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Basics of Tank- Gear and Misc.
With help from Zhi, tyvm.

With the increased interest in Raids and general pvm in the clan, I thought it would be timely. Please note this guide is centric around Raids, and not tanking in general.

2 things to note:
1. The best defence is offense. That means Impatient 3 for adrenaline gain is really good for tanking.
2. Do not solely rely on good gear. Your skill with ability rotation is more important.

That being said I don't know, and am not in a position to teach good ability rotation. There are a lot of good videos on that- Junesong is my to- go guy for PvM guides. So this guide will mostly be on gearing and perks. As Alphard has told me before, if you don't find yourself improving, the best thing you can do is watch the pros do it. Watch videos of how people can no food base (post buff) and how they do speed kills.

Combat triangle:

How armour bonus works for defending: 110% against the style it is strong against, 100% same style, and 90% style it is weak to.

How it affects accuracy: Percentage of armour bonus will be subtracted from accuracy.

Say you are ranging.
If you wear melee armour (strong against your weapon class)- 150% of your melee gear's armour bonus will be subtracted from your total accuracy (weapon + attack level + gear).
If you wear mage (weak against your weapon class)- 80% of your mage gear's armour bonus will be subtracted from your total accuracy.

How does armour bonus reduce damage taken?

I'm not sure. If anyone knows, kindly share with us.

Miscellaneous Gear:

September 2016 002.pngElite Enhanced Excalibur
Heal of 40% max HP over time. Cooldown 5 minutes.

Usefulness: High
It's a must have for all roles. 0 adrenaline use. Rejuvenate heals 40% too if you don't have Brief Respite perk, but is much faster + visible. Only time you use rejuvenate is if you have 3 pieces of raids gear- inferior or not, which has a chance to put all your defensive abilities off cooldown and allow you to heal more times. Or when tanking BM, and you got no defensive left to use.

September 2016 003.pngSeptember 2016 004.pngSeptember 2016 005.pngSeptember 2016 006.png Penance + Arcane/Divine/Elysian Spirit Shield
Penance restores prayer based on damage taken. Spirit shield reduces damage taken by 30%, 6% of original damage reduced from prayer points.

Usefulness: Very High
With this combo it will make tanking BM/Yaka a lot easier, to the point many won't tank without them. Spirit shield without penance will not work, it will smite you to 0 prayer faster than you can drink restores. But even with Penance, you will still need restores.

September 2016 007.png Amulet of Souls
Protection prayers reduces damage by 60%, up from 50%.
Soulsplit has a 50% chance to heal 25-50% more.

Usefulness: Very High
Another really good to have item. Steep up front cost of ~20m.

September 2016 008.png Defender's Insignia
25 worn armour bonus if uncharged. x2 if shield is worn. x6 if charged, and it stacks- max out at 300.

Usefulness: Unsure
I don't have one, but would like to have one. It's really time consuming and skill heavy to get- 500 defender points, level 5 Defender and 5 Penance King kills. Again, I'm not sure how armour bonus reduces damage taken.

September 2016 009.png Aegis Blood Essence
Passive: Chance of reducing damage by 5%, max 250HP.
Active: When activated next hit within reduced by 50%, max 2500HP. Cooldown of 1 minute. Congealed blood is ~200 gp, so 10k coins per activation.

Usefulness: Good
It's a one use debilitate which is 100% accurate. Can reduce a lot of damage at Yakamaru while basing. Not as good for BM, because chargers might snipe the damage reduction and hit 10 instead of 20. Not an issue if you activate when no chargers are on you. Bandos book active of 5% reduction of target defence for 10s, scrimshaw of elements/cruelty and all the good DPS stuff is better if you are experienced enough.

September 2016 010.png Aegis Aura
Blocks 10% incoming damage at 99 Defence. Up to 80k HP soak or 30 minute use, whichever is fastest. 5 hour cooldown.

Usefulness: Medium
I don't think you'll hit the damage soak cap. Good if your penance is on cooldown and you feel brave enough to tank with T90 shield.

September 2016 011.png (Superior) Leviathan Ring
2% (5% superior) chance per hit to reduce damage by 50%. Effectively a 1% (2.5%) improvement in defences. Works for typeless damage, poison too. ~500k coins | 80 pearls in POP

Usefulness: Low
Asylum surgeon ring's chance of not using adrenaline on thresholds is good. Downside is 500k reclaim cost.
Ring of vigour's 10% adrenaline saved per ultimate is good. If you find yourself too busy interacting with the boss, it's better to wear vigour straight out instead of having it as a switch before doing an ultimate. Ja mo, a really good Yakamaru base tank, wears ring of vigour and performs a no food kill.

September 2016 012.png (Superior) Reefwalker's Cape
200 (300 superior) life point boost- Comp cape is +300.
62 (65) armour, +9 (14) attack all styles. ~200k | 50 koi scales in POP

Usefulness: Low
The hitpoint boost might be good for vorago entry hit, but only as a switch. If you don't have a comp cape, kiln/max/skill cape is better as there's higher attack bonus.


September 2016 013.pngFortitude
+15% more defence
+(10 + 10xHP level) base hitpoints, maximum of 1k
+10% accuracy of defensive abilities (Debilitate, Bash)
+3% damage reduction
2x base HP regeneration
Allow HP regen in combat

Usefulness: Very High
Downside: 94 prayer requirement, ancient curses unlocked.



September 2016 014.png Intercept
77 magic. Cast on another player, you will take all their damage for 10 seconds. Need them to have accept aid on. Will not transfer self inflicted damage like drinking zammy brew or onslaughts.

Usefulness: Situational
If you are in the DPS pile, do not barricade and intercept the base unless base is a learner. Waste of adrenaline. Better off using death swiftness or onslaught. The best defence is offense. If you are backup/basing BM, it's better to voke off each other instead of cade intercepting, because voking allows enrage stacks to reset.

September 2016 015.png Prism of Loyalty
82 Magic. Players can donate life points to the prism which will store them until a nearby player's health drops below 75% at which point the prism will heal that player.

Usefulness: Situational
By using Barricade before channelling health into the prism, a player can charge up a crystal for themselves or others at no health cost. Good but requires skill.

September 2016 016.pngSmoke Spells
Reduce target chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds.

Usefulness: Low
In Raids, a "miss" is 50% of damage dealt, not 100%. So it might be useful. If maging, you are better off using Shadow spells for the 5% damage reduction or Blood for the 5% heal per damage dealt. Blood runes are expensive.

September 2016 017.pngSeptember 2016 018.pngAurora spells
Emerald: 1% damage reduction up to 5%, each lasting 24s.
Ruby: +1% DPS up to 3% to players around you. Each lasting 24s.

Usefulness: Low
The 2 not listed is useless at raids. I do not know if a single person using ruby aurora will increase group DPS. Aurora spells are around 80 magic. Which means the ability damage is a lot lower than Blitz/Barrage. Good thing is Emerald stacks with Smoke, but you are better off using old school spells for higher group DPS. Also soul runes are expensive.

September 2016 019.pngShield Dome
84 magic. Conjures a 3x3 shield that gives 50% damage reduction for 15 secs. Caster must not move, drink potions, use abilities or it will cancel. You can eat food though.

Usefulness: Low
If you can't deal damage, it's useless. You're just stalling the fight. I heard it's good at Telos P5 anima bomb though.


September 2016 020.pngDisruption Shield
90 magic, 78% livid farm completion. Nullifies the next hit you receive. 1 min cooldown.

Usefulness: Mother of god this thing is awesome
Save it for the really high enrage BM/ Yaka hit, or while sanded for maximum efficiency. The downside is you must range tank because Lunar has no combat spells.

September 2016 021.pngVengeance Group
95 magic. 79% livid farm completion. Applies vengeance to everyone 7x7 around you. Vengeance reflects 75% of damage dealt.

Usefulness: High
Downside is expensive. Also, have to range tank. Normally DPS pile will cast this, for maximum coverage. As the base you don't have to worry.


September 2016 022.pngSeptember 2016 023.pngDebuffs
Stagger: Reduce target chance to hit by 10%, 1 min
Enfeeble: Reduce target damage dealt by 10%, 1 min

Usefulness: High
Stagger is good to have. A miss is 50% reduction, not 100% in raids. Enfeeble reduces damage done to you, which really adds up over time.


I just wanted to show you how inferior most tanky things are compared to their DPS counterparts.

The only high priority things are Spirit shield+Penance, T90 shield, Amulet of Souls, 3-5 pieces of Raid equipment, Fortitude prayer, good perks. Aegis blood essence, elite enhanced excalibur and disruption shield is good to have. As for the rest.. they can reduce your food use, but damage dealing alternatives are almost always better.

Hope I can get around and make a defensive perks guide next month. 2 new perks are coming out soon- Crystal shield and Enhanced Devotion. As of now, the 5 armour perks I recommend are Devoted3, Impatient3, Absorbative3 and Lucky5 on armour, with Turtling3 on shield. That being said, I only like Devoted3 and Impatient3 and am waiting for Invention Batch 2 they promised.

Thank you, feedback and queries are always welcome.

Article by SantaEnds

RSMV Review

It's been a few months already, but I really enjoy the big preview screen which Earth/Shane updated. It looks nice and big, so much better than the previous one.

It's Cherrybomb04! Another old timer, who has since stopped making videos. One of the first to start using orb of oculus back in the days. Females in the RSMV community is seen often. The sex ratio is pretty even in the RSMV community- not hard to guess. This is With Me by Sum 41.

She either uses 2 accounts, or plans really ahead so that she can film it in 1 go with only 1 gender change in game. The great use of transitions is evident- with people appearing from everywhere out of nowhere. This is a hallmark of her videos, be it with or without green screens. Hard to do without an orb of oculus, but easier with it. Reversing clips is another skill used to great effect.

Article by SantaEnds

Tyco's mini-questing through Gelinor

Collect at least 54 points from the 75 points to choose from below by completing mini-quests and send the answers to me through PM (here on offsite) to collect your reward. Winners will not be posted until the next issue of Questaholic.
First place: A picture-project dedicated to you and you only!
Second place: 5M gp
Third place: 3M gp
Forth place: 1,5M gp

• 2 sisters live in the house south of Blue Moon Inn. What are their names? [1 point]
• Read the combat scroll inside the house north of Varrock east bank. How many steps are there to kill your enemy? [1 point]
• Apparently Pigzilla in Draynor sailed to the East before us and became legendary. What is his eastern name? [1 point]
• Purchase 4 candles at the same time at the candle-maker in Catherby and you will be given something else instead. What is the name of this item? [1 point]
• Examining the dead tree on the southeast corner of Yanille will refer to a JMod. What is the examine message of the stump after being cut down? [1 point]
• What is the examine message of a rat in Lumbridge castle? [1 point]
• The clock at the roof of Catherby bank has stopped at a certain time, referring to the movie ”Back to the future”. What time is it, exactly? [1 point]
• Open and close a door several times (anywhere on Runescape). After a while, something will happen. What? [1 point]
• Use any Item on a cow. What is the message? [1 point]
• Eat a cabbage from Court Draynor’s cabbage patch. What skill gets boosted? [1 point]
• Speak to the drunk woman at The Jolly Boar. She will start to hallucinate. About what? [1 point]
• In the outpost south of Gnome Stronghold is a bookcase containing a book about a mysterious adventurer. What is the name of that adventurer? [1 point]
• In the outpost south of Gnome Stronghold is a display of a battleaxe. Who was the owner of that weapon? [2 points]
• By accident, I told the bartender at the Blue Moon Inn a secret about this world. What secret? [2 point]
• Search the hay bales between Draynor lodestone and Lumbridge windmill until you find something. What did you find? [2 point]
• Fish a herring from Lumbridge swamp and use it on the willow tree northeast of the Lumbridge lodestone. What message did you get? [2 points]
• Study the entrance and exit of Rellekka slayer cave. In what way does it ignores the laws of physics? [2 points]
• Stand southwest of the crystal tree in Brimhaven and do not move. Something will happen after a while, what? [2 points]
• Examine the unicorn head in the Taxidermist’s shop, it will refer to a story written by Shakespeare. What is the name of the story? [3 point]
• Examine Brassica prime in the empyrean citadel, it will refer to a movie. What movie? [3 points]
• There are 2 ways to use a banana with Karamjan rum. How? [3 points]
• On the second floor of Varrock church, Elsie will tell you a story if you give her a cup of tea. What is the nickname of the main character in her story? [3 points]
• What’s the description of Minarch, the barbarian in Barbarian village? [3 points]
• Ask Megan at the second floor at the Party room for a dance. Which emote(s) are done by her? [3 points]
• Get and Acne potion from the GE or an Imp and use it on the Head Priest in Sophanem. Why won’t it work? [3 points]
• The dodging-animation when avoiding the poison darts at the Brimhaven agility arena comes from a very popular (and old) sci-fi movie. What movie? [4 points]
• In the graveyard in New Varrock, you can actually find Crunchy’s grave. What does it say on the grave? [4 points]
• Mention 3 human NPC’s that can be contacted with NPC Contact spell: Random calls. [5 points]
• Find the biggest tree in Runescape and use your herring from the earlier task. What message do you get? (Do not get fooled by it) [5 points]
• Identify the dead explorer by the exit ladder in the Stronghold of Security. [6 points]
• Inside the castle in New Varrock, go to the Treasure room and examine the weapon rack at the south wall of the room. Name all the weapons! [7 points]

Article by Tyco Elf

Clan Quest Bulletin
September 2016

While we are still celebrating summer with the beach in Gielinor, the real world is already moving into autumn, or only catching up with spring around the corner. There are some exciting things happening this month, so quickly read onwards to figure out what!

As Shane showed in this post, Discord is being more adopted by the clan over time. This month will see two big events that will kick this off even further:

This clan means something to most of us, and a fair lot to some of us. Because I want people to share in their care for the clan, even if they are unable or unwilling to actively support the clan by volunteering time, I have set up this bulletin to keep communications over. Through Discord we will be taking this a step further: I am inviting everybody to join me on Discord. Not only will this give everybody a great opportunity to get started on voice chat, and get to know clannies, tighten bonds, and make new friends. I will also be there and happy to talk about the clan, your ideas and mine alike. Please tune in September 3!

Gamers are not an uncommon sighting within Clan Quest, and it only makes sense to share our hobby within the clan. Leveraging Discord, we will setup a regular timeslot to play games together. Right now we are still looking for a good time (feel free to join the discussion), but we will be kicking this event off soon.

Offsite 2.0
Shane has been making great progrss on the offsite as well (I am supposed to work on it as well, but instead I end up spending my free time writing magazine bulletins...). There are still a lot of rough edges to work on, but the basic shapes are coming together nicely.

September 2016 024.png
(click image for full size version)

If you are able to use a graphics program like Photoshop, we could really use your help getting some of the graphics right, so if you are willing to help, you can always shoot me a PM.

Call for magazine contributors
Santa Ends is doing a great job as de facto head editor of the Questaholic magazine, but right now he is mostly taking the load on his own. The magazine is always looking for more magazine writers. You can write about anything, as long as it is at least somehow related to the clan or the game. One time contributions are always welcome, but regular articles are what we really need right now.
If you don't have time to write every month, or have trouble finding inspiration at times, consider working with a partner! Every month you can brainstorm together about an article to write, then one of the two writes it while the other proofreads. The next month you can switch roles.
Feel free to get in contact with me or Santa Ends for more information, or just get involved in the discussion thread.

Friends Chat
While we use the Clan Chat as main in-game communication channel, Clan Quest also has a Friends Chat that is still being used. The chat can be accessed by using "Clan Quest" as player name. The Friends Chat sees people looking for Heroes Quest partners from Old School RS on a regular basis, and even some RS3 quest questions every now and then. Since quest help is an importent theme in our clan, please consider entering the Friends Chat if you don't have another open and respond to questions as necessary.
Note that the Friends Chat can also be used for clan events.

I want to finish off this weeks bulletin with once again opening up my doors to everybody. I have grown to care a lot about this clan, and I believe I share that feeling with many of you. Maybe you have any feedback or suggestions about how we - as a clan - can do better, or maybe you have some particular idea about some part of the clan, whether it be this bulletin or the magazine, the events, recruitment, etc. If this is the case, do not hesitate to send a message to me personally (offsite, Discord, in-game), or to the entire High Council. It may take me a few days to get back to you, but I will read it and answer you, or forward it to the right person.

Thanks, and happy 'scaping!

Article by Cireon