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by Konnan


Our happy and fun loving LizBeth has given us her answers to all the questions we asked of her. Actually this is two interviews, one with "Liz" ,and one with "Beth" that ebil alter-ego just had to have her say here and there.

Questions from MsKonnan:

How long have you been in the clan, and what were your first impressions when promoted to Low Council?

Hello, Msk! I joined the clan July 15, 2011. Wow, time flies! I was not really a “clan” person before, because I sometimes clashed with someone in chat. At the time I met Draz at the cooking guild, I was actually trying to avoid joining any clan. He asked if I was a quest fanatic...

Beth: Yeah, that Boon just started bragging about Clan Quest and went on and on. He was talking a mile a minute. Then he asked Liz to look at the vexillum and to check out the cc, as well.

Sweet of you to butt in, Beth. I did check the cc and hung out for a few days and I actually liked what I had observed. I got along well with the members and I liked the level of maturity that they projected, despite most of them were teenagers. I asked Draz if he could be my sponsor, he said it would be fine, but he’d rather that I asked someone else in the clan. I’m such a shy person (hard to believe, I know) even in game that it was rather difficult for me to ask someone for sponsorship. On the application, I put Draz’s name, anyway. He really can’t deny it, since he was the one who recruited me in the first place...heh!

Beth: Liz, you’re so clever.

What were my first impressions when I got promoted to Low Council? I really didn’t expect to be promoted in just 3 months from the time I joined the clan. That was truly a very pleasant surprise. When Draz asked me to meet him at Varrock castle, I thought there was some sort of party or meeting to be held. I think he mentioned something about “private party”. I followed him up to the top most part of the Varrock tower. I thought, “Okay, a very strange place to hold a party, but he’s Draz, so anything he does could be odd.” I can’t quite remember how he phrased it, but he said something about some noobs voted me in to be in the Low Council and if I would accept it. It didn’t register right away in my brain, but I think I said, “Yes”.

Beth: Draz’s words just went totally past over her head, like “WHOOSH!” Better spike your long hair Liz, maybe it would help prevent the constant “whooshing” and would catch every word thrown at you. Of course, included in this not-catching-what-Draz-said was also his famous “speech”. It was so “Gone with the Wind!” Know wha’ sayin’?

Trying to get me in trouble? Hey, it was so late at night, I was out of town at that time, and way past my bedtime when that noob Boon caught me in game. Of course, nothing would register in my brain at that point.

Beth: Lame! Just sayin’.

Anyway, I got so elated when I saw my silver star changed to this, what I called, fancy-looking star.

Honestly, I never knew what Low Council or High Council was prior to my promotion, because I never paid attention to the ranks. I thought being ranked as a Captain was awesome enough after a week that I joined. All I knew was the “key” meant authorities higher than those with just the stars. I remembered Rerecros approached me to ask if a Low Council had spoken to me. I said no and asked him what a Low Council was. He didn’t answer my question because he had to leave.

Beth: Man, what a noob!

I was quite impressed as to how the Low Council had voted me in. You guys could pass for CIA’s. I will never forget how I felt that day I was promoted. Best combination of feelings I had in years, good ones at that. Thank you!

Beth: Since she had trouble sleeping that night, she was a zombie space cadet in the morning at her meeting. Her colleagues thought she was sick.

LizBeth - how did you come up with your Avatar name, and the image you are using? That image must be "Liz", she is so sweet looking. When did it first occur to you to give her an "Alter Ego"?

Well, Elizabeth is my full name, but was no longer available in RuneScape. I tried all the other combinations, but I didn’t like anything with numbers. Then luckily, LizBeth was available and I made the L and B capitalized to make it...well, different. It wasn’t until I did the offsite introduction that I came up with an alter ego. After looking over some of the other prologues, I decided not to conform to the norm. That was when I created Beth, just to make it sort of unique and funny. Well, I don’t know about being unique but at least sort of funny. It got stuck ever since. Actually, it was Jero who noticed that even my name was schizophrenically written, as if it has a split personality. I never realized that till he said it.

The image that I used for my avatar was taken from one of Kim Anderson’s photography galleries. I liked this one the most because it shows sweetness, happiness, contentment and love.

Just how evil is Beth, anyway? Would you ever unleash her, or can Liz totally control her?

Beth is more of a mischievous personality (ebil) rather than evil. She’s like a sophisticated troll. You wouldn’t know she is trolling until much later. She often takes over at will, especially, when Liz is having a bad day.

You volunteered to help recruit for the clan. Do you still enjoy being a "Recruitment Razzer”?

Yes, I still enjoy being a “Recruitment Razzer”. I volunteered to be a recruiter because it is the only thing offered by Clan Quest that I can do even if I am not in game. I can do it while at work and that is by posting on the RSOF “Looking for Clan” recruitment thread. I also have a very erratic schedule that I don’t like to commit on something, like doing an event for example, and then I can’t do it because of real life issues. I do not like making promises I can not keep.

I still preferred recruiting in game since I get to interact with the players. Even for a brief moment I could tell a person’s personality, his level of maturity, his wittiness and his intellect based on the way he handled a conversation.

Now that recruitment is on hold I get to thinking that perhaps the “Recruitment Razzers” might benefit more to have a new leader whenever it reopens. Being the manager of the group, I felt like I had not motivated the members enough for them to carry out what was expected for a recruitment team to do. I think I am more of a supporter than a leader. I am not leaving the team, just stepping down from my leadership to give someone else a chance to lead. I prefer someone who is not in the Council.

What is your favorite color?

The clan colors are my favourite colors, isn’t that amazing? So they are green, blue and white, not necessarily in that order.

From Wise Ork:

What is your favourite animal that you can NOT keep as a pet?

Hi Wise! Koala because IT’S SO FLUFFY! I like the way it looks, so calm and contented. When I was in high school and all throughout college, I had been collecting stuffed koalas, and trinkets that had its image on them.

Do you like hugs?

Of course, see my avatar photo? I hug my friends, family and relatives a lot! It has a very calming effect.

If I asked Beth to betray Liz, knowing that the betrayed one will suffer a punishment, would Beth really be as evil as to betray Liz?

Beth: Betray Liz?! Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout, dude? I will never betray my “better half”, ever! Hey, did you see that? I think that “better half” is more suitable here than to describe a married couple. AWESOME!

Beth is right; she’s sort of my protector. She’s more outspoken and gutsy than I am.

Ytse would like to ask:

How do you manage to stay so active on the offsite and such without actually being in-game all that often?

Hello Ytse! Very observant of you. I can’t play RuneScape when I am at work, that’s for sure, or I’ll get sacked. I work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. My job requires me to always have my attention on what I am doing and my patients. If I were to play RuneScape while at work, I would be very distracted by it. In game you get a lot of private, public, and clan chat messages, and then skilling all at the same time. I can only concentrate on one thing, so RuneScape has to wait until I get home.

The offsite and facebook (heh!) are far easier for me to do while at work because they don’t need my attention, nor are they distracting to me.

What do you find appealing/unappealing about Clan Quest?

Appealing: I like the members in the clan as a whole. After spending long hours at work, it’s nice to just chill with clan mates and just read the funny exchanges that often occur in chat. It makes those boring skills a bit more tolerable, too. The friendship that developed over time is quite amazing. The ups and downs of real life could be overwhelming sometimes. It is nice to have a place to escape even for a short while.

Unappealing: Nothing that I can think of.

How do you feel about being ranked #1 in wrong chatting?

Hey, I am quite honored. I don’t think anyone in clan could beat the constant wrong chatting that I do, not to mention some awkwardness at times. ..hahaha!

Beth: It’s the only thing she’s good at, mind you.

And from Karen Angel:

What makes you such a nice and awesome person?

I never really think of myself as nice and awesome, but thank you, Karen. It is really sweet of you to mention that. I always try my best to be pleasant to other people. I feel that if I treat someone nicely, in return, that someone will treat the next person he/she would encounter the same way. So like a domino effect, I hope.

What are your real-life totally awesome super goals?

My only goal right now is just to find ways to be a lot healthier and not to be too sickly.

What’s the favorite thing you like about your job?

I am a Registered Nurse by profession and ever since I was 8 years old I had been reading my sister’s nursing books and tried to figure out what was wrong with me whenever I was sick or when a family member was sick. Taking care of people must be something that is inherent in me.

Also, the best part about my job, I get to witness the miracles that occur in people’s lives. If I were to be asked about believing in miracles, I will definitely say, “Yes, I see miracles happen every day”, without hesitation.

Beth: Let’s put it this way, she hasn’t killed anyone, yet, so that is a good thing.

If you could marry anyone in clan quest who would it be?

Dang! It’s like a truth or dare question, Karen! Marry? I don’t know. One time, Leo, while pretending to be a minister or whatever, married me with someone, but I forgot who...hahaha! At another time, while in the party room, he tried to marry me to a group of clan mates. I just ran away. But to answer your question, I am married in real life, so in my fantasy world, I would rather stay single.

Beth: *Cough* She does have a crush on someone...and that’s all I have to say about that. Intriguing much?

Don’t spread rumors, Beth. People might believe you.

What's your favorite thing about Clan Quest?

Beth: Ytse had asked a similar question...noob!

Will you be nice, Beth! To answer your question, Karen, everything about Clan Quest is my favorite.

Beth: Can you be any more vague than that?

Miss Alaska wants to know:

Favourite quest?

Hey Miss Alaska! My favorite quest, although, there are a number of them, is “While Guthix Sleeps”. It has a deep story line that you can’t help not to pay attention to. It is indeed quite long, but it is interesting and not boring. I really enjoyed doing it. Also, it is the last quest for me to wield the Quest Point Cape. So, there is a sort of sentimental relevancy to it.

Beth: How many times did you almost die?

A lot less than Nomad’s Requiem, that’s for sure. I only bailed out twice.

How did you start playing RuneScape?

I have a son who introduced me to RuneScape. Being such a clever child, he knew that when mommy liked it, he will become a member. Needless to say, that was exactly what had happened. I refused to try it, but he was so relentless. My son explained to me how it was played. Dang! I got hooked simply because it was like an animated Barbie doll. I get to dress my character and all that girlie stuff. Then after a year, my son quit because he got so involved with school and sports, which was good. I was left still playing the game, although, I missed playing with my son, too.

The Gossipers want to know:

Did you know that someone in the clan has a Crush on You? (I wonder if he will post here).

Yes, I do know who that! I think that is sweet, though. Crush is just an admiration. It often disappears with time or when the person finds another object of affection. It is quite fleeting and temporary.

Beth: Heh! I don’t think there is only one who has a crush on you...see below.

Our Wolfie has a comment and question:

Wow! I am so tempted to post "Dang, you caught me" and freak someone out. I guess I will stay on good behavior for now though. My question is have you been hit by this giant thunderstorm yet? Because it is crazy outside right now, my neighbors tree just went down.

Wolfie, I live in Florida now and not New York. Since it is summertime, we do get severe thundershowers every single day. It usually hits in the afternoon. It’s nature’s way of cooling down. Sometimes we get tornado warnings/watch when there are visible cells forming. For your information, Florida is the lightning capital of the world. When there are thunderstorms, better stay indoors or be zapped by lightning.

I hope no damage was done on your property by the strong winds. Keep safe!

From Boricua:

How's life been treatin' ya?

Hi Bori! Well, life has been treating me something similar to a rollercoaster ride...always hanging on for dear life.

Mind telling us something no one knows about Liz? about Beth?

Liz – sweet, thoughtful, Ms. Prim and Proper, soft-spoken, shy, “Asian blonde”, OCD, sugar and spice and everything nice and all that jazz.

Beth - outspoken, opinionated, analytical, curious, cunning, volatile, sarcastic, ebil genius.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to read a lot. I often do outdoorsy stuff with my family. I like going to the beach and just bask in the sun with a good book. When I am sad or stressed, I unwind by playing the violin, listening to music, or go to a nice place and paint/draw the surroundings. I like to play basketball and tennis.

Beth: I like to drive my friends and family crazy by playing practical jokes on them. I like to stare at men and make them so uncomfortable. Push random tourist people off a cliff/swamp just because I feel like it. Feed intruders to my pet, Mr. Ally Gator. Put salt in a sugar container or loosen up a salt lid at home or restaurant...hehehe!

What's one thing you'd love to try but are too scared to?

I want to try sky diving most definitely, but I’m just too chicken out. It must be nice to jump and free fall and have a bird’s eye view of where you’re going to! It must be awesome to have that adrenaline rush.

Beth: Why bother jumping off a plane when rollercoaster rides already scare you out of your wits end? *Sigh* some people.

Tohtli asks:

How can we tell when we are dealing with the good/bad Liz/Beth?

Oh, that’s easy, Tohtli, if pleasant and cheerful to talk to, you can be sure it’s Liz you’re dealing with. If crabby and sarcastic, it’s Beth.

How did you know about Clan Quest?

I’d never heard of Clan Quest prior to meeting Draz. W66 wasn’t even my home world, it was W99. The reason why I hopped at that time was because I was collecting potato cactus. Every world had 2-3 bots collecting with me, except W66. I always do my herblore in the cooking guild. Draz was there and he introduced me to the clan.

What made you realize you want to join us?

I had tried 2-3 clans, but I didn’t really join them. The first 2 were started by friends, one splt, the other I wasn’t able to stand the immaturity of the members. Then I saw Pink Patrons of Pain that was headed by Mod Poppy in the beginning. That was the first time I saw 4-6 JMods, and numerous Forum and Player Mods in a clan chat. You think I was impressed? Well, maybe for a day I was, but after that, I had to leave the chat. Some of the members were bad mouthing the Moderators; they were kicking left and right. It was a sad sight. You would think they would have some respect with these guys, but, my goodness, I don’t want to say anything negative, anymore. I was amazed that the JMods were so patient and tolerable of such.

When I checked Clan Quest’s cc, the contrast was so astounding from clans I had mentioned above. At first I thought the members were like 25 years old and over. When I found out that they were teens and young adults, I was amazed just how mature they were and very intellectual. Of course, there were times when some inappropriateness would come about, but if it did, it was rectified right away. When a few would complain of how immature the Clan Quest cc had become compared to before; I thought they sure hadn’t been to other clans to compare things there.

What do you think about the Citadel? And the way we gather resources on it?

The Citadel is really awesome in my opinion. I cannot fathom why some would think it is just an additional useless pain. It’s like a place you can go to for community events or get extra skilling experience. If we could only use it a lot more or entice clan mates to cap every week without pressure, it would really be a nice social place for the clan.

I think our gathering of resources is pretty much congruent to the clan’s goal for the citadel. Open communication with the members is very important, as well as considering their opinions, which is what we have been doing all along. The way I see it, the citadel symbolizes a fortress wherein a clan’s unity is practiced and built.

Beth: I couldn’t agree more.

And Wise Ork requests a Real Life Photo, please.
September 2012 002.jpg

NOTE: LizBeth’s photo has a Surgeon General's warning that it is hazardous to your health. Many have become violently ill just by looking at it.BETH: View at your own risk! KONNAN: And thank you Liz, and Beth for agreeing to be interviewed. :)

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by MsKonnan

History Of Runescape, The Third Age

By Wolfie

September 2012 003.png

During the Second Age, Zaros had almost complete control of the world. The areas that are now the Wilderness, Northern Misthalin, Northern Asgarnia and North-western Morytania, formed the greatest part of his kingdom, where many great fortresses and cities were constructed. When he was betrayed and defeated by his Mahjarrat general, Zamorak, the Second Age ended and the other gods could now begin ruling without interference. However, many gods, the most significant being Saradomin and Zamorak, wanted complete control.

After Zaros' defeat in single combat, Zamorak quickly set about to rounding up his remaining loyalist followers, and destroying his fortresses and cities. The majority were destroyed quickly, but Senntisten held out for many hundreds of years. The war escalated as other Gods, seeing an opportunity attempted to seize control of areas that had previously been Zarosian, since Zamorak was unable to efficiently conquer and maintain his holdings, due to the speed with which he acted. The war escalated further, and by the time of the Fall of Hallowvale, almost the entirety of Gielinor was in chaos. The gods, at the time, could directly interact with the world, which caused destruction far beyond any seen before or after the wars.

During the wars, countless civilizations, races, and animal species disappeared. Many were destroyed, while others hid themselves or went under drastic changes in order to survive. Much of the world itself went under drastic changes, with much of the land being ruined or reformed. Many of these changes were so catastrophic that they continue to affect RuneScape, even today.

In fact, the entire world was on the brink of destruction when the fighting awoke Guthix from his sleep. Upon the end of the First Age, Guthix went into a deep slumber that stretched over many thousands of years. When he awoke, he found the world in ruin. He was so enraged that he instantly demanded that the gods stop fighting their wars on RuneScape, and to continue to hold influence only through their followers. Most of the gods left RuneScape, although they continued to watch over it and hear the prayers of their faithful. It was at this time that the Third Age, which had lasted approximately 4000 years, finally ended.

Major Events

* Bandos arrived to Gielinor.
* Uzer, the largest city in the Kharidian Desert, is besieged by Thammaron, an Elder Demon and chief lieutenant of Zamorak. Uzer is destroyed, Thammaron, however, is severely wounded by an elite group of golems. The wounds eventually prove fatal. Thammaron's army was crushed by Azzanadra.
* The Dorgeshuun goblin tribe is banished by the god Bandos after refusing to fight. They build a city known as Dorgesh-Kaan approximately 800 years before the end of Third Age.
* Akthanakos is tricked by Enakhra into her temple, where he becomes imprisoned.
* Gods all fight for control over the Zarosian empire, the Zarosians are forced to flee into the desert and live as bandits.
* Azzanadra, the champion of Zaros, is brought down and imprisoned in a pyramid, Zamorakians and Saradominists joined forces to bring him down.
* By the end of the Wars, the Wilderness, which had been a forested paradise, is permanently scarred by the war and barren of all but the most twisted of life.
* Lord Drakan, is given control over Morytania due to his assistance in Zamorak's rebellion. Queen Efaritay, the Icyene queen of the area, is captured, giving Drakan complete control over the land. He converts the area's cities into large ghettos where the inhabitants are farmed for blood and corrupts many of the Icyene into the vyrewatch. He then raises the sea and casts storms over the sun, transforming the landscape into a ravaged swamp. As his main fortress he constructs Castle Drakan over the old castle of the Icyenes.
* Count Draynor, the brother of Lord Drakan, sets his sights upon the area that is now Draynor Village. Following the blessing of the River Salve, he is greatly weakened.
* The Barrow Brothers lead the forces of Saradomin into the heart of Morytania. They are killed in battle and buried at the Barrows, only to be turned into spirits by Sliske. He gave them their powers so they could die close to Drakan and be trapped in spirit form until Sliske was ready to raise them again and kill Drakan when Zaros makes his move.
* The "Myriad" civilization is destroyed almost completely; the Light Creatures in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves are all that remain.
* The dwarves, after realizing that the wars could force their race to extinction, seal themselves beneath the world's surface. They construct the dwarven capital of Keldagrim.
* The Digsite, known as Senntisten at the time, is destroyed by the forces of or Zamorak, but is claimed by Saradominsts some years later. The wars ultimately destroy Senntisten, and in its place is constructed Saranthium. Senntisten was the largest Zarosian city. The construction of Saranthium is known to have taken place between 3740 and 3804 by the evidence on two coins found at the digsite, the only surviving records of dates from this age.
* The elves are forced to retreat into Tirannwn due to the danger of the lands beyond Arandar.
* The gnomes, like the dwarves, are forced to flee beneath the surface of the world. Their capital, the Gnome Stronghold, falls into ruin and remains so until the Fourth Age.
* Mother Mallum, the queen of the sea slugs, attempts to conquer the world. She is narrowly stopped by the Saradominist Temple Knights, an organization which was founded during the God Wars as well.
* Hazeel conquers the land that is now Ardougne as part of his contract with Zamorak.
* Paddewwa, Kharyrll, Lassar, Dareeyak, Carrallangar, Annakarl, and Ghorrock, Zaros's last remaining fortresses, are destroyed.
* A large cavern, known now as the God Wars Dungeon, in an icy land north of Trollheim plays host to a massive battle between the followers of Bandos, Saradomin, Zamorak, and Armadyl. The cave is hidden during the battle, freezing the combatants.
* The Dagannoths emerge roughly during this time, resulting in great losses for the Fremenniks.
* Bandos leads the ogres into the Feldip Hills, quickly wiping out the local populace and claiming the land as his own.
* The wyrms, a species of ancient dragons much more powerful than any known dragon today, slowly disappear from continued use in combat and evolution. A specific species of wyrm, the White Dragon, also disappears.
* The Wyverns become extinct due to a massive climate shift. Their reanimated skeletons can now only be found in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, the last remaining place that is cold enough for them to survive.
* Dragon, a type of metal found only in Freneskae and forged by the Dragonkin, is introduced to Gielinor.
* The Eastern Lands become largely inaccessible due to Necrovarus's conquering of Port Phasmatys.
* The knowledge of Ancient Magicks, a book of extremely powerful battle spells, is largely forgotten.
* Contact with an underwater city is lost, with all memory of the city nearly vanishing from Gielinor.
* It is likely that during the wars the barrier between Gielinor and Zanaris was broken, resulting in the weak border and easy transportation between the two worlds today. This happened to numerous other worlds as well.
* Amongst the greatest desert cities was Ullek, a settlement found in the cliffs and swamps of the south-eastern desert. Shortly after Uzer was attacked by Thammaron, Ullek was attacked by Balfrug Kreeyath.
* The desert deities of the Menaphites, which had ruled the Kharidian Desert for countless years, fall from power.
* Yu'biusk is discovered by Bandos. Bandos takes them to Gielinor and once in Gielinor, they become his warriors, referring to him as the "Big High War God".
* Nezikchened may have been imprisoned in a cave beneath the Kharazi Jungle during these times.
* Many of the thousands that perish in the Wilderness return from the dead as bitter Revenants.
* Dragontooth Island, is used by Saradominists as an outpost. They are brutally killed by an unknown enemy, leaving much of their tale a mystery.
* Agrith-Naar, a powerful demon, is banished from Gielinor by Guthix upon his awakening.
* The mysterious Ancient Cavern was most likely created during this time. In recent years, it seems a great number of people have been attracted to the cavern for various reasons. One is known to have been searching for the incarnation of Scabaras. Another seems to have been involved with Glough and Arposandra. A third believed the cavern was somehow involved with the Dragonkin. The last was correct as it is used to make Dragon armors.
* A large island north of Morytania, commonly known today as "Kudos Island", is ravaged by war. Many of the animal species unique to the island are entirely wiped out. The island itself will soon be reachable via barge.
* General Khazard, a Mahjarrat, gained power in Kandarin and was amongst those who attacked the gnomes in the area.
* The Fist of Guthix is formed shortly after Guthix returns to the surface.
* The town of Eastbridge is destroyed in the intense fighting.
* At some point, Bandos' race of great warriors, the Ourgs, are destroyed.
* Towards the end of the war, exact date unknown, Armadyl's most loyal and beloved followers, the Aviantese, were also wiped out. Armadyl is so distraught that he flees Gielinor.

Major conflicts

* The Fall of Senntisten
* The Destruction of the seven Zarosian Fortresses
* The Wilderness Campaign
* The Dorgeshuun Civil War
* The Sea Slug Conflicts
* The Fall of Hallowvalle
* The Morytania Campaign
* The Destruction of Uzer
* The Battle of Ardougne
* The God Wars Dungeon battle.

I hope you enjoyed my guide on the plot and happenings of RuneScape. the content was gathered largely from the Lores and histories section of the main site, in game quests, and runescapewiki.

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Article by Wolfie


Awesome August 'appenings

by Konnan

The Clan Cup results were announced by Mod Timbo, in mid August, and our clan came 32nd. There were 65 entries, and only 19 of the clan teams were able to have eight or more skillers compete in all three events. We had a full team for Woodcutting, and Agility, but did not get all the Thieving team participates counted. That lack of numbers in the third event lowered our final standing and disappointed the participants.

However, we had some outstanding showings in each event, namely Artson (woodcutting), TheSuperDawg (Agility) and Ytse (Thieving).

In recognition of the effort put forth by our clan representatives during this six week Jagex event, the clan held a 'thank you' party in the Citadel on Aug. 18th.

Clan Member Misc 023.jpg
Clan Cup Participants take a bow, at the Citadel "Thank You" gathering.


August is the one year anniversary of Clan Camp and the start of building our Citadel. It has taken much longer that expected. When we achieved Tier 7 we had a super lottery give-a-way of prizes totalling 27M gp. During our building period last January we held a contest to name the clan dragon..."Nogard" being the name chosen for this "backward clan", (spell his name backwards). The Questaholic ran a saga fantasy story about our dragon, which can be found as a "book" entry in the magazine thread. The dragon is about 70% completed now.

A new Citadel feature has been added to the game this month...the building of a Clan Avatar. Watch the threads and discussions about this new event, and collect your 'anagogic orts' so you will be able to access and support our new Pet Avatar. He will reside in the big pool pictured below, which is his Citadel habitat.

Do you have a good name for our Pet?

RuneScape Vex 023.png

The new pool for the clan avatar's habitat.

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Article by MsKonnan

The Gods of RuneScape

By Wolfie

The Elder Gods: From a time before the first age, they are most prominently alluded to during the Meeting History quest. When Guthix discovered the plain, the Elder Gods seem to have departed. Guthix, not powerful enough to create a plain of his own, shaped the world and named it Gielinor. Apparently he did not try to hide the knowledge of the Elder Gods at first, willingly sharing this information with the first humans to be brought through the Portal of Life. According to the first humans, Guthix was also "keen to point out" that he didn't create them, hinting that another higher power was responsible for their creation. Jas is believed to have been one of the Elder Gods. Their only known followers are the TokHaar.

September 2012 006.png

Guthix: Perhaps the first god to discover Gelinor (unless the TzHaar which are devolved TokHaar have a previously unmentioned god. Although the exact time the TokHaar started becoming TzHaar is unknown and may have been after Guthix) and is known as the most powerful god. His slumbers and awakenings mark the start and end of The First Age, as well as the end of the The Third Age. Guthix is the God of Balance. His followers include Druids, Seers, Void Knights, Fremenniks, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Light Creatures.

September 2012 007.png

Seren: Arrived in Gielinor in the first age. Inspired the Elves to build the first city of Prifddinas and the tower of voices through which the elves can still communicate with her to this day. She is the Goddess of Nature, called Anima Mundi by the gnomes. Her main followers are the elves and the gnomes.

September 2012 008.png

Desert Pantheon: (The 4 Gods and 4 Demigods of the Desert) These were some of the original gods in RuneScape, after Guthix and Seren of course. They are believed to have arrived sometime towards the end of the first age. Followers of the Desert Gods/Demigods include most of the desert animals and people, pardoning the Bebedian Bandits. The Mahjarrat are also former followers of the Desert Gods.

Tumeken: He is the lord of the Kharidian Desert, and is worshipped by the Menaphites. He is the husband of Elidinis, and the father of Icthlarin and Amascut. God of light.

Elidinis: She is the goddess of Fertility and Growth, and the wife of Tumeken. The river Elid is named after her. Her children are Icthlarin and Amascut.

Icthlarin: He is the God of the Dead, son of Tumeken and Elidinis.

Amascut: She is the goddess of Destruction, Amascut is the sister of Icthlarin and the daughter of Tumeken and Elidnis. Originally she was the protector of the dead but her mind is said to have been corrupted by the Mahjarrat.

Desert Demigods: Tumeken went into the desert one day and created 4 deities from his dreams, each based on an aspect of himself, kind of like asexual reproduction (only one parent needed), those "children" are:

Het: God of health, 1st dream. The least strange looking of the desert gods, as he apparently resembles humans. He is the god of mind and body health, and tends to be quite popular with Menaphites because of this. The plague of Sophanem is rumored to be the work of Het.

Apmeken: Goddess of mental pleasures, second dream. The most unpredictable and playful of the gods. She tends to appeal to people who desire mental pleasures which is often appealing to scholars and sometimes downright dishonest people. Her appearance is of a monkey or ape.

Crondis: Goddess of physical pleasure, third dream. A lady that has the head of a crocodile, and according to Jex her main area of interest is with things that provide physical pleasure - such as food, vestments, etc. She tends to be followed by skilled cooks and hunters and other lavish people.

Scabaras: God of solitude and meditation. He was the last dream, but some believe he was born of a nightmare. Sided With zamorak and tried to violate the edicts of Guthix and was banished. It is believed his blood touched scarabs and transformed them into Kalphites.

September 2012 009.png

Armadyl: He arrived in Gielinor during the Second Age, roughly around the time Zaros had arrived. The Aviantese, a race of bird-creatures, worshipped Armadyl as his beloved followers and had originally been given the goal of protecting his relics, namely the Staff of Armadyl, from falling into the wrong hands. However at the end of the Second Age his Staff was stolen, leading to Zaros's banishment from Gielinor and Zamorak's ascendance to godhood. Although Armadyl had intended on remaining active throughout the rest of the God Wars, the tragic extinction of the Aviantese and the banishment of Zaros led him into inactivity. Before Armadyl's disappearance into the Third Age, he charged an entrusted group of humans, and their descendants, to guard the Staff and to protect it from falling within the reaches of evil for a second time. This group of humans became known as the Guardians of Armadyl. Most information about Armadyl and his current followers are discovered throughout the Temple of Ikov quest. The Guardians also carry the Armadyl pendant. Armadyl is the God of Law.

September 2012 010.png

Zaros: Also known as The Empty Lord, God of emptiness. He is a god whose arrival in Gielinor was one of the most important events of the early Second Age. During this age, he ruled a vast empire stretching from Ice Mountain in eastern Asgarnia to Canifis in Morytania, and from Ghorrock in the north of the Wilderness as far south as Ullek as he waged war against the Kharidian Desert. From his arrival soon after Guthix entered his first great slumber until his downfall at the hand of Zamorak, he was the most powerful god known on Gielinor both in personal power and influence. Zaros is the patron of the Ancient Magicks and Ancient Curses, and is associated with conquest and domination. Zaros has recently regained contact with his followers on Gielinor by way of the Communion Portal. Present-day Saradominists and Zamorakians consider Zaros an adversary. Others, like certain inhabitants of Kharidian Desert and some Mahjarrat, still worship Zaros as their lord. There is currently no indication as to Zaros's motives, other than that the player may be part of his plans at some point in the future. This may involve the upcoming Ritual. His followers include Mahajarrat, dragonkin, vampires, and other powerful beings, he has few remaining human followers living as Bandits in the desert.

September 2012 011.png

Saradomin: Compared to other main gods not much is known about Saradomin's past. But it is known that he set his first foot on Gielinor on the island Entrana sometime in the second age. He is the god of order, not good and will enforce that order by any means necessary. Followed almost exclusively by humans.

September 2012 012.png

Bandos: One of the most active fighters in the Third Age battles, also known as the God Wars. It would seem Bandos arrived during the wars, and according to goblin religion, he attempted to recruit many of the world's races to fight for him. The dwarves, demons, elves, aviantese, and humans all refused, as they were already fighting for others gods such as Armadyl, Saradomin, Seren, Zamorak and many other gods who arrived to fight. Eventually, Bandos managed to recruit a number of followers, mainly consisting of many different unintelligent, and bloodthirsty, races. He is the God of War. As a result many of his followers have died out. The most notable of his remaining followers are the Goblins, Orges, and Cyclopes.

September 2012 013.jpg

Zamorak: Being one of the Mahjarrat, he came to this world alongside the rest of his species in the early Second Age. He became a God at the end of the Second Age. He is the God of Chaos. His followers include the undead, demons, several Mahjarrat, the Black Knights, dark wizards, chaos dwarves, and The Iorwerth Clan of Elves.

Marimbo: The god of the monkeys, worshipped on Ape Atoll. Little is known about Marimbo, besides that Marim is named after him.

September 2012 014.png

Brassica Prime: The god of Cabbages. A level 11 cabbage said to be the first cabbage Guthix summoned to this plain. It is unlikely this is anything more than an April Foolz joke and has nothing to do with the stone of Jas which is commonly referred to as a cabbage.

I hope you enjoyed my guide on the plot and happenings of RuneScape. the content was gathered largely from the Lores and histories section of the main site, in game quests, and runescapewiki.

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Article by Wolfie

Securing your account from hackers!

By Wolfie

Use A Bank Pin!
Use one! It is that simple! Your bank pin protects trades, using your money pouch, spending slayer points, building in your house, and obviously, your bank. It is always best to bank your valuables just in case you get a spiteful hacker that decides to drop your stuff if he can not sell it. Also the bank pin is a visual interface that requires no typing so even if you have a keylogger snatch your password it will not record your pin. The numbers on the pin interface switch every time so even a mouse recorder will not steal your pin. The only ways to get your pin stolen are to:
1) Give your pin to someone you shouldn't trust. Or type the pin in some kind of message with a keylogger. Or use the same pin on multiple sites. Basically only use your pin on RS and never tell it to anyone and this can't happen.
2) Have a virus that records your screen and sends the footage somewhere. (Article 2 in this series will be about Antimalware programs)
3) Have the pin guessed by a pin cracking program.

A bank pin has 9,999 possible combinations. Because the number buttons change every number hit a pin generator needs to take visual input in then move the mouse. This takes about 1 second per number, or 4 seconds a pin. After 2 failed guesses there is a 10 second wait, and a 15 second wait after 3 failed attempts, but after 4 failed guesses there is a 10 minute wait.
4+14+19+604=641 seconds for 4 guesses. 9,999 guesses would take roughly 18 and a half days to try every combination running 24/7. However every pin will be removed on the 7th or 3rd days because that is how long it takes to remove a pin based on your security settings.

Pin Crackers have settings that let them try commonly used pins (common birth years and such) first and then start trying all the combinations up from 0000 or down from 9999 or work up/down from a custom number. Running this program against a pin in the 3000-7000 range for 24 hours straight without a break would only have a 5% chance of cracking your pin. Obviously 5% is still a decent chance, but simply checking your account by logging in once every 5 days while inactive keeps your odds of stopping a hacker above 75% (Even if the attack starts the second you log out).

Also you can set how long it will take to remove a pin if you forgot your current pin. You have a choice of either 3 or 7 days. Obviously choosing 7 days is the best option because it keeps you safe the longest.

September 2012 015.jpg

Check you last known IP Address!
Every time you log in you should look at your last used IP address and make sure it matches your IP. If not before you do anything else write that IP number down. It can be very useful in reporting your account hacked, or even pressing criminal charges against your hacker. Jagex sued Gold farming companies and won establishing that Jagex's intellectual property has real life monetary value. In court the legal term for this is "setting a precedent", and it means hackers can get in the same amount of trouble as someone that stole an online credit card. Furthermore if the hacker destroys your Castle Wars armor, or drops things that have no profit but take time to get they have clearly done that just to hurt someone's feelings and have now stepped into the legal mess that is online bullying laws and can be brought up on multiple charges. Not to mention hacking by itself is a crime. In the United States hacking is not only a crime it is considered an act of terrorism.  :afraid:

Recovery Questions!
Recovery questions are one of the most vital components in reclaiming a lost account. Odds are they were set years ago and you probably don't even remember most of them. The fact that they have been around for years means they are one of the most important proofs of ownership when trying to take back an account. However even these questions are vulnerable to a Social Engineering attack. This is a hack done by someone who knows you, or who has heard of you. Do people on this forum know your first or full name? Can they see the city you live in on your profile? Ever mention a highschool sports team or post a picture with a jersey on? Ever comment your rsn (Runescape Username) on YouTube or Facebook? If your Facebook account is public then people can know everything they need to know to answer most of your recovery questions if you made them about your favorite sports team, food, or mother's maiden name.

So what are good recovery questions? Glad you asked! How about:
and 5?

and making the answers the 5 most popular bands the year you were born, or 5 football players with the highest stat in something you will remember from the year you were born. These answers are fairly easy to remember and being Fb "friends" or googling you won't tell your would be hacker squat about the answers.

Choosing a good password
If a password is entered wrong 5 times in a row the ip address of the person guessing gets blocked for 5 minutes. Password Bruteforcing programs can make hundreds of guesses a minute, so they can easily handle 5 in under a second. So lets just say a program trying to guess your password can make 1 guess per minute. A password on RuneScape can be up to 20 characters long with 94 possible keys in each spot meaning the exact number of passwords possible would be 94^20 or 94 to the 20th power, or 80 years of guessing passwords at several hundred guesses a minute.

September 2012 016.png

The above comic explains how an 11 digit "super random" password would take 3 days to crack at several hundred guesses a minute, while a simple long password would take 550 years to guess. The exception to this being if a Dictionary attack was used, which is like a brute force attack but instead of random characters it tries to guess a password using random words from the dictionary. In any case the password "alberteinstein12345" would take literally over 70 years longer to crack than "Tr0ub4dor&3" and is incredibly easier to remember, not to mention faster to type.

Remember passwords are like underwear!
If you think they might be dirty... you should change them!
Don't tell your friends about them!
The longer the better!
They should be mysterious!
Don't leave them lying around!

Passwords, as in plural!
Okay, so now you have thought up a great password that will take longer than your remaining lifespan to crack, and you have set up a pin that will keep your wealth secured even if you do get hacked for close to 7 days, and just to be super safe you now have awesome recovery questions to reclaim your account in case the Russian government uses a supercomputer to hack your RuneScape account. So you're safe now right? Wrong! Your RS account should have an Email registered to it. Are you using the same password to protect your RS account as you are using for the email account that is your best hope of reclaiming it? Shockingly most of you are. And not just for your email, possibly even for RuneScape themed websites, online banking, and lord knows what else.

September 2012 017.png

One site being corrupt, or even a completely legit site like this forum could get hacked and any info you have on it, passwords or messages about passwords could end up in some spambots database and not only get your RS account hacked but lose you real life money!

Dear Brassica Prime Facebook
Facebook is the equivalent of emailing your personal information directly to a hacker. Even if you have a unique highly secure password to your Facebook and have made it private so people trying to steal your RS account, abduct you, or are looking for gossip about you can't snoop Facebook still has next to 0 privacy. How so you might be wondering, well how many people have a Facebook app on their Facebook? Over 90%. Have you ever actually read a Facebook app disclaimer before accepting it? They ask for permission to see your friends list, your wall posts, even other apps you may have. Wait a minute... other apps... like the app used to log into RuneScape? Exactly like that app! People that use Facebook to log into RuneScape are literally one nosey personality quiz or stupid Facebook game away from being hacked.

In case you were wondering the wall post and friends list info most apps ask for is for marketing data about your peer group and your interests that gets sold to companies trying to advertise products to you better. In short don't use Facebook to log in to RuneScape, or for anything you want kept private, ever.

So please to protect your account do the following simple steps:
1) Use a bank pin!
2) Have hard to guess recovery questions you can easily remember.
3) Have long PASSWORDS!
4) Don't tell anyone your account info!
5) Check you last known IP address!
6) Do not write down or save your account info, or have your web browser remember it unless your computer looks like this when you are away: (Even if you live alone someone could still make off with your computer one day)

September 2012 018.jpg

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Article by Wolfie

~!~ Clan Citadel ~!~

The Basics

By Cireon

The citadel is one of the clan's proudest achievements. We all worked together to be one of the few clans that have a tier 7 citadel. Though, many people still do not make use of the great advantages the citadel gives, so in this guide I will explain the basics of the citadel. So, let's get started!

Getting Started
To access the citadel, one needs to enter the portal in the clan camp. The easiest way to reach the clan camp is by using the teleport option on your clan vexillum. A vexillum can be obtained for free from the clan scribe inside the camp.
When you enter the citadel, you will notice two changes to the interface. First of all, the world map icon has been replaced by a citadel icon. When you click this icon, the citadel interface will open. There are several tabs that can be used to see extra information about the citadel, but for now we will focus on the map. The small teleport icons (blue circles with a T inside) can be clicked to teleport around the citadel easily.

Skilling in the citadel
Building the citadel is not something that automatically happens. Clan members can collect resources which will partly be used as upkeep for the current citadel. The rest of the resources will be used to pay for new upgrades. Every week (on Tuesday in our case) a build tick happens. During this build tick, the upkeeps will be paid, and the rest of the resources will be spent on the planned upgrades. After the build tick, all resource caps will also be reset for every member.

Around the citadel, seven skillplots can be found. Each of them can be used to collect different resources. Any member who has been in the clan for more than seven days since the last build tick is able to collect a maximum of 2700 resources weekly. You are completely free to choose what resource you collect. Below, the different types of resources are described.

The basic resources are timber, stone, cloth and rations. These can be collected at the tree, mine, loom and barbeque skillplot respectively. Collecting these resources will gain you woodcutting, mining, crafting or cooking experience depending on the type of resource you collect. To create bars or precious bars, a more complex way of resource gathering is needed. For every (precious) bar that you want to smelt, one (precious) ore and one charcoal is needed. Ore can be gathered at the mine skillplot for mining experience (the silver ore is normal ore,while the gold ore is precious ore), and charcoal can be gathered at the kiln for firemaking experience. When there is enough of these materials, bars and precious bars can be smelted at the furnace skillplot for smithing experience. Note that the storage of materials is shared with all clan members, making it possible to use charcoal and ore gathered by other members.
The last type of resource is a special one: minions. Minions can be summoned at the obelisk skillplot which will result in some summoning experience. Minions can be used as any other resource (3 minions per one bar or 1 minion per other resource). Every member is limited to summoning only an amount of minions up to 10% of the total resource cap per week.

Working at the citadel is not without rewards. Skilling naturally results in a fair amount of experience, but there is more for you to pick up if you do enough work at the citadel. If you have gathered enough resources, you will get a chat notification telling you that you can claim a clan ring. You can claim it by talking to the quartermaster who can be found in the citadel keep. This ring can then be charged in any of the skillplots by standing inside the skillplot and selecting the charge option on the ring. The ring will then provide 50% bonus experience in the skill that you charged it with. The amount of bonus experience depends on your level.
If you skill enough to get a clan ring, you will gain a fealty tier at the next build tick. There are three tiers of fealty, which will give you 15%, 30% and 45% bonus experience respectively while skilling in the citadel. After every build tick, your fealty will rise one tier (until you reached the maximum tier) if you gathered enough resources; or it will fall one tier if you didn't meet the requirements. Each week you can collect your level of fealty earned by clicking on your clan cape (obtained in the clan camp) to gain a free experience reward in a skill of your choice.

What resources to collect
While the citadel is a great place to get experience, the main goal of gathering resources is work towards or upkeep requirements (otherwise we will lose existing buildings) and build new and better customizations. There are always recommendations on which resources you should gather (for example this topic. Also, sometimes the citadel manager will set goals for every resource. You can then decide yourself which resource needs te most work. At some occasions, skillplots that had their goal reached are locked, so nobody can gather surplus resources.

It is also possible to see for yourself which resources are still needed and what they are used for. By opening the citadel interface (the citadel icon next to your minimap) and selecting the rightmost tab, you can see all jobs that the clan is currently working on. You may be asked for your PIN when opening this interface. The job overview is separated in three tabs. The first tab is never used, as it is about degrading existing buildings. The middle tab is the most important one, as it tells us exactly what resources we need for our weekly upkeep. The percentage on the right tells you much of the required resources are already collected. If the percentage shows yellow instead of green (goal reached) or red (goal not reached), it means that minions are used to finish the job.
You can get more detailed information by clicking on one of the jobs. It then shows you all the different resources: how much the clan already collected and how much is still needed.
The third tab is the upgrades tab. The jobs in this tab are not as important to finish as the upkeep tasks. The interface of this tab is the same as the previous one.

Using the job interface, you can easily decide on which resources you should work. Always make sure the upkeep is reached, before focusing on other jobs.

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q)

Q: Why can't I collect resources at the citadel?
A: To be eligible to collect resources, you need to be a member of Clan Quest. In the first period of your membership, you are in a probation period (NB. this is not the same probation as being a recruit) that ends at the first build tick after you have been a member for seven days. Hence the length of this period in which you can not yet collect resources varies between seven and thirteen days.

Q: What resource should I collect?
A: Everybody is free to decide what resources he/she wants to collect at the citadel. It is, however, strongly recommended following the guidelines or check out yourself which resources are still required for that week.

Q: Can I only collect ore/charcoal/bars?
A: While we do not encourage you to focus on only one step in the production line of bars, you are free to do so. Note that any leftover ore and charcoal will mostly be spilled at the build tick. Therefore, you should take care to leave many of these resources out there, as other clan members will have to fix the imbalance you have created. On the other side, you are encouraged to collect resources to fix the balance, using up any unused ores or charcoal in the process.

Q: How do I know what resources are still needed each week?
A: As is described before, you can use the set goals to see which resources are required or use the job interface.

Q: How can I tell the progress being made on an upgrade, and how soon we will get it completed?
A: In the citadel interface, select the rightmost tab to open the job interface. The third tab shows the upgrades the clan is currently working on. The percentage next to each job gives an estimation on how far we are with the upgrade. Clicking on the job will show more detailed information about the resources needed for the upgrade. When all resources are collected, the upgrade will be available at the next build tick.

Q: Do I need to collect 2700 resources every week?
A: No. At this moment, capping weekly is not a requirement to be a member of Clan Quest. We do need every helper we can get though. To maintain our pride, the tier 7 citadel, we need a minimum number of 50 people to visit the citadel each week. We also need a weekly amount of resources for upkeep. Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if every member would at least collect some resources.
If you just want to maintain your fealty tier, it is also not necessary to fully cap every week. To maintain tier three, collecting about 1300 resources is enough.
Also, note that skilling it the citadel is probably equally fast, if not faster, as skilling on the surface, while skilling in the citadel is also completely free.

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Article by Cireon

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~!~ Recipes ~!~
~ by Lizbeth ~
September 2012 019.jpg
Hershey's Chocolate Meringue

3 egg whites at room temperature
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
3/4 cups sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 tablespoon Hershey's cocoa
2 cups (12 oz. package) Hershey semi-sweet chocolate chips

- Heat oven at 300 degrees
- Cover cookie sheet with parchment paper or foil
- Beat egg whites and cream of tartar in large bowl at high speed of mixer until soft peaks form
- Gradually add sugar and vanilla, beating well after each addition until stiff peak holds, sugar
is dissolved and mixture is glossy
- Sift cocoa onto egg white mixture gently folds just until combined
- Fold in chocolate chips
- Drop by heaping teaspoons onto prepared cookie sheet
- Bake 35 - 45 minutes or just until dry
- Cool slightly
- Peel paper from cookies
- Store covered at room temperature

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Article by LizBeth


What is That?

by Konnan

Paraprosdokians (Winston Churchill loved them) are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected; frequently humorous.

1.) Where there's a will, I want to be in it.
2.) The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on my list.
3.) Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
4.) If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

5.) We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.
6.) War does not determine who is right – only who is left.
7.) Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
8.) They begin the evening news with 'Good Evening', then proceed to tell you why it isn't.

9.) To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.
10.) Buses stop in bus stations. Trains stop in train stations. On my desk is a work station.
11.) I thought I wanted a career. Turns out I just wanted paychecks.
12.) In filling out an application, where it says, 'In case of emergency, notify:' I put DOCTOR

13.) I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.
14.) Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.
15.) Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.
16.) A clear conscience is the sign of a fuzzy memory.

17.) You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.
18.) Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier to live with.
19.) I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.
20.) To be sure of hitting target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

21.) Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.
22.) Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.
23.) You're never too old to learn something stupid.

That last one is my favorite.

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Article by MsKonnan

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Where is the cat?
September 2012 020.jpg

Thou shalt not cheat!

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Article by LizBeth

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Where's Bori?

September 2012 021.jpg

How to Play:
Basically, all you have to do is find out where on RuneScape you think I'm at in the picture shown above. So go ahead, see how much of RuneScape you've explored!


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Article by Borizi

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<@> Truly Original <@>
September 2012 022.jpg

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Article by LizBeth

Featuring the Contributions
of Wise Ork


Stand Strong for Life
by Wise Ork

As Shakespeare wrote his plays,
One entered my mind where it says
About a man named Hamlet, who wanted no more
"To be or not to be?" and if so, what for?

As ages went by and humans evolved
Hamlet's mystery remains yet unsolv'd
For more problems in the world we brought upon our race
A world that needs healing, but at a way faster pace.

So let's all join hands, and together we'll shout
"Big wealthy noobs, your time here is out!"
For we'll show the face of money
That it is he who ruined the sea,
That it is he who cut down trees,
That he brought upon us this disease.

For time is ticking, we've almost got no more to spare
People of our planet, show them that we still care
And one day perhaps, right before the end
Money's face will see, that is has no more life to spend...


by Wise Ork

One day in the past, long long long ago
A big rock exploded, then started to slow,
One of the pieces formed Earth on which life began to grow
And species evolved, not fast but steadily slow.

As fish became monkeys and monkeys got smarter
It formed our Mankind and evolved even farther,
Age after age we learned to use tools
They without fire were clearly called Fools.

Millions of years went by and look at the charts
Mankind turned to their favour, Life's very own cards,
But all this evolving without saying "WAIT"
Has caused us learn only when 't was too late.

For our earth's resources have nearly been used
Which is why scientist with their knowledge have fused,
"We must stop this now, or else we'll all die!"
"It's all too late now, say 'Apocalyps: HI!'"

So as life does happen time is running low,
Humans of earth, unite and show
That we can change, that it's not too late,
And together we'll avoid... The world's worst fate.

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by MsKonnan

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September 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.png Astrological Concepts September 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.png

September 2012 027.gif
How Your Birth Month Describes You  
September 2012 027.gif

September 2012 023.jpg

Your Horoscope for the Month of September, 2012

September 2012 024.jpg

Aries (21 March – 20 April)

Relationships are a strong focus for you in September. Tending to a partner's needs is important now, and it would be wise to put some of your own personal projects on the back burner in order to focus on a significant partnership. The 8-14 brings romantic excitement, important news, and money opportunities. Past efforts on the job pay off this month. Some of you may find that your career is moving towards a more service-oriented direction. Increased public recognition and professional success can be had now.

Taurus (21 April – 21 May)
In September, there is a scurry of activity surrounding work and health matters. Nevertheless, romantic matters are strong, and might be found on the job. Income from foreign sources could also figure this month. The 10-14 is a strong period for work, health, romance, and money. Take advantage! While your work demands a lot of attention in September, you are also more able to get away from the daily routine--more transportation options open, for example, or you have (or create) more free time to do so.

Gemini (22 May – 22 June)
Romantic and creative energy runs very high this month. Financial gains may come through a partnership or there may be an increase in a partner's income in September. A partnership benefits from more expansive, warm, and intimate energy. A friend comes to you in the first week of the month, whether this is a new friend or one from your past. The 12-14 represents an opportunity period for you, particularly in the areas of romance, children, and friendship. Important decision making and presentations should be scheduled before the 24th.

Cancer (23 June – 23 July)
A busy home life figures strongly this month. Entertaining in your home is especially successful now. Relationships and partnerships benefit from expansive, warm energy, or successful new ones are entered in September. The lines of communication open up between you and a special someone. Sharing daily events and goings-on with one another gives you much pleasure. Income from work activities is strong and could increase. Pleasant and surprising news arrives around the Full Moon on the 15th, and has to do with travel, legal, or educational matters.

Leo (24 July – 23 August)
Practical matters and communications are a big focus for you in September. More security in your job is likely to boost your confidence. Your natural talents are more likely to be appreciated by others, particularly on the job. You have a stronger desire than usual to communicate your ideas, and siblings, relatives, and neighbors tend to play a stronger role in your life this month. The 4-5 brings romantic and creative opportunities; while the 12-13 can be tricky when it comes to relating with a significant other.

Virgo (24 August – 23 September)
Finances are in focus and strong in September. You might find that expressing yourself creatively really helps to define yourself and to understand yourself better, and it could lead to some profits as well! You have a stronger ability to hold the attention of an audience in September. Children and romance thrive this month. Love, love affairs, and other social activities help to enhance a healthy self image. You are feeling less private and more open about your opinions and experiences now. The 15th brings surprises from a partner.

Libra (24 September – 23 October)
A very busy month is in store for you. Opportunities seem to fall into your lap this month, particularly involving education, travel, and relationships. Material profits come from communications projects. Home improvements, such as real estate or renovation purchases, are favored, as is moving to a new dwelling if applicable. The 10-14 presents stellar opportunities for partnerships, negotiations, and positive reinforcement in general. The 15-16 brings surprises surrounding work and health matters. The 22-23 is strong for personal finances, gifts, and acquiring new possessions.

Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)
Although you may find yourself in demand socially from time to time in September, most of your activities are behind the scenes. Relationships with a partner and with friends are low-key and private. A scurry of activity surrounding romance or children occurs around the 15th. Chances are excellent that you will find a lovely confidante this month--someone to share your daily activities and thoughts with. Gifts or opportunities may come through visits, short trips, messages, emails, or they could come through contacts with siblings, classmates, and neighbors.

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)
Stimulating friendships and group activities, as well as increased energy, figure strongly for you in September. Personal projects bear fruit, and practical matters are especially favorable. It's an excellent period in which to ask for a raise, before the 24th. You may have more resources to invest into your career or business. Being in a position of responsibility or authority is something you place a high value on this month. Partnerships are friendly, and singles are more likely to find romance in group settings or through friends.

Capricorn ( 22 December – 20 January)
Others are likely to turn to you for advice this month, as all eyes turn to you. If you feel that others are judging you for what you have and haven't done this month, you're probably correct! Trips could be especially rewarding for you right now--they can provide a pleasant breather from pressures in your life. You are feeling especially proud and even buoyant in September, and this confidence enhances all areas of life. Romance may be found through your career and business activities. A private project can pay off now.

Aquarius (21 January – 19 February)
A spirit for adventure and intrigue takes hold in September, when the humdrum simply doesn t satisfy! Friendships move forward, and you may be repaid if you re waiting on a friend. A partner is craving more intimacy this month. Singles will find romance when they are out and about, away from home and typical activities. Help seems to be magically there when you need it, and your own awesome strength and faith is always there to draw upon. An epiphany regarding money or possessions occurs around the 15th.

Pisces (20 February – 20 March)
Career matters moves forward this month, and the focus is on increasing business income. Success is indicated. Money from other sources than personal income, such as through a partner or bank loan, is also strong. A partnership is especially intimate in September. An awakening of emotional consciousness occurs around the Full Moon in your sign on the 15th. Stellar days on the 17-22 offer opportunities in the areas of relationships, negotiations, personal income, and family. Partnering with a friend in some tangible way can be part of the picture this month.

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