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by Santa Ends
An Interview with Jjasm/ Irene
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For the month of October I decided to even out the gender ratio, as I have interviewed 2 male clannies and no female clannies yet. Alongside Liz and the team, Jjasm has been doing awesome recruitment. It was the easiest one, didn't even have to colour half the text. 2- icon smile.gif

October 2015 001.jpg

How did you get into Runescape?

Same as yourself brother x'D Through this glorious website called Miniclip back in '06. My command of English was so poor back then that I found myself stuck in tutorial island for months before I finally made it out x'D

What is the meaning behind your username?

Jasm is the name given to me by my grandpa. It's derived from the Chinese characters "??" (jie xing) meaning pure heart. According to my mom, my grandpa wanted me to become a heart surgeon or something lmao, hence the name. Jasm was not available as a username, so I put in an extra J, hated it at first, but figured I kinda rock it x'D

How did you find out about CQ, what attracted you here, why do you stay?

Karen, Karen, Karen x'D Basically she just kept on pestering me to join until I finally gave in, and honestly I'm glad I did. CQ undeniably has one of the best communities by far, although the clan chat does get awkwardly silent at times.

October 2015 002.png

What is your favourite skill, minigame and wearable item and why you like it.

Favourite skill's definitely magic - I have always been a big fan of magic spells and all the animations that come with them, not matter what game it is. Everything about magic is just so dope EXCEPT when it comes to the livid farm. I have many favourite minigames, but if I have to choose only one I suppose I'll go with heist. Favourite wearable item will be the gnome scarf - it's just gorgeous x'D

October 2015 003.png

Is there a set of in game clothes you always wear?

Nope, not really, I wish I can have a default set but like many other fashionscapers I just keep on changing. I used to rock with the Kril armor set with QPC and white robin hood hat though, and that's exactly how I met Karen x'D She just popped out of nowhere and...

"Omg jajaja we look exactly like twin sisters !!! I'm adding you to my friends list !!!"

October 2015 004.png

Do you have a "favourite" Runescape player, if yes, why?

Uhm, no. I do have a favourite J-mod though, Mod Ollie x'D

October 2015 005.png
"This guy is more handsome than Draz"

What are your irl and in game goals?

Stay positive, stay happy, believe in myself, keep moving forward and live my life to the fullest, what better goals can there be x'D


Do you own any pets?

Yeah now that you mention it, I currently own no pets. My sister does though, and god, I don't even want to start counting x'D

- Is the "Angel" name thing a conspiracy with Karen to hide your horns? :twisted:

I have no idea what that's supposed to mean, maybe you should go ask Nicole instead x'D

- What RS god do you follow?

Seren, what can I say? I'm a pacifist x'D

October 2015 006.png

- If for only 1 day you could have all the powers of a Jmod for a day, without the responsibilities or any restrictions or repercussions, what would you do?

Delete your account. I'm sorry, I'm in a weird mood right now, I apologize x'D

October 2015 007.png
(Wrong use of meme, but the picture is so apt)

Miss Alaska:

As a kid, what did you want to be when you were older?

Pink Power Ranger, don't judge x'D

How would you describe yourself?

I'll just dump all the adjectives here x'D - Quiet, shy, positive, caring, understanding, cheerful, optimistic, patient, forgiving, open-minded, committed, responsible. I'm also... a computer enthusiast, a gamer and a self-proclaimed foodie.

How do you think a random stranger walking by would describe you? (weird question but I think it's interesting)

Based on experience, they would either describe me as a Japanese or a 12 year old or both. (I'm a Chinese-Malaysian and I'm 21. Much wow, much miss x'D)

October 2015 008.png

Who is your favourite NPC in RuneScape?

Hazelmere the Ethereal !!! I really regret he had to die.

October 2015 009.png

Do you play any other games?

Yes! It's a long long list from Assassin's Creed to Zenonia. I really should start using Steam x'D

October 2015 010.png

What's your typical day in real life?

Generally classes in the morning, self-study and research in the afternoon, games and personal activities at night.

Favourite movie?

Recently, it's Pitch Perfect 2.

October 2015 011.png

What music do you find yourself listening to most often?

Covers from different artists on YouTube, soundtracks and instrumentals. Rarely originals, no idea why x'D


I know you are confident because you posted a photo of yourself early upon joining the offsite. Took some of us a few years to do that. What gives you that wonderful confidence?

Lmao I find this one funny because I was actually asked by Levi to do that x'D

October 2015 012.jpg

Regarding confidence, so much has happened to me over the past few years. I've really learned how strong I've become and how much I can do by putting my mind into a positive place and surrounding myself with a positive environment. I've accepted the fact that I make mistakes just like any other human would, and I've learned to be assertive when taking criticisms. After all, I won't pretend to know everything. I'm going to have ignorant opinions sometimes and hopefully learn from them.

Are you an extrovert personality type?

Nope. Never. Though I can get even more high than Karen sometimes, in a certain way x'D

You look very young, are you a student? What year?

I'm a sophomore majoring in Computer Science, somewhere far far away from home x'D

Do you have part time employment in rl?

Currently? Nope. I used to work part-time as a model and as a library receptionist in my campus though.

About how many hours a day do you spend playing RS.

4 to 5 hours max. I believe you guys can see me AFKing in the lobby more often though x'D

Do you consider the time spent on gaming is well balanced for your overall health and happiness?

Why yes, I think I'll be fine as long as I don't overdo it and get as addicted as I used to be.

Do you sometimes feel the need to take time off from the game or the clan?

I'd like to think that it depends on the situation at hand. For example, if I'm to go on a vacation somewhere I think it'd probably be best to step away from the game for a while. It really doesn't make any sense to continue playing as you can also do that right at the very comfort of your own home so why even bother x'D

October 2015 013.png

We all appreciate your dedication to the Razzers and clan recruiting. Do you feel this could be a long term commitment, or do you think others should take a turn? How many members do you think would be an ideal number for the clan?

There's really only one reason I joined the Razzers. To help the team out. On that note it would make sense that I commit myself to it as long as I can, especially now, more than ever. And yeah I'd gladly let that other person have their turn if we can really even find one in the first place x'D

In my opinion any number is fine as long as the clan does not lose its objectives, direction and identity just for the sake of catering to newer members. From my short experience as a Razzer, I can often see many other recruiters from other clans trying to advertise what their clan is not for whatever reasons they may have. I just don't think that's ideal x'D

October 2015 014.png

What do you most like doing in game, skilling, bossing, chatting, collecting outfits? something else, or all of those things?

All including questing. Never really liked bossing until I met Karen, Levi and Colin though x'D I also share that common dream of completing my PoH costume room.

October 2015 015.png
(Armour case is going to be hard)


I read on your intro that one of your hobbies is playing basketball, how awesome! Do you play for fun or are you part of a team or both? If with a team, what position do you play?

I suppose I can say it's both. I initially just wanted to join for fun, plus I wanted to see what the legendary Lavietes Pavilion looks like, but then things got serious when the athletic board decided to place me in Harvard Crimson. I play the role of point guard. I'm way too short (5"7') to take on any other roles x'D

October 2015 017.png

Do you go home during summer breaks?

Absolutely. I always choose to head back home whenever I can. Actually, who doesn't x'D

Any unforgettable experience(s) during your freshman year at Harvard University that you would like to share?

YES!!! Experiencing snow for the first time. It was awesome!
I was so stoked playing in the Harvard Yard until I forgot to attend my classes x'D

October 2015 016.png

Were you able to adjust well being that you are in a different country?

Aside from language barriers and jet lags, I can't remember having any difficulties adjusting.

Was there a moment of culture shock for you?

Yes, language barrier. No shame in admitting, that's how I improved my command of the English language x'D

What's a "typical" day looks like for you as student?

Fooling around with friends and getting lost on campus grounds. Yes I still do that, I have a poor sense of direction x'D

What other languages do you know? Can you fluently speak Tagalog (Philippine language)?

Mandarin Chinese, Hokkien, Cantonese, Malay, Hindi, Spanish, French, Japanese, ASL, Braille and Elvish.
Hahaha, can't say I can speak *any* language fluently, I can't even do so for my own first language x'D

That concludes the interview for the month of October, it was a pleasure. Special thanks to Irene for her time, and the offsite moderator who puts all our interviews on global announcement. If you have any feedback, you can post here or drop me a message.

Article by Santa Ends