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Interview with the Hyperactive Angel

A Quester and An Athlete

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~ by Kitty and LizBeth ~

- How long did you take in 'World's Best 10k Race'?
40:54 my best time in a 10k.

- How did you find out about Clan Quest? Were you totally impressed the first time you joined?
I Found out about Clan Quest by searching for a Quest clan through the forums and when I saw it I'm like, "OMG! This is coo!!"

- How long have you been playing Runescape? What got you started playing the game? Was there a time wherein you have to stop playing for awhile?
I've played the game for 3 years. I started playing when I was little and I played for 2 days straight! Then I stopped playing until a few years later.

- When did you become interested in cross-country running? Being that it's an endurance sport, how do you train for it? Is there a system that you follow to prepare yourself prior to a competition, or you just do it on your own? How often do you compete?
When I was 7 years old I was so hyper that I kept jumping and running around a lot; so my parents put me in a cross-country team. Being in this type of sport, you have to be conditioned, so you have to run almost 5-6 times a week combining it with long distance and sprint exercises. And yeah, when a competition comes up it gets more intense that you have to strengthen the legs and prepare your muscles. Competing is always random, it depends on what events you want to do and others that you have to do!

- How have you gained all the money you give away to clan members, in clan events, and the random events in the chat? (e.g., guess the number)
Hmm, I like to give and I think it's really fun to play games with prizes. I probably gained it from the past, and skilling, of course!

- What was your first impression of the clan? Is it still the same to this day? If it's changed, how has it changed?
My first impression of the clan was, "What An Awesome Clan!" It still is the same to me though things has changed, too, but in a good way, of course.

- If you had to pick one of your favorite activities in RuneScape (Skilling, minigames, events, etc.) what would it be and why?
My favorite activities in RuneScape would have to be events with clan and Questing. It's like an awesome adventure!

- What are your RuneScape goals, if you have any?
Well, My only goals right now are 99 Fishing and Ranged.

- What keeps you interested in this clan, that makes Clan Quest stand out from the other clans that are out there?
The community is awesome, I'm not an expert in clans, but I know this clan is special. We can do many different things and we can all relate to each other. it's like a global activity clan, I would say.

- What has inspired you to have the name "Karen Angel"?
Hmm, I just wanted an awesome name so I thought of that ^^ jajaja!

- What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment in life?
My biggest accomplishment would be having the courage to believe in myself and to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles lie ahead. They aren't indestructible!

- Do you wish you could accomplish something greater? If so, what?
As in Greater I believe in big goals, and yeah, I'm willing to accomplish those goals that seem like a dream.

- Why are you always hyper?
Well, to be very honest I'm a happy person, but when I was younger the doctor said I had ADHD! Naturally, when you're an athlete your blood pressure goes down when you are not exercising, so I guess I'm now a little less HYPER!

- Does being hyper help during running in real life or is it a disadvantage for you?
I guess it is an advantage to always be pumped, but in the long run it matters how hard you trained.

- How do you manage to stay so positive all the time?
The key is to be thankful for what you have and feel blessed for the way you are able to live. There is a lot of people who have it worse and what I do is try my best to help, and those who need help will always be in my prayers.
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* April is Karen's birthday month - Happy Birthday to our darling Angel!April 2012 017.gif

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Article by LizBeth

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The Cause of Decay

A Twisted Monster Lurks Beneath our Citadel

~!~ by Infinity ~!~
Spanning throughout underneath the countless citadels, there lays an upside down dark twisted throne fit for a king of emptiness. The so-called king is there, waiting with a sinister smile, looking up from his position to observe the world he desires to destroy. Dressed all in the colour of grey, with unnatural twisted chains surrounding his hooded robes and his dark demonic gauntlets gripping the might of his evil, he watches on.

He is the reason behind the cause of all citadels’ decay and fall. Because of his powers, he can cause multiple pieces of the citadels to fall down on the world of Gielinor. Not only the world but multiple dimensions shared by the world as well.
The king smiled such a smile. Beckoning on the might of the groups that call themselves ‘clans’, he draws them in for a share of the experience and working his magic on us, he corrupts all he touches. Welcoming a challenge, as he has become bored of working small magic on mortals, he desires for something much more. Bloodlust! With the ‘rebirth’ of the citadels and the never-ending guards that patrols the citadels, he can feed upon them and devour their essence.

His name is Corruption.
He is the source of all things natural and unnatural. He tempts countless others with riches and experiences, only to bring them further into his corruption – drawing more power from corrupting the mortals. He seeks to bring the End of All Things; he waits for the day of the second God Wars.

All his plans are working out smoothly as he expected, save for one detail. He made a mistake in allowing his works of despair, the decayed citadels, to be opened up for mortals to make into their own homes.

Somehow, as the mortals work on them and improved their home, the twisted king could sense his strength weakening. It was not what he expected. Their goals were noble and light-hearted. He expected them to be obsessed with the experience that comes from hard work of caring for their home, not THIS!
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Roaring and snarling, he tries to corrupt ClanQuest's citadel slowly, but finds his actions are blocked off by the works of the guards and clan mates’ efforts alike. What is even worse, the very citadel he is living underneath is starting their latest and greatest work – a Tier 7 Citadel with its own dragon.

Dragonkin and their creations. He hated them. Normally he could easily flick them off but not the citadel dragons. For some unknown reason, the ancient Armadylian magicks affected the citadel dragon to purify the very skies from his natural evil. King Corruption rages and hates. He waits for the day when the clan mates slip up and he can reclaim his works of despair back.

His eyes, dark and burning with hatred, he stares at the world and spies on the portal that links the world to the citadels. It was a careless mistake to give that dreaded portal to the mortals.

Standing up on the below-surface of the citadel, he held up his right hand and beckoned them all on. He waits for the day of destruction. The day when the world dies. His eyes flashed darkly and he disappeared, off to work even more of his magicks on mortals and immortals alike, his touch of corruption slowly rotting us all...

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Article by Infinity4

~!~The on-going Saga~!~
January 2012 - 002.png
"The Story of our Clan Dragon"
-Episode 11-
(by Konnan)
(The final episode of the dragon saga)

The time has come. Our Clans' Quest to Tier 7 is almost done! Soon we will have our very own Citadel Dragon.
We will constructed a perch in the northeast area of the Citadel and Nogard will take possession of it.
April 2012 006.png
During all these months we did not know what Jagex would give us as a clan dragon. This is how he should look.
While we like the Jagex version, each of us has grown another image of Nogard in our own eyes.
April 2012 007.jpg
We think of him sitting atop our citadel at sunset, in all his magnificient glory.
April 2012 008.png

It is now time to bid farewell to Mr. & Mrs. Dragonfire, Nogard's parents. They have given our Citadel a fine young dragon and Nogard has taken total posession of his kingdom with us. We have enjoyed the time they spent with us, but their job here is done.

The Dragon Counsel has need of them at other citadels now, to help populate the Clan Citadels which are still working on getting a dragon. I am sure he will visit his parents and relatives, cousin Odorf, Uncle Norbert, and Aunt Fluffy; from time to time, and they will visit us again, someday. For now, Farewell!

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Nogard's parents move on to other citadels.
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Article by MsKonnan

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~ LizBeth ~
April 2012 010.jpg

An old 18th century English dish, named for the sounds the ingredients make while cooking (or from the sound one's stomach makes after eating it). Some sources say it was originally cold boiled beef and chopped cabbage, others claim it was originally mashed potatoes and cabbage, while some claim it originally contained all three.

Today it is typically made from leftover potatoes and cabbage or any vegetables fried together.

You have to use some mashed potato as a base and then stir or mash in leftover boiled cabage, broccoli, carrots or whatever you have. You should keep the ratio of potatoes to vegetables at least 1:1. Though, it is very delicious if all you have left is mashed potato.

April 2012 011.jpg

If you like, you can stir in an egg; this is especially useful if the potato is dry and difficult to form. Season with salt and pepper.

April 2012 012.jpg

You can either use Olive Oil (if you're a healthy eater) or lard/animal fat (if you don't care much about cholesterol). Get some oil nice and hot in a frying pan. You may use bacon in the pan first and then use the fat to fry the bubble and squeak in.

You can add your mixture in a single layer or as separate patties. You don’t need any flour to help seal it as it will burn. Instead, add your mix and press it down firmly and then leave it undisturbed for at least 5 minutes. When a nice crust has formed, use a spatula to turn it over. Do this in parts – there’s no way you’ll be able to turn it in one piece.

April 2012 013.jpg

When both sides have achieved a nice dark-brown crust, it is ready to serve up. Use bits of bacon, poached eggs and a good dash of Worcestershire sauce.

The super-hot and densely-packed vegetables create pressure that is let out through any gaps. According to the original recipe, if you didn’t use animal fats, you can’t achieve the high temperatures that give you the bubbles and the squeaks, plus the crust isn’t quite as burnt and satisfying. It's good to know that you can always go for the healthier fare.

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Article by LizBeth

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Where Am I?
~ Boricua ~
April 2012 014.png

How to Play:
Basically, all you have to do is find out where on RuneScape you think I'm at in the picture shown above. If you find yourself stumped, the answer to my location will be posted in the next issue. So go ahead, see how much of RuneScape you've explored!

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Article by Borizi

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<@> Truly Original <@>

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Article by LizBeth

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~!~ Answers to 20 Questions Quiz ~!~
?????  ?????  ?????  ?????

This quiz was posted in the March Edition, and also on Forum Games.
You were supposed to try doing it from memory, without going into the game to look.
If you want to see the questions again, open the spoiler.

Here are the answers by number:
1) Five
2) Five
3) Blue
4) Four
5) Lumbridge
6) Party Pete, in the Faldor party room.
7) In the south building by the well.

8 ) Chainmail bodies
9) Four, one for each element.
10) Five, belonging to: Trader Stan, The Squire, Klarense, Capt. Tobias, and the Monks of Entrana.
11) Tutorial Island
12) A bush plot
13) Four, (2 on each side of the gate)
14) Blue and white

15) Eight
16) Six
17) Ten, (2 bottom, 2 middle, 1 top; at each end)
18) 2350 total cap
19) Clan Vexillium
20) 111 ~ (it says 139, but the following worlds are missing:
127,128,129,130,131,132,133.) ~ 139-28=111.

Score: 1-5 correct : You must be blind!
6-10 correct : You didn't pass, try again.
11-15 correct : Pretty good, a passing grade :)
16-19 correct : Excellent, see if the H/C will give you a promotion!
20 correct : Well, I know you looked up that #20 answer.

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Article by MsKonnan

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Medieval Jests
April 2012 016.jpg

Q: Why did the king go to the dentist?
A: To get his teeth crowned.

Q: When a knight in armour was killed in battle, what sign did they put on his grave?
A: Rust in peace!

Q: What did the dragon say when he saw St. George?
A: Oh no! Not more tinned food!

Q: How do you send a message in the forest?
A: By moss code.

Q: What do you call a mosquito in a tin suit?
A: A bite in shining armour.

Q: There are many castles in the world, but who is strong enough to move one?
A: Any chess player

Q. What king of medieval England was famous because he spent so many nights at his Round Table writing books?
A. King Author!

Q: How do you find a princess?
A: You follow the foot prince.

Q:Why were the early days of history called the dark ages?
A: Because there were so many knights!

Q: Why did Arthur have a round table?
A: So no one could corner him!

Q: Who invented King Arthur's round table?
A: Sir Cumference!

Q: Why did the knight run about shouting for a tin opener?
A: He had a bee in his suit of armour!

Q: What was Camelot?
A: A place where people parked their camels!

Q: What was Camelot famous for?
A: It's knight life!

Q: When were King Arthur's army too tired to fight?
A: When they had lots of sleepless knights!

Q: Where did knights learn to kill dragons?
A: At knight school!

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Article by LizBeth


Here's how this works:

I give you a riddle or a clue. Your job is to figure out WHAT or WHERE I'm talking about!
When you think you've got it figured out, take a screenshot of you using/wearing the item or standing in the place, and send it to me via PM on the offsite.

DON'T POST IT IN THIS THREAD. This is a magazine, and it's all too easy to open a spoiler. anyway.


"This item helps you to let out a ROAR like a certain wild animal..."

Good luck!

Article by Ytse