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Well hello hoods there, noobs of Clan Quest!

We are the Content Editors, those who work to produce great things like the magazine you are reading right now. We do it for free, and not because we are slaves, but because we love doing this for us, for you and the clan as a whole. Unfortunately, it seems that we are human as well (not always, though), and sometimes we can’t reach the goals and deadlines we want or need to achieve.

Some time ago we kinda really overhyped and brainstormed each other with a thousand ideas. The wiki, the offsite, the magazine, an anthem, social media, Runefest, and more, and more, and, yes, more. We, or at least I, forgot that there is this tiny little factor called real life. We started at twice our max speed and projects like revitalizing our social media came to a halt. So yeah. We need more people. We need clannies wanting to help us create and develop. There are wiki, magazine and social media teams.

I’m pretty sure Cireon will bring this up in his bulletin, but I want to be popular as well: If you want to help, even if you are not sure how to, contact us. Santa has been in charge of the magazine for a long time and you can always ping him if you are curious about how it works and what can you do. Every other Editor or Councillor can and will be there if you have questions about this. Just don’t be shy! Do you wanna know how I started in the magazine? No, really? Welp.

Thank you, have a great month and be sure to contact us or the Pawfia will find you

Article by Choto 3000



An interview with Suli

By the hood, the shood and the jiid.


November 2017 002.jpg


What's your favourite food?

I’m a total foodie and one of my top favorites is SUSHI! (insert photo of omakase-style nigiri) [Editor’s note: Here, have a nice photo of an omakase-style nigiri]

November 2017 003.jpg

What's your favourite colour?

Hmm I have to say teal.

Coffee or tea?

Tea for sure.

If I was suddenly lying unconscious on your doorstep, what would you do?

Hm….bring you in I guess and give you tea and sushi? Then you can teach me how to Helwyr!


As a New Yorker, how many pairs of Timbs do you own ?

I own none actually… not a huge timbs fan my b my guy.

November 2017 004.jpg

What other genres of music do you enjoy?

Mostly metal and hard, but the occasional radio pop and whatever sounds good I guess. But I prefer heavy metal in general.


If you crave any sort of food right now, what is it?


November 2017 005.jpg

THE DEVOURER (of cookies)

If you had power to kill one of the (well known) gods in RS, which would you kill?

I would definitely slay The Cabbage God. He still hasn’t sent me his recipe for his casserole. >:[
[Editor’s note: HERESY]

You have to choose an rs god to support. Which one and why?

I want to support Seren. She is almighty and will lead us to victory >:[

November 2017 006.png

You have to choose one rs god to bring into real world to rule/guide us. Which one will you choose, why?

Definitely Guthix. This world needs GUTHIX right now with all this pollution and corruption.

Who is your favourite mahjarrat, why?

I don’t like em >:[

Why, why, WHY?!

Because they took my cookies.

November 2017 007.png


Being a RS fashionista I have to ask do you have a favorite RS outfit?

Not...yet. I’m currently on the 120 Farming Master cape grind so I’ll probably base my fashionscape off of that someday :/

Cat, Dog or .....Pigeon?

Cat for sure. I love them so much. I want kittens after I get married. :3

November 2017 008.gif
The Paw.fia will find you

Are you a black and white thinker or do you see shades of grey/color as well?

I think it depends on the situation or the topic. I’d say a color thinker. I try to approach things with an open mind and consider many angles before judging or coming to a conclusion.


You get a ticket to visit Gielinor IRL. Where do you go first?

Draynor Village! Maybe I’ll buy a home there and stay for a while before travelling elsewhere.

November 2017 009.png

You get 30 seconds of full attention from Jagex. What do you say?

I’d like to thank Clan Quest for accepting me into their elite-nooby ranks and Jagex for creating a game I’ve been playing for more than half of my life. Also, where is the nearest sushi bar?

Tell me your darkest secret that would make your son scream in fear.

You...aren’t my father??


Hi there, new fellow sushi fanatic here. What are your 3 favourite types of sushi?

For sure I love Uni (sea urchin). It's a guilty pleasure. I also find myself craving salmon sashimi and salmon hand rolls at times. Oh, and maybe Ikura (salmon roe) as well. I WANT SUSHI.

If you could name a new cocktail that takes inspiration from something in RuneScape, what would you call it?

Amaethwr’s Amateur Ale

What games were you playing prior to finding RuneScape?

Mostly flash games on and back in 2004.

What would your JMod name be?

Mod Suli, of course

If you could meet any single person from all of history, who would it be?

It’d have to be Gregor Mendel. I love his research on genetics and he’s a true inspiration to modern day research..

November 2017 010.png


What is one of your favorite Runescape memories?

Definitely playing the game for the fun of it. There was no pressure to grind and my first 7 years of playing was free to play so I just did whatever I felt like doing. Sometimes I would chop yew trees for days on end; other times I’d afk at spiders in the stronghold. I loved spending endless hours at clan wars when it became F2p. The music is especially nostalgic. Ahhhh

What is your favorite and least favorite boss in RS?

I haven’t bossed much (yet). So far my favorite is Kree because fighting Kree taught me how to boss better. My goals are to farm gw2 and make BANK someday D:

November 2017 011.png

If money didn't matter to you, what would be your dream job IRL?

Definitely wanted to be a singer for a band...or a pro gamer :p.


What does your name mean?

PTV Suli stands for Pierce the Veil (one of my favorite bands). And Suli is a short nickname for my full name Sulaiman

Do you have IRL pastimes?

At the moment no. I used to play guitar and I’m thinking of picking that back up. I also want to travel for food adventures.


When did you start playing?

I first started playing in November, 2004. I stumbled upon the game because it was on the top charts of So I created a new account, traversed through tutorial island and there I was, throwing water strikes at chickens at River Lum.

What was your very first accomplishment cape?

February 2012 I got my very first 99 in woodcutting. Oh those countless hours chopping away ivy’s in Yanille.

If I were to visit your country, what do you think I should do first?

I live in New York City, located in The United States. So, if you were to visit, I’d say go on the ultimate food/restaurant crawl with me because I am an absolute foodie.

November 2017 012.png

What are your favourite cities/locations, both in RS and in real life?

Honestly, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to travel in real life just yet but I do want to visit numerous countries such as Indonesia, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia.

November 2017 013.jpg

I guess before I unlocked Priffdinas, I used to always make it a point to log my character off at Draynor. It’s a spooky place, but calm in it’s own way. I have a thing for waterfronts

Do you have a motto or a favourite phrase? If so, which is it?

Well, I have both!

My motto is: you just have it truly want it. I tell that to everyone struggling in life right now, especially my friends in uni and working and such. If you really want something in life, you will do everything you can to achieve that thing. Whether it’s a love interest, a job, gym goals, a degree; just power through surely your efforts will not go unnoticed.

My phrase is: Let me know if I can do anything for you. I always try my best to go out of my way to help someone; no matter how small or large the task. If it’s within my scope and I have the time, I do truly make an attempt to help someone in need.

Which quest you believe to be the best?

Well, I don’t have any personal favorites but I really enjoyed Monkey Madness when I first completed it. It was my first Master level quest and I really wanted that dragon scimitar.

Do you play an instrument? If not, which instrument/s would you like to learn?

I play acoustic guitar and my very own vocal chords.

Tell us the story behind your name!

In Arabic, Sulaiman means “man of peace”. I was named after the Prophet Sulayman, a highly regarded figure in the monotheistic religions. A former King of Israel and successor and son of David, he was renowned for his wisdom, knowledge and power; including his abilities to communicate with otherworldly beings and animals!

How many languages do you speak? Which one would you like to learn?

I currently speak American English and Bangla. I also somewhat speak spanish because I can communicate better with my native-speaking patients when I am in the pharmacy. I really want to learn Japanese because I’m a total otaku at heart. >:]

If you had to escape your country immediately, what's the one thing you'd take with you?

My girlfriend (and maybe my laptop because RS is life).

Legend has it that I'm known as "Choot". Is that as funny as Nex and Kexy some say?

Well :>

Best thing of Clan Quest?

The awesome community. I love being able to talk with everyone and just hang around on multiple platforms. I used to be in a similar clan a very long time ago, but most of them stopped playing Runescape. I still talk to them but Clan Quest really filled the void of that friendly, Runescape community I have missed for many years. Love you all <3

Best film ever?

I don’t really watch too many films, but I could watch Pitch Perfect over and over again because I love A Capella.

November 2017 014.jpg

Best book ever?

A Thousand Splendid Suns really tugged at my heartstrings with its powerful message and how it draws you into the story. Highly highly recommend it.

Thank you Suli, this was awesome as usual. You’re also my first anniversary interviewee, as my first one was Wolffi in November 2016. Thank you everyone, have a great month!


Article by Choto 3000

Clan Quest RAWR Awards
November 2017

Welcome back, noobs! This month we’ve had two nominees: Tyco Elf and Cyan R.

"SantaEnds" wrote:

Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:53 am
I would like to nominate Cyan for being a cool event host for core.

"PTV Suli" wrote:

Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:01 pm
I'd like to nominate Tyco for continuing to be an awkward but a positive and helpful presence to the community. :] 38- icon bounce.gif

Three people were involved in the selection of a winner. And they chose....



Wait a second... -You may say- What are the RAWR Awards??
Check this link!

PS: Please remember no clannie is better than other just because they won a RAWR edition. You're already a winner if you made it to this thread, because it means you care about others and make our clan a better place every day. Thanks to Santa and Suli for nominating and congratulations to Tyco and Cyan. See you next month!

Article by Choto 3000

The Last Elegy
A Clan Quest story
By Tyco Elf

February 2018 016.png

Chapter 4

The sun was shining. The banners flapped as an afternoon breeze swept through the courtyard of the citadel. The guards stood lined up between the portal and the entrance to the keep, saluting every adventurer that arrived. Not only humans but a variety of races from distant lands, shown by their style of clothes and the state of their armor. While nobody was like the other, the one thing they had in common were the cape on their backs. Grey in color, trimmed with cyan and wearing the symbol of quests. They were all members of Clan Quest: the questing clan.

The heavy doors of the keep swung open for every individual that arrived. A strong gust swept through the citadel as Nogard, the frost dragon of Clan Quest, swept over the entrance while chasing something small. Those with sharp eyes could see Nuli, a young hybrid white/blue dragon, elegantly fly through the air while doing sharp turns to escape the older dragon. The guards who didn’t stand directly by the protecting wall checked their helm and hardened their grips on their shields. They had all been instructed that dragons were very loyal creatures, but even so the sight of two dragons playing tag still resulted in some dangerous situations as they sometimes swept only a few meters above the ground. As the last adventurer arrived, they turned one-by-one towards the entrance and returned to the courtyard. They had duties to perform while the adventurers would perform their rituals for this special occasion.

The gathering hall was full of life. The bleachers had been temporarily removed and replaced with two very long dining tables, now filled with adventurers lively laughing, arguing and having small talk while waiting for the main event. It was hard not to be fascinated over the sigh of the different races gathered in one place. Human, Auspah, cat-beast, ork, humanoid shark, vampire and other races that one couldn’t be certain of unless you asked.
Someone knocked a fork against a glass and the talking slowly faded as the sound of silver against crystal echoed through the keep. The adventurers turned towards the two white doors at the north wall. After a few seconds, a dark voice fill the room in what appeared to be a humming song.
- La-la-di-diiiiiiiiiii-di-de-da-daaaaaaaaaa!
Everyone took their knife and fork on their empty plates and started hammering in choir on the table.
- Dom-dodododo-domdom-dom-domdom-dum-dom!
The voice was heard again, starting from a higher tone this time and one could distinguish words from it.
- Whoooo-waaaaaa-tuuuuuuu-taaastiiiiiiiiiii-miiiiiiii-liiiiiiiitleee-caaabaaaaaaaaage?
The final word was said in such a low tone that it could have come from a zombie. The adventurers gave the table another round of synchronized hammering.
- Dom-dodododo-domdom-dom-domdom-dum-dom!
- Aaaaaaaa…...
The voice did a dramatic pause, filling the room with suspense.
And out from the doors flew the chefs Blaa and Werecool, both in their whitest clothing and balancing a stack of cabbages in both hands. The adventurers went wild! They whistled, cheered, threw their hats and applauded. A banner was unfolded, reading “Happy Cabbage Day” on it. The two chefs started distributing the cabbages among the plates and the adventurers slowly calmed down. A couple of them exchanged a suspicious look as they noticed Werecool’s proud face. Blaa noticed their looks and knew what they had in mind.
- Do not worry, all the cabbages were cooked by me.
The adventurers made a sigh of relief. Werecool’s inability to cook was next to legendary. Some even wondered how he escaped tutorial island. The most popular rumor claimed the tutors forcefully made him leave after various cases of food poisoning among the newly adventurers, causing a generation to abandon their dreams of fortune and glory. Whoever had decided to put him on the kitchen today clearly didn’t believe such rumors.
Blaa was also showing a proud smile. Weeks of experiments and teachings from various cooks around Gielinor about how to make the perfect cabbage for an occasion like this was finally paying off. He could already see this going into the history books. But what Werecool said next made his heart freeze.
- Well, I did contribute a little you know.
Blaa turned towards the smiling chef. The other adventurers watched as his face took the same color as his clothes.
- You didn’t…….
- What? I couldn’t call myself a chef if I didn’t do anything.
The room went silent. Blaa was petrified. For a moment the chefs only stared at each other. Blaa’s lips barely moved as he finally managed to ask the question everyone feared to hear.
- How many?
Werecool put his index finger on in his chin and seemed to be in deep thought. Then he answered as he seemed to remember.
- That would be five.
Everyone in the room stared at their plates. What had gone from a festive dinner had now turned into a game of zamorakian roulette. The content in front of them could literally be their last meal. And if that wasn’t enough, Blaa now had the expression as if a piece of his soul had been destroyed.
Then everything went to chaos.

Multiple rifts appeared at the roof of the gathering hall and out came Mskonnan, Sirapyro, Airborne, Sethron, Kappa and Hemsky. The sitting adventurers fell backwards as the unexpected guests fell on top of the tables and made plates, silverware, glasses and cabbages fly in all directions, some even hitting the surprised faces of the guests.
- My cabbages! Not my beautiful cabbages!
The nightmare became too much for him and Blaa fainted where he stood. A sharkman adventurer regained his sense of logic and stood up.
- Get the nurse! We have inj...
A new rift appeared and the sharkman didn’t finish his sentence as Tothli and Lord Earth landed on top of him. In the meantime a human adventurer had started to laugh at the sight of his neighbour, whose face had been covered in cabbage. In retaliation the neighbour took the closest cabbage he could find and threw it, only to miss and hit the person beside the human.
Ten seconds later and Clan Quest was engaged in an all-out cabbage war.

Article by Tyco elf


Skillers of the month:

1-Grimy Tosols, with 55m xp
2-Derparnieux, with 53m xp
3-Sebbage, with 50m xp

CLAN QUEST gained 179,744,959 xp during October, achieving rank 259 clan overall!


99MagazineAttack.png: Kotahi, Kat
99MagazineDefense.png: CyanP, Row, Vyre
99MagazineStrength.png: Seafarer
99MagazineRanged.png: -
99MagazinePrayer.png: Mama
99MagazineMagic.png: Rolla, CyanR
99MagazineConstitution.png: -
99MagazineCrafting.png: CyanR, Slutur, Matt
99MagazineMining.png: Schnetts
99MagazineSmithing.png <3: Row
99MagazineFishing.png: Dreamer, Wolfe
99MagazineCooking.png: Hoods
99MagazineFiremaking.png: Sina
99MagazineRunecrafting.png: -

99MagazineDungeoneering.png: Suli, Duke
99MagazineWoodcutting.png: MsK, Slayur, Hoods
99MagazineAgility.png: Sea, Mama
99MagazineHerblore.png: -
99MagazineThieving.png: Suli
99MagazineFletching.png: Pac, Mama
99MagazineSlayer.png: -
99MagazineFarming.png: -
99MagazineConstruction.png: Kotahi
99MagazineHunter.png: -
99MagazineSummoning.png: Mama
99MagazineDivination.png: Caping, CyanR
99MagazineInvention.png: Dice, Kebab

120 MagazineInvention.png: Romeo
120 MagazineHerblore.png: Herblaw
500M MagazineSkills.png: Dice
1B MagazineSkills.png: Herblaw

Skill/s of the month: Crafting, Woodcutting and Defence

The greatest cape was recently awarded to:

MagazineMax.png A clannie maxed this month!

Remember to pm me if I forgot to add you

Congratulations everyone!!

Article by Choto 3000

Bulletin - November 2017

November is always a bit of a special month for us Clan Questers. November 9, 2009, Clan Quest was officially founded, which means that the clan has now existed for eight years already. That is a pretty long time, if you think of it. We don't have big events planned this time around, since we're still working hard on evolving Clan Quest into a bigger and better place.

Last month has been pretty quiet; many people returned to real life obligations after the initial rush post-Runefest, but we're still working on implementing them. We're making sure to gather enough feedback, since the community should always come in the first place. We want everybody to be happy going forward, so look out for some announcements soon when we're ready to share more.

C.O.R.E. Events
Completely Organized Random Episodes is what we set out to organize, and C.O.R.E. Events are what we ended up with. Organized by several people, C.O.R.E. Events happen every Saturday at 2pm game time. We generate a (psuedo-)random number and pick the corresponding event from a large list of random events to do. This week there's something interesting for everyone, and something new every week.

So far I think we have been pretty successful. I ask everybody to make a note of the C.O.R.E. Event in your calendar every week, and log in for an hour whenever you can to have some crazy fun with your clannies. Thanks to all the hosts so far - Siiyan, Questcaping, and Tyco Elf - for hosting.

The C.O.R.E. Event format was created so that hosts have almost no work to organize the event. We made sure that everybody is ready to go. We only need to get some people together and pick one of the many events. In the survey, you asked for more events, and this is how we hope to get them to you. The format was designed to be reusable, so if you want to start organizing a C.O.R.E. Event at a different time that's maybe more convenient for you, get some people together and get going. If you get 3 clannies to help out, you only have to spend one hour a month to get an awesome weekly event going!

For more information, check out the thread or the wiki page.

Dimension of the Damned
A group of clannies has made it to the final of Dimension of the Damned. Sadly the finale has been delayed several times, but hopefully we can finally see our members make a final stand against the zombies in the finale on the 18th of November. Make sure to check into the stream to cheer our finalists on, and last I heard they were still looking for an operator to help them strategize, so check out this thread for all information about that!

Clan Quest website
Last month we've made some good progress on integrating the wiki into our main website, but it looks like it is still a lot of work to make sure it is all completely styled correctly to a point where we're happy to integrate it.

We're always looking for more people to help with filling the Clan Quest wiki with content or even working on the actual website code if you can commit some time regularly and don't mind working independently. If you're happy to help with these things, or just feel like you want to contribute to the clan in any way, just drop me a PM and we can figure out some cool stuff to do together.

RSBANDB Update ft. Tyco Elf
Finally I want to give a shoutout to our friends over at RSBANDB. Last month Tyco Elf was the co-host of the weekly RuneScape podcast they run called RSBANDB Update. If you want to hear Shane and Tyco Elf's takes on the October update, head on over to to give the latest episodes a listen.

We work together with RSBANDB on quite a lot of fronts, so make sure to check out their website if you haven't yet. I'm sure you'll see some familiar names come by 15- icon wink.gif

And with that, I wish you all a good November. Check back here next month for a great Christmas-themed update, and all the latest from your favourite Clan Quest High Council..

Article by Cireon

Clan Quest Members Update
New Members of Clan Quest
The last month has seen seven new members join the clan! Please give them a warm welcome and make them feel at home! The new members of the clan are
  • Bradybeen200!
  • Of Nomad, who posted an introduction here!
  • DeathByGod!
  • Jessiboo!
  • Fe NadeZiLLa!
  • CraftyMagpie!
  • Borosouro!

The Recruitment Razzers, the chief body responsible for reaching out to possible new members, and they're always looking for a hand. You can always contact The High Council if you're interested!

Welcome to the Offsite
The offsite is a pivotal part of our clan structure, and the more people that use it the better! This last month we welcomed seven new members to the offsite:

Hope you all enjoy what we have to offer, and what more we'll have to offer very soon!

Clan Quest Promotions
Because our ranking system is primarily based on quest points, a promotion is a symbol of your progress as an adventurer! Here are all of the members who have been promoted in the last month:
  • FaroxKratos: Recruit -> Corporal, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • HaalalBacon: Recruit -> Corporal, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • krazy lady: Recruit -> Corporal, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • TheRedLady: Recruit -> Lieutenant, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Dragon Elder: Recruit -> Lieutenant, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • The Devourer: Recruit -> Admin, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Saxspieler: Recruit -> Lieutenant, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Of Nomad: Recruit -> Captain, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Jessiboo: Recruit -> Corporal, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • DeathByGod: Recruit -> Corporal, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • CraftyMagpie: Recruit -> Corporal, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Alex 43: Captain -> Coordinator, congratulations on your promotion to the Low Council!
  • Nythirios: Lieutenant -> Captain, congratulations on your quest cape!

Congratulations, everyone! You can find more information on our ranks on our official recruitment thread.

Article by Sirapyro