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Bulletin - August 2020

Hey everybody, we’re here with your monthly update from Clan Council.

As we move through the summer in the northern hemisphere, most of us are enjoying some fresh air outside and a bit of warm (perhaps too hot) weather. What that doesn’t change though is that when it’s time for a break, Clan Quest is here. All of our RuneScape guilds have taken to hosting an impressive slate of weekly events. Check the #events channel in Discord to see when you should next pop in for a clan wide event.

July also marks one year since I took over as Head of the RuneScape 3 Guild Council. Holding the position of Head of Guild Council for RuneScape 3 has been one of the most enjoyable positions I have ever held. As such I decided to seek another term as head. You can read about what’s in store for the next year further down the magazine.

Our content push for the wiki is continuing. We in particular need help with bringing our About page up to standards and we also need content for the wiki itself. This content can come in any form that you desire. First and foremost it could be your user page, a minigame guide, or even a PvM guide! If you have guides or want to help your fellow Clan Quest members, submit them to the wiki. If you have questions on how to do this contact Sirapyro or Draziw.

I also of course just want to remind everyone that if you ever have any questions about anything you can reach out to anyone in Clan Council. If you have an idea for a project or goal you want to make happen, we can help you with that too. As an example, earlier this month Questcaping had the idea of streaming the playthrough of the latest RS3 quest live on our Twitch Channel, with some top quality voice acting, and as you can see here, together we made it happen! We see the growth of our community as our number one mission. If you ever need anything, reach out, ask, and we’ll jump to help.

~Shane for Clan Council

Article by Shane

Yes, it's me, again. You can't get rid of me. But I'm just here to let the man of the hour speak. Here is...

Shane, head of the RuneScape 3 Guild Council

My archive of pictures has finally been depleted. Might be time to retire
Choto, 31/07/2020

Last July I became Head of Guild Council for the RuneScape 3 Guild. It was a position that I was uncertain at the time of accepting. We had just come off a turbulent few months and no one knew what way the RuneScape 3 Guild would go. The Head of Guild Council is defined as being “the Guild’s chief executive and act as official communicator between the Guild Council and the Guild’s members.” My mandate was simple, provide stability for the Guild Council and ensure the Guild has a good relationship with its Guild Council.

As my tenure developed I became more and more comfortable with the position. This has led to some truly special moments within the Guild Council that I hope has shown on the outside. During my mandate we have launched a new recruitment thread, doubled down on events, and empowered our Guild Councillors over the last year to make important decisions, something our membership needs to know.

This last action is what I am most proud of in terms of our work done over the last year. While each Guild Councillor can make decisions we have taken up a policy where quick decisions are made by individuals but if there’s a bigger question at hand or the action might be slightly controversial, we come together as a group and discuss it and then act. You can expect to see more of this in the next year.

As we move into my second term we will aim to have all the stability of the last year and continue to make advancements to Clan Quest. The first thing we will be undertaking this coming month is a review of recruitment. We’ll be asking questions such as how high should our flow of members be and if measures should be taken to increase recruitment. If you as a member have any thoughts on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or any other Guild Council members (keys in-game and red on Discord).

In closing, I would just like to say that if there are any questions about anything guild related at all, don’t hesitate to ask. Ask me, ask any of the Guild Council members, we’ll do our best to answer it. And most importantly, I’d just like to thank each and every member for making Clan Quest what it is.

Article by Choto

I took over the magazine 3 months ago and have struggled with a lot of it.
Mostly from the lack of people that are willing to help.
We have over 500 members, I’m sure some of you would be willing to help, even if it is twice a year.
But first I need to know what you want/don’t want. Or even if the magazine is wanted.
It is a lot of work and time.
So please answer the questions below so I can understand more what
you all want from your magazine.

1. Do you read the Magazine?
a. Yes
b. No

2. If so, what is your favorite part?
a. The Interviews
b. The members achievement page?
c. The Bulletin?
d. The random articles?
e. Questcape’s minigame recap?
f. The letter from the Editor

3. What is your least favorite?
a. The Interviews
b. The members achievement page?
c. The Bulletin?
d. The random articles?
e. Questcape’s minigame recap?
f. The letter from the Editor

4. What would you like to see added?
a. More interviews?
b. Runescape stories?
c. Other games members play?
d. Other than games?
e. Contests?
f. Artwork?
g. Hobbies?
h. Anything special members want us to know?
i. Guides for the game?
j. Other ___________________________________________

5. Would you be willing to commit to summit 2 things a YEAR?
a. YES
b. no

6. If not, why not? _________________________________________

7. Would you like to be on the Editor’s team?
a. YES
b. no
Comments: _______________________________________________________

This will also be on Discord
Please contact me with any questions!

Article by evilphan



An interview with Xurdones

by 1234werecool.


What are you currently studying?
I wouldn't say I'm studying anything, as such, but I'm currently teaching myself about authentication protocols for job-related reasons. When I was at school, I double-majored in computer science and business administration.

What do you currently do for a living?
I'm a software developer at a large software company. More specifically I'm a DevOps engineer: my team works on ways to make things easier for the product developers, and I specifically help maintain our version control system and the tooling that surrounds it.

What's your favourite sport?
To watch, probably either baseball or ice hockey. To play, golf, though when I was a kid I played both hockey and lacrosse. Yes, I am a bit of a stereotype (I even say "eh"!).

If you could have any superpower other than invincibility, what would you choose and why?
Teleportation, the Jumper kind where I can go anywhere and bring other people/objects with me. I like travelling, but I hate the act of getting myself places (long drives, plane rides, etc.).

What are your favourite outdoor activities?
Well I already mentioned golf. Other than that, I sometimes enjoy hiking, depending on the location, and I like kayaking but don't do it much.

August 2020 002.png

Which is your favourite movie?
I like so many movies, it's hard to pick just one. A good one that springs to mind is Clue, the 1985 film based on the board game of the same name (Cluedo in Europe), starring Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, and more. It's the sort of movie I wish was made more often: a mix of whodunnit and black comedy, with a frantic energy that keeps you hooked. A recent movie in a similar vein is Knives Out, which I also wholeheartedly recommend.

What sort of music and artists do you listen to?
I rarely listen to music for myself, but when I do I tend to go for jazz; some favourite artists include Dizzy Gillespie, Glenn Miller, Miles Davis, and Charles Mingus. If I'm in the car I'll turn the radio to a classic rock station and listen to whatever they play.

August 2020 003.jpg

Which books would you recommend?
I'm a massive fan of the Lord of the Rings, to the point where I'm collecting not only the History of Middle-earth series, which is the twelve-volume series released by Tolkien's son chronicling the 60 years worth of drafts and rewrites to his father's mythology, but also works of literary analysis about the series (A Reader's Companion by Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull is a particular favourite). I even made a pilgrimage to New York City last year to see some of his manuscripts, on public display for the first time since 1990. So, somewhat selfishly, I would recommend those, but I understand they're not for everyone.

A more accessible book that I read recently, and that may be of interest to a broader audience, is The Irregulars by Jennet Conant. It's a non-fiction biography of Roald Dahl (the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory guy), focusing on his service in World War 2. After his RAF career ended due to illness, Dahl was a British spy stationed in Washington, DC. His mission: monitoring and subverting anti-intervenionst sentiment, with a long-term goal of influencing America into joining the war. He accomplished this task mainly by partying with Washington elites and sleeping with their wives. It's an endlessly fascinating, occasionally darkly comedic (in a very Dahl-esque way, ironically) story.

I'd also recommend The Innovators, by Walter Isaacson (who's more famous for his biography of Steve Jobs), which goes through the history of computing technology, from Ada Lovelace (considered the first computer programmer, despite dying in the 1850s) to Larry Page and Sergey Brin (the creators of Google). If you're at all curious about how we got from computers the size of small buildings to magic glowing boxes that fit in our pockets, I heartily encourage this one.

What's your favourite type of food?
I like almost all food, but my comfort food is literally meat and potatoes, of pretty much any variety.

August 2020 004.jpg

Do you prefer mom's food or restaurant food?
Restaurant. It's not that my mother is a bad cook, because she isn't, but there's a relatively limited menu of foods she can make. Meanwhile, I enjoy not just food but variety of food (it's sort of a running joke with my SO that I almost never order the same thing twice when we eat out), so I appreciate having my options open.

What are your biggest dreams in life?
To own a house that has both a garage and a dishwasher.

My dreams aren't very exciting, I'll admit, but damn if they aren't handy.

If you could have any 3 animals in the world (only real animals, no fictional), which would you pick?
One would have to be my dog, a picture of whom I included in my introductory post on the forum. She's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen, and is a light in my life. I want to keep her forever.

Beyond that, I'm struggling. I already have a dog and two cats, and watching Tiger King really killed whatever desires I may have had to own anything too much more exotic than that. Can I pass? I'm going to pass.

If you had to give up one of your senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) which one would you pick?
Touch. Obviously I'd prefer not to lose any of them, but I like food and movies/TV too much to go without any of the other four.

What's the toughest thing you've ever had to do?
I've been very lucky in my life that I haven't had to deal with much overwhelming hardship, but in terms of what I have had to struggle with...

First thing that comes to mind is probably university. I mentioned before that I double-majored, but that's a simplification: I actually did two complete degree programs, at two different schools, simultaneously (it was a cooperative effort between the two schools, so I paid tuition to one school but was considered a student at both and had to meet the graduation requirements at both). It was a five-year program, and I had essentially no "breather" classes (all of my electives in one degree were occupied by the core classes of the other). When I finished, I attended two convocation ceremonies and I have two bachelor's degrees hanging on the wall of my home office. That was a very long five years.

[Ed: *respect noises* My university offers a similar five-year program for BSc/BEng in Chemical Engineering and just looking at the schedule makes me want to sleep for a week. It's great to see that your work paid off!]

Which are your favourite childhood cartoons?
Classic Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, and the animated Spider-man show from the 60s. I'm a little odd in that I grew up watching very old television (not for any particular reason, it's just what I was exposed to); so despite being a child of the 90s, the age of Rugrats, Animaniacs, Friends, etc., all of my favourite shows from childhood ended decades before I was born.

How would you describe yourself to others?
I'm a massive, massive, massive nerd.

August 2020 005.jpg

What is your most used item in your daily life?
Aside from my phone or my laptop, which feel like cop-out answers, I'm going to go with my coffee maker. Especially since I'm working from home (and therefore not taking advantage of the free coffee in the office), I'm making a fresh pot of coffee pretty much every other day., that sounds really bad when I write it out like that. Maybe I have a problem...

Nah, it's probably fine.

What's your favourite skill in Runescape?
Maybe this is a cliche answer, since it just came out, but Archaeology. I play the game for the narrative elements (that's what attracted me to Clan Quest in the first place), so I skill as a means to an end: I want the next quest requirement, or the next MQC requirement, or whatever. Archaeology is the only skill I enjoy training on its own merits. That doesn't mean it's perfect, there are valid criticisms to make about how grindy and AFK it is, and I don't love the pay-to-win aspects (especially Chronotes being both buyable on the GE and directly tradeable for experience), but I like how the narrative is woven into the fabric of the skill. There are the mysteries, obviously, which are great, but also the background storytelling in the environment design, the artefacts and their descriptions, even the examine texts.

What's your favourite quest in Runescape?
I don't know who I'm doing this bit for, but this is now the third time I've been asked this question on the site, and every time I've given a different answer. I'm doing this on purpose because there are, at time of writing, almost 230 quests in the game, all of which I've completed (though not all of which I remember very well; I did some of them over a decade ago), and many of which are truly excellent either in whole or in part; picking a single favourite out of that feels impossible.

In the past I've said Blood Runs Deep (and the entire Fremennik quest series by proxy) and Desperate Times (for a particular sequence; I acknowledge and agree with many of the criticisms of the quest), but today I'm going to say The Lord of Vampyrium. The Myreque quest series was one I greatly enjoyed when I first became a member, back in the halcyon days of 2006, partly because it was very different: it was a grungy horror-movie affair, in contrast to the medieval high fantasy of the rest of the game. I was always sad that I never got to finish it (I took a long hiatus from the game starting in 2013ish, and I didn't have the stats for Darkness of Hallowvale at the time). So it was nice to finally achieve the overarching goal of killing Lord Drakan, even if that didn't end the conflict. But LoV also did two other things that I think make it unique among quests.

August 2020 006.jpg

First, it did an excellent job of keeping the tension high as Drakan chases you through his castle. Runescape rarely a sense of urgency, which can really take the air out of scenes that require that sort of tension. But LoV did a very good job of averting that feeling.

Second, the boss fight against Lord Drakan. I've heard a lot of people complaining about how hard it is, but I think that's because it makes more of an effort to level the playing field. Unlike other tough fights (Nomad, Sliske, etc.) you can't rely on equipment, or familiars, or potions to a lesser extent (you can apply them before you enter the fight, but you can't use them inside), so it feels like more of a challenge, but a very fair one. That's always kind of bugged me about PVM in Runescape, probably because I'm pathologically opposed to buying gear, and even more so to degradable equipment, and a lot of PVM feels like they're expecting you to have all of this endgame equipment I either can't use, can't afford, or don't want to buy: overloads, titan pouches, yak pouches, T80-90 kit, etc. In contrast, because you're so restricted in the Drakan fight, it feels like more of a skill challenge than a game of who has the most cash. For the same reason, I appreciated that the limited food supply was free, meaning failed attempts didn't cost anything. Until very recently I wasn't able to make any food more nourishing than monkfish, so any boss where I had to use sharks, or Guthix help me brews, was very expensive to attempt let alone to fail and re-try. I shudder to think how much Nomad cost me.

Which are your favourite games?
I would say that Mass Effect 2 takes the top spot, with the rest of the trilogy (3, then 1) sprinkled in there. Other than that, I've greatly enjoyed the Assassin's Creed series (especially 2 and Black Flag; I haven't played past Unity), the Arkham series (especially Arkham City), and a few entries in the Legend of Zelda series, notably Ocarina of Time (one of the first games I ever had) and Breath of the Wild.

Some other notables include Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Spider-man 2: The Movie: The Game (not to be confused with The Amazing Spider-man 2: The Movie: The Game; I mean the GameCube-era one), and the Knights of the Old Republic series. I don't know if I'd consider them "favourites", but I also have major soft spots for the LEGO Star Wars games and the Banjo-Kazooie series.

What are your favourite video game genres?
Based on my answer to the last question, I guess I'd have to say Western RPG, Superhero Sandbox, and whatever you'd consider the 3D Zelda games (Action/Adventure/Dungeon Crawler?). That seems pretty fair to me.

Which was the most difficult video game you ever beat?
Splinter Cell, the first one (I don't really play many hard games). Stealth games trip me up because the more mistakes I make the more flustered I get, and then I just make more and more mistakes. So Splinter Cell isn't really what you'd call a super-hard game, but it was tough for me.

What's the toughest thing you've ever accomplished in a video game?
I'm not sure what I'd classify as tougher, but several Runescape boss fights come to mind: especially both Nomads, Sliske, and Seiryu. My SO and I have also been playing Crash Bandicoot recently (the Nintendo Switch re-release), and some of those levels I think should qualify.

When playing with friends, do you prefer video games or tabletop games, and why do you prefer one over the other?
Tabletop. I primarily play video games for narrative, and narrative is either negligible in multiplayer games or very much not improved by multiplayer gameplay (looking at you, Assassin's Creed Unity). Also, when I do play multiplayer video games, I tend to get either frustrated with my lack of skill (in competitive games) or anxious that I'm letting people down (in cooperative games). With board games, which typically have more of an element of luck, I feel more able to relax and just enjoy the company of friends.

August 2020 007.png
Big thanks to Xurdones for the interview and to the Hood for its merciful grace. See you all next month!

Article by Werecool

26 Games Like Runescape Worth Trying: Runescape Like Games [2020]
- This is a 2-part series - 1-12 now
August 2020 008.jpg

Guild Wars 2

Developed by ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 is an upgrade on the previously popular Guild Wars game. This free-to-play version lets you build characters from a mix of 8 professions and five races. This will determine a character’s skills.

You’ll be tasked with reuniting Destiny’s Edge members, in order to fight Elder Dragon, the mighty Zhaitan.

August 2020 009.jpg

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is set in fictional Wraeclast—a horrible fantasy world with unwanted people and criminals. It’s a free-to-play game that was developed by Grinding Gear Gamers and released in 2013.

As a player, you have to find your way out of the remote Wraeclast world by fighting its dangerous people and pass through the ruins of a jinxed empire. You can choose from 6 classes, and each class is aligned with at least one attribute.

August 2020 010.jpg


This is one of the oldest ever massively multiplayer online role-playing games. It was released on January 1997 and still boasts an active community today.

Tibia famously features a door which can only be unlocked when a player reaches level 999. Someone finally unlocked the door in 2016 and was sent to a new isle full of NPCs. The game almost entirely focuses on player vs. player combat and comes in 4 different types.

While there are lots of shiny new multiplayer online games out there, Tibia still draws a massive following. A combination of great player vs. player action and smart role-playing game mechanics has enlivened the game, making it a hit for role-playing fans, and for people who want to understand how Runescape first came into existence.

August 2020 011.jpg

Last Chaos

This is a classic multiplayer online role-playing game with six classes to select from. You can create parties, craft, and guilds, as well as own pets and solve quests.

Quests are largely repetitive in the mould of “Kill 20 Monsters”. You can update your gear by getting upgrade stones from a shop, other players, or monsters.

But Last Chaos offers a bit more in the shape of pets. You can fantastically versatile pets, including dragons, horses, polar bears, jaguars, pandas, and succubae.

August 2020 012.jpg


This is a free-to-play Runescape-like game. While the graphics look slightly dated on first viewing, Eldevin has plenty to offer once you give it a try.

Eldevin boasts extensive talent trees, which let you completely modify your hero’s skills, as well as a wide range of story-focused quests to complete and a vast world to explore. You can also choose one out of 16 professions, and create anything you might need during and after combat.

August 2020 013.jpg

Serenia Fantasy

This game is widely popular as it adds extra features of Runescape-like games and takes massively multiplayer online role-playing gaming to a whole new level with its 2D approach. It’s been on the internet since 2012, and you can play it on your browser. It has all the features you can expect from Runescape.

Serenia Fantasy offers slightly limited options when it comes to characters and customization. However, it offers diverse gender choices and three classes of characters with archetypes like rangers, mages, and warriors. Another amazing feature of this game is the comprehensive encyclopedia that teaches you about the environment and monsters.

In general, Serenia Fantasy is highly satisfying with its stunning visuals, innovative gameplay, and a powerful back-story.

August 2020 014.jpg

AdventureQuest Worlds

In AdventureQuest Worlds, you’ve got four different characters to choose from, like a mage, warrior, healer, and rogue. After choosing a character, you play one game and fight enemies.

AdventureQuest Worlds is one of those Runescape-like games, where the developer makes a bit of effort in making it user-friendly for gamers. It’s got lots of adventures, styles, hunts, and an incredible adventure ride.

August 2020 015.jpg

Dark Eden

This Runescape-like game is one of the oldest multiplayer online games on the market. It offers a diversity of elements and features that let you have a different line up of characters.

In Dark Eden, you can choose to be slayers or vampires. It’s stunning old-fashioned visuals, questing elements, skill classes, versatility in exploration, and unique characters make it a much better multiplayer online game.

Dark Eden has a combat element that offers the specific skill to each character and focuses on the fight visual. Depending on your strength and how many enemies you’ve killed, you can garner experience points and use them to get upgrades on characters and weapons.

The best features of DarkEden include fast-paced gameplay, a compelling back-story, character class-specific abilities, dark theme, and day and night cycles. DarkEden can only be played on Microsoft Windows.

August 2020 016.jpg


A thousand years ago, one god named Yaros brought the war to the Yaloran Empire. That war turned the land barren, and it’s upon you to fight Yaros and save humanity.

Wartune offers beautiful 2D artwork, three classes, and according to some people, it’s completely free of charge. Until recently, the game was considered a pay-to-play game.

But developers have reportedly sorted out this problem, and you can easily advance through Wartune without paying a dime.

August 2020 017.jpg


This massively multiplayer online game abounds with content, which is actually one of its most exciting features. In terms of addictiveness, you’ll get a wholly different approach that’ll keep you engaged for hours.

ArcheAge features independent progression approach, meaning that you have the freedom to pick your pathway. From the start, you don’t have to join any clan or choose any class. When you advance and get better at it, you can choose different abilities and skill sets and pick one out of four classes. Moreover, you can pick gender too.

If you want to customize your character, you’re absolutely free to do so.

August 2020 018.jpg

World of Warcraft

This massively multiplayer online role-playing game hardly requires an introduction. Released in 2004 by Blizzard, World of Warcraft is arguably the most popular online role-playing game.

In 2016, a new version was released followed by another one in 2017.

World of Warcraft offers everything you might want from an online role-playing game, including lots of players, ever-updating content, fun in-game mechanics, and so much more.

The only downside is that if you’re just getting started, you’ll need to pay about $240 for your first year.

Article by evilphan

Welcome poitato, one of our new graphic editors!

Read her story and see her artwork below
August 2020 019.jpg

So I started art basically since I was young, but never really did something with it. I mostly drew for fun/casually. I never went to an art school either. Heck, I don't even have like a crazy banana story to tell u. I'm pretty vanilla.

August 2020 020.jpg

In normal life I'm currently in University studying Business Psychology and doing an HR student job. This year however, I decided to get into digital art and vectoring cause well it's pretty impressive, isn't it ? I used to draw traditional art but I always got fascinated by the digital aspect of art, specifically anime.

August 2020 021.jpg

With that idea in mind, I started an instagram and started to look for followers that were specifically interested in this kind of art. I never expected my account to really grow because of the hard competition in the art world but in March I launched my online webshop and first sales went pretty smoothly.

August 2020 022.jpg

Right now I don't make as much art anymore as I am busy with university but I hope re-opening again in September. I used to mainly just draw doodles because I have ADHD and a very wild imagination and it helped me cope with as I like to call it, my mind palace. So I just drew little characters I made up.

August 2020 023.jpg

I never really considered myself as talented but lots of encouragement from other people helped me going and motivated me a lot to keep doing art.

August 2020 047.jpg
August 2020 048.jpg

Article by evilphan

A Hard Fall
August 2020 024.jpg

When seasoned adventurer Teiran Weaver discovers a dying man in a cave, she thinks she’s in for another boring fetch quest. However, there’s more to him than meets the eye — even after helping him overcome his inadequacies.

Featuring violence, choc-ice, dragons, tragedy, mahjarrat, cursing, goutweed, fate, romance, adventure, banana rum, a demon butler, vulgar exotic birds, insults to the gods themselves, a certain Mahjarrat getting kicked in the sensitives, and existential crisis-inducing confrontations with certain elder entities.

By Chaos_Elemental ( our very own Lady_Terelle )

Chapter 1: Down and Out

They’d met like this: He was a crumpled, sad-looking heap on the floor, covered with bruises and cuts, and she… was not, and was, in fact, a little amazed that anything this pathetic could exist. The man was practically a skeleton — eyes hollowed, arms bony, lips dry. If this were Mort Myre, no doubt he would have been a ghast by now. But instead, they were in a cave that glittered with rune essence and echoed with the stomps of the suqahs up above.

She checked his pulse. Still alive… somehow. The enduring ferocity of the human spirit never ceased to amaze.

“Hello?” she said. The man let out a withered groan but otherwise didn’t reply. She felt a pang of guilt.

Food , she thought. She dug around in her bag — Lunar staff, diplomatic seal, sacred clay axe, burned meat (damn that troll cook)... swordfish. She dragged it out of her pack and shoved it to his lips.

Cold fish wasn’t an offering that anyone would appreciate on a good day. The path of this particular man’s fortunes, however, couldn’t be construed as anywhere near the word ‘good.’ Wordlessly, he took a bite.

She breathed a sigh of relief. One greasy fish later, and he was already looking better. She grabbed another and held it up to him.

The man… turned away, refusing another bite.

Really? She thought. Here you are, starving, halfway to Death’s door, and if it weren’t for me you’d probably be just another sad background skeleton in a dungeon, and you’re choosing now to be picky?

She tried again. No bite.

She let out a frustrated groan. Ye gods above… She put the body back down again and left through the crevice.

Five minutes later she returned, with her pack considerably heavier.

“Ok,” she said. “I did the best that I could, but no complaining about the seafood medley.”

She wasn’t lying. Tuna, lobster, swordfish, salmon… all the leftovers of a particularly vicious skilling session that took several hours and left her with approximately 4903 or so assorted seafood-themed catches in the bank. Ah well. Protein was protein.

She proffered a lobster, which he took with much better grace than the swordfish. Next was a tuna. A second lobster was rejected, the salmon was not. She tried offering another swordfish, experimentally, and to her surprise he accepted it. When she offered him another he refused yet again.

I suppose he wants variety, she thought bemusedly. She dug around in her pack for something non-seafood-y. Ah, rat meat. Not exactly prime steak, but everyone had their low points.

To her surprise, he refused to even touch it. We have a gourmet on our hands, she thought dourly, as she switched the rodent for a tuna.

As he finished it the man groaned again, and opened his eyes. Green met brown, the latter being considerably more unfocused.


“Can you hear me?” she asked. The man gritted his teeth.

“Pain… owwwwwww…”

Images of spinal injuries flashed through her head. The dragon platelegs she was wearing probably didn’t make for the best headrest, either.

“Don’t move,” she said. “You’ll be ok. It’s gonna be ok.”

The man’s eyes flickered, and they rested on her, bleary, searching.

“Help me.”

She went through another half a dozen assorted fishes before he had the strength to speak again, the colour slowly returned to his face.

“Will things turn out alright?” he muttered, as he deliriously nibbled on a trout. It struck her as odd, him asking that: He didn’t ask who she was, or where he was, or what had happened; just a request for reassurance. Will it be ok?

“Of course,” she said. Absolutely. I can certainly drag your half-conscious body out of a little crack in the wall, past a bunch of angry troll-things lurking up above, and maybe get you a third of the way to the bank before you kick it.

The man seemed to take this to heart, and he sighed. “I hope so.”

She gave him another lobster and listened to the noises up above, wondering if her strength was great enough to lift him. Her abyssal whip was maneuverable enough for her to use one-handed, but without a shield, she wasn’t sure if she could get them both back to the Moon Clan unscathed.

“You’re looking better,” she said, trying to fill the silence. The man shook his head.

“You’re lying,” he said. “I look dreadful.”

You do, she wanted to say. You look like something the cat dragged in, played with a bit, then ate and vomited up all over the sitting-room carpet.

Instead she said: “No, honest.”

“Really?” he asked, brightening a little. “In what way?”

You’re not dead, for a start, she thought. “You look and sound more lively.”

“That’s promising,” he murmured, closing his eyes. “Maybe I’ll make it out of here…”

And so it went on. She would feed him, and reassure him now again. Yes, this cave was too small for any suqahs to get into. Yes, he seemed like a nice person. Yes, he’d probably get out soon.

It was funny. She was used to stroking male egos — that came in line with her work, whether it was to get a jail key or find information or stop a war between two dinky, idiot kingdoms. But this didn’t feel like ego stroking, probably because he had no ego to speak of. He acted like a kicked dog, almost as though he was waiting for her to reaffirm his belief that he was, in fact, a worthless sack of rubbish.

Somehow, she felt even sorrier for him than she did before, if that was possible.

“Thank you,” he murmured, after several more pieces of food. “Where am I? Who are you?”

“You're in a cave on Lunar Isle,” she said. “My name is Teiran.”

“Teiran,” he echoed. “Thank you. My name is Cyrisus.”

Teiran cracked a smile. “Well, Cyrisus — How did you get here?”

He thought for a moment. “I… was exploring the north end of the isle. There were a bunch of monsters… they attacked! I ran… I ran and ran, and I crawled down here.”

Poor bugger, Teiran thought. Probably some under-trained sap thinking he could go for a sojourn among overpowered enemies for a laugh.

“You’re safe now,” she said, reassuringly.

“I am?”


Cyrisus shifted, trying (and failing) to sit up. “Ow,” he said. “My arms… my head…” He sighed. “I’m so tired, Teiran. Just leave me. My body is a ruin.”

Earlier she would have agreed with him, but something made her bite back on her normal pragmatism.

“No, no,” she said. “Trust me. I’ll get you out of here.”

It took another half a dozen pieces of food, but he was soon sitting up, leaning against the wall and nibbling on a biscuit. His mood was still dampened, but he seemed to be growing more optimistic with every bite.

“Tell you what — I’ll buy you a drink after this,” she said, half-joking. If there’s even an ‘after this’ for you.

“Really?” Cyrisus said, his eyes lightening.

“Naturally,” she said. Has anyone offered to buy this guy a drink before?

“What kind?” he asked.

“Anything you like,” she said. “Blue Moon ale, Drunken Dragon, banana rum… my treat.”

“That’s really appreciated,” he said, smiling for the first time. “Thank you.”

He ate in silence for a bit, before trying to rise to his feet.

“Don’t rush it,” she said, readying herself to catch him.

“I’m fine,” he said, his knees shaking violently. “I think I can…”

WHOOMPH. He landed on his bum, hard, and he muttered a curse.

“Told you not to rush it,” she said, offering him another biscuit, which he took. “Wait until your strength is up.”

“Ugh,” he said, rubbing his sore behind. “I never should have gone exploring the north side…”

“What’s done is done,” Teiran said, sensibly.

Cyrisus was able to stay up the second time he tried standing; his eyes seemed less sunken, and his face had more colour to it.

“There you go,” Teiran said. “You probably can’t do an agility course, but you’re much better.”

“Thank you,” he said. “I’d be dead without you.”

“Think nothing of it,” she said. Just don’t get greedy and start asking me for red mahogany logs . That never ends well. “What are you doing on this part of the island, in any case? Lunar Island isn’t a place for newbies, you know.”

“I was exploring,” he said. “I greatly enjoy travelling the world and taking in all the experiences available.”

She smiled. “I can relate. The snowy peaks of Ice Mountain, the foggy downs of Relleka, the forests of Lletya…”

Cyrisus nodded, grinning. “Baxtorian Falls. Karamja. The pyramids of the Kharidian Desert. The wastes of the Wilderness.”

“It’s nice to meet another adventurer,” she said. “You must have picked up a lot.”

“You could say that.”

“What do you mean?”

“I could smith you a full rune set, farm spirit trees and still have time to cook you a summer pie for tea.”

Her eyes widened. “You’re kidding me.”


“Then...” She tried to comprehend his previous statement. “Are you like one of those skilling pures, where you don’t work on combat at all? I mean, props to you, but it’s rather a bad idea to head into suqah territory when you’re not the fighting type…”

At this point, she noticed that he was avoiding her gaze, and his face had turned to an embarrassed shade of red.

“Can we talk about something else?” he said. “Please?”

“If you insist.” She rummaged around in her bag. “Another tuna?”

“Actually, if you wouldn’t mind…. I could do with some armour,” he said. “If it’s not too much trouble.”

“Sure. I could loan you some.” Do I still have my old bronze set? Maybe. I’ll find something that’ll fit him. Or at least, something he won’t fall over in .

“No! No. No need.” He waved his hands. “I should have some in the bank.”

He dug into his pockets with a quizzical expression on his face, and pulled out a couple of astral runes and a choc-ice wrapper, the latter of which he scrutinized.

“Odd,” he said. “I don’t recall going to Nardah… erm, do you have any paper?”

“Here.” She pulled a pencil and a small notebook, from which she tore off a sheet.

“Thanks.” He wrote something down on the paper and handed it to her. “I have a friend working at the bank. Show this to him, and he’ll be able to help you.”

“What’s he look like?”

“You’ll know. He’s not from around here.”

“Ok.” She turned to leave. “You’ll be fine down here on your own, right?”

“Ah…” he looked around the small cave. “I will. Won’t I?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” she said hurriedly. “I don’t think anything can get down here. Nothing bigger than a kebbit, at least.”

“Oh. Alright, then.” He seemed to consider something. “One more thing — you have the Lunar Spellbook, right?”

“Of course.”

“If you need to ask me anything, just cast Contact. I should be in the book.”

“Ok. Good to know.” She turned to the crevice leading out of the cave. “I’ll be back soon. Er, try not to die.”

“Um…” He paled. “I’ll do my best?”

“Good.” With that, she exited.

Article by Lady_Terelle

June 2020 018.jpg

Shood, noobs! I'm Fenn, known in-game as Questcaping, here to give my monthly report on this month's minigame goings-on.

Now, compared to other months, July has had a significantly higher proportion of clan minigame events. I wonder why that could be? Could it perhaps have something to do with the Clan Minigame Tournament that's been going on...?

Regardless, the Clan Minigame Tournament is still ongoing, and is big enough to merit an article of its very own. You'll have to wait till next month's Questaholic to see how it turned out -- with two Stealing Creation wins and two Clan Wars losses behind us, could our impressive Trouble Brewing acumen (complete with intensive daily training) lead Clan Quest to a win after all? I hope so!

As for our regularly scheduled events...

Saturday, June 28th: SOUL WARS (and TZHAAR FIGHT PITS

August 2020 026.png

Ten members of Clan Quest gathered for a game of Soul Wars: no achievements, no holding back on combat, just all-out PvP/PvM glory! Some intense battles were fought, leading the blue team to a victory...

... only for us to then fall short of the required clannies for the next game. Still hungering for PvP, though, the remaining clannies (and some additional ones) journeyed beneath Karamja to the TzHaar Fight Pits, for a good old-fashioned bit of no-holds-barred clannie-slaughtering! Initially playing without food, later switching to matches with food to make our fights last a little longer, we trod a path of tenuous alliances, death dots, and Iskh's ripper demon killing everyone. Also, you'd be surprised how well people can hide in a wide-open arena.

August 2020 027.png

Soul Wars attendees were 1ryb, Earendil20, HardIskh, Iskh, Kebabthief, Lady_Terelle, ldiotonastic, LovelyMortal, Questcaping and Shiro Shana. Quest Wiki and iiDefend joined for our switch to the Fight Pits!

Sunday, June 29th: DEATHMATCH

This sure was a PvP-heavy weekend, huh? Deathmatch, being limited largely to one-on-one combat and with ready access to a bank, can be a more laid-back PvP experience than the Fight Pits or Soul Wars...

August 2020 028.png

... or it can be a clucking nightmare.

This was my first time playing Deathmatch, and I know it was the same for the vast majority of the other attendees -- but we had a wild time of it, making ample use of the bizarre assorted powerups (chicken army chicken army) in order to stab, shoot and spell each other to death repeatedly. Because sometimes, that's just what being in a clan is all about!

August 2020 029.png

Attendees were 1ryb, Borosouro, evilphan, poitato, Quest Wiki, Questcaping, Santa Ends and ViNightshade. We all murdered each other to death. (Except Santa, who came but ended up not having time to play a match. Since he never died, does that make him the real winner?)

Saturday, July 4th: BARBARIAN ASSAULT

Allow me to introduce Clan Quest's elite squad:

August 2020 030.png


Together, we journeyed through all ten waves of Normal Mode Barbarian Assault, right up to the Penance Queen -- which, for at least one member of our team, was a first! Though we didn't have time to progress to Hard Mode, over the next few weeks Lady Klaw and I (along with ILikeSlayer, i herblaw and ZodiacHide -- later replaced by AlphaLeo) took the momentum of this event and formed our own Hard Mode team to eventually get our kill on the Penance King! So while this event was a success on its own, don't hesitate to form your own events outside the regularly scheduled ones -- with a clan as active and engaged as Clan Quest, chances are there'll be enough people interested to make some amazing things happen!

August 2020 031.png



August 2020 032.png

Conquest is a favourite of mine, so I gotta say, it was a joy to see it as active as it was in this event! There were eight attendees in total, including two with some rather contradictory styles: 1ryb, with an army formed entirely from champion units (and three scouts to make up the leftover points), and Borosouro, forming his squad from every unit EXCEPT champions. Naturally, the two of them had to go head to head -- which approach would win?

The full list of matches was:

Lady_Terelle vs DadQ (Lady_Terelle won)
Questcaping vs Earendil20 (I won)
Borosouro vs 1ryb (1ryb and his champion army won)
evilphan vs Cortey (unfortunately bugged, meaning Phan couldn't properly play)
Questcaping vs Lady_Terelle (I won)
The Big Boro/1ryb Rematch (Boro won this time)
Questcaping vs Cortey (I won)

Conquest is far from the most photogenic of games (it's like taking pictures of a chessboard, except with a very limited range of camera angles), so have some screenshots of the game chat instead:

August 2020 033.png
August 2020 034.png

And on a final note: Cortey, Borosouro, evilphan and 1ryb all went off afterwards to join a conveniently timed Trouble Brewing game, as organised by Pink Skirts. I tried to come along too, and managed it for a very brief time, but suffered the dreaded Trouble Brewing Crash immediately upon entry. Alas. (Glad they've fixed that now, or the upcoming Trouble Brewing round in the Clan Minigame Tournament would be a bloodbath...!)

Saturday, July 11th: THE GREAT ORB PROJECT

A classic F2P minigame -- the reason I was so excited about the lofty goal of 50 Runecrafting, way back in my noob days! This is the first time it's come up on our minigame schedule, and the inaugural match was definitely one to remember.

August 2020 035.png

We started off with teams of 3v2 -- that'd be an easy win for the team of three, you'd assume, but Borosouro and Robbe working tandem made sure that it was anything but! Working with impressive coordination as Team Yellow, the two of them brought every match to at least a close call, if not an outright win. Just goes to show how much skill is involved in this game!

Also 1ryb, you're an absolute menace for repelling my team's orbs when we need them most. I've already told you that, but I just thought it needed saying again. (What Shiro is to Trouble Brewing, 1ryb is to Great Orb...!)

August 2020 036.png

(Unlike Conquest, the Great Orb Project is a very photogenic minigame. Pretty altars, pretty orbs!)

Sunday, July 12th: SHIFTING TOMBS

Another first for our minigame schedule -- and another one that's delightfully fun to take screenshots in!

August 2020 037.png

We had enough people for two teams of four: myself, evilphan, Lady_Terelle and Skeets on one, with 1ryb, Borosouro, NL Nightmare and Xurdones on the other. The teams naturally shrank and merged as the event went on, but we still went on for an impressively long time regardless. There's just something about Shifting Tombs that makes it a difficult minigame to quit. Short, sharp bursts of intensity, all under five minutes each -- "oh go on, just one more" is in full effect here...!

And while Shifting Tombs is a minigame that can be played solo, taking a team along definitely changes it into something new. It has a similar sort of feeling to group Dungeoneering -- just even more intense!

Also, it's great fun messing with transmogs while you wait for the rest of your team to finish...

August 2020 038.png

... as you can see! (Featuring 1ryb as Tree and Coins, and me as Urn.)

Saturday, July 18th: STEALING CREATION

Gasp! This must be that Clan Minigame Tournament I've heard so much about! Now isn't that something?

August 2020 040.png

It'd been years since I'd seen Stealing Creation so busy!

Now, I said I'd be writing up the CMT in its own post next month, but this particular event was an odd case of our originally scheduled minigame event syncing up perfectly with our CMT matches. Which means this one somehow managed to be both a regular minigame event and a CMT match.

I won't go into too much detail, but suffice to say, I'm still pretty impressed by the 12v26 win we pulled off against Rogue Ninja Civilization -- as well as our win against the pros of AESOP and True Colours! Thank you especially to Tyco for being our commander over voice chat, rallying everyone together and giving some truly impressive speeches.

Attendees were 1ryb, Borosouro, domthemexcan, evilphan, Giovanig, ILikeSlayer, Iron Adge, Kebabthief, Llithyas (who had only just joined the clan immediately beforehand!), llol mosnter, Questcaping, Robbe, Santa Ends, Tyco elf, and ViNightshade. (The last of which kept trying to sneak off to the other team. Violetta Nightshade you get yourself right back over here. For SHAME)

August 2020 041.png

Sunday, July 19th: PEST CONTROL

With a relatively small team today, wins on the veteran island weren't quite as guaranteed as they can be with a zillion people in attendance -- I can speak personally in saying that, as someone who barely played PC as a kid and usually just sticks around the Void Knight in these games, I had a good few things to learn here!

Turns out you can't just keep hitting the portals and expect them to die, just like that -- gotta be more targeted about it. Get those spinners down, and then the portal is yours for the taking!

August 2020 042.png

Attendees were 1ryb, Borosouro (I love how the vast majority of these attendance lists start off with the exact same two people), evilphan, Kebabthief, Iron Adge, Iron Vss, Questcaping and Xurdones.


A short event, this one (though quickly followed by our first Clan Minigame Tournament Clan Wars match, conveniently just next door in the Gamer's Grotto).

August 2020 043.png

Looks like this minigame was too popular for our own good: playing it on Spotlight, we found ourselves quickly split up and matched with other people from different worlds. Ethical quandaries ensued: is it right to attack other players as a gorilla if you don't know them? Is that just how the minigame is played, or is it wrong to be interfering with other people's games?

It was notable that a few other players in the game were sure to play cooperatively when turned into gorillas: one would place traps, for the meagre point gain involved, then proceed to warn the remaining players where it'd been placed. Good sportsmanship, or match throwing? You decide.

Either way, next time we play this, we'll probably aim for a time when it's not on Spotlight -- all the better for learners, and for clannies to stick together!

Attendees were Borosouro, Kebabthief, Questcaping and Suobbis (the last of which was here for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed it despite the difficulties!)

Sunday, July 26th: HEIST

Always a great minigame to play, this one -- even more so on Spotlight, given that this one has no risk of grouping you with randos! (It does carry a risk of leaving one person behind if you're unlucky enough to have an odd number of players -- and I may have been the one to fall foul of this a couple of times -- but there's still something to be said for the experience of watching your clannies scream about getting caught in clan chat. That, or watching them gloat about catching people!)

August 2020 044.png

Pictured: me arresting Surge Aurora. Not pictured: 1ryb hearing the "ha", thinking he'd been caught, and yet getting away scot free... to a robber victory ;__;

Attendees on Sunday were 1ryb, Borosouro, Chaotic Eric, Llithyas, Pop O, Questcaping, Suobbis and Xurdones. Attendees on Tuesday were 1ryb, Kebabthief, ILikeSlayer, Questcaping, Shiro Shana and Surge Aurora -- yes, it was a game so good we played it twice! The Tuesday event, just catching the end of the Spotlight period, was a direct followup on the clan's first Trouble Brewing practice round...

... the actual match of which will be played very shortly after the publiction of this edition of Questaholic! The Clan Minigame Tournament is going on "anything goes" rules -- sabotage is permitted to the fullest extent possible. Which I'm sure won't end badly for anyone. Right?

August 2020 045.png

... right?????

On a less flammable note, our upcoming minigame schedule is:

Saturday, August 1st: BARBARIAN ASSAULT
Sunday, August 2nd: SHADES OF MORT'TON*
Saturday, August 8th: CASTLE WARS*
Sunday, August 9th: FIST OF GUTHIX
Saturday, August 15th: SOUL WARS
Sunday, August 16th: FISHING TRAWLER*
Saturday, August 22nd: THE GREAT ORB PROJECT
Sunday, August 23rd: FLASH POWDER FACTORY*
Saturday, August 29th: STEALING CREATION
Sunday, August 30th: BURTHORPE GAMES ROOM*

* minigames with an asterisk will not be on Spotlight at the time

See you there!

Article by Questcaping

August 2020

This month we’ve had two nominations: Shane , and Xurdones

""Choto 3000"" wrote:

I nominate Xurdones. They have been incredibly active and willing to help the editors, and making their lives easier. Cheers, mate!

(Editor's note: especially evilphan!)

"xurdones" wrote:


In that spirit, I nominate Shane. He was tremendously helpful in helping me help the editors, by helping get me set up to make additions to the website, answering my questions about how all the bits work together, and catching some of my silly mistakes and omissions

The Masters of RAWR chose a winner, and that is...



Wait a second... -You may say- What are the RAWR Awards??
Check this link!

PS: Please remember no clannie is better than other just because they won a RAWR edition. You're already a winner if you made it to this thread, because it means you care about others and make our clan a better place every day. See you next month!

Article by Choto

Runescape 3 totals

March 2020

99 runecrafting.png:Blacknexaken, Questcaping, Grayscayle
99 fletching.png:Lanaikea, Luv_natural
99 firemaking.png:Lanaikea
99 construction.png:State_bird, Day_dreamer
99 agility.png:Merovech, Schnetts
99 thieving.png:1ryb
99 fishing.png:Blacknexaken
99 woodcutting.png:Blacknexaken
99 hunter.png:Blacknexaken
99 defence.png:Stinkypete22, 1ryb

99 ranged.png:Stinkypete22, 1ryb, Ultradog177
99 constitution.png:1ryb
99 crafting.png:Arix
99 mining.png:Blacknexaken, Swmartijn
99 magic.png:Sigmagamma
99 prayer.png:1ryb
99 attack.png:Scarec_row
99 herblore.png:Fe_supertje
99 smithing.png:Choc_barrage

120 herblore.png:82ndairborne, Scarec_row, Darthmarth
120 construction.png:I_herblaw
120 thieving.png:Lord_dustea

120 farming.png:Waroch
120 fletching.png:Robbe

200m strength.png overall.png:Pop_o

April 2020

99 archaeology.png:Alex_43, Qbond008, 0_kosov_0, Kexy, Zhii, Kebabthief, Pony_picker, Waroch, Lord_dustea, Ytse, Shiro_shana, Thefirebro, I_herblaw, 1ryb, Denniz, Jaguar_007, Magicking, Robbe, Thaxy, Vss, Frawr, Derparnieux, Idiotonastic, Omega, Pop_o, Malinoric
99 thieving.png:Lanaikea, Moglin444
99 magic.png:Lanaikea, Stinkypete22
99 invention.png:Magicking
99 divination.png:Acronia
99 constitution.png:Lord_earth, Malchior, Nayfaan
99 crafting.png:Lanaikea
99 slayer.png:1ryb, Malchior, Stinkypete22, Fe_supertje
99 ranged.png:Thefirebro, Fe_supertje, Madhaussc
99 farming.png:Holynicholas

99 cooking.png:Revcity, Lanaikea
99 smithing.png:Sillycat98
99 dungeoneering.png:Lanaikea
99 agility.png:Magicking, Sigmagamma
99 hunter.png:Malchior, Qbond008, Lanaikea
99 woodcutting.png:Peachy_xo
99 attack.png:Uptheirons05, Stinkypete22
99 firemaking.png:Stinkypete22
99 mining.png:Hemsky
99 fishing.png:Lanaikea

120 invention.png:Mikey_x, Thevyrewatch
120 magic.png:Idiotonastic

120 dungeoneering.png:Alex_43

Until we find a better way again to report OSRS, we will not be able to report figures - SORRY

Article by evilphan

May 2020 023.jpg

I asked myself when I joined this clan, what do I want out of it. I was in a clan for over 10 years, but it got to the point where I wouldn’t chat or help anyone as someone always “butted in” and took over, so it was pointless to try. I wanted a clan that helped others and that could teach me to help others in the stuff I didn’t (and still don’t know).

I am not good at asking for help as I was raised to never ever depend on others. As a female, this has been a challenge. I have been a loner most of my life as I am shy (at least at first).

10 years ago, I became very ill and lost my leg. I really shouldn’t be alive, but God gave me Grace.

I have a blood disease called Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome. Only 1% of people that have it, live.

A few people have helped me here, but for the most part I play alone. I have tried to fit in, but not sure why I don’t. I had hoped the magazine would help, but I have talked to more people, but really only about the magazine.

I see other new people get accepted right away, and get right in the middle of things. I think because they know more or ask more. I think it has something to do with being female and not speaking up. So, I am officially asking to be more involved, to learn more, to be included more, to get a goal, to have fun again. Please. I know this sounds like a whiny female, but I'm really not.

Here is Questcapes artwork for this month! It is just wonderful!

August 2020 046.jpg

Article by evilphan