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CLAN QUEST PEOPLE By a delver and a smith.

An interview with Questcaping


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Welcome to another month of awesomeness. Today we have Questcaping, jeweller, cosplayer, coder, teacher and guthix fangirl with us. Without further ado..


What attracted you to clan quest, and what made you stay?

I was looking for a new clan in January, because I'd been back into the game for about three months -- by that point, I was pretty sure I was gonna be sticking around for longer. There were about five people still active in Legend, my old clan -- none of which I remembered.

Was still reluctant to leave it, though -- I joined it on the day the reworked clans were released, with citadels and all that, and we were the first clan to reach 500 members! I remember refreshing the member count highscores, waiting for us to get to the top...!

(also, their clan cloak was cool)

I found Clan Quest on the RSOF. With my username, I pretty much just went "yes, hello, this suits me perfectly", but decided to guest just in case I didn't want to leave.

June 2017 003.png

But oh man, CQ was instantly far more welcoming and active than even Legend used to be. I stayed because I really felt at home in the clan. And still do today...!

What are some of the biggest changes you've seen, implemented in game? Any thoughts about them?

I was vaguely into Runescape when EoC happened. I remember watching a progress video and going "oh sweet, dual-wielding!" And then when I actually got round to playing after the EoC update... huh, li'l pics you can click to spice up your combat. Neat.

So yeah, I never really had a "THIS SUCKS, I'M QUITTING" moment with EoC. Though I had no idea how to use revo until a bunch of clannies showed me how back in Feb. Thanks for building me my first revo bar, Tyco!

June 2017 004.png

I also played for a bit not long after RS3 got released. I remember having no idea what to do in the Battle of Lumbridge, heh -- didn't actually know how to pick a side. Then slowly and sadly found out that Guthix was dead.

June 2017 005.png

Had a conversation with my youngest brother (11 years old) recently and mentioned that I'd done The World Wakes -- "What?? You said you didn't want to do The World Wakes because you didn't want to see Guthix die!!!"

I have no memory of this conversation, but somehow he remembers it from when he was 7 years old...!

Is there a player or mod that you admire/ respect? Why?

Mod Raven, for sure. He was one of the few JMods I knew about back in my noob days -- I played a hell of a lot of FunOrb too, he used to work on there, had his own group on the forums called The Raven Society. I thought it was _awesome_ and really really wanted to join... buuuut was a non-member and wasn't able to post on the forum. By the time I got FunOrb membership, he'd left to join Runescape. Sad times.

June 2017 006.png

... well, not-so-sad times. He had anannouncement post that he was joining the Runescape team, and working on the Halloween event for the year -- I just remember my tiny noob self going "oh man, this Halloween event is going to be AWESOME." (It was! Black Zabeth Halloween event, had just about the most fun I've ever had with a holiday event. Possibly barring Sliske and the Chocolate Factory.)

June 2017 007.png

But yeah, seeing Mod Raven was still around was a massive plus for me when I got back into the game. I love what he's done and what he continues to do for the game. TL;DR: can't wait till I've spotted all 13 ravens and can henceforth swear my undying allegiance to him for evermore (or rather nevermore).

June 2017 008.png

Over the few years you've been playing, is there anything you've learned in-game that you've implemented in your real life?

I tried doing the Hefin poses as a daily yoga routine for a bit. Was great for a week or so, but then I learnt a very important lesson: it's absolute MURDER on the knees.

June 2017 009.png

Now the other way around. Anything you took from real life to the game?

Apart from the money I paid for membership...? Nope, can't think of anything.

What is the nicest thing you've done for anyone? How about in game?

Helping out an old woman whose heart had failed at the local fish & chips shop? I'm not sure if that really counts as nice -- it just felt like what I had to do in the moment. Just switched into crisis laser focus mode and did whatever I could do.

I just walked on in, to get myself some chips, and there she was, lying on the floor, having CPR done by the cashier. I offered to take over -- I'm first aid trained, CPR is tiring, they recommend people switch up on who's doing it so that one person doesn't get too tired out -- but she refused, so I got on the phone to the ambulance instead.

Kept on relaying instructions, help, reassurance to her, and kept the medical people up to date on the situation. Then the ambulance came, paramedics lifted the old woman onto a stretcher and took her away... and the cashier went back to work and made me some chips (though not before I'd congratulated her for doing CPR like a champ).

Funny how quickly life goes back to normal after something like that.

In-game? I dunno, I've been helping clannie-to-be Lady of Bows recently. She really wants to get into PvM, so I took her to KBD a fair few times and then told her the reqs to work her way up to Graardor -- took her on her first couple of trips there a few days back, she loved it!

June 2017 010.png

What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Well, emergency situations are on my mind at the moment... my oldest little brother fell into a swimming pool on his 10th birthday, couldn't swim, and almost died. We were in Austria at the time, on a trip with Scouts, so there was the problem of the language barrier with the emergency services (who came in by helicopter, because mountains) -- a woman who just happened to be swimming came by to translate, and helped communicate between the Scout leaders and the emergency services right up until they took him away in the helicopter, to get treatment over the border in Germany.

Anyway, how this is relevant to me rather than to him -- I was in shock, had a swimming towel wrapped around me as a makeshift shock blanket, and ended up being taken to hospital myself. (Sadly in a regular ambulance rather than a helicopter. But yeah, I still remember how blue his lips were. Not a pleasant memory.)

June 2017 011.png

Stayed in hospital for a few days to recover, and... the woman who translated came to visit me. She'd visited my brother in hospital, too. She was absolutely lovely, and she'd brought a gift for me -- a beautiful shiny purple neckscarf. Was my prized posession for ages, I wore it just about everywhere. Pretty sure I've still got it somewhere...

What are your current goals in Runescape? Aspirations in real life? What is your playstyle like? Xp, cape goals, money or general companionship etc.

Current goal... questcaping. Not much longer now! But the fact that I tend to take multiple days per quest doesn't help. (I like taking it slow, okay?)

In real life -- gonna get meself a second part-time teaching job, in order to make enough money to move out and... rent some tiny cramped bed in a house with 29 other people, because London is expensive as all hell, but at least I'll have moved out! And I have my eye on the perfect job, with a high demand for new staff (especially in my area). Just gotta wait a few months before I can go for it, but after that -- it's happenin'.

If money, time, commitments etc. was no issue, what would your perfect day look like?

I'll keep it pretty close to what I do anyway, just the ideal version -- wake up at 7:30am (this is sleeping in by my standards, good ol' early morning job), teach my current favourite students (Alice is adorable and has practically a whole army of puppets who she sometimes gets to answer the questions for her in silly voices, Lucy is cheeky as all hell and great fun, Beth has sadly left the course and moved to Australia, but I'd love to teach her again, she's the sweetest), chill playing Runescape for a bit until about 9, go to the gym, start out doing cross training for cardio, then weights, then go swimming to cool down, get back and draw some stuff while AFKing Runescape and chatting with clannies and friends, then continue a long, ongoing game of Civ V I'm playing with my best friend. Do that till about 11pm and then sleep. Damn good day to me.

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What do your irl friends say about you?

I get that I'm sweet and understanding and helpful a lot -- intelligent, too.

What is your biggest regret in life, and what have you learnt from it?

I wouldn't really say I have too much in the way of regrets. I'll stand by a lotta things I've done in life -- or, if not stand by them, at least understand why I did them at the time.

I'm gonna say doing the International Baccalaureate instead of A Levels as is normal for people to do in the UK -- I basically burnt out doing the IB, and got grades a lot worse than I could've got doing A Levels. There was a lot of good in that, though. School wouldn't let me take enough A Levels all at once to cover all the subjects I liked and was good at -- IB let me do that.

And though only 13 people in the school did the IB, and the school stopped offering the course halfway through our time taking it and just sort of left us all to drift... I really did bond well with those other 12 people.

There was a party we had when we finished school, talking it all over during a weekend by the beach, and honestly... from what I heard, it was a miracle some of us actually survived to the end. Was great to finally get everything out. I wouldn't trade that weekend for everything.

What I've learnt from it? Don't take on more than you can bear to do, you goddamn overcommitting overcommitter.

June 2017 013.png

Is there a promise you made to yourself, that you kept true to this day?

I was a really strict young kid, promised to myself that I'd never end up drinking or smoking -- a decade on, and apart from a few sips of things my parents made me try (hated 'em), I've kept my word on that.

Not just to keep a promise to ten-year-old me, but because I genuinely think I'm better off like that. Got an addictive personality... best not to start in the first place, y'know?

June 2017 014.png

What is the biggest lesson you've ever learnt, or took to heart?

Never too late to bail. Look up the sunk cost fallacy -- you may feel like "I can't stop this now, I've put so much time into it already", but really, if something's just bad and going to get worse, what's the point of seeing it through to the end? Only going to cause you more unnecessary pain.

This lesson's done me well over the years, covering everything from a really, really bad relationship to Latin lessons.

June 2017 015.png

What do you do when you're sad?

Depends on how sad. Sometimes curl up in bed and attempt to sleep.

June 2017 016.png

In the worst times, though, Blue, Red and Grey by The Who is my "cling onto this to stop yourself going completely off the rails" song. It's a lovely happy song, such a warm sound to it, all about appreciating life. But man, I can barely listen to it normally without associating with all the bad times I've listened to it...!


What are your hobbies, if any?

All sorts. I try to do a bit of everything.

Making cool visuals/games/interactive stuff with the programming language Processing is something I used to do a lot -- kinda fallen outta the habit though.

Still do a fair bit of web design though. Recently got really into swimming. Used to work out with dumbbells a lot, now do so at the gym with the machines they got there -- love 'em. Jewellery-making -- started doing a whole lot of chainmail in particular lately.

Cosplay! I gotta restrain myself from cosplaying sometimes -- "yes, this character looks amazing, but you WILL bankrupt yourself if you try to make that costume". Runescape. Not too many games, actually.

But I'm a lifelong Civ player, and do love me some Stardew Valley. Oh, and pixel art of course.

What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?

Seven times six.

June 2017 017.png

If you could have any job you wanted, which job would you have?

Still a teacher, but a teacher who actually gets paid enough to live independently please and thank you.

(Preferably a computer science teacher. I love inspiring kids to code.)

June 2017 018.png


If there was one part of any quest you could change, what would it be?

Okay, hear me out -- The World Wakes, but when Guthix is about to die, suddenly he's magically back at home on Naragun with his daughter and his species hasn't been wiped out and with no gods going to be around to wipe them out? No? Okay, fine...

Seriously, though, I love The World Wakes and wouldn't change a bit of it for anything. Made me cry goddamn bathtubs, but that's a mark of how good it is. And I appreciate what it's done for Runescape lore.

More seriously -- more with Linza in Kindred Spirits. The stuff about her coming to make a deal with Sliske is too interesting a glance at her character to just be described in a few lines of dialogue. A flashback scene or something, maybe? But yeah, I liked her to start off with -- I tend to like female mechanics/engineers/blacksmiths anyway -- but god damn, that quest made her outright fascinating to me.

June 2017 019.png

What's your favourite NPC in RuneScape?

ZANIK! Loved her questline! The Chosen Commander came out when I was still pretty new to the game, and aw man, it immediately became one of my biggest goals. Most amazing feeling to finally do it myself. There were the Lores and Histories that came with it too, the series The Chasm of Lights -- I read those and loved those, and even wrote a fanfic sequel to 'em myself back in the day??

(I was going through my RSOF profile recently, my oldest post that's still on the forums is of me advertising my Zanik fanfic in 2010. I don't remember writing it, but I just saw that and went... yep, that sure doesn't surprise me at all.)

Only just did The Mighty Fall and Nomad's Elegy recently. The Mighty Fall did a lot less of a disservice to her character than I expected, only knowing in advance that you had the option to kill her at one point. Her goodbye made me tear up -- "Remember me. I will remember you.

June 2017 020.png

We humbled a god together." (And I don't hate the design either, she looks a lot more mature, it's nice). And as much as I loved Nomad's Elegy, and it's now one of my favourite quests... I feel as if her character should've been left there. I didn't want to keep her dead at the end of Elegy, but I'm not satisfied with her just handing out capes at Soul Wars, either. It's not a good ending for her character.

June 2017 021.png

Hey, maybe that should be my answer to the one above instead. "Have Zanik be able to live her life how she wants at the end of Nomad's Elegy, rather than just be confined to Soul Wars." I'd like that.

Top 5 fictional characters, ANYWHERE!

Anywhere?? Right, five characters, I'm doing this, let's go! Lirael from Garth Nix's Abhorsen Trilogy! Don't know why she came to mind, I haven't read those books in years, but god damn I loved 'em! Amethyst, Ace McShane, The Doctor, especially the Seventh Doctor, Zanik again! Bam! Done!

June 2017 022.png

What's your favourite drink?

Hah, ooh boy. There's this weird stuff called Calpis from Japan -- a sort of dairy drink? Yoghurty, almost? But way too thin to be actually yoghurt. But yeah, I love it. So much that the people at the Japanese school I was visiting on a school trip to Japan ended up calling me Calpis-chan... and then my own classmates ended up calling me that too.

June 2017 023.png

Any quotes you've taken a liking to? (they can originate from anywhere)

I've got Doctor Who on the brain at the moment, so...

"There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, where the sea's asleep and the rivers dream. People made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, somewhere else the tea's getting cold! Come on, Ace, we've got work to do!"

June 2017 024.png

What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?

An astronaut. Who didn't?

What has been the most challenging part of your life so far, and how did you make it through?

Moving from Australia to England as a kid, probably. What is this strange, cold country? I don't like it here! What's all this white cold stuff? "Snow"? What are these accents? I can't understand what anyone's saying! Help!

June 2017 025.png

I got used to it. Now I consider myself more British than Aussie. Funny, that.

Can you share to us an item currently sitting on your desk?

Bit of faux-leather fabric that I'm currently sewing into an armguard for my Linza cosplay.


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01010011 01110101 01110010 01100101 00101110 00100000 01010000 01101001 01100011 00100000 01001001 00100000 01110100 01101111 01101111 01101011 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100011 01100101 01101110 01110100 01101100 01111001 00100000 01110111 01101000 01101001 01101100 01100101 00100000 01110111 01101111 01110010 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101111 01101110 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01001100 01101001 01101110 01111010 01100001 00100000 01100011 01101111 01110011 01110000 01101100 01100001 01111001 00111010 00100000 01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 00111010 00101111 00101111 01101001 00101110 01101001 01101101 01100111 01110101 01110010 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 00101111 00111000 00110000 00110110 01110101 01100010 00110110 01010000 00101110 01101010 01110000 01100111 (Sure. Pic I took recently while working on my Linza cosplay: Picture on top :))


You get a ticket to visit Gielinor IRL. Where do you go first?

Prif would probably hurt my eyes. I'd say Dorgesh-Kaan! Really fascinating city, would love to explore.

June 2017 026.png

What is your earliest Runescape memory?

The tutorial! I started playing in the very short period of time in which Learning the Ropes was the game's tutorial. Apparently there was a lower rate of people completing it than there was for Tutorial Island? I didn't have a problem with it though.

Is there any chance to see you at Runefest 2017?

100% chance, barring spontaneous combustion. I live practically no distance away -- why would I not come?

June 2017 027.png

How would you describe yourself in-game? A wealthy skiller, the rich bankstander or an adventurer perhaps?

An adventurer with an unhealthy woodcutting addiction.

June 2017 028.png

You get 30 seconds of full attention from all Jmods of Jagex. What do you say?

"Oh man, uh... I dunno what to say! Quests! Quests are good! Do more quests! Good stuff! Lots of quests please and thank you goodbye!"

June 2017 029.png


Where do you come from? (Country/region is fine)

Hah, complicated question for me. I come from Sydney, Australia, but have lived well over half my life in London, England.

June 2017 030.png

What should someone visit first who is coming to visit?

Depends on what you're interested in. The British Museum is pretty much unmatched, though. Incredible place.

Do you play RuneScape with the music on? If so, what's your favourite song?

Pretty much always with music on, yes! I was rebuilding my in-game playlist just today -- I can't choose just one, but highlights include Shattered Worlds IV, Glacialis IV (all the IVs), Zanik's Theme, Helwyr's Hymn, Valerio's Song, Citharede Requiem and Temple Desecrated.

Are you excited about Jagex's move to expansions over smaller weekly updates?

Ooooh boy, I was ranting about this in clan chat just this morning...

To sum up my rant: I wish they actually would move to expansions over smaller weekly updates. Cos at the moment, they're trying to do both -- trying to have their cake and eat it too. And from the general feedback on this year's weekly expansions... it's not been going well.

I have high hopes for Menaphos. And monthly updates would probably be manageable on top of expansions. But weekly just ain't working any more.

June 2017 031.png


When did you start playing?

September 2008. Around the same time I started secondary school. It's grown up with me...!

What was your very first accomplishment cape?

Prayer! Thank you, DXPW! And yes, I've betrayed my username, but I couldn't resist any longer, dammit...!

June 2017 032.png

If I were to visit your country, what do you think I should do first?

Answered above for Shane -- go to the British Museum! It's incredible!

Do you have a motto or a favourite phrase? If so, which is it?

I had this big old book thing that keeps track of you in every year of school. Basically stopped using it about the age of 14, but I vividly remember it saying in the back -- "life is a journey, not a destination". That was The Deepest Thing to me back when it was 10, and I dunno... it just stuck with me ever since.

Which quest you believe to be the best?

Very, VERY close tie between The World Wakes and The Chosen Commander.

June 2017 033.png

Do you play an instrument? If not, which instrument/s would you like to learn?

I've tried all sorts. Used to have piano lessons, taught myself guitar and was in the school guitar club, was in the school folk club and played banjo/mandolin, learnt a little ukulele...

... none of these went very well, because my hands are TINY. Can barely reach an octave on a piano!

So I'd like bigger hands to actually be able to play guitar properly. That'd be great...!

Tell us the story behind your name!

... I'm going for a quest cape?

If you mean my name IRL -- it's some unpronounceable Gaelic mess that I'd rather not share online -- my parents actually got it from a guy they met while travelling in China. He was Irish, he noticed they had an Irish surname, he gave 'em a list of Irish first names to match for when they had kids. Cool backstory, just led to me having an incredibly annoying name that makes people go "... I'm sorry, how's this pronounced?" every single time it's read.

(My Korean boss gave his daughter my name as an English name. I feel so sorry for her for if she ever wants to try using it.)

How many languages do you speak? Which one would you like to learn?

English and French are my main ones. Some Spanish, Japanese and Latin too, though all rusty.

I'd love to learn Korean so I can actually understand what my students are saying when they chat to each other in class. The writing isn't hard at all -- can be learnt in 20 minutes, no joke, it was specifically designed to be incredibly easy to learn -- it's just that the grammar is infamously terrifying...

If you had to escape your country inmediately, what's the one thing you'd take with you?

My laptop.

Quest Cape for when??


June 2017 034.png

Best film ever?

Blade Runner or the Rocky Horror Picture Show, depending on my mood.

June 2017 035.png

Best book ever?

1984. Read as an eleven-year-old, picked it up in a family friend's house after having heard of it being good... god damn it made one hell of an impression on me.

June 2017 036.png

There we have it, thank you Questcaping for the wonderful interview.

Article by Choto 3000


By a joint coaltion between Singapore and Argentina.
An interview with KatMak


June 2017 037.png

Ohai Clannies, for this month’s interview, we have birdbrain KatMak!
An armadylean and lorehound clannie who was born out of an egg (Zamorakian egg, according to Wolffi)

Kat’Mak: Hold on a moment! Zamorakians don’t lay eggs! They give birth to tadpoles through their nostrils!

14- icon rolleyes.gif


How many birbs could a birb birb if a birb could birb birbs?

How can you manage to be a bird and a Kat at the same time?
Have you ever heard of gryphons? Well, there you go.

Are you Brassica Prime?
Aren’t we all?

What is your favourite skill and why isn’t it Woodcutting?
Probably Herblore. And it isn’t Woodcutting, because if a skill requires RNG, I at least want some input on what happens, rather than to just stare for arbituary times.
June 2017 038.png


01000011 01100001 01101110 00100000 01110111 01100101 00100000 01110011 01100101 01100101 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01101100 00100000 01101100 01101001 01100110 01100101 00100000 01100010 01101001 01110010 01100010 00111111(Can we see real life birb?)
<Garbled Binary> (Unfortunately, I don't own any pictures of myself, nor do I own anything I can take pictures with. There is, however, a 99.99% chance of seeing me at RuneFest.)


You get a ticket to visit Gielinor IRL. Where do you go first?
I’ll probably go to Armadyl’s tower, like the proud Armadylean I am. Either that, or go get lost in Varrock, for nostalgic purposes.
June 2017 039.png

What is your earliest Runescape memory?
Watching the people introducing me to the game kill thieves for xp on RSC.

Is there any chance to see you at Runefest 2017?
The chance of seeing me there is immensely high.

How would you describe yourself in-game? A wealthy skiller, the rich bankstander or an adventurer perhaps?
Definitely adventurer. Or lorehound-in-training.

You get 30 seconds of full attention from all Jmods of Jagex. What do you say?
“You’re probably wondering why I gathered you all here…”

What is the story behind your name?
Well, my first display name was Geniegrave, which was randomly generated. Then, when I became Zarosian, I changed my name to Benignus (Latin for “pleasant”).
June 2017 040.png
Then when I became Armadylean, I got some help from the big bird clan, to get the name Katt’Mak. During Game Jam, I asked Mod Raven if that was grammatically correct, and he said that double-T isn’t a traditional Aviansie sound, and suggested I got rid of one of the T’s. And that’s why my name is now Kat’Mak.


Do you live in Birbarian village or Seed’s village?
Actually, my house is in a pocket dimension.

Do you have any talonts you would like to share with us? br /> I am capable of dying to even the easiest bosses.

Do you have any reggrets with Clan Quest?

Who’s your favorite seggnature hero?
I’ll be boring and say Ozan.
June 2017 041.jpg

What’s the heaviest birden your character carries lore-wise?
Always doing the right thing.

Is there any character you think deserves the rework tweetment?
That one Construction-exclusive monster.

Do the seedicides actually teleport seeds to you and that gives us farming experience?
Yes. And that’s also why you never see me eat.


What attracted you to clan quest, and what made you stay?
Came for the citadel/lore, stayed for the company.

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen, implemented in game? Any thoughts about them?
Ohh, that’s a big one. I’ll go in chronological order. RSC to RS2, my first thought was “…This is hideous!”, due to liking the sprite art far better than the primitive 3D models.
June 2017 042.png
Grand Exchange I like as well, although it got rid of a whole lot of the social aspect of RuneScape, which saddens me. RS2 to RS3/EoC, I at first hated because that was the cool thing to do, and I was too lazy to learn it. Then a friend of mine, who played RS, taught me the basics, and I liked it a lot more than the old system. Also NXT is very nice looking.

Is there a player or mod that you admire/ respect? Why?
Woox16, because actually PvM God.
June 2017 043.png

Over the few years you’ve been playing, is there anything you’ve learned in-game that you’ve implemented in your real life?
Not consciously, no. Unless the English language counts.

Now the other way around. Anything you took from real life to the game?
Once again, not consciously, no.

What is the nicest thing you’ve done for anyone? How about in game?
I don’t remember the former, but for the latter, I gave a noob I stumbled upon 1m.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
Out of game, I don’t remember: In game, someone randomly gave me 5M during a DXPW.

What are your current goals in Runescape? Aspirations in real life? What is your playstyle like? Xp, cape goals, money or general companionship ect.
My current goal in RuneScape is Taskmaster.
June 2017 044.png
In real life, I am working on becoming the best programmer I can. And my playstyle is mostly going for more and more lore.

What do your irl friends say about you?
I never actually asked them. So no idea.

What is your biggest regret in life, and what have you learnt from it?
I don’t really have any regrets.

Is there a promise you made to yourself, that you kept true to this day?
“Never do drugs. Ever.”

What is the biggest lesson you’ve ever learnt, or took to heart?
“Don’t dwell upon what you’ve lost. Instead, count the things you still have.” It helped me a lot when my grandfather died.

What do you do when you’re sad?
Sorta just lay on my bed. Relaxing usually cheers me up. That, or YouTube.

Miss Alaska

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever gotten in trouble for?
When I was four, I ran away from kindergarten.

If you could travel in time to meet your younger self, what would you say to them?
I would probably show them how to go full pro glitcher on old games.

What’s your best day ever like, ignoring any life obstacles?
I’m a simple bird with simple pleasures. A good dinner is all that takes. I especially love Indian food.
June 2017 045.jpg
[Editor’s note: Here, have some seeds]
Although a trip to Prague would be even better.

Favourite movie?
That changes all the time.

Favourite TV show?
I don’t really care for TV shows.

Favourite book?
I will have to pick a book series here. “Ranger’s Apprentice” by John Flanagan.

Who inspires you most in the world? It can be anyone.
My dad.

Something you can recall from memory that makes you laugh until you’re out of breath?
Nothing, sorry.


Where do you come from? (Country/region is fine)
I’m a Danish Dane from Denmark.
June 2017 046.jpg

What should someone visit first who is coming to visit?
I’m not that well-travelled within my country. Although H. C. Andersen’s house or Legoland are probably good places to start.

Do you play RuneScape with the music on? If so, what’s your favourite song?
Sometimes. And my favourite song is either Citharede Requiem, Memories of Guthix, Tuska, Angel of Death (prelude), Champions of Sliske, or Dying Light II, depending on what I’m in the mood for listening to.

Are you excited about Jagex’s move to expansions over smaller weekly updates?
Yes, very! It means every update is more likely to be more lore.


When did you start playing?
I started playing in the late days of RSC.

What was your very first accomplishment cape?
Herblore Cape. I got it February 2017.

If I were to visit your country, what do you think I should do first?
Probably recover from jet lag.

What are your favourite cities/locations, both in RS and in real life?
In RS, I’d say Prifddinas. In real life, Prague.
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Do you have a motto or a favourite phrase? If so, which is it?
I don’t have one.

Which quest do you believe to be the best?
The World Wakes blows the others out of the water, by its sheer scope alone.

Do you play an instrument? If not, which instrument/s would you like to learn?
I don’t play any instruments, and there’s not really any I want to learn either.

How many languages do you speak? Which one would you like to learn?
I speak Danish, English, Java, C#, and Wgblish (Also known as “Typonese”). I would love to learn traditional Chinese.

What does it feel to praise the only god with like…0 quests about him?
It feels like The-Quest-That-Shan’t-Be-Named is gonna be an expansion.

Why be a bird when you could praise Zaros and be a mighty Mahjarrat?
Two reasons: 1. Armadyl doesn’t throw temper tantrums when told “No”. 2. Can Mahjarrat fly? I thought not.

How many feathers do you have? Can I have one?
Never counted. Lots though. And don’t ask me if you can have one. Ask Princess Alessandra instead. She plucks them from me when I sleep, and gives them out to people at random. Otherwise, buy them on the Grand Exchange. They’re about 20,000 GP each right now.

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Thank you everyone for asking and reading, and a big thanks to Kat for such a nice interview.
See you next month!

Article by SantaEnds

RSMV Reviews

2016 marked the death of one of our favourite singers, Christina Grimmie. Jeroen came out of retirement just to make this tribute, Just a Dream. His editing is great, he has the chops for sure. He dressed a female character like Christina as well. But what I really disliked was the usage of repeated clips. It just shows laziness. There isn't much camera movements too. But I can understand. He hasn't made RSMVs for a long, long time and her death probably affected him too much to finish the whole thing without repeats.

Article by SantaEnds




June 2017 049.png

Adding the highscore table so people don't murder me (99 achievements are DXP only this month) MagazineSkills.png

99MagazineAttack.png: Simba
99MagazineDefense.png: Simba
99MagazineRanged.png: Dia
99MagazinePrayer.png: Letyr, Dia, Suli, Questcaping, Tora
99MagazineMagic.png: Dia
99MagazineCrafting.png: Supert, Dia, Seabreeze, Duke
99MagazineMining.png: Leo
99MagazineSmithing.png <3: Banks, Dia, Leo, kat, Tosols, Oza
99MagazineFishing.png: Schnetts
99MagazineCooking.png: Dia, Letyr, Wolfe, Siiyan
99MagazineFiremaking.png: Prodigal, MsK, Kat
99MagazineRunecrafting.png: Kebab

99MagazineDungeoneering.png: Kat, Seabreeze, Tosols
99MagazineWoodcutting.png: Pokes, Caping
99MagazineAgility.png: Leo, Tosols, Kat
99MagazineHerblore.png: Hemsky, Dia, Letyr, Pac, Defend, Paratus
99MagazineThieving.png: Seabreeze, Leo, Dom
99MagazineFletching.png: Dia, Siiyan, Tosols, Kat
99MagazineSlayer.png: Pac
99MagazineFarming.png: Senrab, Letyr
99MagazineConstruction.png: Dom, Kat, Tosols
99MagazineHunter.png: Pokes, Kebab, Tora, Sluyur, Letyr
99MagazineSummoning.png: Dia, Leyr
99MagazineInvention.png: Skeets

120 MagazineFletching.png: Garden
120 MagazineDungeoneering.png: Wolffi
120 MagazineInvention.png: Marnit, Solis, Xenon, Seb, Chapu, Jibbeh
500m xp MagazineSkills.png: Karen

Skill/s of the month: Invention

MagazineMax.png Clan Quest has new members inside the Max Guild!

Remember to pm me if if forgot to add you

Now yes, proper congratulations to everyone!

Article by Choto 3000


Back in July 2015, the Questaholic was brought back to life by Santa Ends, one of Clan Quest's "Archnoobs". Now, almost 2 years later, we are planning to make a very special issue to celebrate the magazine's 2.0 2nd anniversary.

For this occasion we have big plans on our minds, but we can't do this on our own! Thats why we are calling for special contributions from any member.

I know, I know, you want some hints, don't you? Well, I can tell you some things that ARE going to appear in July's issue:

-Interview with a top-tier clan member, who has kindly agreed to take part in the issue.
-An exclusive interview with one of RuneScape's legends (not a clannie.............yet).
-The begining of a (hopefully) massive clan event.
-A secret article.

Those things are for sure. But what are we looking for?

-Article about Clan Quest and/or Questaholic's history.
-Stories, facts, events, pictures, games....whatever you can think of.

If you want to participate, check this links out:
An inside view of what the magazine is always looking for
Magazine discussion 2017

Also remember to participate in the story competition!! You have 1 bond waiting for you!
Clickity click

If you don't want to participate, check them all the same.

We hope you take part of this great milestone!

Yours always and forever,

the magazine noobs.

Article by Choto 3000

Clan Quest Members Update
New Members of Clan Quest
The last month has seen three new members join the clan! Please give them a warm welcome and make them feel at home! The new members of the clan are
  • Cyberman/QPCabbage!
  • Gaitt!
  • Luke Pancham!

The Recruitment Razzers, the chief body responsible for reaching out to possible new members, and they're always looking for a hand. You can always contact Irene Angel/Jjasm if you're interested!

Welcome to the Offsite
The offsite is a pivotal part of our clan structure, and the more people that use it the better! This last month we welcomed four new members to the offsite:

Hope you all enjoy what we have to offer, and what more we'll have to offer very soon!

Clan Quest Promotions
Because our ranking system is primarily based on quest points, a promotion is a symbol of your progress as an adventurer! Here are all of the members who have been promoted in the last month:
  • Ons Bier(Hulp Elf): Recruit -> Lieutenant, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Cyberman: Recruit -> Admin, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Gaitt: Recruit -> Sergeant, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Day Dreamer: Lieutenant -> Admin
  • Shane12088 has been promoted to the Low Council!
  • Tyco Elf has been promoted to the Head of Low Council!
  • Sirapyro has been promoted to the High Council!

Congratulations, everyone! You can find more information on our ranks on our official recruitment thread.

Article by Sirapyro

Bulletin - June 2017

June, the first time we'll see an expansion to RuneScape, which may shake the foundations of RuneScape, or maybe not, but at least it will contain four new quests, which is right up our alley!

The past month
I daresay that we had a good past month. I feel there is a lot of activity going on in-game, in Discord, and on the offsite, with events happening on a regular basis. Thanks to all the people who have been leading this effort and all those who are participating.

We also had a wonderful double experience weekend, with many clan achievements to celebrate. We have seen some old names return, and I am proud to see how they have been welcomed back by old and new members alike. Keep it up!

I have also changed the format of the update discussion to a monthly format, so if you have something to say about the updates from the past few weeks, make your way over the the monthly update discussion thread.

Jagex has chosen not to share what is in store for us in June, except for the massive Menaphos update coming June 5. A large update like this, especially with a hefty chunk of lore and quests involved, is a great way to spread our reach. This means we need to be planting our vex where possible, and also deal with the extra attention our clan will get during the first few weeks. Our clan is built on the values of quest help, so I expect everybody to welcome guests and be helpful where possible. Make sure to keep quest spoilers out of the clan chat and #general Discord chat for the first few weeks though. Places to discuss spoiler material are the Clan Quest friends chat, #spoilers_beware friend's chat, and the offsite.

Work on the offsite is continuing. Since we saw problems with our previous attempt to migrate, we are currently approaching it from a different direction. We will continue to work at migrating the website over to our new server, from where we can launch the new offsite easily. We'll keep you posted as we do!

Clan Survey
A couple of months back I shared that I wanted to hold a survey within the clan. This idea has been on hold since, because I wanted to release it after the new offsite is out, so we can immediately gather some feedback. Our primary goal is to get the new offsite out, which is why some other plans will be a bit slower or on hold while we do.

Tyco has also started working on some survey work, so we'll be working with him to make sure we cover all our bases and can make Clan Quest an even better place than it already is!

Next month is the anniversary edition of the Questaholic Magazine, and we want your help to make it awesome. Scroll up a few posts to find out how you can get involved, or head to the interview thread to ask your questions to the one and only [*censored*].

While we still do get an influx of new members, our actual active recruitment efforts have fallen flat a bit. Sirapyro has kicked things up a bit and we'll try to revitalise the Razzers to make sure we reach out to potential new members wherever possible. If you're interested in helping out, feel free to drop me a message.

That being said, if you are willing to help us out here at Clan Quest, but are not sure how to help, feel free to get in touch with me as well. There's always work to be done, and we can look for something you are interested in doing together. Don't hesitate to ask, we won't hold it against you if you decide to not help after all, or have to focus on real life obligations for a while.

That's it from me this week. If you want anything included in the bulletin next month, let me know and I'll give it a go. Until then, happy Scapin'!

Article by Cireon