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An interview with Elven Badass

A quest started by Santa and completed by Choto


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Hi, Elven, you have been around forever... When did you first start playing RuneScape?
I first played runescape when i was about 11, i tried it and didn’t get into it, and then a year later i had some friends in school that played runescape and then I got hooked!

What keeps you returning to the clan and game? Do you play other games on line?
I don’t really play any other online games, I tried world of warcraft and didn’t get into it, and also played maplestory for a bit but runescape won everytime

Are you still really really rich in rs coins? I ask because back in 2011/12 you were a regular contributor to the lottery we ran when building the clan citadel.
Nope not anymore haha, I decided to spend it to get 99 herblore and 96 prayer, and haven’t really gotten back over the 20m mark again lol. [Editor’s note: Choto is that you]

February 2018 003.png

Is your memory as long as mine? I ask because I posted this in my 'diary' - do you remember? I looked in my safekeep diary and in July 2011, I posted this about your help. Bet you don't even remember, lol.
"I have had a very nice present from one of our oldest clan members who shall remain anonymous. If he ever reads this he will know who I mean. Thanks. It was a big boost in my Nomad stock pile of supplies."
I kind of remember lol, it was a long time ago.

I wonder who else you have helped anonymously?
I don’t remember lol, I know I’ve given a couple mills to people here and there.

We both live in BC Canada. What part of Runescape do you think most resembles our part of the world?
I kind of think that Seer’s village / Catherby area seems kind of like our area of the world, close to oceans, and lakes, with some nice trees and scenic areas like white wolf mountain .

February 2018 004.png

What would you most like to see and do if a clan mate could join you irl?
If they haven’t been to B.C before I prob would show them around this beautiful province.

Which is most fun for you in game, the RS3 world or playing as an Ironman? Why?
I think it would have to be on ironman, for the challenge. And instead of buying a dragon hatchet, I have to go and earn it from dagganoth kings, which makes me feel fulfilled.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your interests, in game and in rl?
My interests in real life would probably have to be going camping with family, and hanging out with my wife and kids.


How would you describe yourself?
I’m a laidback, shy/quiet, family man

What's your Runescape playstyle?
Mostly skilling with a touch of pvm.

Favourite clan memory/memories?
I think that would have to hanging out with clan mates in the citadel, and all the funny/random convos in the clan chat.

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Which quest boss did you find the hardest, back when you first tried it?
I think that would have to be nomad, when the quest first came out, i know i died countless times, and am still having problems with Sliske’s endgame bosses lol


How long have you been a CQ member?
I believe I’ve been a clan member just over 8 years now, maybe longer (i remember when offsite was created)

What is your favourite thing to do on RS?
I love to train skills, and do quests, and trying to get into pvm but not very good at it yet lol.

Cats or Dogs?
Thats a easy one, Cats!, I’ve owned cats all my life. [Kitty’s note: You mean cats have owned you all your life, right?]

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What item affects your daily life the most, both in real life and Runescape?
In real life it would have to be my car, because if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t be able to get to work, pick up my kids from school, or go shopping, and in game it would have to be my Firemaking skillcape, because it was my first 99, and means alot to me, even though it sits in the bank most of the time lol.

You get a ticket to visit Gielinor IRL. Where do you go first?
Definitely Prif, to meet the elven folk, because they are elegant.

February 2018 007.png

You get 30 seconds of full attention from all employees of Jagex. What do you say?
I would tell jagex that they need to drop christmas crackers again on rs3, hahaha

Tell me your darkest secret that would make Char pledge her loyalty to Seren.
I ate the clans cookie stash o.o

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Since MsK mentioned you living in BC, have you ever been eastward into Alberta and to the Rockies?
Yes I have, a couple times.

Have you gone anywhere else in Canada (I'm in Edmonton)? How about the US?
I’ve been to Alberta, and Newfoundland, but i would love to visit more places in canada. and in the states I’ve only been to Las Vegas.

February 2018 009.jpg

What was it like waiting for Prifddinas to be released with a name such as "Elven Badass"?
During the time prif was added, i was taking a break from runescape, so i didnt even know that it was added, but when i came back, that was the first quest I did.


Ping Pong with a basketball; good or bad idea (disregard the concept of human safety)
Good Idea!

What is your opinion of cashews?
Meh, could take them or leave them.

Have you ever actually seen a dollar on the ground and thought, "Nah, someone else could use it more"
I think I’ve done that once, but I usually pick it up lol.

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About how dark does it need to be before you can no longer see your hand in front of your face?
Super dark

How impactful did you feel the deaths were in While Guthix Sleeps?
Very impactful!

How convinced are you that there are elemental-powered rockets under Priffdinas and they could probably lift off any time they wanted?
Not very, lol.

What's the one song you have the most confidence to just randomly start singing along with at the top of your lungs in a public place?
Bowling for soup - 1985

Disregard this question; it is incomplete.

Since there's a rather distinct lack of farms, what do you think the elves actually eat in bulk?

February 2018 011.jpg

If you could pop off any non-regrowable part of your body and use it like a grenade, would you?
Heck yeah!

Also, congrats on level 99 woodcutting
Thank you



When did you start playing?
About 15 years ago.

What was your very first accomplishment cape?
Firemaking. Woodcutting shortly after.

If I were to visit your country, what do you think I should do first?
I would say visit one of our amazing ski hills, or check out the awesome beaches during the summer months.

What are your favourite cities/locations, both in RS and in real life?
Priff/Burthope, and Las Vegas or Newfoundland, Canada.

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Do you have a motto or a favourite phrase? If so, which is it?
“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Which quest you believe to be the best?
That would have to be Rum Deal.

February 2018 013.png

Do you play an instrument? If not, which instrument/s would you like to learn?
Nope, but I would love to learn the guitar.

Tell us the story behind your name!
In any rpg game I play, I’m usually an elf, and elves are badass so that’s how I got elven badass.

How many languages do you speak? Which one would you like to learn?
Just english, but I would like to learn spanish

If you had to escape your country immediately, what's the one thing you'd take with you?
My wife and kids, if they don’t count then my cat :p

Is Agoroth as scary as I think it is?
Nope, it’s just a kitten in a squid costume lol

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Who's the easiest boss out there? (Excluding Cireon and Tyco)
The Giant Mole

Best from Clan Quest?
The amazing clan members!

Best film ever?
Any Hayao Miyazaki film

Best book ever?
The Lord of the rings series
[Editor’s note: Hell yeah!]

February 2018 015.jpg

We’ve done it! Thank you Elven for the great interview, and thank you, everyone, for the uninterrupted support!

Article by Choto 3000

Clan Quest RAWR Awards February 2018
Welcome back, noobs! This month we’ve had three nominees: Santa Ends, Xenon Ray and Shane.
February 2018 019.PNG

Three judges were involved in the selection of a winner. And they chose....


“I vote Santa as he has consistantly put in loads of effort keeping the magazine on track and its always a good read.”

“I choose Santa. He's a real clan guy. He puts a lot of effort in the magazine. He gives me the feeling that I can rely on him as if he were actual family. Have concerns? He'll help you out. Need people for trouble brewing? He'll gather some of his friends. A true representation of what being part of a community means, and an example to all of us.”

This comments were also made about Xenon: “Xenon's been consistently great at organising Clan Quest PvM events. Good fun and educational for PvM noobs like me.”

“Xenon challenges are really good. I completely failed at the Nomad but learnt a lot and took so it is a shame when he has gone to the effort to organise the Sliske Endgame challenge this month not to be able to recognise how much he does.”

“He is a meme”



Wait a second... -You may say- What are the RAWR Awards??
Check this link!

PS: Please remember no clannie is better than other just because they won a RAWR edition. You're already a winner if you made it to this thread, because it means you care about others and make our clan a better place every day. Congratulations to Santa, Xenon and Shane. See you next month!

Article by Choto 3000


Skillers of the month:

1-I Herblaw, with 129m xp 2-Derparnieux, with 119m xp 3-Brappa, with 91m xp

CLAN QUEST gained 2,048,805,266 xp during December!


99MagazineAttack.png: Tora, Hubbard, Were
99MagazineDefense.png: Bacon, Travis, Seafarer, Were, Arix
99MagazineStrength.png: Hubbard, Were
99MagazineRanged.png: Seafarer, Kat, Tagi, Vss
99MagazinePrayer.png: Jaguar
99MagazineMagic.png: Arix, Kat, Trips, Vss
99MagazineConstitution.png: Were, Arix
99MagazineCrafting.png: Tora, Seafarer, Seth
99MagazineMining.png: Zoo
99MagazineSmithing.png <3: Vss, Zoo
99MagazineFishing.png: Defend, Ch00b
99MagazineCooking.png: Seth
99MagazineFiremaking.png: Anti, Snow
99MagazineRunecrafting.png: Tora, Sea

99MagazineDungeoneering.png: Schnetts, Sea
99MagazineWoodcutting.png: -
99MagazineAgility.png: Linkvi, Sea, Seth
99MagazineHerblore.png: Tagi, Bacon, Sugar
99MagazineThieving.png: Linkvi
99MagazineFletching.png: Sea, Desmo
99MagazineSlayer.png: Kat, Tora, Vss
99MagazineFarming.png: Tora
99MagazineConstruction.png: Tora, Sea
99MagazineHunter.png: Seth
99MagazineSummoning.png: Ali, Mr. Zaros, Ely
99MagazineDivination.png: Tora, Nex
99MagazineInvention.png: Arix, Row, Were

120 MagazineDungeoneering.png: Rah0, Waroch, Tosols
120 MagazineSlayer.png: Herblaw, Derp
120 MagazineInvention.png: Waroch, Delenda, Kat, Tosols
120 MagazineFishing.png:Luke
Skill/s of the month: Defence

MagazineMax.png A clannie maxed this month! Toragrai


This meme is no longer valid: February 2018 017.png
It has been replaced by this one: February 2018 018.png

Remember to pm me if I forgot to add you

Congratulations everyone!!

Article by Choto 3000

The Last Elegy

A Clan Quest story
By Tyco Elf

February 2018 016.png

Chapter 5
The snow imp was sleeping. Not because there wasn’t anything to do, but because he felt like it. With his tiny feet on the reception desk while sitting on the unnatural high chair that brought him to human-size eyeheight, he indeed seemed to be fast asleep. Yet he immediately opened an eye as the clan portal at the end of the floating island sparkled and someone stepped out of it. The imp smiled. He recognised that helm from a mile away. A light blue helmet, trimmed in gold and with wings on both of his sides. Behind the newcomer flapped the legendary white cape that could only be worn by the most elite of adventurers in Gielinor. And as he took off his helm and let his long hair fall and reveal his pointy ears, there was no mistake about it. The head of the Low Council had returned.

The imp removed his feet and stood up in an attempt to be high as the adventurer approached the desk.
- Whutchaguvna Tyco Far-Strider?
Tyco the elf raised an eyebrow at the imp’s greeting. He put on his helm.
- Hello Santa. Did Choto teach another way of saying “hello” again?
Santa was the nickname of the imp ever since an accident one christmas involving Santa Claus and a dispute with the union. The imp had taken this opportunity and joined the group of adventurers in hopes for a better life.
- Maybe he did. But cheer up guvna, you are missing the party. If you hurry you may still enjoy the best part.
Tyco noticed the glow in the imp’s eye as he finished the sentence. It wasn’t unusual for imps to have a trick or two up their sleeve, something people learned quickly and that Tyco had experience with more times than he could count. He felt the legs remind themselves that if anything they really wanted to rest after the long journey. Preferably in a chair among the other adventurers that had gathered here today. “Let get this over with” he thought before putting on his best ironic expression.
- Oh really? And what would the best part be?
The imp smiled and tilted his head towards the heavy doors that lead to the gathering hall. The elf became aware of the noise inside as he looked at it. In his mind he took a sigh of relief. Santa hadn’t tried to pull another trick. He approached the doors and grabbed both handles while looking at Santa.
- See you after the party.
Then he pushed the doors open to embrace his family.

Two cabbages instantly flew across the room towards the elf, who threw himself on the floor at the sight of the projectiles. They flew past where his head had been a second ago and continued until they landed far behind him with a loud splat. Tyco adjusted his helm that had gone over his eyes and what he saw next would forever be remembered.
Leaves. Leaves of cabbages as far as the eyes could see covered the room. The floor, the walls, the tables that had been broken in half. Even the adventurers seemed to had turned into wandering bushes that launched cabbages at anything that moved. And having the time of their lives, judging by the enthusiasm. An adventuress made a backflip as she was hit in midair and laughter followed. And in a corner Tyco could see Blaa leaning against a wall, whiter than a blanket and someone wearing a cook’s uniform sneak through the back door.
If he hadn’t seen what he saw next, he would have laughed on the spot and joined the war.
There was a pile of adventurers lying on the tables. As Tyco slowly recognised their faces through the leaves, his smile faded.
- Healer…...
Tyco said his first word since he had entered the room. It wasn’t louder than a whisper.
- Healer. Healer….
He repeated it again and again, with the sense of logic returning with every word.
- We need a healer.
Tyco got up on his feet and turned around before sprinting, past the imp who was rolling around the floor laughing hysterically.
- We need a healer!

Lord Earth screamed as he woke up and threw the blanket across the room. Before it had landed on the cold stone floor the elf and the man standing beside him threw themselves over him and pressed him down in the bed.
- For Brassica’s sake Earth! Rest! You barely escaped with your head on your neck!
Sadly those words fell of deaf ears. The high councilor snorted, wiggled and struggled to overcome the adventurers who held him down. The elf groaned as an elbow hit him on the forehead, but refused to move aside.
- He needs me! I can hear him calling for me!
Not realizing until now, Tyco became aware of the echo of hasty footsteps reaching the bed. Trying not to get hit by any future elbows, he took a quick glance behind him. Long brown hair, held up by a barrette that looked like a small fan. Dark leather body without sleeves and chaps with straps holding medical equipment from her waist down to the knees. Irene Angel, healer of Clan Quest, stood and observed the scene in front of her.
A foot got free and the man flew off the bed as a well-aimed kick sent him away. Tyco, literally putting all his weight on the struggling man, looked in the eyes of the healer with the look of someone begging for mercy.
- Irene. Please…….
Tyco made a painful expression as the healer raised her hand and smacked the chin of Lord Earth as hard as she could. The struggles finally ended and the man starred emptily into the roof. Whether it was cause of the events or the hand, Tyco wasn’t sure of. The healer put her hand on Earth’s head.
- Dream.
At first nothing interesting happened. One eyelid closed. Then the other. A sigh of relief was heard as Earth sank into the bed. Seeing that the situation was finally under control, the elf sat down and took a deep breath.
- Thanks Irene.
- You are welcome.
Tyco could see the eye of an hawk coming from the healer before she turned her attention towards the other High Councilors. A shiver went down his spine. Somewhere deep down he remembered getting a slap of his own and reminded himself that one necessarily didn’t need to be skilled with a sword to be feared.
- Nice party you had there.
Tyco looked to the bed next to Earth’s and saw Sethron opening an eyelid. He shined up.
- Seth! Oh I’m glad you are alright.
The man in the hospital bed snorted. Tyco noted a hint of irony in his voice.
- As you can see, as healthy as I could possibly be.
Tyco chuckled, but then changed to a serious tone when reality came back to him.
- Sethron. Please. Tell me everything. Everything you know.

Article by Tyco elf

Bulletin - February 2018

Can you believe that 1/12th of 2018 has already passed? Time flies when you're having fun (or when you're just super busy, like me!). With the first month of the year in the past, it is time to catch up on what happened in Clan Quest!

Needed: two volunteers
I am going to start this bulletin with a quick request: we need two volunteers for five minutes a day. If you're interested, send a PM to Draziw. More information will be provided on application. Dying to find out what this is about? Only one way to find out ;)

For the past few weeks, we've been talking about a new logo design in this thread. Suli has shared a design that seems to resonate with everyone so far. However, we're still not there! You should definitely share your ideas and opinions on the thread, even if they're just to emphasise existing comments. I really want this to be a logo that works for everybody.

The reason we are working on this logo is to make sure we have something that lasts. Once we've decided on our branding, the next step is to introduce a real Clan Quest merch store! This will help distribution of Clan Quest branded stuff for Runefest, but also could create a source of income we could use to improve Clan Quest's infrastructure and make it even more awesome!

Runefest 2018
Talking about Runefest, we're likely only a few weeks away from the date announcement for Runefest 2018. This year will be even bigger and better for Clan Quest. Not only will we use the merch store to make sure we look the part, we're going to do our best in making the event as accessible for everybody as possible. We can't pay tickets for everybody, but we'll work on an affordable place to stay and the best local guides you can imagine!

Why are we talking about this already? Because you can never start saving early enough. Did you know that if you started putting one dollar in a yar today, you'd have enough to afford the Runefest ticket by the end of July, when the tickets most likely go for sale. And if you continue until the event, you'll have enough pocket money to not starve either!

Advance warning: potential culling
With eye on the approaching member limit in-game and changes to the clan constitution, we may start looking at culling inactive members from our roster. If you have any inactive friends, give them a poke and tell them to leave a post on the offsite or have them try out Discord. Perhaps they have some interesting ideas about our new logo or our website's content.

28 millionaires
This month we're going to do something special: every day in February, a member of the High Council will pay 1m gp to the event host that gathers the most attendees in a picture. Why February of all months? Because we're cheap.

There's no requirements on the event, as long as you get together in-game to have that picture in the end. Just post your picture along with an event description in the events forum and we'll get back to you if you win.

And it gets even juicier. The event host that gathers the most attendees through the entirety of Febrauary wins 280M, but only if there has been an event on [i]every day of February[/i]. Just gather some peeps and have fun. Easiest money ever!

C.O.R.E. has been back in town since the start of the year. However, over the next two months we're slightly short on organisers. You might see the frequency reduced, but wait, you can prevent that! If you have some extra time to spare (about one hour per month on a Saturday), you should totally consider joining our event team to host them. Check out the event info here and drop me or another team member a message if you're interested in helping out! It could be your chance at becoming one of February's 28 millionaires!

Talking about events, you should definitely check out the new weekly Tears of Guthix events and beat Sliske up a few more times in the Sliske's Endgame Challenge.

Website & Wiki
I know I've said this for a few months now, but we're really closing in on making the Wiki system of our clan website available to you soon. You'll be able to make your own content, and we'll integrate it further into the website as time progresses.

If you're interested in content creation for Clan Quest, don't hesitate to reach out to myself or the Editors team and we'll set you up in no time.

New to Low Council: Toragrai
As a final announcement, I want to announce Toragrai's promotion to Low Council. Her enthusiasm and willingness to invest in our clan values in quieter hours gave us little reason to doubt a promotion to Low Council was necessary. Please give her a warm welcome :)

And that's it for me this month. I'll be back next month with a fresh batch of updates from your favourite clan. Take care!

Article by Cireon

Clan Quest Members Update
New Members of Clan Quest

The last month has seen four new members join the clan! Please give them a warm welcome and make them feel at home! The new members of the clan are

  • Vapor13579!
  • Iron C0ke, the ironman of Elven Badass!
  • YLee, who posted an introduction here!
  • Chaz5100!

The Recruitment Razzers, the chief body responsible for reaching out to possible new members, and they're always looking for a hand. You can always contact The High Council if you're interested!

Welcome to the Offsite

The offsite is a pivotal part of our clan structure, and the more people that use it the better! This last month we welcomed three new members to the offsite:

Hope you all enjoy what we have to offer as we continue to expand the offsite!

Clan Quest Promotions

Because our ranking system is primarily based on quest points, a promotion is a symbol of your progress as an adventurer! Here are all of the members who have been promoted in the last month:

  • Delenda Est: Recruit -> Captain, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Vagonbrei: Recruit -> Sergeant, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Vapor13579: Recruit -> Corporal, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • YLee: Recruit -> Sergeant, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • IronC0ke: Recruit -> Sergeant, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Brappa: Captain -> General, congratulations on your Master Quest Cape!
  • Clean Tosols: Captain -> General, congratulations on obtaining task master!
  • Blue Hubbard: Blue Hubbard -> Lieutenant!
  • Toragrai: Organiser -> Coordinator, congratulations on your promotion to the Low Council!
  • Ch00blet: Sergeant -> Lieutenant!
  • Profeshnull: Sergeant -> Lieutenant!
  • Haalalbacon: Corporal -> Sergeant!

Congratulations, everyone! You can find more information on our ranks on our official recruitment thread.

Article by Sirapyro