvM, and now I'm not sure. For now I'll just say skilling.


-How many fingers am I holding up?

"Which Alaska am I talking to?"
*collapses in drunken stupor*

-Favourite movie and favourite TV show?

Yeah, not really one for movies. Or general television. Or real life. Hmm. Sure, I watch a few, but I don't readily pick out favourites, partially because the government is watching my every move and will get suspicious if I do so.  :suspect:

-What colour is your hair?

Black or something like that.

What was a challenging moment for you in life and how did you overcome it?

Wouldn't consider myself to have had to face anything too challenging yet, besides collapsing a bit from exam pressure (which I admit was entirely my fault).

-What people, famous or otherwise, do you admire and appreciate the work of?

Oh jeez, here we go.Off the top of my head (does this suggest messed up priorities?), Will for being pretty much my PvM tutor and/or field trip guide.
Then the rest of Clan Quest, divided up into a few different sub-groups which I can't be bothered distinguishing.
Then pretty much every stereotypical classical composer.
Then the writhing mass of microfauna which supports my bodily functions.
etc. etc.

-What are you currently doing IRL (work place? / university? / other?) ?

A joke of an attempt at being a student.

December 2016 011.jpg

-Has there been a movie / book / any other piece of work / experience / relationship that had a significant impact on the way you view the world?

Joining Clan Quest, for one. I've gotten a lot more open and social.


-When did you start playing?

Somehwere between 2009 and 2010.

-What was your very first accomplishment cape?

Does the cape from my first highwayman kill count?
[Editor’s note: Of course it does. I think it’s one of the most amazing capes one can get]

December 2016 012.png

-Where are you from?


-If I were to visit your country, what do you think I should do first?

Crikey. You could do a lot of things, and I'm not terribly proud that I had to google "things to do in NZ" to get an answer for this. But I would recommend just picking a random city and walking around it. Do whatever catches your eye.
[Editor's note: I fund this, do you think it's worth it?]

December 2016 013.jpg

-What are your favourite cities/locations, both in RS and in real life?

I haven't really traveled IRL nor have I researched or considered other places, so I guess I don't have real life favourite cities.
In RS, I like the simplicity of Lumbridge and I've spent a lot of time there, partially because my first few weeks were trying to work out how to get out of it. 1- icon biggrin.png

-Do you have a motto or a favourite phrase? If so, which is it?

"Who the hell are you? How did you get in my house?"
-- a quote from every celebrity I've visited. If they all say it, it must be good.

-Which quest you believe to be the best?

Am I allowed to say "Fate of the Ritual While Guthix Wakes"?

-Do you have a very expensive item (party hat, for instance)? If so, do you remember your reaction when you obtained it?

Nah. I ain't no mercher, no collector, no master of the market. Whats so great about being rich?

-Which instruments do you play? What's your favoutire music genre? And at what age you started learning music?

I play piano and trumpet. Started piano I think 8 years ago and trumpet 4 or 5 years ago. I'm an avid fan of classical music, and beyond that I only listen to a select group of 20th/21st century songs. *cough* Nights in White Satin on repeat for hours on end *cough*

December 2016 014.gif

-Tell us the story behind your name!

Ready for some brilliant inside info which apparently no one has caught on to yet? Just read my name backwards.

That's right. It's utter gibberish.

-How many languages do you speak? Which one would you like to learn?

I only speak English, although I am making something of an attempt to learn Mandarin Chinese. I wouldn't mind learning Latin or Greek, or maybe one of those North European languages so I can buy surstromming and chat with Tyco/

December 2016 015.png

Thank you all for asking, answering and reading. have a great end of the year!

Article by Choto 3000

~!~ ***** ~!~

by Choto and Santa
An Interview with Herblaw

~!~ ***** ~!~
Hello clannies, today we have Herb (Ed) with us today. This traditionalist is one of the few in the clan who embraces the ironman life, of self sufficiency and alternative gameplay. Let's see what thing interesting guy has share with us today. Also one of the few who use British English (like myself), which means I don't have to change the z's to s's! I have a good feeling about this.


Q. What are a few of your favourite things to do on RS?

December 2016 016.jpg

A. Believe it or not I don't really have any 'favourite' things i just love playing it all but i do love being resourceful/ ironman-ing the game. and for me the 2 best updates have been hcim and Ironman in general. gives a complete new aspect at playing the game.

Q. Would you like to share an extremely fond memory you have of the game?

A. I never used to have internet at home when I was at school so the only time I played was when I went round to my friend's house. He used to play RSC and I used to love cutting/ burning wood, making potions, killing things, learning how to play the game etc. Then when RS2 came out, I used to watch my friend on his RS2 account.

December 2016 017.jpg

I do remember when Runecrafting came out- my friend's brother was racing to the 1st 99 rc. In the end he was 7th, he used to make 2-3m an hour easy (he was mean and never lent us any money lol), but I looked up to his dedication. Always played non stop, even during his exam season. He did all-nighters and still managed to get 11 A* and 2 A's, which is just mind boggling.

Q. What is your oldest holiday item?

December 2016 018.jpg

A. Jack lantern mask I think.

Q. Which one is your favorite?

December 2016 019.jpg

A. I loved the 'investigator' and the 'sugar cane' when it came out. was lots of fun doing the cryptic clues.

Q. Do you have any "signature" item or look?

A. Of Herblaw 'Master Herb Cape, Master Quest Cape, Trim Comp Cap,e Quest point cape, Untrimmed Invention Cape. I have a few pictures I'll have to look for:)

Q. If you could bring 3 items from the game to real life, what would they be?

A. Humm tricky one... not sure.

Q.Favorite food?

A. Lasagna.

Q. Dogs or cats?

A. Dogs Definitely.


Q. How in the world do you get the willpower to accomplish the things you do?

A. Haha well I set my self a goal and go hammer and tongs at it! 1- icon biggrin.png

December 2016 020.jpg

Patience, determination and dedication! 1- icon biggrin.png

Q. What is your earliest memory of Runescape (plz don't say dark wizards)?

A. I never used to have internet at home when I was at school so the only time I played was when I went round to my friend's house. He used to play RSC and I used to love cutting/ burning wood, making potions, killing things, learning how to play the game etc. Then when RS2 came out, I used to watch my friend on his RS2 account.

Q. You get a ticket to visit Gelinor IRL. Where do you go first?

A. I'd buy a 'Year Saver! 'Tour all the great sights, Ardy, Tree Gnome stronghold, Ape toll, Priff :D

Q. Lastly, have you planned to come to Runefest 2017?

A. Of course! :D I hope to see you there!


Q. When did you start playing?

A. Can't remember. I made an account just before Runecrafting came out, but didn't really play it, as I found it was more fun to put both my head and my friends' head together to discover new things. I used to play a lot of console games, and so only really played it at my friend's.

Q. What was your very first accomplishment cape?

A. Legends cape (RSC) combined effort with my friend :D Aka QPC at that time.

Q. Where are you from?

December 2016 021.jpg

A. England! :D

Q. If I were to visit your country, what do you think I should do first?

A. Research why you want to go to that country. Friends? Family? Wildlife? Sights? Different aspect of life?

Or just choose somewhere you like the sound of and go from there? Explore! :D

Q. What are your favorite cities/locations, both in RS and in real life?

A. At the moment, I'm loving OSRS hardcore ironman mode- nothing specific, I just like the nostalgia.

New techniques have been discovered. Things I used to find really difficult are not that difficult when you are doing them 10 years later :P

December 2016 022.jpg

I just got back from Australia not too long ago and I would say it's definitely worth a visit! :D And don't forget to say hi to Alaska too 1- icon biggrin.png

December 2016 023.jpg

Q. Do you have a motto or a favorite phrase? If so, which is it?

A. Just keep trying until you succeed in what you are after.

Q. Which quest you believe to be the best?

A. I can't say I have a favorite quest to be honest, because there's so much diversity. I loved it when I did Monkey Madness with my friend back at school. Helped him solve that 'difficult' puzzle. I like puzzles in quests, but I also like exploration.

December 2016 024.jpg

I completed Broken Home so many times and I think repeatable quests are great too.

Q. Do you have a very expensive item (party hat, for instance)? If so, do you remember your reaction when you obtained it?

I don't ever use 'expensive' things because I like to earn my items etc., but I guess I'd say my Nox bow for 182m, which I brought to help a friend get her Yakamaru kill (for her trim comp cape).

December 2016 025.jpg

Q. Do you play an instrument? What's your favoutire music genre?

A. I have a keyboard and a few guitars, never actually got round to learning them though unfortunately :C

Q. Tell us the story behind your name!

A. Lol its a mixture of a few things. When I was at my friend's, he would kill things and sometimes a herb would drop. I'd say 'Omg look a herb pick it up!', and my friend just called me herb for getting excited for herb drops lol.

December 2016 026.jpg

The reason why I chose 'Of herblaw' was because Dungeoneering had just been released, and the skill cap level was 120.

I thought to myself, 'If I get that much amount of XP in Herblore, would that mean I'm a 'Master of Herblore'? I also farmed/ slayed all my herbs for 99 Herblore back in the day, so I called myself 'iFarmer tEd'. It was a hidden message 'farmer ed' :P

December 2016 027.jpg


Q. What are your port ships called?

A. I can honestly say I have no idea. Never even looked at the names.

Q. What makes you a noob?

A. I really dislike bossing so i guess 'I can't boss'?

Q. How do you best learn new things?

December 2016 028.jpg

A. Trial and error/ research.

Q. Why did you choose Clan Quest?

A. I was harassed at Runefest by a bunch of hooligans who tied me up and threatened me!

Q. If you were rich beyond belief, would you do charity work or enjoy the wealth all day long?

December 2016 029.jpg

A. Charity work. I have done so much charity work in my lifetime for as long as I remember. I've done backpacking, singing (Back in school) Boys' Brigade, Lions, Fun runs, cake bakes, sponsored walks, cycles, swims etc.

Thursday ill be doing a 'Science Show' to help raise money for leukemia (one of the year 8 boys at school just been diagnosed with it).

Q. Swimming at the beach, or at an indoor spa?

December 2016 030.jpg

A. Indoor swimming pool. Not keen on salt water, but not really too fussed.

Q. What's your favorite movie/book quote?

A. Again, I'm useless with quotes etc. I guess 'For England James?' from Goldeneye.

December 2016 031.jpg


Q. What is your normal blood pressure?

A. I did this the other day actually, 75/88-ish.

Q. How often do you brush your teeth?

A. Twice a day.

Q. Do you floss?

A. Nope. My dentist asked me all these questions a few hours ago.

Q. How many relationships have you been in?

December 2016 032.jpg

A. None ;_;

Q. When was your first kiss?

A. Don't remember.

Q, When was the last time you got someone a gift?

A. In the summer, a friend took me out all day to explore her village, so I bought her dinner :)

Q. How often do you get a hair cut?

A. Once every time it gets too long :p


Q. What is your favourite drink?

December 2016 033.jpg

A. Tea?

Q. Do you like sprouts? Love them!
..Durian fruit? Not heard of?
..Kalles Caviar? not heard of?


Q. How are you doing today?

A, My face is numb, I had 4 injections in my mouth and my leg is killing me. Other than that I'm pretty good :D

Q. What's the earliest memory from childhood you can think of?

A. Properly playing in the garden with a pedal car, with my brother and cousins.

Q. Favourite movie and TV show right now?

December 2016 034.jpg

A. Gotham. not sure on movies.

Q. What's your average day like?

A. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast while afking something on rs, brush teeth, walk to work.

December 2016 035.jpg

Prep practicals for teachers, teach the teachers how to do the practicals, etc. Do paper work, go home about 4-ish, make a cuppa tea and turn my pc on to finish up what ever it is i'm working on rs :D (currently afking elves for 12m to buy 99 Prayer for the max cape party, while I do some gainz on the HCIM OSRS acc :D)

Q. What would you normally do to deal with stress / challenging situations?

A. Get someone else's opinion, or work out why/ how I'm stressed, and try to put a plan together to work out how to ignore it maybe?

Once you know why you are stressed, work at it so that it won't stress you up again.

Q. What's something you've come across that made you laugh heartily?

A. Seeing my friend dying on HCIM after calling me a noob, etc. lol.


Q. Did you play RS when the Herblore skill was called Herblaw?

A. No.

Q, If you do enjoy Herblore in RS, what's your take on the best training method currently :D?

A. Farm your own herbs, best way! 1- icon biggrin.png

Thank you Herb for sharing your vast experience on RS with noobs, and thank you everyone for submitting your questions. I can't speak for everyone but I absolutely adore stories of old RS memories. Hope you enjoyed answering the questions as well.

Article by SantaEnds

RSMV Review

Tomigun1001 again? Merry christmas to all clannies. This is a RSMV short of Christmas Lights by Train.

Using the Vengium RSHD server, the best part of this RSMV is the use of lighting. Slow clips, bright lighting, apt blurring of clips, slow camera movement with good transition. Very chrismassy. The last clip was Vengium in it's heyday. Lots of RSMVers gathered. round the spawn point. Good times.

Article by SantaEnds

Clan Quest Bulletin
December 2016

Boy oh boy November was such a party. We celebrated the clan's seventh birthday in the real Clan Quest way. But the fun is not over, because Christmas is right around the corner too!

December 2016 036.png

Clan anniversary
This year I did not want the clan anniversary to go by unnoticed. To make sure that we could celebrate what Clan Quest gives us all, we had several events.

The main event was the in-game event. We held a drop party at Falador party room, made a conga line to the GE, and dropped some cabbage. We repeated this cabbage trick in Prifddinas before holding an after-party in the one and only Clan Citadel. Some people got a bit too drunk to remember, but everybody had a lot of fun.

We also had a raffle that was entirely sponsored by members. I was blown away by the number of donations and the size of them. It acted as a reminder of how charitable Clan Questers really are. We had a fun time announcing the winners as well.

I am really happy with how things went, despite the fact that the events happened just after getting back from the US for me (yay jet lag!). In the survey held amongst participants it turned out you liked it as well, which is great. I loved how we were able to incorporate the game, the offsite, and Discord to provide the best event experience so far.

The "problem" with events is that they often cover only part of the clan community due to time differences. This was also to main critique that both me and the survey respondants had. Sadly, I had to organise these events on my own, which limits the possibility. For next year, I am hoping to have one or two people to work together with, and based on the suggestions we will hopefully make it an even bigger party than this year. That brings me to the topic of...

Cabbage Bomb 001.png

Event organisers
As said before, the anniversary events were organised completely by myself. Not only is this a lot of work, but it also limits the options because of my limited availability. Events play an important role in clans, so we are always looking for people to help organising them. So: if you liked the events, or if you think you can do better, please consider getting involved.

The first step would be to join the ETU community: there are no obligations whatsoever, but you get access to some extra communication channels reserved for events, and it is easier to get access to clan funds to finance your events if necessary. Events don't always have to be huge, and they don't have to be just RuneScape in-game events either.

If you want to give it a go first, there's a great chance to start getting into events this...

Gielinor is turning white, and decorations are being put it, as Christmas is approaching. Clan Quest likes to do Christmas their own way, so we present our own 20 days of Christmas. Every day we are doing a small event. If you wish to organise your own, or if you are interested in what is coming up, check out this thread. Events don't have to be big, so this is the perfect way of contributing without spending too much time!

So what about the offsite?
We are getting really close to finishing it. I know I keep saying this, but we are now happy with the forum theme. The only thing we need to work on is some of the other pages. We have limited ourselves to the most important pages that are actually used (I mean, when is the last time you checked the citadel page?), and we will expand from there. The new website will hopefully feature an actually useful homepage, and we already have many plans to make it even better over time.

With the new website we will also be moving to a new server. This will improve the website stability, and give us some cool opportunities for the future. This means there will be some downtime as we migrate the website, so we will announce this in advance as soon as we are closer to the release date.

Clan Dance Party 016.png

That's it for this month, but I can't end this bulletin without wishing you all some very good holidays, and hopefully you will join me again in the next bulletin in the new year!

Article by Cireon

A Time for Tradition

Christmas in RuneScape and Christmas in the real world, two of my favourite things to think of at this time of year!

December 2016 039.png

Christmas in RuneScape has been a staple since 2001 with the exception of 2003. 2003 saw no event because players were getting weary of the rare item drops of 2001 and 2002 (Party hats and Santa hat). This is a time of year that almost all players look forward to either for the Christmas event itself or just the pure community spirit of the time. Now you may be asking, why does this matter today, we’re obviously getting a Christmas event, the trees have already turned white?

It matters because tradition is what defines our culture. Going back into history we see that huge festivals and feasts were often held for the strangest of reasons, at least to us observers hundreds of years later. But, do not believe for a moment that those celebrating didn’t feel an intense draw to these celebrations. It is because our cultures are vastly different that we do not understand the impact of ancient traditions.

We celebrate Christmas and the associated holiday season in the real world with family and loved ones since that’s how we were raised. I imagine it would be hard to find someone who didn’t have at least some form of a holiday tradition while growing up as a child. And if you ask almost anyone, these traditions shape a person and shape their outlook on life.

Moving back to RuneScape the exact same is true. Our friends who do not play RuneScape have no idea how much myself, you (the reader), and our great community relish RuneScape traditions. Whether it be Christmas events, Easter events, or Halloween events Jagex has created a whole new culture of tradition in the online world known as Gielinor. These holiday events have moulded into traditions that we have adopted over time and have created a whole culture predicated on the game of RuneScape. RuneScape and its associated community has got to be one of the longest enduring online communities in existence. We are so privileged to be a part of this.

December 2016 040.png December 2016 041.png

So while some are just going to do the Christmas event for its rewards and some will look to nitpick mechanics or value we should remember the true value of these holiday events: the tradition and culture that has become of the game of RuneScape. For each and every one of us to be a part of this is something truly special. Do not let anyone tell you that tradition is not important, both in the real world and in RuneScape.

Addendum: Google has an excellent list of Christmas traditions around the world.

Article by Shane