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by Kitty
Interview Feature of the Month

Why did you pick the RS name Bigg Doggg? Why so many g's?

It goes back to RL and someone labeling me "The Big Dog" which more or less means the person in charge. When deciding to give RS a shot because of peer pressure, Big Dog was already taken so my options where adding numbers or G's, I opted for G's - Trying to pull off being a "Big Dog" at lvl 3 was never easy.  :)

How do you feel about being attributed for the phrase, "Noobs need xp too." which became a slogan for a long time during the clan's existence. Did you realize it was such a significant phrase when you made it?

Well noobs do need XP!!! … but I don’t actually remember saying that however I do feel that we are all Noobs in our way and I hope that I never lose the things that keep me noobish because part of the fun of this game is learning new things.

In the RuneScape forums, you have often used the phrase "Enjoying the Quest to a Tier 7 Citadel". Would you like to make a prediction date when you think we will first reach Tier 7?

Well my original prediction was we would be among the 1st to T7, then I had to adjust that to Mid-February. That didn’t pan out so I cheated on this one and asked Tohtli for his prediction and I’m sorry to report that it will be at least a few more weeks. However, Jagex is working on loyalty system for the Citadel and they are also making a few changes to the Citadel which should help overall, Jagex has not announced a release date as of yet but hopefully it will be soon. Unfortunately motivation to work on such things such as the Citadel should come from the individual players and not be mandated by the clan but that has been a bit of a problem. The phrase that often comes to my mind is a rip off of a JFK speech: “Ask not what your clan can do for you but what you can do for your clan” … The Citadel is the only thing we can truly work on as group towards a common goal, the XP benefits of the Citadel are outstanding so it baffles me why people don’t work on it every chance they get.

Would you be able to say how soon after that we will get our clan dragon?

Clans about twice our size have made it from T7 to the dragon in one week, so I will guess it will take us 2 to 3 weeks.

Do you have a favorite brand of dog treats?

Well like any good dog, I love *cookies* and the brand isn’t really important!!!

What is it about RuneScape that kept you interested in playing the game?

I was peer pressured into trying RS Classic many moons ago, I played it for maybe 2~3 hours and thought OMG this is the lamest thing I have ever seen and went back to my Play Station. When RS2 came out, I was once again pressured into giving it another shot and eventually I did, I still thought OMG this is lame, not as lame as it was before but for sure not as good as a PS2 game … until … I started noticing the people behind the Avatars. The people more than anything else is what keeps me playing, the game itself is "ok", it is very repetitive, can be very boring sometimes and not very many things about the game itself are all that “Epic” compared to the graphic and epic battles you get from Console games but the people are indeed epic.

Did you somehow stop playing at one point, or didn't play as much?

I went about 3 months with little / no activity, logged on once every couple of days to make sure my account was still secure, to count my 50k in GP and then go back to whatever I was playing at the time.

Why did you pick a Questing clan instead of a Max clan?

The game to me is about Questing, the skills are really for no other reason than to be able to complete Quest, I don’t use guides but on the rare occasion I get stuck on a Quest such as I did when WGS was released, I will see what people on the RS forums are saying to get a clue on what I might be overlooking (never thought about casting a spell on a floor). I do my best to read every option on the chat boxes and look at everything as I go along. In my mind, if you use a guide you have only proven your ability to read and while the majority of quest are fairly straight forward every now and then you have to take the time to figure it out and I like that!

How did you feel when you finally max out on every skill?

A little lost, a little odd and a little shocked, when I first started playing this game I was absolutely mystified why anyone in their right mind would waste the amount of time needed to get a 99, I thought wow you must be kidding me, they did what for how long!!? I was very sure there was no way I would ever be getting any skill cape. Being "Maxed" isn't nearly as rare as when Zezima was the King of RS but the upside is that I don’t really feel pressured to train anything now (other than maybe Dunge) so I can do or not do anything I want no matter how bad the XP or GP. The only exception is when a new Quest is released then I instantly get into “don’t bug me I’m Questing” mode.

How did you stay sane while grinding some of the more boring skills?

Well currently I have 3 screens connected to my Desktop PC which makes it easy to keep distracted while working on some of the more boring skills – Sadly about the only skills that doesn't work on is Agility, Dunge, Thieving and RC, Pyramid Plunder has made Thieving a fairly easy 99, with Dunge if you are smart enough to only run 5:5 Larges (I’m not that smart) then it can also be a fairly easy 99. When it comes to RC and Agility I got very lucky when it came to both of those skills because while thinking “OMG this is sooooooooooooooo dull, can you die of boredom!!?”, I realized that some people where just really way faster than me at those skills, so pwning them became my motivating factor. Cat Fud helped me with RC by teaching me the trick of over loading you bank for running runes at the ZMI and from there it became way easier and the Cat Fud and I helped each other by keeping each other company as we went around and around and around the agility course more times than any human being should ever do anything.  :)

Who/What kept you in clan for so long? What did you gain from it, if anything?

The members have always been the key to the clan, the game has changed in some ways but at its core it is still the same because it is the people who make the game enjoyable. What I get out of it is that it keeps me humble (or at least as humble as someone like me can be anyway), it keeps me from forgetting the trials of getting to level 60, 70, 80 etc. I like it when someone levels up, from level 40 to 41. I might not be impressed all that much, but somewhere around level 60+ each level becomes more and more work and hard and hard to get and I haven’t forgotten that.

What's your favorite thing about Clan Quest?

Once again it all goes back to the members, Questers are different, they are part warrior, part skiller, they want to know all there is to know about the game. They tend to be helpful, not overly concerned about GP or XP per hour and they treat others with respect. The clan has been very lucky in getting a great group of people, we have people from all over the planet in the clan which I think is very cool because it just goes to prove that while we may speak different languages and have different customs, the reality is we are all about the same in the end. The Draziw did a great job in organizing the clan so that the clan in its current forum is not dependent on any single person to keep it going. It is a collection of people from different places and different personalities who together forum a clan, and while we may not all exactly like each other every minute of every day, we are all “mature” enough to show mutual respect for each other which helps us avoid the drama that many other clans always seem to have.

Do you have any additional wisdom for us clan members?

Try to never forget it is just a game and to try not to take anything that happens "in game” too seriously. One day all of us will leave RS behind for other things so in the meantime just enjoy your time in game as much as possible and never get sucked into some drama over some pixelated problems. Being an über High level doesn’t make you a better person or even a better player it just means you spent way more time doing some incredibly dull stuff.  ;)

QC of RS FTW!!!!

Peace … Bigg Doggg

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Article by Kitty

~!~ RuneScape Lore ~!~
by Cireon


March 2012 002.png

In my opinion, one of the most interesting and fun parts of questing is getting to know things about the lore of Gielinor. How boring would quests be if there was no interesting storyline? What fun would we have if all quests were like “grind X monsters”, “get item Y”, etc.? RuneScape is unique for its extensive quests and complex storylines. That is why I will write articles dedicated to the history, present and future about the world we are all in love with.

With the rumours about a sequel on the elf storyline up and running, the subject for this article was an obvious choice. The elven race has always fascinated me in many ways. Not only in Gielinor, but also in many other realities. Elves are described as exceptional intelligent creatures. Their characteristics differ between the stories told, but the main pointy-ear view is pretty clear in our mind.

A new elf quest would most likely give us access to Prifddinas. The name itself is Welsh for “capital city”, which describes its function within the elven lands. Currently, the lands behind the crystal wall of the city are just empty plains, but Jagex has already given many hints on how Prifddinas will look.

Almost 12,000 years old, Prifddinas is the oldest city we currently know of that still exists. In the First Age of Gielinor, the elves came through the World Gate, together with the goddess of pure crystal, Seren. The elves settled in the relatively safe area west of the modern-day Kandarin, the wooded area currently called Tirannwn, and used the Elf Crystal given by the goddess to build Prifddinas by singing.

As the elves consisted of eight different clans, each of them was to build a tower on the edge of the city. In the center, the "Tower of Voices" was created. This tower was used to directly communicate with their goddess, Seren. The tower was made of pure crystal. Even after the God Wars of the Third Age, in which Seren was forced to leave the world of Gielinor by the Edicts of Guthix, the function of the Tower remained intact.

During the Fourth Age, elves started to travel east to the lands that are now Kandarin, Misthalen and Asgarnia. These elves were protected by the Cadarn Clan, which had proved to be the strongest clan and therefore controlled almost the complete elven military. The expedition was led by the elven king, Baxtorion. They formed bonds with the humans and gnomes in the areas and before long, most of Kandarin was peacefully controlled by the elves.

However, while the Cadarn Clan had left Tirannwn, the Iorwerth Clan betrayed the other clans and took control over Prifddinas, soon followed by the rest of Tirannwn. The Cadarn Clan returned, but was unable to reclaim the city. The remaining elves were forced to move to Isafdar, were they still live today, fighting for their city.

During the Within The Light quest, it is revealed that most of the city is reverted into a giant crystal seed. Nobody knows the exact fate of the city, as the Iowerth Clan does not allow anyone inside. It is speculated players will look for another way in during the sequel to the Within The Light quest, but nothing is certain.

More information on Prifddinas can be read in the book “Prifddinas’ history”, which can be found on one of Lletya’s bookshelves.

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Article by Cireon

~!~The on-going Saga~!~
January 2012 - 002.png
"The Story of our Clan Dragon"
-Episode 10-
(by Konnan)

March 2012 003.png

For the past month Nogard has been off attending school and learning all the things a Citadel Dragon should know. He has grown into a handsome "Noob", and has become quite accomplished at Flying and Firemaking.

He will soon graduate from school, and has received a summon to appear before the King and Queen of Citadel Dragons, in their palace.

March 2012 004.jpg
The King and Queen Citadel Dragons have a Commission for Nogard.

King of Citadel Dragons: "Nogard, your parents have raised you well. You have been summoned to appear before this court to receive your Commission as a Citadel Dragon. You are hearby assigned to the Clan Quest Citadel, where you grew up. Your job is to serve the members of Clan Quest. I dub thee 'Sir Noob Nogard', and present you with this assignment scroll".

Queen of Citadel Dragons: "We know you will serve the people of your Clan well. Congratulations, Sir Nogard! Wear your title proudly, and represent us with honour." Nogard: "I accept this Commission and promise to serve the Dragon Community with honor and pride, to the best of my ability. Thank you."

March 2012 005.jpg
Nogard has been assigned to serve his people.

Father and Mother Dragon are very pleased that Nogard is considered worthy of his appointed commission. They have been told that once a Dragon Perch Home for Nogard has been made at Clan Quest Citadel, their residence at the Citadel will be ended.

They will move on to populate other Citadels, and Nogard will have full title to his own Citadel territory.


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Article by MsKonnan

~!~ 20 Questions Quiz ~!~
(compiled by Konnan)

(A quiz to test your powers of observation in the world of Gielinor)

These questions are about common everyday things you SEE in the RuneScape game. They are all places you visit in the free-to-play world. They do not involve the Lore of RuneScape. You are expected to do this quiz from memory. See how many questions you can answer without going into the game to look at things.

There are two sections to the quiz, first about the towns in the game, and second about things you should know about this clan. If you can not answer 10 out or 20, perhaps you are running around too fast, when you could be walking and observing. I guarantee no one will get all the questions correct, especially number 20!

Write down 1-20, and put in your answers.
The answers will be published in the next issue of the Questaholic

About the towns:

1) How many bridges cross the river Lum?
2) In the general exchange the central fountain has how many tiers?
3) In the Varrock west bank, south of the G. E., what color is the center carpet?
4) How many bank tellers are in the Edgeville bank?
5) Which town has a furnace and anvil both, in one building?
6) What NPC has a cameleon for a pet?
7) Where is the spinning wheel in Faldor?
8 ) What does “Wayne” in south Faldor sell?
9) How many wizards surround “Malignius Mortifer” south of the clan camp?
10) How many big ships are at the Port Sarin docks?
11) Where on the map, can you leave and never return?
12) What kind of farm plot lies just north of the Rimmington chemist's house?
13) How many boarder guards stand at the gate to Al Kharid?
14) What color is the turban that Ali Morrisan wears?

About the clan:
15) How many points are on our Clan Quest Cape star symbol?
16) How many roots can you chop on the citadel tier 6 tree used for timber?
17) How many mine spots on the tier 6 mining plot in citadel?
18) How much total experience do you need to “cap” at the tier 6 citadel?
19) At clan camp, what does the “scribe” give you?

20) On the “world select” log-in page, how many total worlds are there?

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Article by MsKonnan


Senior's Breakfast Special - $2.49 March 2012 006.jpg

An elderly couple were ordering breakfast in a restaurant.
The gentleman ordered the special of bacon, 2 eggs and pancakes.

The lady said: "I'll have the same, but no eggs, please".
The waitress said: "You can have no eggs, but it will cost you $3.99."
Lady: "You mean it will cost me more to leave out the eggs?"
Waitress: "Yes, you are ordering 'a-la-carte' and that costs more."
Lady: "Okay, I will have the special."

Waitress: "How would you like your eggs?"
Lady: "Raw, and in the shell".

She took the eggs home and made a cake with them!
(Don't mess with seniors) - Ja, ja, ja

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Article by MsKonnan

March 2012 007.png

There is a separate thread given below for you to post your caption for the above picture.
(Just copy/paste the code to your address bar)

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Article by Ytse

~!~ Recipes ~!~

~ Lizbeth ~


One of the most ancient vegetables, the lowly cabbage, has a lot of interesting history and lore backing it up. It is also packed with vitamins, making it one of the most nutritious vegetables. With a little imagination, you can make cabbage rise above such common dishes.

Makes: 6 servings
Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 15-20 mins

Asian Recipe: Sauteed Cabbage

March 2012 008.jpg

1/4 cup Olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
1 medium size tomato, diced
Cloves of 1/2 head of garlic, crushed
125 g (5 oz.) diced pork
250 g (9 oz.) chicken liver, sliced (optional)
250 g (9 oz.) chicken breast or fillet, sliced

* If you are a vegetarian you can substitute the meat with tofu.

1 whole white cabbage, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares
2 cups chicken stock
2 tbsp soy sauce
Salt and pepper according to taste

Heat oil in a wok or casserole. Saute garlic until fragrant or slightly brown, about 1 minute.
Add onion and saute until transparent, 1 to 2 minutes. Brown diced pork.
Add chicken liver (optional) and chicken breast and saute until almost cooked.
Stir in cabbage. Pour chicken stock. Add salt and pepper. Let simmer over
medium heat until cabbage is crisp-tender, about 3 minutes.
Season with soy sauce.

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Article by LizBeth