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Interview with a Superstar
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Clan Quest's Lady High Councilor
~ by LizBeth ~

When did you join Clan Quest? How did you find out about this clan?

I joined Clan Quest in January of 2010 or so... suddenly I feel quite old. I remember playing RuneScape and thinking "Man, it would be nice if I could quest with other people as well." and then it hit me that there's thousands of different clans with different purposes out there, so there's bound to be one for questing as well! So I looked on the RS official forums and found this one, and been here ever since.

How did you get the nickname "Superstar"?

Draz came up with that nickname because he believes I am as popular as a superstar in the clan. I half agree with that. :P

What got you interested in playing RuneScape? How long have you been playing it?

I remember back in 2006 I didn't have my own computer so I was playing mostly flash games whenever my brother would let me on his computer. I ended up on and was playing a lot of flash games there. That is where I first discovered RuneScape, I didn't even know they had their own webpage until quite late. RuneScape has always been my ticket out of the real world, because how the skills in RuneScape are trained (basically mindless clicking here and there), it was an excellent distraction for the time when I was depressed and lonely, although I was quite young and clueless, it was like a medicine for my mind. It still is even today.

What are your favorite colors?

I like all colors nowadays. My all time favorite color will always be metallic blue, though. Basically dark blue but really shiny, hehe.

Do you think Clan Quest is perfect the way it is?

Yes, I believe Clan Quest is perfect the way it is.

In your opinion, are there still certain areas that could be improved in some ways? If so, what would those be?

I don't think there are needs for any more improvements. Although Draz sometimes comes up with new ideas and innovations, I usually consider them then as well because now I believe there's no need for anything new, but if someone has a good idea then I might think "Hey, why not?".

What is it about this clan that you like the best?

I like the fact that although the members of the clan have a great sense of humour and they are playful like children, they can also be very mature and give good advice regarding anything.

What in RuneScape has kept you interested in playing the game?

Like I've said before, RuneScape is my only way of reaching a place where I believe I am truly invincible, a place where I cannot be harmed and especially where I have non-stop fun. Why would I give up on that?

From Wise Ork:
What does "Anamona" mean?

This is actually a very difficult thing to explain but I will try. In English it doesn't mean anything. Anamona was the name I had to come up with because back in 2006 I was a huge fan of a certain band, and one of the members was called Anemona. I absolutely LOVE that name! When I started playing RuneScape and I had to choose a nickname for my character full of awesome I wanted Anemona, but it was already taken. So, since my name in real life is actually Ana I thought why not Anamona? It worked and because at that time numbers were still like a must in your nickname it was turned to Anamona16, 16 being my age back then. After playing RuneScape for awhile in Free to Play I met a player that apparently knew Arabian. He kept calling me Mona and asked me if I am Arabian. I answered no and asked why he thought I was, he said that in some Arabian language "Anamona" means "I am Mona". I later confirmed that information with a friend of mine from Egypt, it was and still is the most interesting fact I have ever learned.

Are you left or right-handed?

I am right-handed. Quite sad that my left hand is pretty useless, though. Can't even hold a spoon with it.

What's the last movie you've seen?

The last movie I've seen before posting this message was Trust. A very sensitive subject, though, but it was still interesting to watch and it really makes you think.

Are you an optimist, pessimist or realist?

I believe I am a little bit of everything. Sometimes I am really optimistic about things, like with food for example. Pessimistic when it comes to my school and realistic when I wake up every day.

What do you think of the Questaholic and its staff?

The magazine is an excellent idea! I like the staff and am always amazed about how big imagination they must have to be able to write so many fresh articles and in such detail every month.

If Jagex pulled the plug on RuneScape, for forever, what would you play instead?

Not sure how this will sound, because it's probably sad to say that I would have some game as a backup for if RuneScape ever goes down, but I would probably just play Guild Wars 2 like I have been now because my spouse also plays it and it's sort of "our game". I can't imagine how life would be without RuneScape, though. That game always has and always will have a special place in my heart and I will be sad because I can't keep in contact with my friends.

I am a terrible "friend keeper" because I rarely send a message or keep in touch with many of my friends, RuneScape and the clan are the only way I like that I keep in contact with friends that I have stuff in common with.

From Dom:
Please inform the world about how brilliant Mölkky is.

Ah yes, Mölkky. Not sure if everyone in the clan knows about this sport/game, most likely some of the remaining Finns might still know about it. Mölkky is a sort of primitive bowling game in a way... only it requires more tactical work and a lot more effort from the team whereas bowling usually goes with luck. In Mölkky you have 12 pins that you must hit with another stick. Each pin has a number from 1-12 on them and that says how many points that pin is worth if you manage to only hit that one. If you hit more than one pin then the amount of pins that you knocked down is counted. The point of the game is to reach 50 points in total before any other team does, of course this other team will try to get that amount as well and will do anything not to let you win. Mölkky is a really fun yard game and it also has championships all over the world, including Japan! I was very surprised to play against a Japanese team last year.

From Msk:
Ana, can you tell us more about your early association with Clan Quest's founders?

There is no earlier association other than when I joined the clan itself. I didn't know any of them before then and after I joined we all just became good friends.

When and why did you become a Player Mod?

I became a Player Moderator on September 25th, 2010 at 19:20 GMT. That date is so important for me that is why I have memorized it so well. As to why I became one... I don't think there really is an answer to that question. Player Moderators are volunteers, we don't get any benefits from being a Player Mod, heck we actually get the most insults in the game... but there are players that need our help, we study the rules very carefully and are there usually to guide the players to be good to each other and especially have fun! I wanted to help the RuneScape community, so when I got my invite I had the option to instantly refuse it or accept it and try to do some good, so I accepted, and here I am now.

Were you ever in any other clan before this one?

Sort of, I remember before the whole Friends chat business I used to sort of be in a clan that was mostly pvp. I didn't really like it, though, so I ended up solo again. I have always considered Clan Quest to be the first and only clan I ever was and ever will be in.

What comments do you have about the way Clan Quest is presently unfolding?

Nothing to complain about, Clan Quest is always growing and always increasing its community and views. I just go with the flow usually.

Draz sometimes refers to you as "The boss" you really get your way with the Boon?

I just like people to believe Draz is the boss of the clan instead of me, of course he knows the real truth behind things.

I'm kinda interested in your side of the story as to "Why you asked for a pair of pants?"

I was in a dungeon with Earth and Artie and I was in desperate need of some armor, I was too lazy to write platelegs and instead wrote pants. Earth found it very funny so he put it as his signature here on the forums.

Questions from Bori:
Which have you lived longer in Finland or Romania? Which do you like more? Why?

I was born in Romania and lived there for 18 years. In Finland I have been living only for 4 years so far and probably will continue to live here for the rest of my life. I had no future in Romania, I really had to get away from that place. In Finland I have finally found the peace I have been looking for all my life.

Mind saying hello in Finnish & Romanian?

In Finnish you can say "moi" or "hei", these are the most common and short ways to say hello. Moi is pronounced as moh-y, and hei is the same as in English. In Romanian you can say "buna". That word is pronounced the same way you pronounce the English word boon and then add the sound uh to the end, so it's boon-uh.

How's it like being the Queen of CQ?

Excellent! I can say "Off with their heads!" without needing to face any consequences.

What's your favourite food?

I love sushi!

What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten and was it good?

The weirdest food I have ever tasted (because I couldn't eat all of it) is mämmi. That is a Finnish traditional Easter food, made of boiled rye flour, malt, salt, orange peel and syrup, usually served with cream. I absolutely hate that thing, lol. It looks weird and brown on a plate and tastes sour and sweet in the same time.

How noob are you?

Totally noob!

And mind saying goodbye in F&R as well?

In Finnish there's no real way to say good bye, the same as in Romanian, what you can say is see you soon: in Finnish it's näkemiin and in Romanian it's la revedere.

Wise Ork's request: You could see this one coming from me - IRL photo of you, please?
October 2012 003.jpg
Thank you, Ana, for doing this interview. It is quite a pleasure knowing a bit more about you. You are indeed beautiful inside and out.

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Article by LizBeth

~!~ History Of Runescape, The Fourth & Fifth Ages ~!~
by Wolfie

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The Fourth Age is also known as the Age of Mortals. During this time the surviving races began to rebuild and flourish amongst the world. Heroes from this age include Arrav and Camorra, both of whom have a statue in the Heroes' Guild.


Aside from a few settlements in Kharidian Desert and refugee town Burgh De Rott (Meiyerditch, although being the largest city with human population at that time being, was already ruled by Vampyres by then), most of other humans in the beginning of the 4th age had abandoned civilisation due to destroyed settlements and lived in barbaric tribes. The major exception to this was the city of Saranthium, but this was eventually wiped out. As the age progressed, they started to build new and permanent settlements, some of which turned into mighty cities by the late Fourth Age, thus allowing humans to become dominant race in the Gielinor by the end of the Fourth Age. Humans would not have become dominant however, if it were not for the discovery of Rune Essence


Gnomes returned to surface right after the end of the God Wars where they found their settlements destroyed. By the 3rd to 5th century of Fourth Age, gnomes were forced to hide from barbaric human tribes, preventing them from extinction. Shortly after that, the Grand Tree was planted and gnome civilization and technology began to thrive.


Dwarves remained under the surface during the Fourth Age. During that time, they discovered a huge cavern where they built Keldagrim. During the rule of King Alvis, the Consortium was founded; by around the year 1650, after King Alvis's death, the consortium ruled the Dwarven Realm entirely. Due to lack of magical abilities, the technology of dwarves became very advanced by the time.


Elves did not remain enclosed in Tirannwn during the Fourth Age; they ruled large areas of modern day Kandarin for at least part of the age, there they taught humans and lived peacefully. This continued until the Iorwerth Clan, who worshipped Zamorak, took over Prifddinas during the Battle of Prifddinas. Rebel clans are forced to stay in Isafdar forest south of Prifddinas.


When the Fourth Age began, many of the goblin tribes fought against the other races for resources. By the midpoint of the Fourth Age, goblins started to fight amongst themselves, culminating into the Battle of Plain of Mud. Goblins became weaker and less intelligent. Cave goblins were exception to this. Still eventually, some of the goblin tribes started to build settlements.


TzHaar, living an isolated life since the First Age, make the first documented contact to the surface people. The TzHaar civilisation considered humans as pets during this time.


Under the rule of Lord Drakan, the Vampyres had taken all of Morytania and enslaved the population. The lands to the east of what was once Hallowvale became known as the Sanguinesti region. The Vampyres have less power the further they stray from this region. All people in what is now known as Morytania pay Blood tithes to the Vampyres. Eventually Lord Drakan attacked Misthalin, but he was defeated by the seven priestly warriors and the River Salve blessed against him just before 6 of the 7 died. By the late Fourth Age Morytania was forgotten, and people began to settle in the North. They all became enslaved.

Major Events

* 1?:Gnomes return to the surface after hiding underground during the God Wars, although the dwarves were unaware of the end of the wars until around 1000 years later.
* Right after the beginning of the 4th age, Fist of Guthix was created.
* 1-200: The druids, worshipers of Guthix built stone circles to worship Guthix in this time
* 31-60: The first star chart that is not destroyed was made in this time period, believed to have been made by the great astronomer Scorpius.
* 200-500 approx: Barbaric humans hunted the gnomes to near-extinction, causing them to retreat to hidden settlements.
* 600-900: Permanent settlements at Entrana, Falador, and across Karamja are constructed.
* 700: Avarrocka, later known as Varrock was built. Varrock is the oldest surviving human settlement outside the Kharidian Desert in the world today.
* 750-850: The people of Avarrocka became very powerful, and conquered their neighboring tribes, eventually forming the first human nation, Misthalin.
* 800-1000: The kingdom of Asgarnia was founded in this time.
* 900-1000: The government of Avarrocka changed to a monarchy during this period.
* 869-1269: After the largest human settlements were able to defend themselves, Battle of Plain of Mud takes place between goblin tribes.
* 1100: Robert the Strong forces the Dragonkin race into near extinction and they flea to a remote location.
* 1100-1200: Many dark creatures from Morytania attacked Misthalin. Seven priestly warriors defeated them and blessed the River Salve, making it impassable to creatures of Zamorak.
* 1500-1700: "Old Asgarnia" was presumably destroyed in this time, and Falador was laid to ruin.
* 1650 approx: After the death of King Alvis the consortium takes over Keldagrim. The dwarves became very prosperous and wealthy, as well as technologically advanced.
* 1769: The Bonde Farm Massacre occurs.
* 1777: Settlers came up the River Salve, and settled in Morytania, building Canifis, Port Phasmatys, and Fenkenstrain's Castle. They all came under the dominion of the Vampyres.
* 1800-150 of the Fifth Age: The gnomes eventually re-established contact with now more civilized humans.
* 1930: Elves in modern-day Kandarin found the Arandar mountain pass inaccessible. King Baxtorian ordered the Elves return to Tirannwn to retake Prifddinas. They failed, and King Baxtorian returned to find his Kingdom in ruins and his wife dead. He was so sad he buried himself under a waterfall.
* 1937: The town of Lumbridge was founded in Misthalin. Al Kharid was built soon after, but it's people were independent of Misthalin.
* 1967:The town of Ardougne sends forth an army to fight the great Battle against a group of Zamorakians living in an Outpost to the North-west. One survivor goes on to become the first King of the Ardignas line; the other founds the Ardougne Market
* 2000: Discovery of Rune essence, leading to the dominance of humans.
* Unknown: The city of Avarrocka launched a crusade to a Zamorakian temple in the desert.
* Unknown: Avarrocka was renamed Varrock.
* Unknown (early part of the age): The Elven King Baxtorian, leader of the Cadarn Clan, the most military of the clans, lead settlers over the Arandar mountains.
* Unknown (Mid part of the age): The dragon Garak, who had destroyed many villages near the Wilderness, was slain by the hero Camorra.
* Mort'ton is affected by the haze originating from Castle Drakan, turning inhabitants into Afflicted and disturbing shades in their catacombs.


October 2012 005.png

The Fifth Age, also known as the "Age of Men" or the "Age of Humans", is the current age of RuneScape. The Fifth Age is currently in its 169th year, and has remained this way since the introduction of the game. The Fifth Age has thus far been a time of amazing strides for the human race, granting many humans dominance throughout central Gielinor largely due to the discovery of runes at the end of the Fourth Age. Positive advances in humanity's lifestyle include military, technological, theological, philosophical, political, and economic strides. The Fifth Age, as a result, has been referred to by some as the "Age of Humans".

Major Events

*Humans discover rune essence (Year 1) *Rise of Kandarin (Year 7)
*Troubles with the Kinshra (Year 8 )
*Mage Training Arena(Year 9)
*Rediscovery of Telescope plans(Year 12)
*Construction of Varrock Sewers (Years 17 - 20)
*Attack of Delrith (Year 20)
*Defeat of Northern Morytania (Year 23)
*The Runecrafting Crusades (Years 42 - 62)
*Destruction of Imcando Dwarves (Approximately Year 60-70)
*Burning of the first Wizards Tower (Year 70)
*Creation of the Tunnel of Chaos (Year 70)
*Arrival of King Arthur (Year 132)
*Dividing of Ardougne (Year 136)
*Elvarg attacks Crandor (Year 139)
*Theft of the Shield of Arrav (Year 143)
*Assault of Varrock (Year 154)
*Illness of King Vallance (Year 162-163)
*Outlawing of the Kinshra(Year 163)
*King Tyras leaves West Ardougne (Year 168)
*The Present (Year 169) Nex, Char, the Dragonkin and many Mahjarrat are awakened, and the ritual is preformed again with two Mahjarrat casualties not counting the Bilrach who died Dungeoneering. Also many of the world's heroes die fighting Lucien. Tension builds and armies rally as the world approaches another major conflict.

So a basic overview of all this is:
1st age: Guthic creates world, some gods and races arrive. Lasts 4000 years until guthix begins his sleep.
2nd age: Zaros rules, Mahjarrat come to Gielinor. Lasts 2000 years until Zamorak kills Zaros.
3rd age: Territory wars, alliances made, most of world destroyed or reformed. Lasts 4000 years until Guthix wakes up and says "Stop or I send you all to hell."
4th age: The gods are gone and mortals begin to rebuild the world. Lasts 2000 years until the discovery of rune essence.
5th age: Man is dominant species. Lasts until present.

I hope you enjoyed my guide on the plot and happenings of runescape. the content was gathered largely from the Lores and histories section of the main site, in game quests, and runescapewiki.

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Article by Wolfie

~!~ Mahjarrat ~!~
by Wolfie

October 2012 006.jpg

Mahjarrat are next to immortal, this is because every few hundred years they sacrifice one of their own to pass their power on to the rest. Icthlarin God of the dead loved this act of life through death. It was he who brought the Mahjarrat to this world during the second age. It is said their bloodlust warped the mind of Amascut from protector of dead bodies to destroying body and soul of the dead. At some point Icthlarin grew tired of their bloodlust or Zaros offered them more power, but in any case they left Icthlarin and followed Zaros.

Under Zaros a golden age of prosperity occured. His kingdom was 3 times the size of any today. Zamorak for whatever reason wanted to kill Zaros, possibly just because he was bored. There is a clear division in the mahjarrat between those who serve Zaros and those who serve Zamorak to this day. With the aid of the staff of Armadyl and the stone of Jas Zamorak attained godhood ending the second age.

In the third age Zamorak and Saradomin teamed up to destroy Zarosian followers and civilizations. Many races and mahjarrat died in this struggle until eventually fights erupted between Bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin, and Armadyl for control of these lands. Zamorak had moved too quickly and could not hold the land he had conquered. This age of war ultimately destroyed nearly all traces of Zaros and turned the wilderness from paradise into... erm wilderness. This war lasted 4000 years until Guthix put a stop to it with the Edicts of Guthix.

With the gods banished the fourth age began. Armadyl left permanently for his creatures were extinct and Saradomin became the major power in the land. Bandos' followers were stupid and the strongest extinct, and Zamorak was blamed for the wars. It is important to note that Saradomin is the god of order and not necessarily good, as shown by the cover ups and slaughter of Zarosian forces at the hands of Saradominists. Zaros suppesedly evil had a great and prosperous kingdom. This leads to the conclusion that in the fight between the mahjarrat we will likely side with Zarosian followers.

Current Events (Told after Tale of the Muspah):

1. I encountered a pair of Mahjarrat called Enakhra and Akthanakos. Enakhra had imprisoned Akthanakos but I freed him. (Enakhra's Lament)
2. A Mahjarrat called Zemouregal tried to invade Varrock with an army of zombies! (Defender Of Varrock)
3. I've heard that Lucien has managed to capture the Staff of Armadyl (Templ Of Ikov)
4. I've managed to find out more about the Staff of Armadyl. I'm told Zamorak used it to defeat Zaros and become a god himself. (The Curse Of Zaros)
5. I've run into General Khazard in the Shadow Realm. I think he's a Mahjarrat. (Shadow Sword)
6. I inadvertently freed a being called Azzanadra from a pyramid to the west of here. (Desert Treasure)
7. I've found out about a slain Mahjarrat named Hazeel. He was reborn. (Hazeel Cult)
8. Lucien has managed to get hold of another artefact. From what I can tell, it's quite a bit more powerful than the Staff of Armadyl - it's called 'The Stone of Jas'. (While Guthix Sleeps)
9. I've found some interesting stone tablets in those tunnels written by a Mahjarrat named Lamistard. Looks like he was sacrificed for the ritual. (The Curse Of Arrav with tablets)
10. Remarkable. It looks like there's a clear split between those who follow Zamorak and those who follow Zaros. (The Curse Of Arrav with Mahjarrat notes)

Mahjarrat Today:

October 2012 007.png
Akthanakos - Zarosian, trapped by Enakhra in a temple for many years, we saved him. His power is nearly evenly matched against Enakhra, meaning in a showdown between the two we could be the deciding factor.

October 2012 008.png
Azzanadra - Zarosian, trapped in a temple which we freed him of in desert treasure. (the method of binding a mahjarrat's essence into 4 diamonds can be used on any of them and is worth noting) He is perhaps the strongest Mahjarrat alive today and capable of directly channeling Zaros' power and said to be immortal even by Mahjarrat standards which is why he was sealed.

October 2012 009.png
Bilrach - Deceased in Dungeoneering experiment gone wrong.

October 2012 010.png
Enakhra - Zamorkian, only full blooded female mahjarrat and in love with Zamorak, killing her could doom the mahjarrat to extinction on runescape. Unless Moia is still alive.

October 2012 011.png
Hazeel - Zamorakian, ruled Ardougne after godwars. We either killed him or revived him. I killed him.

October 2012 012.png
Jhallan - Sacrificed.

October 2012 013.png
Khazard - Zamorakian, youngest, we killed him but he still exists in the spirit realm, tutored by hazeel.

October 2012 014.png
Kharshai - Neutral, disappeared before 17th ritual. His name is similar to Koschei the Deathless, a supernatural warrior fought during the Fremmenik Trials quest. Possibly he may have lost his memory (probably about the time he got branded with a symbol of Zamorak, which would likely make him Zarosian because you tend to hate people that brand you). If so he probably respects us for our valliant fight. At RuneFest 2011, it was confirmed that Kharshai is in hibernation and that there will be a quest revolving around him.

October 2012 015.png
Lucien - Extremely weak until he attained two artifacts of power, the Staff of Armadyl and the Stone of Jas. Afterwhich he had near godlike power but was still easily killed by the dragonkin.

October 2012 016.png
Moia - Half Mahjarrat and half human, she is the daughter of Lucien and pupil of Bilrach. A Mahjarrat definitely died on floor 61 to release a strange power, and given the fact that Bilrach had lost his marbles it is unlikely he would be able to fake his own death. Meaning it is likely he died and Moia survived and has gained incredible powers she can use inside dungeons. Also she can copy the bodies of those she kills and would be almost impossible to find if she left Daemonheim. She was definitely against Lucien when she left but Bilrach may have changed her loyalties, or she may have been driven mad by the dungeons power. Her current power and identity are unkown, however it is commonly believed she has turned neutral and now lives her life as the Oracle although little evidence exists to hint as to why she would do this.

October 2012 017.png
Sliske - Zarosian, expert shapeshifter, master of shadows. Gave the barrows brothers their armor and cursed their souls to remain on this earth until he was ready to revive them and strike the first blow for Zaros by killing Drakan. Also revived Nex and may have had a hand in reviving Char. (band of firemakers stumble upon a fire creature sealed away and wake her up? Seems a little too convenient not to have a puppet master)

October 2012 018.png
Wahsietel - Zarosian, he has taken the name "Ali The Wise". And while he is greatly skilled in combat to fight against Lucien his true power is his ability to gather information and strategize rivaled only perhaps by Sliske.

October 2012 019.png
Zemouregal - Zamorakian, has attacked Varrock twice. Currently is forcing the hero Arrav to serve him, and a powerful Gargoyle named Sharathteerk. Really hates us for stopping his plans and saving Arrav.

There are currently 9 Mahjarrat, 4 are Zamorak aligned, 4 are Zaros aligned, and one is neutral and has missed multiple rituals so his power is likely not a major factor. Of those 3 zarosians are Mahjarrat we have helped and all the Zamorakian Mahjarrat HATE us for killing them, interfering in their plans, and etc. The fact that we are meant to side with Zaros becomes clearer and clearer.

Furthermore clear rivalries exist between specific Mahjarrat, such as Enakhra vs Akthanakos(near even powers), Zemouregal vs Sliske(The barrows brothers are about the same strength as Arrav who single handedly beat Zem so I can't see him winning), Wahsietel vs Khazard(Ali has this fight easy, he fought toe to toe with Lucien and the staff of Armadyl), and maybe Hazel vs Kharshai, but Azzanadra could still beat all the non-Zarosian Mahjarrat by himself. For this fight to not be one sided it would have to involve Zamorak, the dragonkin, a betrayal by Sliske, or some major artifact falling into Zamorakian hands, otherwise Team Zammy is going to get wrecked.

I hope you enjoyed my guide on the plot and happenings of runescape. the content was gathered largely from the Lores and histories section of the main site, in game quests, and runescapewiki.

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Article by Wolfie

by Wolfie

Assuming a person's passwords are strong and they follow the basic steps talked about in "Securing your account from hackers!" Part 1 then the only way to access an account without the users permission is to steal the information needed. Part 2 will be talking you through the basics of how different types of malware, hacks, and information theft work and teach you how to protect yourself against it and Part 3 will even show how to disinfect an already infected computer.
Part 1 is viewable here:

Types of Malware

There are actually thousands of types of malware as malware simply means "Bad Program". Only a specific type of malware known as spyware steals information, however I will be telling you about other common types as well because very rarely will an infected computer suffer from only one type of malware and more than likely one malicious program will actually spread other malicious programs around the infected computer. This means the sooner these bad programs can be recognized on a computer the sooner the threat can be dealt with before something valuable is lost.

Spyware (Keyloggers, Screen Recorders, and RATS) - This is a specific type of malware that steals information.

Keyloggers are very simple malware that simply record every keystroke made and then send the information to a hacker, however keyloggers can be more complex targeting log in specific information. Keyloggers can be very hard to detect because they take up almost no system resources and should not slow your computer down at all.

October 2012 020.gif

Screen recorders either a) constantly record everything that you do, usually causing noticeable lag issues, or b) simply take a screenshot every time a click is made with your mouse. Keyloggers are only good for getting passwords, but a screen recorder can steal information from onscreen keyboards for online banking or your runescape bank pin. Onscreen keyboards mix up the letters and number locations usually so even if mouse movement is recorded without an actual image of what you are clicking where you click doesn't matter. This layer of security can not be cracked. I stated in Part 1 how it would take a program longer to guess a pin than it would to remove the pin so clearly a screen recorder is the only way to efficiently get passed an onscreen keyboard and the most dangerous of the two. However as a password is usually censored out Keyloggers and Screen recorders are almost always used together.

The last type of Spyware commonly used is known as a RAT which stands for Remote Access Tool and what this program does is allow someone from their computer to take control of your computer and use it as they like. Meaning they can use your computer to do naughty things on the internet and have you take the blame for it, or they simply wont have to wait for you to open a file they want to view as they can search for it themselves.

Rougeware (Trojans) - This type of malware often called a "Trojan" named after the Trojan Horse as it pretends to be a good program, or a different program than it actually is in order to trick someone into downloading it. Also it can even do viral things on your computer then advertise itself as a virus removal program that will disinfect your computer if you pay a certain amount of money. If you send these people money it still does not usually do anything to remove itself or behave. An easy way to avoid Rougeware is to google the name of any program you are thinking about downloading and see if thousands of people are complaining about it before you download it. Also anything you download you should be able to Right Click on it with your mouse and select "Scan with..." whatever currently installed antimalware program you have. I recommend doing this for everything you download.

October 2012 021.png

Adware - Ever get annoying popup messages about stuff you don't want to buy, like "Male Enhancement" pills? That would be the handy work of this piece of malware which simply spams you with annoying garbage that slows your computer down. The makers of Adware get paid based on how many views or actual purchases they get after sending someone to a specific site. And these sites may not even actually be selling medicine that does not work, they may simply take your credit card information and go on a spending spree. Also many of these popups are simply not child safe and can be very embarrassing when they come up in the middle of say a presentation at work or while someone is looking over your shoulder at Tim Hortons being nosey.

Worms and Viruses- A Virus is a corrupt program or file that sits on a computer doing nothing until it is opened. 99.9999% of the time a virus is a .exe file. When run a virus then usually falls into one of the categories of malware being talked about here. The terms Virus and Malware are almost identical.

Worms on the other hand multiply like bunnies and have two goals; firstly to take over your system and fill it with worms eventually functioning as a RAT, and secondly to get to as many other computers as possible from your computer.

Drive by Downloads - Drive by Downloads can be a form of Rougeware pretending to be legitimate programs to trick the user into downloading them, but the more dangerous DbDs are downloaded automatically without asking for consent. These downloads can happen from a website, and email, or a popup. The best way to prevent these from working is to have real time antimalware protection on your computer. Most antimalware programs do have this feature luckily.

Macros/Scripts - These two forms of malware take an existing healthy program and rewrite it so it still does all the things (usually) that it normally would, but also does something malicious like spy on the user or any of the other types of things malware does. Macros/Scripts only need to run once to have altered a program that your antimalware program may think is clean into a thing of pure evil. These can be dangerous to remove because sometimes the program corrupted is needed for you computer to run properly so it most be quarantined until you can install a clean version of it. Opening a file in an email can allow a macro to infect your computer even if the file itself was not a .exe file that would normally be the suspect because word file documents can have executable scripts embedded in them.

Browser Mods - Browser Mods make changes to your web browser and are by far the hardest to detect out of all the forms of malware. A browser mod can be as simple as setting a proxy connection on your browser. This means when you would go to say google you are actually going from your computer, to the proxy network's host, then that host is going to google. Even though your computer could be virus free you are still sending all your information to another source that could be recording all your information using as many viruses as it likes.

Backdoors - Backdoor access is when a hacker finds a way around a security system completely. Say the hacker knows your username but can not hack your password yet your email password is very easy to guess. The hacker could file a lost password request and then use your email to change your other account's password without ever having to deal with the more difficult form of security.

Droppers - Are a form of malware that is not a virus itself. All this program does is go to a website and download a virus onto a computer. Because simply downloading a program is not a viral action droppers can go undetected for a good length of time steadily putting more and more malware on a computer.

Rootkits - This is perhaps the most aggressive form of malware. Rootkits are designed to be burried deep inside your system and actively attempt to prevent detection from an antimalware program. Once a Rootkit has installed on a computer it can even disable or completely block the installation of proper security programs. Detecting a Rootkit on an infected computer with a regular virus scan can be near impossible and requires special rootkit scanners to be used.

Bruteforce/Dict Attacks - Bruteforce attacks are when a hacker has a program trying to guess a password by simply trying every possible combination of Alpha Numeric symbols one at a time. This may sound ridiculous because of there being millions of possible combinations to try but such programs can easily make thousands of guesses a minute. The more dangerous programs even take into account the blocking of their ip address after a certain number of failed tries and rapidly switch connections. Password strength was talked about in Part 1 but I will say it again, a long slightly random password is literally thousands of times more secure than an 8 digit almost impossible to remember password.

Dictionary attacks are just Bruteforce attacks using complete words and proper nouns instead of random letters.

Pups - Stands for "Potentially Unwanted Programs". While these programs may be annoying and slow your computer down they actually serve some purpose and someone may actually want them around. Antimalware scans will often list Pups as detections because the majority of people do not want these programs on their computers but they get included anyways by people that click accept 5 times to download a program they actually want but can't be bothered to read all the other garbage they are getting with it.

October 2012 022.jpg
Layers of Security

Dealing with the above and many more different kinds of threats may seem a bit overwhelming but this next section of the article will walk you through doing just that, and doing it completely for free. The main thing to remember is that security should have a layered approach. Don't leave everything up to one program, that being said in the next part I will list two great programs for each layer of security. Pick the one that sounds best for your uses and try not to run two of the same type of security program on your computer at the same time as they get into a fight to see who has more power usually.

October 2012 023.png

Antimalware MSE/Avast - Antimalware programs or Antivirus programs are the heart of any strong defense. These are the programs that actively identify and remove viruses/malware from your computer. Some antimalware programs are overly sensitive though and can give false positives which can be just as dangerous as not detecting a virus. Two really great free antimalware programs are AVAST and Microsoft Security Essentials. Both have above 99% detection rates and MSE is made by Microsoft so it has a 0% false positive record and it is by default set to scan using no more than 85% of your system resources so almost never will a virus scan cause your computer to lag; also it has the option to automatically scan any usb devices plugged into your computer which makes it my personal favorite. Avast likes to talk to you which creeps me out a little, but it takes extremely low system resources to run and has very high detection rates with a low amount of false positives. MSE and Avast both offer real time protection that block threats as they occur. This means if you enable real time protection and scan your computer once to make sure no threats exist on it before you started real time protection you will never have to run another virus scan unless you give a virus permission to run.



October 2012 024.jpg

HIPS Comodo Firewall/Sandboxie - Hips stands for "Host Intrusion Prevention software". To understand how it works picture a person logging into a computer as "guest", and they are unable to download new programs or change system settings. Well with a hips running every program running is put inside what is known as a sandbox. This is basically a jail. A program can still run and play a video or something but it can not change any other files on your computer or use the internet until you give it permission. COMODO has an extensive safelist of programs so you do not get annoyed by messages asking if it is safe to run a program 24/7. Also you can set it to only allow a program to run once if you are unsure about a program.

October 2012 025.gif

This revolutionizes virus detection because everything gets caught as the program assumes everything is guilty until proven innocent and a virus can only run on a computer if you give it permission. Both COMODO Firewall set to "Proactive Security" and Sandboxie are free hips programs. I am very much in love with COMODO. However it is important to understand HIPS have limitations. While a hips prevents everything from acting suspiciously until you give your permission it doesn't stop you from giving permission when you shouldn't. Also I talked earlier about attacks that do not happen on your computer, or use otherwise decent programs to attack you. A hips is an amazing program but it is so awesome people often think they need nothing else if they simply have common sense. Sadly this isn't true because part of being human is making errors and that is the point of a safety net.



October 2012 026.png

Firewall Comodo Firewall/Zonealarm - Firewalls protect your traffic with the internet. While Antimalware programs scan your computer trying to keep it safe firewalls scan your computers interactions with the the internet and other devices to attempt removing threats before they even make it on your computer. COMODO Firewall does an amazing job of this and also has a HIPS feature so it is one program doing two very important roles and doing a great job at both of them. Zonealarm is a very simple firewall that you can download once and forget about; it wont send you popups asking you if you want to run programs or anything technical, it just runs. Zone alarm is great for people that have no clue what is going on and just want something that works.

COMODO: See above link.


Scanner MBAM/Hitman Pro - In any kind of survival situation there is a golden rule of sorts: One is none. If you only have one method of starting fire and it gets lost and you are in the middle of a jungle you are probably dead, which is why people that expect their life to turn to garbage at any second carry 2 ways to make a fire. You may be saying "Where is he going with this... fires and jungles... we are talking about computers here." Well, picture this, a virus gets on to your computer, it wasn't blocked by your Antimalware program or you ignored the warning and it disables your antimalware program and is preventing you from removing it. What do you do? You can't have two antimalware programs on a computer at once because they will get in each others way and slow down your computer. But you can have as many antimalware scanners on your computer as you want!

An Antimalware Scanner is just that, a scan you can run on your computer when you suspect a virus may have gotten past your main Antimalware program. You can have as many scanners on your computer as you care to download and so long as you don't run a virus scan with a scanner at the same time as you run a scan with your antimalware program your computer will not be slowed down at all. Malwarebytes Antimalware or MBAM is an amazing scanner, it has the closest detection rate to 100% out of anything on the market. I am completely head over heels in love with this program. And unlike other programs that have yearly bills you can activate a lifetime license of MBAM that will run 24/7 on your computer protecting it from basically everything for a mere $20. MBAM is the only security program I have ever paid for and it simply works amazing. The free version does just as epic of a job but without real time protection. Hitman Pro is also a very impressive scanner but you only get one free month of use before you have to purchase it so make it count.


Hitman Pro:}}

Browser Applications

In addition to security programs for your computer did you know your web browser itself has built in programs you can download for it known as "apps" or "addons" that can make you even more safe? This is true for both Firefox and Google Chrome. If you are using internet explorer.... okay the best way to explain this is there are commercials for Internet Explorer. Think about that. Internet Explorer comes with computers but it is such a horrible program the company has to buy advertising space to get people to think about using it. IE is slow and not well protected against viruses. I absolutely insist if you use IE you download either Google Chrome or Firefox for your own good. If you do not think it is much faster and smoother then I will prank call Chuck Norris.

Google Chrome:


October 2012 027.jpg

WoT Web of Trust - Wot stands for Web Of Trust and this add on takes feedback from FORTY MILLION users and ranks a site as safe, suspicious, or unsafe. ANYWHERE a link appears in your browser, be it in an email, on the images in a google image search, or in any place at all someone has included a link directly following that link will be the ring of trust. Green rings mean the site is safe, yellow mean the site is suspicious, and red means stay away (Rarely white rings will be present meaning no data is available on that site). You can customize what these ratings will factor in, such as child safety, vendor reliability, trustworthiness, and privacy. If adult content is no problem for you then you can turn that rating off, but if you wish to know that the site you are buying stuff from encrypts their credit card transfers or the program you are about to download is from reputable people then this is the add on for you! You can even set it to block dangerous sites and it will stop them from loading. This is such a great addon because it can stop a threat before it has even started to load.

For Chrome:

For FF:

Adblock Plus - This is an amazing adblocker. In addition to removing adds and making the web a more beautiful place the absence of adds also means pages will load faster, and you don't risk being exposed to a malicious advertisement on a decent website that has no control over what ads they host. This drastically reduces the chances of someone falling victim to a drive by download type attack.

For Chrome:

For FF:

Better Privacy - With the rise of flash games come cookies known as LSO's these are bits of data saved in uncommon places. Ever play a flash game, clear your history and find your game progress is still remembered? That is because it is saved some place that is not cleaned ever and will take up space on your computer until the end of time potentially seriously slowing down your system. Worse yet these LSO cookies are typically used to spy on the computers they land on because they simply sit there watching, forever. This Add on cleans them out every few hours. Really a great "download and forget about it" peace of mind tool.

For Chrome:

For FF:

This is the end of part 2 folks. Look forward to part 3 next month where I will finally write a short article! Simply talking you through disinfecting an infected computer and some basic safety tips I have not already covered. Congratulations on reading to the end of this massive article! You now know more about computer security than the average repairman and hopefully it will keep your game time enjoyable and save you a few repair bills.

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Article by Wolfie

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Fish and Chips
October 2012 028.jpg

• 4 large baking potatoes, cut into French fry strips
• 1 1/2 lbs. of cod fish, flounder or tilapia fillets

Beer Batter:
• 1 (12-ounce) bottle beer
• 2 cups all-purpose flour
• 1/2 teaspoon House Seasoning, recipe follows
• 1 1/2 pounds cod fillets, skinned with bones removed, and fish cut diagonally into 1-inch-wide strips (5 to 6-inches long)

Heat oil to 375 degrees F.
Fry potatoes until golden brown, roughly 10 minutes removing with a slotted spoon or spider. Hold in low oven to keep warm while cooking the fish.

In a large bowl, pour in 1 bottle of beer. Sift 1 1/2 cups flour into the bowl, whisking in gently until just combined, stir in House Seasoning. Pat fish dry and season on both sides with salt and pepper and coat the fish in the beer batter. Dredge the pieces of fish in 1/2 cup of remaining flour and slide into oil as coated. Fry fish, turning over frequently, until deep golden and cooked through, 4 to 5 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel-lined baking sheet and keep warm in oven. Fry remaining fish in batches, returning oil to 375 degrees F between batches.
Serve fish with French fries.

House Seasoning:
1 cup salt
1/4 cup black pepper
1/4 cup garlic powder
Mix ingredients together and store in an airtight container for up to 6 months.

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Article by LizBeth

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Spot the Difference
Find 7 differences between the two pictures.
October 2012 029.jpg

Thou shalt not cheat!

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Article by LizBeth

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<@> Truly Original <@>

October 2012 031.jpg

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Article by LizBeth


Who's Who?

by Konnan

Dirty Rain posted on the following discussion link with some name and customization summaries about our 3 avatars, and may post an article for the magazine to let us know about them in detail.

Citadel - Avatar 005.png
Here is a picture of them all in the citadel pool habitat.
From left to right we have:
"HYBRID" = (Skiller) 3-6% Experience boost, 10% Citadel Skilling Boost, Double Familiar Time.
"AQUA" = (Warrior) Heals over time, Resurrection, Protector/Shield.
"FIREY' = (Skiller) 3-6% Experience boost, 10% Citadel Boost, Auto ort collection.

The three attributes they each have can not be changed, and were set before they were built. There was discussion held in this forum to decide what type of characteristics they would have, and two skillers and one combat one seemed to be the favorites. However, their appearance can be changed by each avatar warden, so they may not always look as they appear in the above picture. It would be nice if they remained recognizable.

Indeed, their appearance may be total invisibility...there sometimes seems to be a "glitch" where members go to the

citadel to pay their weekly buffs and can not see the avatars until a warden comes to the habitat. If this happens, please ask in clan chat for help in finding them. They could all be "out", or they could just be invisible.

All member need to pay 300 orts per week to receive the boost benefits which the avatars offer. You will see blue circles around your character whenever an avatar is out in your world, and you are getting the boosts. Most questions about how the avatars work are answered in a book which you can get from the quartermaster.

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Article by MsKonnan


The Quester's Dream

By Wise Ork

Sitting under an old oak tree
Thinking about the past and he
How he ventured through the lands of old
And all the stories that had him been told.

Remembering how he one day
Never had the right to say
"Let me start RotM,
So I can show you who I really am".

Head down he walked away
Little words had he left to say
As time went by he wanted to show them all
That he would cause Lucien to fall.

So as he trained, day after day
His final goal never astray
He got the levels he did need
And the quests he tried, he did succeed.

After months of training he got to the point
Where mighty warriors by his side got joined
They witnessed the power of the Stone of Jas
Too bad they ended with 6 men less.

Did he stop? No, he did not give up
His lifelong dream though, no tea in cup
As he continued on his mission
Sir Tiffy fin'ly gave him permission:

"Investigate the ritual site, young chap"
And as he did, he laid a trap -
Not long after that fights had come
But what could be heard, were a victor's drum.

Our hero managed to succeed in his quest
Claiming Wise Old Man's cape he was now one of the best
Wherever he went the people there knew
"There goes our hero! We salute you!"

Years had passed and a beauty he met
"Will you marry me?" was what he then said
"I am asked by a hero? Sure, I'll agree"
A wedding in Falador for all to see!

Now he is old, and his son knows his story
Just like his dad, a hero is what he wants to be
And when death will come to him when his time has come
He'll gladly join it, looking at his son.

His final thoughts will be "I will die happy,
Looking at my son who wants to be just like me"
And all will remember, no matter which year
"That man was a hero, and even death did he not fear".

But what's he to do now that his soul is in heaven?
Nothing, no, he did not want another lifetime or seven
Instead he asked when he entered the skies
"All I want is to have rest, not living in death's lies".

"I understand, are you really sure?"
is what Guthix asked him, looking at his heart so pure
"Yes I am, life is for the living. My time here is done."
And with that, Guthix spoke his words "A noble man you had become Your wish I'll gladly answer"...

And with that the man's soul disappeared, his story to be known forever.

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Article by Wise Ork

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An Illistrated History of how the Clan Family evolved

by Konnan
October 2012 033.png
Memo: We could use a good cartoonist on the staff. Post your cartoons on "Magazine Discussions Thread"
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Article by MsKonnan

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Frame Games

Frame Games are rebus puzzles. The word "rebus" is taken from Latin and means "by things". Frame Games are words, letters, pictures, fonts, colors, etc., juxtaposed in a way to reveal a common idiom, famous person, movie, song title, or anything that tickles the fancy!

These puzzles stretch your brain in creative ways. They work your memory, vocabulary, and test your ability to make deductive leaps.

So, try it and have fun while working your brain!


October 2012 034.jpg
Answer: Jekyll and Hyde

Now try this:


October 2012 035.jpg


October 2012 036.jpg


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Article by LizBeth

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September 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.png Astrological Concepts September 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.png
Your Horoscope for the Month of October, 2012

September 2012 024.jpg

Aries (March 20 -April 20)
Relationships make headlines for you this month. Strong energy for relating is with you now, although some complications are likely as well. You may be rethinking your needs or those of a partner and dealing with debts from the past. Take your time and don't push matters. Go over your finances carefully, get counsel if needed, and avoid disputes over money. Fortunately, your negotiation skills are at their best and you'll receive helpful and practical advice, especially around the 19-20. Going it alone is not necessary now.

Taurus (April 20-May 21)
Physical health improves this month and work matters become busier. Relationships are tricky, however. Problems that have been brewing with a partner have their way of demanding your attention. While you should certainly discuss things through, major decision making is best put on hold. You or a partner need more time and shouldn't be pushed into a corner. New relationships started in October can begin with gusto, but then quickly become complicated. Pour your energy into productive paths. Get started on a new health and fitness routine.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)
Complications on the work front are very possible this month. Projects may stall or could be in need of review. Try your best to work independently and to set your own pace on the job because team work can be challenging now. Overall, however, you are in a playful and demonstrative mood. Love relationships are not as straightforward as you'd like, but as long as you avoid heady discussions, you'll be fine. Others are finding you charming but could be hesitant just for now. A friend requires your support around the 22nd.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)
The 7th brings new energy for home improvements, but it's not the best month for major changes. Focus on fixing problems rather than redesigning. Career and family projects bear fruit around the 22nd. More opportunities to enjoy recreation and creative pastimes emerge this month. You'll also attract at least two admirers, especially in the first week of the month. Old flames have a way of reappearing in October, although complications are likely. Review the past but also aim to put it behind you. Work is mostly happy and creative now.

Leo (July 23-August 23)
The month ahead is a busy one, with much emphasis on communications, learning, and family interactions. Making a fresh start with a neighbor or sibling is possible this month. Tensions are possible around the home, however, especially if you are coming across as too bossy in your attempts to take charge. Channel your energy into constructive work around the house, particularly independent tasks. Financial backing is more likely to come now for home improvement endeavors. There are plenty of errands to run and much paper work to handle.

Virgo (August 23-September 23)
You are especially concerned with your finances this month. It's an excellent period for reviewing expenses and making budgets. While you could feel a pinch, this only prompts you to take charge of your practical affairs. News of a higher-paying job or pay increase is quite possible in October. A partner's income will be of special interest around the 22nd. Your mind is very busy with ideas this month and you have extra energy for challenging mental tasks. However, fellow students or acquaintances may not be very helpful right now.

Libra (September 23-October 23)
You are coming out of your shell this month, clearer than ever about wanting to make personal changes. You have the gift of gab in October, and your improved communications skills will serve you well. However, from the 7th forward, others are not always picking up the right signals, so be as clear as you can in your dealings. You have great energy for making money, but problems with purchases made, or changes of mind when it comes to spending, are very likely. Think twice about making big purchases, particularly of comfort or luxury items.

Scorpio (October 23-November 22)
While you are keeping others at a distance emotionally this month, you are charged up and ready to pursue your goals. Work is demanding, and you could be facing many deadlines. Stay on top of things. There is no easy road right now. A past love could reappear, or you could be facing some feelings of destiny or fate in your partnerships. Others have your interests in mind, however complicated feelings can be now. Receipt of money owed to you or a borrowed item can occur in the last week of the month.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
Team work, group activities, and networking are big themes for you this month. As sociable the climate is in October, a lot is going on behind the scenes on an inner level. Matters from the past, particularly regarding love and relationships, are cropping up now for review. Love is complicated and sometimes confusing. It's best to sort out your feelings before coming to any concrete decisions or conclusions. The 22nd brings strong emotions to the surface and new information about a friend. The 28th brings renewed stamina and energy.

Capricorn (December 21-January 20)
Team work, group activities, and networking are big themes for you this month. As sociable the climate is in October, a lot is going on behind the scenes on an inner level. Matters from the past, particularly regarding love and relationships, are cropping up now for review. Love is complicated and sometimes confusing. It's best to sort out your feelings before coming to any concrete decisions or conclusions. The 22nd brings strong emotions to the surface and new information about a friend. The 28th brings renewed stamina and energy.

Aquarius (January 20-February 19)
Increased visibility and accountability are likely in October. What you do and say has more impact than usual, so be on your best behavior. Some of you are travelling or taking on more physical activities. Professional matters capture most of your time, however, and the need to set your own pace is strong. If not, you could be feeling a lot of pressure. Don't take on more work than you can handle, as enthusiastic as you are feeling. News from a friend or about travel plans around the 22nd is good.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)
Your energy levels run high this month, and it's the kind of energy that is easily channeled into productive activity rather than experienced as stress. Others are attracted to your vitality and enthusiasm. Money might be earned through publishing or promotional activities now, and support is available when you need it most. You could also be spending more money on travel or educational pursuits. Career matters are dynamic, particularly towards the end of October. Finance-related conversations and review are fruitful, especially around the 22nd when new information comes to light.

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Horoscope Source:

Article by LizBeth

Clan Avatars

1) 'Firey'
Citadel - Avatar 006.jpg

- XP Boost
- Citadel Boost
- Double Familiar Timer

With his awesome XP Boost buff, Firey is the main homeworld avatar, as he can provide everyone with a nice add-on for their daily skilling. What's more, if you dare to get close to him he even gives you a greater xp bonus!

2) 'Aqua'
October 2012 038.jpg

- Heal Over Time
- Resurrection
- Protector (Shield)

Who says females can't be great warriors? With her powerful combat buffs, Aqua is our warrior-avatar at first hand! She heals faster than a bunyip, protects more than a dragon defender and she even mastered the arts of necromancy...

3) 'Hybrid'
Citadel - Avatar 004.jpg

- XP Boost
- Citadel Boost
- Auto Ort Collect

Hybrid is our citadel-avatar in first place, but he can also replace Firey when he has a day off. With his faster resource gathering and ort collecting, he makes our lives just that bit easier!

Article by MsKonnan

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The Druids and Celts and Halloween History
October 2012 040.jpg

When it comes to Druids and Celts and Halloween, there is a connection that dates back eons. Of course the tales surrounding their connection involving Halloween are deeply shrouded in mystery and lore, as the holiday itself is. While there are some variations in the tales, the core of the stories remain the same.

The First Halloween or Samhain

The celebrations for this holiday started in ancient, pre-Christian times as a Celtic ceremony for the dead. The holiday fell upon October 31, as it still does. It was called Samhain and marked the eve of the next season and new year. During this time period, November 1 was the beginning of the cold season, which was a time of hardship. In this era the year was divided up based on four holidays, as opposed to seasons but each division was still affiliated with a season. For this situation, the season was winter.

The winter ahead promised to be cold, long and harsh. The people would get ready by relocating their livestock closer and preparing them for the cruel season ahead. The cessation of the crop cycle was at this time, with the harvests being stored for the winter. Because of the severity of this season, and the long, dark, cold spell upon the Celts, it became affiliated with death.

The festival of Samhain became a time that people believed the worlds of the living and the dead could become one again, with the presence of spirits. Spirits could return to earth and be mischievous, like causing crop damage. The Celts also thought the priests, or Druids, could make forecasts with greater ease for the coming year when the un-living were around. Animal sacrifices would be made and fires lit to try to keep the souls at bay but help them see their way from the earth to the beyond.

Costumes were adorned during these early festivities, usually those made from the skins and heads of dead animals. The Celts would try to make predictions for one another, gathered around the large bonfire, then returned home to start their own hearth fire back again. They would use a flame from the Samhain bonfire, believing this would help to protect themselves and their homes.

The Transformation

Eventually, the holiday we know as Halloween became known this way after Christian missionaries set out to tamper with the ways the Celts practiced religion. The holiday really began to change following the Roman’s domination over most of the Celtic territory. Samhain was then combined with two Roman holidays.

Samhain was declared pagan as Christianity spread, and a celebration associated with the devil and all things evil. Since Druids were priests and scholars of the practice deemed pagan, these scholarly men were seen as worshipers of evil and the Devil. Christians categorized the underworld of the Celts as tied in with Hell. Many held on strong to their core beliefs as the changes were made.

First – All Souls Day was started, where the living paid homage to the dead, or souls, who had passed. This took place on November 2 of each year. All Saints Day occurred on November 1, but it was the night before All Saints Day, also known as All Hallows, that the lines between the living world and the spiritual one were blurred. This night was called All Hallows Eve, and eventually Halloween. The Celts maintained many of their beliefs and traditions involving this holiday and time of year. One change that happened was that the spirits, once viewed as simply mischievous, were considered evil. This is how the Druids and Celts and Halloween all went down in history together.

The Druids and Celts and Halloween Connected to Modern Traditions

Though the holiday saw many changes in both name and traditions, much of the modern day celebrations can be said to still be tied to original Samhain practices. For example, the Celts wore the hides and heads of animals as costumes during this event, and the use of costumes is still practiced today.

Trick-or-treating is another example of Celt traditions that live on. Since, originally, people left food and offerings to wandering spirits to appease them, people began to use costumes of spirits to go from door to door to collect these offerings. This is what became the first true type of trick-or-treating.

While customs continue to change and evolve, it is doubtful the holiday will ever transform so much that there will not be some remaining proof of the Druids and Celts and Halloween connection.

October 2012 041.jpg

No matter how you celebrate your All Hallow's Eve, have a safe and fun one!

Happy Halloween!

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Article by LizBeth