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by Konnan
This long time member of the clan holds many 99 experience capes and could almost be a Completionist. He goes about Runescape disguised as a 'Glamour Gal' and tells me he likes to set fires! Meru is quiet in clan chat, but is very willing to answer almost anything you want to ask him. This is his first interview with us.

MsK asked:

How long have you been playing Runescape?
My very first account was in 2004, I had gotten all my F2P stats to around 40 but I didn't have internet at the time so I ended up givign that account to my cousin. I then made this account in I believe February 2007.

Have you ever taken a break from the game?
Yeah a few here and there. A lot of them were mostly because of boredom and I didn't wanna train skills up (like that time I wanted 80+ and didn't want to train agility, or that time I wanted 90+ and didn't want to train agility.)

Why did you join Clan Quest, and what do you like best about this clan?
When I first heard about the clan it was during a video I think of your third year anniversary, I remember Vodka B talking about it in one of the videos she hosted. I thought, Hey I need a new clan and quests are my favorite thing to do in this game! So why not? And that's exactly what I love best about this clan. Everyone is so fresh on their lore and are up to date on current gameplay, I like to help people when I can but I also like to learn and adapt in areas where I'm wrong 2- icon smile.gif

Mr. Meru, what do you do mostly in game, besides looking Glamorous?
There's stuff other than being Glamorous? Pls.
Haha no but really, I still need 120 Dungeoneering, and I originally wanted a completionist cape but they're adding more and more time consuming requirements and it seems to be out of my grasp even though I have a max cape. So most of the time I just afk train and try to help the noobs in the cc who need guidance.

What can you share with us about your real life?
I'm 21, and I work at a superstore~ Currently single, recently broke up with my girlfriend. I'm bisexual and obviously glamorous. I live with my mom and my grandma but I want to move out soon, hopefully with one of my friends. I'm a huge video game fanatic, I mostly just play RPGS though, and I play league of legends as well. I've been taking really good care of myself too for the past few monthly, eating healthy switching to whole grains and even working out to stay in shape. I've gained about 35 lbs since i started, which is good because I got called anorexic a lot, even though a lot of people don't know anorexia is a mental disease where you refuse to eat. and I just have a ridiculous metabolism. People when you tell me to eat a sandwich that's just as offensive as me telling a fat person to have a salad okay?

GardenChick asked:

Hi Meru,
I know that you like Anime. Where did you first hear about it and what got you hooked?

I used to watch a lot of English animes when I was a kid, you know they were around like Dragonball Z pokemon, etc. My first Japanese anime i got into (which i actually read the manga first) was Death Note. I was about 13 at the time, and my friend had an English manga book for it to which i proceeded and watching the Japanese anime, and it was so good it got me hooked on anime in general. Now Death Note is probably considered one of the best animes of all time and I'd def recommend it if you haven't seen it.

You live just across the border from the USA in Canada. Where have you visited in the US? Did you like it?
The only place I've been was Cedar point, it was really fun but I lost my birth certificate there. Luckily the border patrols didn't count the number of birth certificates ^^ Shortly after they made the passport law and I've never had a passport so..

What are your favorite things to do in Runescape nowadays?
I like to afk train a lot, because it's easy. I also always do my dailies, like P.O.P., misc., daily challenge for dg etc. I really want to get 120 firemaking, but I only have so much time to play each day 3- icon sad.gif

What is your favorite color/colour?

What music genre do you like best? What is the latest song that caught your fancy?
I like a lot of different kinds of music, it really depends on the song I have no set genre really. My most favorite recent song is Invisible by Plumb. I think my favorite all time song Is the Poet and the Pendulum by Nightwish, and my favorite music video is King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men. I guess you could say I'm an Indie/Alternative Rock/Electronica kinda person.

When you go out, what do you like to do with your friends?
All kinds of stuff, play video games, get Chinese food, go shopping, chill at the river, whatever tickles our fancy at the time. We go to events in the city too~

If you go back to college, what would you want to study?
Marine biology, although it would have to be university and I'd have to move. I figure If I want to put in the effort to make something of myself one day I want it to be saving the planet in some way or another, helping stop pollution and saving the eco-system, not just animals but plants as well. Water is a key element in everyday life, it heals, it grows, it protects, it nurtures. I would definitely want to help aquatic wildlife, I could even help land wildlife by cleaning up water systems and help regrow populace that has failed due to human negligence over the years.

Cireon would like to know:

What is your favourite location in Runescape? (elf city doesn't count!)
NO ELF CITY? Darnit. Actually I fancy a lot of places in runescape for various reasons. The water altar is a place that me and my friend lillyfly2 used hang out at all the time when we we're f2p and had nothing better to do, it was very relaxing. I also like the place with all the elite black knights during WGS, because of the music. The track is called Black of Knight, I also like The Firemaker's theme and Charred Remains.

What is your favourite location in real-life?
My mind, it's the only place I can be at complete peace.

Which RS location would you like to visit in real-life?
Probably Sophanem, I've always loved Egyptology and pyramids fascinate me, as well as their ancient culture. Plus getting to mean the Devourer and Icthlarin would be pretty cool and a talking sphinx! The plague would kinda suck though, so maybe I'll just go to the elf city instead.

Which real-life location would you like to see in RS?
I think it would be neat if RS did a Bermuda Triangle kind of thing where you get shipwrecked in a quest and are lost under the ocean with no sense of navigation. RS kinda has an entire world similar to ours though (minus the butts and pollution). I mean they got islands, jungles, deserts, cities, towns, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans waterfalls.

Which NPC would you like to talk to in real-life?
Guthix, even though, you know. He was always my favorite god, the god of balance, and he just wanted peace. It would be interesting to get to know him for him, before all the crazy shinanigans happened, because in the end, that's all he wanted right?

Moustache or beard?

What do you think of the differences between Runescape nowadays and Runescape "back in the day"?
It has its' ups and downs. I really like EoC, its way better than click and wait combat and it adds more skill to the game including PvP, with stuns and such. The grand exchange was also a great addition to the game. However, I remember I think it was 2010, or 2011, they released an amazing new quest every month, sometimes even 2! And then suddenly everything became micromanagement, and all they wanted was more and more money (which is reasonable, they're a company with a game that was declining after EoC but still)
Also the game is now Pay to Win if you choose to take that path and by that I mean you can use real money to get in game cash. I mean it beat the gold farmers, and most people don't pay to win because there's decent money making methods but still. I do like being able to use in game money to pay for membership though. And cosmetic overrides are great! I also love aura and pocket slot items. Theres not really much I don't like, it's just for a while there Jagex seemed really money hungry, but they don't really seem that way as much anymore.

We also want to know:

Your avatar picture and signature say 'the best dancer in Donau'
October 2014 003.png
Tell us what inspired that, do you dance?
No, I literally ripped that from Meru in the Legend of Dragoon. It's the very first line she says to your party.

From Cireon:

What is your favourite item?
Ohhhh there's too many good items 7- icon lol.gif Inferno adze, vampyrism aura, farming jujus, ...
I guess a trimmed completionist cape is my favorite even though I don't have one. It symbolizes how much effort you've put into the game and I think it's probably the most valuable (not money) item in the game. You could have 200m in every skill, so what? You afk'd half the game good job. Trimmed comp takes real effort.

What item is currently the first thing you see when you look to your right?
My Ps3 Controller~ ready for me to afk whatever I want so I can play some more games or watch netflix.

What's one the... Meru tonight? *badum tss*
If that was a joke I don't get it, sorry 56- icon scratch.png

Miss Alaska asks:

I haven't really done much with you in the game besides dungeoneering. What other things do you normally do on RuneScape day-to-day?
I do my dailies everyday, and sometimes I dungeoneer or boss, or if there's a sinkhole or an evil tree I'll go do that. Usually just random stuff, whatever catches my fancy at the time. I'm always training something though.

What would your Jagex Mod name be?
Mod Meru~ has a nice ring right?

I haven't had a chance to get into anime yet, so what's your favourite TV show that's not anime?
Currently I'd have to say Once Upon a Time. New season starts Sept 28! SO EXCITED OMG.

Favourite movie (whatever genre)?
That's a hard question.. Some of my favorites are Scott pilgrim vs the world, Reefer Madness, the Dark crystal, which are all different genres.

AND, CONGRATULATIONS on becoming the newest member of Low Council!
Now I just have to ask you...
How did you feel when you were being promoted at the clan general meeting?

Honestly it felt really special, to have so much support and to see so many people approve of me being something, or someone is really nice. I was flustered and excited, even though I had already been told what was going on. It was a really nice feeling to see so many people support it 2- icon smile.gif

October 2014 004.jpg

Thank you so much for letting us interview you, Meru. You have let us lift the cloak of mystery surrounding your game avatar, and we are happy to meet the real you, and get to know you better. We hope you may soon realize those goals you mentioned...moving out on your own and maybe some day getting to become a Marine Biologist.
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Article by MsKonnan

October 2014 005.gif
by Konnan
Did You Know? The original jack-o'-lanterns were carved from turnips, potatoes or beets.

The Legend of “Stingy Jack”

People have been making jack-o’-lanterns at Halloween for centuries. The practice originated from an Irish myth about a man nicknamed “Stingy Jack.” According to the story, Stingy Jack invited the Devil to have a drink with him. True to his name, Stingy Jack didn’t want to pay for his drink, so he convinced the Devil to turn himself into a coin that Jack could use to buy their drinks. Once the Devil did so, Jack decided to keep the money and put it into his pocket next to a silver cross, which prevented the Devil from changing back into his original form. Jack eventually freed the Devil, under the condition that he would not bother Jack for one year and that, should Jack die, he would not claim his soul.

The next year, Jack again tricked the Devil into climbing into a tree to pick a piece of fruit. While he was up in the tree, Jack carved a sign of the cross into the tree’s bark so that the Devil could not come down until the Devil promised Jack not to bother him for ten more years.

Soon after, Jack died. As the legend goes, God would not allow such an unsavory figure into heaven. The Devil, upset by the trick Jack had played on him and keeping his word not to claim his soul, would not allow Jack into hell. He sent Jack off into the dark night with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack put the coal into a carved-out turnip and has been roaming the Earth with ever since. The Irish began to refer to this ghostly figure as “Jack of the Lantern,” and then, simply “Jack O’Lantern.”

In Ireland and Scotland, people began to make their own versions of Jack’s lanterns by carving scary faces into turnips or potatoes and placing them into windows or near doors to frighten away Stingy Jack and other wandering evil spirits. In England, large beets are used. Immigrants from these countries brought the jack o’lantern tradition with them when they came to the United States. They soon found that pumpkins, a fruit native to America, make perfect jack-o’-lanterns.

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The Magazine asked for submissions from the Clan Members showing your favorite carved pumpkins...Here are the ones you chose.

October 2014 006.jpg
Submitted by Addicted Des.

October 2014 007.jpg
Submitted by Lizbeth.

October 2014 008.jpg
Submitted by Karen Angel.

October 2014 009.jpg
Submitted by Miss Alaska.

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Article by MsKonnan

Disturbing Photos, Psychological Fact, and Ghost Stories

Do you feel dizzy just by looking at this photo?

October 2014 010.jpg

Do you find this picture creepy?

October 2014 011.jpg

An example of memento mori is provided by the chapels of bones, such as the Capela dos Ossos in Évora. These are chapels where the walls are totally or partially covered by human remains, mostly bones. The Capela dos Ossos was built in the 16th century by a Franciscan monk who wanted to prod his fellow brothers into contemplation and transmit the message of life being transitory. The famous warning at the entrance says, “We, the bones that are here, await yours."

October 2014 012.jpg

October 2014 013.jpg

History of Ghost Stories

Since ancient times, ghost stories—tales of spirits who return from the dead to haunt the places they left behind—have figured prominently in the folklore of many cultures around the world. A rich subset of these tales involve historical figures ranging from queens and politicians to writers and gangsters, many of whom died early, violent or mysterious deaths.


The concept of a ghost, also known as a specter, is based on the ancient idea that a person’s spirit exists separately from his or her body, and may continue to exist after that person dies. Because of this idea, many societies began to use funeral rituals as a way of ensuring that the dead person’s spirit would not return to “haunt” the living.

Places that are haunted are usually believed to be associated with some occurrence or emotion in the ghost’s past; they are often a former home or the place where he or she died. Aside from actual ghostly apparitions, traditional signs of haunting range from strange noises, lights, odors or breezes to the displacement of objects, bells that ring spontaneously or musical instruments that seem to play on their own. Here are some
stories and personal experiences

shared by our fellow clan mates.

So now I ask, do you believe in ghosts?

October 2014 014.jpg
Happy Halloween!

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Article by LizBeth

<@> Truly Original <@>
October 2014 015.jpg
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Article by LizBeth

~!~ Halloween Recipes ~!~
~ by Lizbeth ~

Spider Bites
October 2014 016.jpg

1 (12-ounce) package semisweet morsels
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
6 cups pretzel sticks[

Place parchment paper on baking sheet; set aside.

In a large glass microwave-safe bowl combine chocolate chips and peanut butter. Melt on high for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove and stir until smooth.

Stir in pretzel sticks. With clean hands grab pretzel sticks and drop on prepared baking sheet in clusters to look like spiders.

Place in freezer for 5 minutes or until to chocolate is hardened. Remove and serve.

Deviled Chicken Lollipops
October 2014 017.jpg

12 chicken drumettes, skin on
1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus to taste
Freshly ground black pepper
3 slices sandwich sourdough bread, crusts trimmed, torn into pieces
1 clove garlic, roughly chopped
1/4 cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves
2 scallions, green and white part, chopped
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1/3 cup honey mustard
Hot sauce, optional


Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F or a convection oven to 425 degrees F.

Stand a drumette on its wide end and, holding the narrow bone at the top, use a paring knife to push and scrape the skin and meat downward to expose the bone and make a plump "lollipop" of chicken at the bottom. Repeat with the remaining drumettes. Season generously with salt and pepper and set aside.

Pulse the bread in a food processor to make coarse bread crumbs, (about 12 times). Add the garlic, parsley, scallions, 1 teaspoon salt, pepper, to taste, and continue to pulse until finely chopped but not a paste. Transfer the mixture to a shallow bowl and toss with melted butter.

Brush each drumette with some honey mustard. Then press and roll each one in the bread crumbs to coat. Arrange the drumettes (standing up if you can) on a rack set over a baking sheet. Roast until chicken is cooked and the bread crumbs are golden brown and crisp, 20 to 25 minutes. Serve drumettes hot or at room temperature with hot sauce, if desired.

Bon Appetit!
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Article by LizBeth

~!~ Wolf's Insomnia Steak ~!~
by Wolfie
October 2014 018.png
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Article by Wolfie

~!~ Brain Teasers ~!~
by Konnan
June 2013 038.jpg

Something for clan mates to do to keep those grey cells active!

1. Johnny's mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May.
.....What was the third child's name?

2. There is a clerk at the butcher shop, he is five feet ten inches tall and he wears size 13 sneakers
......What does he weigh?

3. Before Mt. Everest was discovered,
...what was the highest mountain in the world?

4. How much dirt is there in a hole
.....that measures two feet by three feet by four feet?

5. What word in the English language always spelled incorrectly?

6. Billy was born on December 28th, yet his birthday is always in the summer.
......How is this possible?

7. In California, you cannot take a picture of a man with a wooden leg.
.....Why not?

8. What was the President's name 1975?

9. If you were running a race,
.....and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now?

10. Which is correct to say,
... "The yolk of the egg are white" or "The yolk of the egg is white"?

11. If a farmer has 5 haystacks in one field and 4 haystacks in the other field, many haystacks would he have if he combined them all in another field?

Here are the Answers:

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Article by MsKonnan

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October 2014 020.png
Our Performance in the Quest Cup
As part of the 2014 RuneScape Clan Cup

October 2014 021.jpg
October 2014 022.jpg

This year the annual Clan Cup of RuneScape saw the addition of a few new cups, including one close to home - the Quest Cup. Cireon was first on board for this and suggested that Clan Quest compete, a no-brainer right? After a lot of discussion about who would be representing our clan and finding out all the details regarding the two competitions within the Quest Cup, we formed our teams. The event itself began on the 8th of September and would officially end a week later on the 15th. Clans could choose to participate in either the Iron Choobs competition, the Quest Run competition, or both. Naturally, Clan Quest went for both! Each competition required a clan team of 5, being brand new accounts that had been invited into the clan. The two competitions in the Quest Cup are explained below.

Iron Choobs

The Iron Choob competition was exactly as the name suggests. Competitors were required to make brand new accounts that had to be free-to-play only, 'Iron Man' accounts. Each of the Iron Choobs had to try and complete every F2P quest, with the first clan whose team managed to do so and post on the completion thread (provided they abide by the rules) being declared the Iron Choob winner. Like mentioned before, these had to be Iron Man accounts, so no player trading, player assists or use of the G.E. was permitted, as well as no use of Treasure Hunter. The only exception would be Shield of Arrav, which needed players to trade shield and certificate pieces.

Our Iron Choob team consisted of
HolySanctum (choob name, SanctumNub), ILikeSlayer (Slay Quester), Derparnieux (Derparnub), DrakanHpS (DovakiinHpS), and Addicted des (nooby des). While the team made a determined start into the Iron Choob competition, we didn't manage to finish first - Elvarg proving to be a spanner in the works. Nevertheless we are proud of how well our Iron Choob competitors fared in the Quest Cup, and Clan Quest congratulates them.

Quest Run

The other competition in the Quest Cup was the Quest Run. It differs from Iron Choob in that the five team members (separate team members from the Iron Choob team), had to be supplied bonds from the clan in order to become RuneScape members, and were allowed to receive player assistance and use G.E. and Treasure Hunter throughout the competition. The clan team who obtained the most quest points over the course of the whole week across the five competitors would be declared winner of the Quest Run competition.

Our Quest Run team included Stick Man H (GrymmStick), Rerecros (Nub Rerecros), Sinistral (Lartsinis), Draziw (Nub Draziw), and myself (Alaska Nub). While each tried their best to reach high figures in our quest point count, we unfortunately fell shorter than some other clans. Nevertheless, the team was strong and achieved some amazing numbers despite real life and such inhibiting gameplay time. Well done to all of the Quest Run competitors for your outstanding work representing the clan.
October 2014 023.jpg

So despite not winning the prizes, Clan Quest showed some fantastic skill in questing for this year's Clan Cup, and had a bit of fun on the side. A big THANK YOU to the members of both teams for dedicating time to the competitions and representing the clan. You did us proud, and I am personally am very thankful for your help in this.  :D Thank you also to the helpers of this competition, Cireon, Sirapyro and MsKonnan in particular, and anyone else who contributed a little to organising and planning for the event. We'll be ready for next year's!

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by Miss Alaska