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Article by LizBeth

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Interview with the Legendary Rerecros
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~ by LizBeth ~
I think it's about time to get to know better this popular, yet, so arcane clan mate.
As legendary as 'Bigfoot' and as mystical as his RuneScape name, let's see if we could reveal his true persona.

LizBeth: So where ya been?

Oh Golly... When I initially stopped playing RuneScape I was working 3 Jobs: Realtor, Balloon Twister, and had just picked up a job as a truck unloader at Lowe's. Not even a month later, I picked up a part time job at Wal-Mart as a Front-End manager. At that time I was working well in excess of 70 hours per week. In October, about a month after taking the job at Wal-Mart, I was offered a full time job as the Store Manager for the Shoe Carnival near my home town. I immediately put in my two weeks notice at Wal-Mart. For the first week I worked 107 hours, the final week I worked 112 hours. Neither of those figures includes Driving time, or mandated yet unpaid meal breaks. Needless to say, I did not sleep much. After quitting at Wal-Mart, I continued to work about 70-80 hours per week until February, when I simply decided I couldn't keep it up any longer. I quit at Shoe Carnival, since I was getting paid the least there, and instead picked up more hours everywhere else. I continued doing that until June, when I came down with a Neurological disorder known as Parsonage Turner Syndrome, which I am recovering from now. As of this moment I am only working in Real Estate, and the occasional twisting of the Balloons.

Why did you start playing RuneScape?

In April 2010, I had to drop out of school due to Medical problems. While it took a long time (nearly two years) to diagnose the problem, I was left with a bunch of time on my hands. At that point I was 19 and a senior in College, and was truly looking to be lazy. But Draz feared that sudden lack of Social interaction, combined with the medical mysteries looming over my head might drive me into depression and so distracted me with RuneScape, cleverly disguising his plan to draw me in with this:


That thread really explains everything. And frankly, while you can get the whole rest of the story to why I started playing RuneScape in that first post, that whole thread is truly worth the read. There is a MEGATON of clan history in there. Also suggestions are welcome on the order to finish it ;>)

Your name is awful Similar to Draz, how come?

Well, I would suggest you read Draziw's answer in the February issue of Questaholic Magazine (one of the finest publications out there BTW).

As he said, Draziw was an ancient wizard, and serves as a mentor and an ultimate hero for the Protagonists of the trilogy. Rerecros is THE Bad Guy. An ancient sorcerer of legendary origins.

What is your favorite RuneScape/Clan Quest Memory?

When I looked over the questions on the interview, I didn't think this question would cause me any trouble. But it is. You see I am torn between two moments, both of which brought me tremendous joy.

The first moment is the Legend's Quest After Party. Now this comes with a story. I started my account on May 20, 2010, and was incredibly active. This caused me a great deal of strife, because one of the most common things for the clan to do was to have a Quest Cape emote spam. Now the clan wasn't stupid, and they incorporated a set of emotes to synchronize with the QPC emote, that allowed bigger noobs to join in the festivities. However these bigger noobs were expected to wear a Legend's cape. Well . . . I snuck into the clan before they instituted level or Quest point requirements. While my questing fervor has never been questioned, my low levels meant that for a very long time I was unable to complete, or even start, the Legend's Quest. This fact made me feel left out at all clan functions, and was saddening. It kind of became a joke that I was perhaps the only person in Clan Quest's history whose noobness might rival Draz's. As a result, when I finally conquered the quest, and claimed my Legend's cape, I held an event. It was the first event I ever hosted. It went marvelously. There had to have been at least 200 people who attended. At one point we had a train going that stretched from Ardougne to White Wolf Mountain. As you can imagine, it was a great deal of fun. I mean, when you put 200 goofy noobs all in one place, sheer awesomeness explodes. But try to imagine the importance it had on my future with the clan. Many of you know me as an Event Thug. Several older members remember when I was an Event Coordinator, and thereby a Low Council member with out a quest cape. It all boils down to that Legend's Quest after party. That moment was huge to me.

The second moment though, was when Questaholic magazine (one of the most fantastic periodicals I have ever read) approached me about being interviewed. It was odd. At the time, I had spent almost a year with minimal playing, and even sparser activity on the offsite. The fact that the clan wanted to hear my story was odd. But it was a good odd. The thought that what I had done for the clan was important enough to enough people that they wanted to hear how I was a year after last spending time with me made me proud. For the first time I felt like I did some real world good through RuneScape. Nothing could make me happier.

What is your least favorite?

Getting my Quest Cape. I spent exactly one year getting my Quest Cape. I worked countless hours, pouring in endless energy and effort. It was worth it along the way. The stories were gripping. The adventures forced me to make many friends. But putting that Quest Cape on for the first time showed me that it was over. It was a major let down in many many ways.

What started the ETU?

I suppose it started with the Legend's Quest After Party. Anamona (then known as Anamona16) was mad at me (in advance) because I made the event at a time she could not attend. So I promised her I would host an event when she beat Nomad. She followed through on her end and so I threw her a party. From then it became natural. Natural to me. People came to me and said "So and so needs a party for such and such." And we did it.

Do you have any advice for up and coming members?

Play the game WITH your clan mates. If you are skilling, go skill with them. If you need to do a mini game, do it with your clan. The game is about having fun. That is what we are here for, ultimately. To help each other enjoy the game. If you aren't playing the game with your clan, what is the point of being in the clan? I think that is the biggest thing to remember. You WILL have more fun doing things with the clan, than doing it any other way. If you can remember that, your clan experience will be everything you want, and more.

When if at all do you see yourself returning?

I (finally) return to school this August. It will probably free up a little more free time for me. Also, Draz and I have something crazy in the works that might have me returning in the not to distant future, only, in disguise.

Any plans of changing your name to Harsh Skunk or Miss Zebra?

Actually a couple days ago I tried to change it to Miss Zebra, and it wouldn't let me. :>(

What is(are) your favorite color(s)?

I have always liked red. However the symbolism of white (and the sheer fashionability) put it up there maybe a tad higher.

Being that you're Draz's younger brother, I am sure you were part of the clan's history, as well. There are a lot of things that I (nor some of our clan mates), still don't know as to your contribution behind the scene to this elite clan, would you mind sharing some of them?

Well... I'll start with how I got on the Low Council. Most people forget, because I didn't get my cape until May 2011, just how long I have been on the Low Council. Since I had never had a QPC the clan rules stated that I couldn't be granted kick powers, and also could not be a voting member of the low council. Since for a very long time there was no way of separating non-voting members of the LC with people who were just regular members. Thus the only way you could tell that I was on the Low Council was that I was an offsite moderator. That said I joined the Low Council in July of 2010.

Now let's move on to how I got there. I initially made a large contribution to the clan with my work on the Quest List. But what really got me on the low council are the ideas and the campaigns that resulted in two different groups. The first has become an incredibly large part of the clan even to this day: The Honor Council. The idea came from a major argument between two officers in July of 2010. Chad and then-event-coordinator CupOfChips got into a huge heated debate. It caused a ton of strife in the cc at the time. Chad wound up kicking Cup from the cc. In retaliation Cup who was also an offsite moderator, deleted all of Chad's threads on the offsite. The details of the issue aren't important but the entire clan agreed that we needed to do something to prevent said silliness from occurring again. Thus came my suggestion for the honor Council. A group who answered to none in the clan. Whose job was to mediate disputes and set down punishments for stupidity/dramanating.

The other idea stemmed from this instance as well. You see it became clear that CupOfChips was simply not suited for this clan, and we badly needed a new system to prevent people like him from sowing seeds of disdain amongst our rank of noobs. So I suggested the guardians. A group who would secretly monitors the new recruits and decides whether or not they are worthy. I can't say the importance this group has had on the clan, but it was a good idea anyway.

After getting my offsite moderatorship/non-voting low council seat, I kinda have been coasting. Yes, I hosted some awesome events which created a pretty cool following and helped with recruitment. Yes, I helped build the bridge between the DoQ split, and us. Yes I helped cool the fire between our clan and the Jovial Rovers. Yes I have adopted and welcomed several new members, mentoring them from the recruit phase to (I say proudly) seats on the Low Council. Nothing really big though. That was mostly just a result of playing the game. The big stuff (Stuff that needed work outside the game) never really amounted to anything. Adopt a noob was my idea. Almost everything in that sub-forum is a direct quote from Draz and I's original conversation on it. Event Thugs United was my idea. That crashed and burned. Well, it's a catchy name, but no one recognizes it out of the clan itself.

Do you seriously like cabbage in real life?

Kind of a silly question don't you think. I mean what is the purpose of indifference? None. It also has only one reason: ignorance. Since I choose not to be ignorant on anything where I have that choice, indifference is rarely a state for me. Thus, with something about which I am not ignorant, like cabbages, I have two choices like, and disdain. What has cabbage done to deserve my disdain? Nothing. Thus for me to not like cabbage is certainly a waste of time.

Also let's look at this from game theory. Specifically Prisoner's Dilemma. For those who aren't familiar with Prisoner's Dilemma allow me to enlighten you. Two men rob a bank. The police catch up to them after they have stashed the money. However, the police arrest them for the guns that they have. Now the police know that those are the guns used in the robbery, but can not prove that the men robbed the bank without a confession. The police separate the two men, and interrogate them, offering them both the same deal: If they squeal first, they will drop all charges against them and levy them all against their partner. Thus if robber A tells and Robber B doesn't, Robber B will go to jail for 20 years, and Robber A won't go to jail at all. If they both squeal, they will both go to jail for 15 years. If neither squeals, then they will each go to jail only on the gun charge, for 1 year apiece. Obviously as a team it is in their best interest to not talk, as they will then only serve 2 years combined, but if either of them tells they will combine for at least 20 years. However, as one of the prisoner's you face the risk of the other guy squealing. That is out of your control, the only thing you can control is whether or not you squeal. So, the worst thing you can possibly do, is to not talk, because you can spend more time in jail that way than any other. Thus you must minimize your max regret.

Now let's apply prisoner's dilemma to in another aspect. The Cabbage dilemma if you will. Let's say cabbages are truly magical and the rulers of the universe. Will they be offended if I don't like them? There is truly no way to know. It is out of my control. If they are divine, and I don't like them then I will likely suffer eternal damnation. If they are divine and I do love them, I will likely be granted eternal salvation. If I don't like them and they have no supernaturality then so be it. If I do like them and they aren't supernatural, I wasted some energy on expressing my affection for them. All I can control is how I treat them. Not whether or not they care. Not liking them, is simply not worth the risk.

What's your ordinary week like?

What's an ordinary week?

Do you have a favorite pastime?

The national one.

Do you have a pet? If you do, what is it? If you don't, would you like to have one?

I have a pet rock. His name is Steve. I like Steve. He has been very loyal to me. One time, I left home, and accidentally left the door open. I was gone all day, and he could have run away to be a free rock. BUT when I came back, he was still there, waiting for me. That is true love. I can not imagine a better pet.

What's your all time favorite song?

I don't know if I can even answer that. I have two bands, or artists. Anytime Jimi Hendrix comes on the radio I will not change the station or turn off the radio. However, when I am having one of those days where I should not have gotten out of bed, and thus the entire universe is attempting to punish me, I put in Led Zeppelin and relax.

That said, music is extremely important to me. I have massive ADHD, so much so it is actually a speech impediment. I can't pay attention long enough to finish saying my thought. Music however helps me to pay attention while I write. No idea why, but I always seem to have one song, that helps me concentrate at any given time. The first screenplay I wrote (although I'm ashamed to admit it) I used 'Party in the USA' to concentrate. Second one I relied heavily on The live rendition of Stairway to Heaven from the 1973 concert at MSG. Even as I write this I'm listening to Lights by Ellie Goulding. But, I don't have a favorite song. Maybe 'Castles Made Of Sand' that was huge in my life.

How would you describe Matthew's personality?

I'm not sure if this question is giving me trouble because it refers to me in third person, or because I've never analyzed my personality, but I honestly don't have an answer for you. I don't really make an effort to act differently in game than I am though, so I encourage you to make your own inferences.

Wise Ork: Your name reminds me of Metagross from Pokémon. Do you like him?

Oh Golly. I do. My team of six is interesting. I don't believe in having Legendary or Starter pokémon, therefore the team is in order of importance: Weavile Dragonite, Houndoom, Tyrannitar, Machamp, Gyarados. My 7th Pokemon is metagross. Unfortunately, due to my overall strategy (Speed trumps all) and my exception to the rule used on Tyrannitar, who covers a great deal of my weaknesses, Metagross simply doesn't make the cut. But he is very close. Also, please note I only go up to Gen. 4.

What do you think about the acronym I've made about your name? Reads Each Real Endeavour Conforming Rare Ostriches (in) ScapeRune

I don't support ScapeRune. Balloon Animals get popped in there. Thus, anything regarding it is blasphemous and must be destroyed immediately.

If I took a cabbage named Brassica to the Dagannoth King named Prime, what would happen?

He would be very, very thankful. So thankful in fact, he might even tell you so. Right before killing you for belittling the importance of cabbages by dragging them all over RuneScape, particularly to the dark, horrible and dangerous places where awful cabbage hating creatures live. Such acts are frowned upon in the Church of Brassica Prime. Dagannoth Prime is actually a devout follower in the church. Although it is well documented that he is one of three cult leaders who believe in extreme punishment in all non believers. They set up a temple, where they reward believers who are able to show the power of their belief, by surviving the assault they throw at them, and by the power of Brassica Prime himself, manage to defeat them in combat. Many of the rewards that these Dagannoth monks (sometimes mistakenly referred to as Kings) bestow upon Brassicans are extremely rare and highly valuable, including but not limited to Jewelry to be worn on the fingers, and armor taken from non believers, whose lesser faiths led to their demise at this trio of ancient and might Brassican monks.

MsKonnan10: Back in the days when I joined this clan, Cros, you came out with a post something to the effect "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". You offered to be the clan mate's "Protector" and would stick up for anyone who needed help out there in that big RuneScape world. Do you still want to play that role?

Omg Msk has some questions!!!

This is kind of difficult to answer. MsK understands, I look out for my people. My relationship with my people is odd. It takes a lot to become my people. BUT when you become my people I do some crazy stuff for you. In this sense I am sort of like Han Solo. It takes a lot to become one of Han Solo's people. Luke Skywalker, for example, had to blow up a Death Star to become his people. But, once Luke became Han's people, Han would do anything for him. Including going out into Hoth, at night where it is 20 Kelvin outside to save Luke's retarded butt.

Let me give you an example involving me. MsK is my people. It is not important how MsK became my people but she did. Now at the time that Msk became my people, she could not beat Nomad. So I went and dropped 30M on Armadyl and supplies and helped MsK out. Because that is what I do for my people.

As for the clan. I sort of extend this to the clan as a whole. Even if I don't know who you are. Why? Because the clan is Draz's people, and Draz is my people (In fact Draz is my irl people). Therefore the clan is my people's people. Now, I won't drop 30M on every member of the clan. Mainly because I don't have a spare 30M for all 200 members, but also because the majority of the clan is only my people by proxy. However, I will protect you. I may not change your entire gaming experience, but I will leave a slayer task on Tatooine to go help a clan mate who is getting trolled by some outsider. It's what I do for my people...

I've also heard it said that you are "always cross"? Why? Was it just to play the balancing act to that other Boon leader we have?

It pains me to hear this from you Msk. I probably didn't receive that reputation until the Zuma incident in December 2010, definitely not until before Tree was a dude... Regardless, I hoped you would remember me as the crazy dude from way back in the day...

In reality its a nickname Draz started because of the similarity to "cros" the last four letters of my name, and what I preferred to be called. Unfortunately most people are just lazy and look at the first half of my name and call me rere. Draz and I agree: this is stupid. I mean, if you are going to just pick the first portion of my name, then what, you going to call me "The?" I think I'm pretty BA but even I can't live up to that. Second how do you even pronounce "rere?" I understand that's not something many people consider. We do. We talk about RuneScape, and you have to have a definitive pronunciation so we know what we are talking about. Otherwise we'd be sitting there talking about the clan. "That damn 'rear' is screwing things up." "Yeah but not as much as 'rayruh.'" So I'm Cros. And sadly he happens to be cross.

Now a days, is there another role in the clan that you would like to fill? What advice do you have for us today?

I remember when I started playing, all the people from the clan. That's actually completely untrue. I only remember the people who were awesome. Hemsky, Sinistral, Msk, S2q, Panda, Kitty, Koretek, Anamona, Tohtli, Bigg Doggg, and well, I think you get the idea. The point is. I just want people to remember me that way. As the crazy dude who insisted on outrageous amounts of obnoxiousness and noobness.

When you joined the clan, you made it your goal to obtain the Quest Point Cape in the shortest time possible. And you amazed me by doing it in less than a year! What happened to that summary you and Draz made outlining the best order in which to do the quests? We have more quests now, but is it so outdated that we could not still benefit from something like that now?

This big project was alluded to in an earlier answer. I can't honestly tell you anything about it that would be half as awesome as simply reading the thread. So I would recommend you go check it out. As to whether or not it should be revised. I suppose it should be. But seriously people, I don't play RuneScape. What are these quest things of which you speak?

Would you still adopt me as your Noob?

The whole idea here is to adopt a noob. You are not a noob. Adopting you makes no sense. I am significantly noober now than you have been the entire time I have known you. How could I possibly adopt a pr0. The question is: can I be your noob?

Boricua: What's your biggest fear?

There is a gathering of Goblins in Port Sarim. I don't know what they are doing there but rumor has it, they are gathering in preparation for a raid on the largest and most important of safe havens: The Draynor Cabbage patch. I know that I am simply too noob, as are the rest of Brassica's Witnesses, to be able to hold off an army of Goblins. I mean there Goblins, they are ferocious, clever and above all skilled in the Art of War. My biggest fear is that they should succeed in their terrorist plot, and scare people into desecrating other cabbage safe havens.

How's the life of a disciple of Brassica?

Daily I walk the streets, going door to door, trying to help people see the gift of the green. Sadly, many simply do not want to have their lives improved. It pains me, immensely to see people suffering unnecessarily. All that great Brassica wants is for his children to be happy. Alas this happiness is only achievable through the knowledge of cabbage. I simply want for my fellow sinners the salvation that only Brassica can give, each person that turns down this salvation causes a small part of me to die. Sadly I am running out of small parts.

If someone offered you a lettuce saying it was a cabbage, what would you do?

Kill them. The rules on blasphemy are quite clear. One does not make false idols.

Since Draz + you are brothers are you both equally noob or is one noobier than the other?

This is such a silly question. I pretend to be as noob as Draz for one reason and one reason only. Draz is the maximum amount of noobness that people can handle without going insane. If I were to show my true noobness, half of the clan would lose their mind. The other half would explode. You are welcome.

When I play RS I sometimes miss that feeling I had when I had just started and everything in the game was so overwhelming. Did you ever have that feeling? If so do you ever miss it?

If you can promise this will be a secret. The whole game is overwhelming every time I log in. I always have to figure out how to smith the fish I chopped etc. It's an adventure every time.

How can I be as noob as you???

I don't understand everyone's fascination with being as noob as me. Noob is a good thing sure, but so is water. Too much of either might kill you. I happen to be a specific genetic mutation that has allowed me to survive in spite of drowning in noobness. If you were to be as noob as me you would for sure die. I would miss my Boricua if he died of noobness.

Miss Alaska: What's your favourite quest?

Do you wish to kill me? How could you possibly ask me such a difficult question? I can't possibly narrow it down to one. Simply not fair to the rest of the ones that are important to me. I'll go in reverse order with the last quest being the most important to me.

Love Story - I was always a fan of the WOM, but what really made this quest special (sorry Jagex) was the drama with which I finished this quest. One must keep in mind that you finish the Quest by speaking to WOM and therefore can get your QPC for the very first time, in the same breath that you finish your last quest. I did. It was awesome.

Temple at Senntisten - I maintain that this is the best quest Jagex has released. I understand the argument for WGS, but if you take the lore, and plot implications out of WGS, it isn't in the same league as Senntisten. Also, Senntisten's lore/plot implications are pretty bad ass as well. Just saying.

Wanted! - Prior to the release of the Void series, which kind of made him a bitch, Tiffy was the coolest character in RuneScape. This is his magnum opus. Not only is his humor legendary, but the quest itself is rock solid. You go chasing a wild sociopath who leaves you clues as to his next whereabouts. It's like something out of a television show or comic book. Then, it unlocks Proselyte. I can't possibly describe in words the legendarity of Proselyte. Yeah, that's a new word, invented specifically to describe Proselyte.

Legend's Quest - We're going to start with the quest itself. #3. Behind only Senntisten, and WGS. The quest has you exploring an uncharted portion of Gielinor. This of course goes awry when the local populus begs your aid in banishing a demon. It's like a combination of Indiana Jones and The X-Files. Now it rewards you with the Cape of Legends. Once upon a time it was the baddest cape in the game... by a lot. It is a testament to your true knowledge of the game if you have an appreciation for this cape. Didn't anyone wonder why this cape is clan uniform? As for this quest and me. Well this quest kick started my event career. It also inspired the "Adopt a Noob" foundation. My completion of this quest had a profound effect not only on me, but the clan as a whole.

Do you like waffles?

Silly question. Who doesn't like waffles? Really though my favorite way to eat them is to make them extremely crispy, and then eat with vanilla ice cream on top. So delicious, it ought to be illegal.

Tohtli: Do you like the reaction of people when they know you have a relative in the clan?

WHAT?!?!?! I have a relative in the clan? Who? OMG Tohtli how could you hide my long lost twin from me?!?!? I thought you had my back man!

Really I can't say I have noticed a reaction out of people. Other than disrupting what ever chain of conversation is going on to give their interjections about how come they didn't know, and so on and so forth. Meh.

When you joined the clan your goal was to obtain the QPC as fast as possible. Now that you have achieved that goal, have you set another awesome goal?

My goal in RuneScape has always been to accomplish the hardest and most rare feat in the game. To date, I have not earned an untrimmed slayer cape. I will let you know if I ever do.

How do you feel as a "legendary" member of Clan Quest?

I think "legendary" was used to describe stuff of legend, as in mythical, or unreal, like unicorns. Not necessarily the Barneyesque legendary (ie. awesome) I could be wrong though. Either way it is an odd feeling to have people I met in an online game share an interest in me nearly a year after my last period of heavy investment in that community.

Do you still like cabbages?

This is kind of like asking if I still breathe. As an enlightened being, there is no going back. My liking of cabbages is not optional, it simply is. Something that my experiences have caused me, nay, forced me to do, regardless of my desire. Needless to say the answer is yes. I will say though it has been trying attempting to explain my relationship with cabbages to all of the naysayers of the world. It is not a relationship that can be explained. Either you know what it is like to have had cabbage come into your life or you don't. It's like trying to explain to someone what having a child is like. You can describe it all you want, but for that person to understand it, they have to go through it.

What are your plans for Brassica's Church?

Believe it or not their has been a religious lock down in Jagex. This is the cause of the horrible updates and lousy quests. Jagex is attempting to cover up the persecution of all followers of the one true god, Brassica Prime. It has worked too. With people all caught up in the SoF and the lack of success against bots, no one has noticed that we have gone more than two years without a positive reference to cabbage. In addition, Brassica Prime has not been spotted in over 3 years. There is no evidence that would be submissable in court, BUT my VERY extensive network of spies has said that Jagex has found a way to lock him in an alternate dimension indefinitely. Until his return, or at least until the cabbage persecution has ended, I can not, in good faith allow my fellow disciples to come to harm by gathering.

Nicole: Do you drive a car? What kind?

I do, I drive a 2008 Kia Rio. I typically get around 36 MPG combined. For those of you international peoples we frolic over numbers like that. That said, I typically like to ask the following question to people to get to know them, so I think it would be cool to answer it:

If you could drive any car, regardless of price, what would it be?

The Batmobile. From the 1989 movie.

Do you play any sports? Have any hobbies?

I do not play sports anymore. I used to in fact in High School, I played football, ran track, played baseball, and even was on the chess team. Anymore, I have too much going on to participate in any organized sports. As for Hobbies, I like to consider myself a movie buff. Not necessarily because I have seen a ton (although I know I've seen a good 2,500) but because I can't see one without breaking it down, writing style, tropes, characterizing, directing, production, etc. I also am a humongous baseball fan and have been playing rotisserie baseball for a LONG time (at least in terms of a percentage of my life). Baseball was truly my first love in life. I will get into a debate/discussion with anyone regarding anything baseball related.

If you watch television/Netflix/online, what shows do you watch?

I'm currently watching Psych and the X-Files with Draz, and Grimm with my father. I know it's odd to say currently since none are technically on the air, but hey. I also happen to be a major fan of Burn Notice. I don't however watch a lot of TV. I also am like only capable of watching television in Marathon mode, where I watch at least half the season on either Netflix, or DVD.

What is your favorite movie of all time? Other favorite movies in different categories?

You do not know what you got yourself into young lady. My favorite movie of all time is probably a two way tie. I say probably because you could make the argument to me that it is a three-way tie. The definitive two are One Night in The Tropics and Pan's Labyrinth. Two very different styles indeed. The first is a comedy from 1940. It sparked the film career of Abbott and Costello. They are only in the movie for like 12 minutes, but their 12 minutes is truly legendary. Amongst the best of any scenes in all of Film. And the entire movie is very good. Its truly the perfect movie whose only purpose is to take people away from the world around them. Pan's Labyrinth on the other hand was proving a point. It had a theme if you will. Now many different people will take many different themes away from it. But I think most people will agree that it did an excellent if not brilliant job of sharing a deeper understanding of the world around us. That is what art is about, and I think Film is the ultimate art form.

The film that is borderline is the Book of Eli. Now it never had a chance at critical acclaim or recognition because of heavy religious mostly christian themes, but if you will objectively watch the film, you have to admit, those themes could not have been presented in a more compelling way. The entire film screams truth, particularly the second time you watch it. Eight years from now we will look back on it, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is the movie of the decade.

Whats your favorite meal? Snack? Drink?

Kung Pao Chicken Chicken Nuggets Gatorade (particularly the X-Factor Lemon Lime +Strawberry) but almost all of them.

What time do you usually sleep?

When I'm tired. I'm sure this will sound like a dick of an answer, but it's the most truthful I can be. Sometimes I'll go 48 hours and not sleep. I actually went 114 consecutive hours without sleeping one time. Other times I'll sleep nearly 100 hours in a week. Never really know in advance.

Can you touch your toes?

Yes. Unless you consider it to be cheating to bend my knees, in which case, I'm a cheater, and you're not very creative...

How much older is Draziw?

21 months 15 days 14 hours 37 minutes and 17 seconds, from breach to breach...

What has been your favorite dream that you can recall?

I honestly can not recall too many dreams. I do like to sleep though =>)

What is your goal in life?

I'd like to help people truly understand the world around them and how to be happy.

Have any aspirations, heroes, role-models you look up to?

They know who they are, and you guys don't, which kind of defeats the purpose of listing them altogether.

If you could do one good deed that would affect the world, what would it be?

I have to say I am amazed with the interest you guys have taken in me. This is one of a zillion questions. Unfortunately, it is one that can only really be answered with another: Don't they all affect the world?

Draziw: Where is the fire extinguisher?

In the hall next to the closet.

Sinistral: What's Sinistral's symbol?


UofI Hawkeye: Did you get your Hogwarts letter?

This is actually more pertinent than you might think. Part of the reason for my inactivity is because last October I gave up on getting my Hogwarts letter. So I left the Shire to become a Jedi.

If you could shapeshift into an animal or plant at will, which would you choose?

Definitely an animal. Who the hell would choose a plant?
Although if I could master Lycanthropy I would totally be a weredragon. No doubt. Maybe a wereunicorn.

Do you come here often?

Typically about thrice per when I feel like it.

If the legendary Rerecros was to fight the Draziw, who would prove to be the better?

Are you referring to the category, or the specific subset? Categorically speaking, it is very difficult to determine who is more noob. To throw even more of a wrench into it, you said better which is a very subjective phrase. Let's take a look at the subsets of the Noob category, just to help you understand.

We'll start with Noob. Noob refers to a player who lacks knowledge of the game. Then you have Newb, which simply refers to someone's seniority. Now this presents a serious question. Do you mean in the clan, or the game as a whole? Then you have Nub, which refers to someone with low levels. Don't get comfortable though because when you add the appropriate suffix to nub it changes it. Nubsaus means someone with low levels who plays with the intensity of a high level player. Newbsaus on the other hand means someone who is new but acts like they aren't, while a Noobsaus is someone with out knowledge of the game who acts like they know a ton. And finally you have the Noobasaurus. Bigg Doggg is a Noobasaurus. He pretends like he knows nothing about the game, started yesterday, and has really low levels, but none of the above is even slightly true. Doggg is maxed, and his main is even more awesome. ;>)

Where's the fire?

How do you feel? Because in the time you wasted interrogating the would be hero, the building burnt down and 17 million people died.

Dom: So Miss Zebra, what is your favourite thing about Clan Quest, and also your least favourite?

Favorite would definitely have to be Mock Turtle.
Least Favorite is undoubtedly Draz.

Karen Angel: What makes you such an awesome event host???

I host them, and don't care whether or not people show up. That is all there is to it.

Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't. The most important event I ever hosted was attended by 9 people only 6 of whom were there for the entire half hour, that is in spite of having given people a month's notice.

As you did with me do you give a lot of advice to other event hosts?

No. I do not force advice or anything for that matter, onto anyone. You are one of the few who has ever sought me out. And one of the even fewer who actually listened.

Out of all things why cabbage?

Why not?

August 2012 004.jpg

 :sleep: Oh, hi!  :shock: *Ahem* Yes, thank you so much, Rerecros, for doing this EPIC interview. As you can see, the fact that the clan wanted to know more about the legendary Rerecros outweighs the myth of "out of sight, out of mind". Your presence was surely missed by those who have been around long enough to get to know you before you went inactive. As for the newer clannies, this interview will give them a clearer insight of your contribution to Clan Quest. You are definitely more than what meets the eye, and that you are not just merely Draziw's younger brother. You are truly an uber awesome noob!

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by LizBeth

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August 2012 005.png
A Haunting We Will Go
~ LizBeth ~

When we think of a haunted castle we immediately go to visions of a castle somewhere in Eastern Europe. But North America has its share of castles and consequently its share of spooky, unexplainable stories. Here is a look at some of these castles and their stories. Sometimes the mysterious stories start long before the castle was even built and these stories are probably a hint that nothing should be built in a particular location. This is the case with our first castle.

August 2012 006.jpg

Bannerman’s Castle is built on an island in the Hudson River and that area of the river had a long-standing reputation with the Native American’s for being haunted. This reputation continued into the eighteenth century when Dutch Sailors firmly believed the area to be haunted by goblins. While the castle itself doesn’t claim a ghost it has been beset by a series of unfortunate events. In 1920, 200 pounds of shells and powder exploded in one of its structures and destroyed a portion of it. In 1950 the ferryboat, which serviced the island, sunk. And in 1969 another fire damaged much of it. The island itself is the source of a legend about a woman called Polly Pell who was rescued from a broken ice floe onto the island. She subsequently married her rescuer and the island was named after her.

August 2012 007.jpg

Murder, infidelity, secret rooms, and cracked mirrors are some of the prototypical signs of a haunting and our next castle has all of these. Grey Towers Castle is located about 25 miles away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it was built by William Welsh Harrison in 1892. A fire destroyed much of it in 1893, which should have been a sign. But Harrison had it all rebuilt in the following few years.

There are many stories and myths surrounding the building and the Harrison family. According to legend, Mr. Harrison and his wife did not get along very well and eventually each lived in his own side of the house. Mr. Harrison was thought to have had many affairs with different female servants. A popular story is that Mrs. Harrison, upon discovering that her husband was having an affair, took the servant into a room in one of the towers and beat her to death. To this day her bloodstains cannot be removed from the floor.

In one of the third-floor bedrooms, a mirror above the fireplace mantle had to be replaced because of a large crack. Yet, every time it is replaced it cracks soon after. Today, many sections of the castle are sealed off and there are many hidden passages behind the fireplaces.

August 2012 008.jpg

Inexplicable deaths are often the cause of a haunting or so the legend goes, and our next castle has quite a few of these.

Franklin Castle, which is in Cleveland Ohio, was built in 1865 by Hannes Tiedemann and the tragic deaths began 1881 when his 15-year-old daughter Emma succumbed to diabetes. Not long after that his elderly mother, Wiebeka, died. During the next three years Tiedemann would bury three more children, giving rise to speculation that there was more to the deaths than meets the eye.

Over the next several years Tiedemann did extensive reconstruction on the castle by adding secret passages, concealed rooms, and hidden doors inside, and gargoyles and turrets outside. All of these renovations gave the castle a very mysterious and ominous air.

It is rumored that these hidden rooms and passageways were used for bootlegging during prohibition and one of the rooms still has liquor. Another of the rooms was found to hold at least a dozen baby skeletons. The medical examiner ruled out foul play, though it remains unknown how the bones got there. The castle continued to gain notoriety and there have been many rumors of sexual indiscretions and murder. The Romano family purchased it in 1968 and they reportedly had encounters with ghosts that were so bad they even attempted exorcisms.

August 2012 009.jpg

An unhappy wife, an untimely death, and a curse to walk the halls of a castle she didn’t like. This is the straightforward story of the haunting of our next castle. It’s just an urban legend but you never know. Maybe there is some truth to it.

Squire’s Castle is located in Willoughby Hills in north-east Ohio and it was built by Feargus B.Squire in the 1890’s. There is an urban legend about it that says it is haunted by the ghost of a woman carrying a red lantern who walks at night. The woman, Rebecca Squire, was a well-known socialite who reportedly disliked living in the country. She much preferred to live in the city. The legend goes that one night while she was walking in the castle, carrying a red lantern; she saw something that startled her. She screamed, tripped, and fell breaking her neck. This story is not exactly accurate because the family sold the castle in 1920 and records show that Mrs. Squire didn't pass away until 1929. Nonetheless, there are reports of haunting and of red lights at night within the castle grounds. It is still believed that she is doomed to roam the halls and rooms of the castle she so hated carrying her red lantern and screaming.

The Medieval Castles in America might not be five hundred or a thousand years old like their counterparts in Europe, but they are castles, and they do have their fair share of spooky and mysterious stories.

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Article by LizBeth


by Wolfie




Virtually nothing is known of the First Age, as it ended roughly 8,000 years ago. The only things that can be safely assumed is that this is the period when Guthix discovered a "blank plain" called Gielinor and shaped it how he pleased. A possible end of this age is when Guthix descended deep underground and began his long sleep until the end of the God Wars.

Major Events

*Pre-year 1 - The Elder Gods create the TokHaar to shape this world.
* Year 1 - Guthix discovers the blank plain which he names Gielinor.
* Guthix starts to shape Gielinor and create some wild life-forms.
* Brassica Prime would be summoned to Gielinor about this time.
* TzHaar race may have existed during the 1st age. It is possible they were present even before Guthix's arrival.
* World Gate is opened.
* Elves arrived to Gielinor.
* Prifddinas is constructed.
* Many other gods and members of a desert pantheon may have arrived at Gielinor before Guthix descended underground.
* The first humans stepped through a portal from their unknown plain. They are seen in Meeting History.
* Year 4000 (approx.) - Guthix descends deep underground, beginning his slumber lasting about 6000 years. This marks the end of the first age.

The Elves' Arrival

Although historical texts differ on the exact timeline of the elves, many scholars believe the elves arrived some time in the First Age through the World Gate. The elves, who had come from another world, were led through the gate by Seren, who brought them into Tirannwn. Once there, Seren brought the elves to a massive clearing in the forest of Isafdar, where she had created the legendary Tower of Voices from Crystal. Here the elves constructed Prifddinas, one of Gielinor's first cities and the oldest settlement still in existence today.

The World Gate

The "World Gate" is one of Gielinor's greatest mysteries. Very few texts speak of it, although it is known to have existed in the First Age. It is through the gate that the elves were led, although others may have arrived through it as well. The World Gate seems to have since been sealed, although whether by Guthix or another is unknown. Exactly what the World Gate is or was remains unknown; it may be that it served as a connection point to other worlds, or universes. This may once have been one of the few ways to enter Gielinor, but during the Second Age and God Wars the barriers may have been weakened.


The Second Age is the period of time following the creation of RuneScape. It is also the 'Golden Age' of Zaros, until he was defeated by Zamorak. The second age spanned from the beginning of the slumber of Guthix until the betrayal of Zaros by Zamorak. Zamorak was once one of Zaros' generals, but he and a group of Mahjarrat betrayed him. Its is believed that they stole the Staff of Armadyl and used it for the rebellion. Zamorak stabbed Zaros with it, but he was not destroyed, and they struggled until the staff pierced them both at the same time. The power of Zaros flowed into Zamorak and he became a God. It is unclear exactly what happened to Zaros, although it is widely believed that he survived in some form or another. It is also unknown what caused Zamorak with his followers to rebel against Zaros. Zamorak and Saradomin immediately declared war on the remainder of Zaros' loyal followers, but the war escalated until there was a full scale God War.

Major Events

* When Guthix went to sleep, many gods like Zaros arrived to Gielinor.
* Icthlarin transports the Mahjarrat from their home plain, Freneskae, to Gielinor.
* Amascut's mind becomes warped and she becomes known as the goddess of destruction after witnessing the arrival of Mahjarrat to Gielinor.
* World Gate is sealed.
* Mahjarrat abandoned Icthlarin and became the followers of Zaros.
* Slayer Tower was built.
* The Zarosian Empire reaches its peak, consisting of today's Wilderness, Northern Misthalin, Northern Asgarnia and Northern Morytania. Its southern reaches were coast of a southern sea.
* Zamorak, a Mahjarrat general for Zaros at the time, organizes his master's downfall.
* Char gets sealed sometime before the fall of Zaros.
* Zamorak takes the place of Zaros as a god after his defeat, banishing or destroying Zaros in the process. As he still has immense fear for Zaros, it is unlikely Zaros was completely killed.
* It is believed that the Duel Arena was built in this Age.
* Guthix is apparently still in hibernation during this Age.

Regions by known followers during the end of Second Age

* Zaros - Wilderness, Northern Misthalin, Northern Asgarnia and Northern Morytania.
* Saradomin - Southern Morytania, some parts of Kharidian Desert, many Kandarin areas.
* Armadyl - Many Kandarin areas.
* Seren - Tirannwn, possibly Kandarin areas and southern Misthalin.
* Desert pantheon - Southern parts of Kharidian Desert.
* Unknown - Southern Asgarnia, Feldip Hills, Fremennik Province, Islands.

I hope you enjoyed my guide on the plot and happenings of RuneScape. the content was gathered largely from the Lores and histories section of the main site, in game quests, and runescapewiki.

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Article by Wolfie

The Gielinor Games
by Wise Ork
August 2012 010.png

Do you like card games? Do you like chasing cheese down a hill? Or are you more interested in racing against the clock to farm herbs, cut wood and mine mysterious ores? What about a marathon through your favourite places? If you just answered yes to any of these, then the Gielinor Games are your cup of tea!

What are the Gielinor Games you ask? The Gielinor Games are your answer to boredom! Brought in-game to celebrate the Olympics in London, players from Lletya to Morytania can come together at Varrock SQ to forget all about PKing or "XP per hour" during a time of FUN! Questaholic took a closer look at each of the events.

To start off is Head-to-head. This is a race in which the players (and their opponents) try to reach the finish line and win whichever reward lies behind it. The main goal is to finish in the least amount of turns.
Some cards will help you with this (like, the one that makes you move 3 places) and others will prevent you from reaching glory (for example, the one that makes you move 1 place the next 2/3 turns) and others are meant to totally eliminate the opponent, most noteworthy is the struggling condition. Any player (or NPC) with 3 levels of the struggling condition will be removed from the game.

This game is liked by a lot of players as it currently provides the fastest Agility experience in-game, earning an average of 15.000 XP per game at level 80. The bad thing about it, however, is that you can only do it twice a day.

Fancy rolling down a hill like a fool only trying to catch a wheel of cheese which, awkwardly enough, wins most of the times? Then the cheese-wheel rolling is your liking! Players start off atop a steep hill and can choose between 8 places to start running from.

While running, you have to be very careful not to fall over obstacles like logs, stones or that evil cheese
While this game provides defence experience, most players play this for the very fast rate at which Contribution Points can be earned.

The last of the games anybody can play is the resource race. And, while you don't race against other players, you race against a much fiercer opponent: a clock starting at 5 minutes. The goal is to gather as much valuable resources as possible within this period. To make sure players of all level ranges have the ability of playing, there are 5 different colours of resources

Colour--Level--Points Blue---------1---------1 Gold--------20--------3 Black-------40--------5 Green------60--------7 Red---------80-------10

Now something totally different: marathons! The main goal of the marathons is to simply walk through all of the checkpoints. Completing a marathon will reward you Constitution experience and contribution points. There are 3 marathons:

1.)The Morytania Marathon, which has you running through the kingdom of Lord Drakan to the thieves of Ardougne.

2.)The Edgeville Marathon, leading you deep into the wilderness and even past the feared Chaos Elemental. Players should always be on the lookout for PK'ers and therefore refrain from bringing items they are not willing to lose. This marathon is only played on the High-Risk Wilderness Worlds.

3.)The final Marathon is the only one available for F2P and leads you through Varrock, Falador and Lumbridge.

But, why have we played these games? What's the point?! Simple: rewards! Although they are cosmetic, I'm sure there's something you like. What do you think of the "Athlete" title? Or perhaps 2 new sport-related emotes? Not into emotes? No problem, there are some nice outfits available!

You start off at the Bronze Tier, and can pay 2500 Contribution Points to unlock the silver tier, and then once again 2.5K for the gold tier. The items in the bronze and are purely cosmetic, but the clothes from the gold tier have a weight-reducing bonus whenever worn!

You can also choose to buy a ring belonging to each of the tiers. Each ring will give you a certain amount of bonus experience whenever playing one of the Gielinor Games games!

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Article by Wise Ork


~ by Lizbeth ~
"Schnitzel" is German for "cutlet" which is usually made with veal and is thinly pounded, breaded and fried.
August 2012 011.jpg

Pork Schnitzel Recipe

• 4 boneless pork chops (1 pound total), 1/2 inch thick
• 1/4 cup flour
• 1 teaspoon seasoned salt (Spike or Lawrey's, or just substitute plain salt)
• 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
• 1 egg, beaten
• 2 Tbsp milk
• 3/4 cup fine dry bread crumbs or panko
• 1 teaspoon paprika
• 3 Tbsp canola oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil
• 3/4 cup chicken stock
• 1/2 teaspoon dried dill or 2 teaspoons chopped fresh dill
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1/2 cup sour cream (full fat)

1 Use a meat hammer to pound the pork cutlets to 1/4-1/8 inch thickness. Cut small slits around the edges of the cutlets to prevent curling. 2 Set out 3 shallow bowls. One with a mixture of the flour, seasoned salt, and pepper. The second with the egg and milk whisked together. The third with a mixture of the bread crumbs (or panko) and paprika.
3 Heat the olive oil in a large skillet on medium high heat. Dredge the cutlets first in the seasoned flour, then dip the cutlets in the egg mixture, and then into the mixture of bread crumbs and paprika.
4 Working in batches, sauté the cutlets for 3-4 minutes on each side. Remove the cutlets from the skillet and cover with foil or place in a warm oven to keep warm.
5 Add the chicken stock into the skillet to de-glaze the pan, scraping the bottom of the pan to loosen the brown bits. In a small bowl mix the dill and salt into the sour cream. Stir the sour cream mixture into the chicken stock. Heat and stir until mixture thickens (do not let boil).
Serve the cutlets with the sauce, and lemon slices if you like. Serves 4.

Note: You may substitute chicken or fish (flounder), instead of pork, if you wish.

Here's a recipe of Blender Hollandaise Sauce from Msk. She tried the recipe above and got quite a compliment from her hubby.  :D

No double boiler and slow cooking required.
Blender Hollandaise Sauce (only 3 ingredients):

In small blender mix 3 egg yolks (separate whites, they are not used), add squirt of lemon juice and blend well. In separate cup melt 1/3 cup of margarine of butter. Add the melted butter to the blender, and beat until thick (one minute). It can be served like that, but I poured it into a small cream jug and microwaved it for about 10 seconds then stirred it. That thickens it nicely...and the whole process takes about 2 minutes to make.

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Article by LizBeth

~!~ THE CLAN CUP ~!~

The Clan Quest Representatives.

by Konnan

What is the Clan Cup? This is a seven week skilling event organized by Jagex Mod Timbo. All the clans of RuneScape will be allowed to enter a 10 person team to see which clan's team can gain the most experience over 3 separate hours of working on the 3 different skills which will be announced.

The first skill to be tested was “WOODCUTTING”. There was a one week period for our clan members to assemble and register a 10 person team. Some of our highest level members practiced different techniques to see what wood plots would produce the highest average experience. That first skill ran from July 2-8th. Some helpers ran logs or burned them, so that the cutters could just chop non-stop.

RS Misc - Skilling 005.png

The second skill, “AGILITY”, was being tested from July 16-23rd. If you tried to talk to a participant during that time, he would probably tell you he was busy running agility laps, and had no time to talk!

A third skill has just been announced, "THIEVING". Our Clan Cup participants will have to plan a theory on how best to do that skill during July 30 to August 6th. The rules of the game exclude a long list of “experience boosters”, so it is not easy for our skilling athletes.

Mod Timbo says the final results will be calculated, averaged and winning Clan announced about August 15th.

Who are the participants on the Clan Quest Teams?
They are all 90+level in the skills being drawn. The Draziw came “out of retirement” to participate in this event. Also listed are: Artson, Cat Fud, Bigg Doggg, Mock Turtle, IV Pac IV, Ytse, Alpha Leo, Skills2Quest, Kyratian, Sol Boricua, Lebyh, Rage Bet, Loud12100, Quester Rob, Freak, Dirty Rain, and possible more helpers that I may have missed, or some who will be joining later for the final skill.

What are their stories?
How many of these members gave more than the mandatory 3 separate hours of skilling? How many had the frustration of a “random event” taking them away from their hour of effort; forcing them to retry for a complete, uninterrupted hour?

We really owe a vote of thanks to these clannies who are so dedicated and working in the background to represent our Clan. When the Clan Cup winners results are posted in mid August, lets do something special to show them our appreciation...
How about a really big party?

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by MsKonnan

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 :face: Spot the Difference  :face: Find 5 differences between the two pictures.

August 2012 013.jpg

Thou shalt not cheat!

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Article by LizBeth

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Where is the cat?
August 2012 015.jpg

Thou shalt not cheat!

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Article by LizBeth

Clan Quest Event Hosting.
An informative article on our clan methods.

By MsKonnan10.

If there is one weakness in our awesome and wonderful clan, it is the lack of events we hold. We have always said we exist to help questers in our clan chat, and the only “mandatory event” is to come to World 66 cc when ever a new quest comes out. But are we missing out on clan fun we could be having if we did more events together?

This article is to explain the clan's present method of coordinating a “Clan Wide” event, the hosts and the time, and advertising them. It is being written with the hope that more members will volunteer to host and co-host events for the clan. Also it is to help newer members know what is going on, and when.

First, in this offsite, under the Board Index there is a topic called “Events”. It has always been there, and is open to any clan member to write up his/her event ideas and share them with all clannies who read the offsite. Problem is the times listed are often confusing.

The event details are sometimes open to questions, and we have to read many different long posts to find out what is going on, reply to join, or otherwise follow some directions the event planner has in mind. Then there is sometimes criticism about how the event should be planned, the time should be changed, many posts of excuses why someone can not attend, etc. etc.

In an effort to improve that system, we did a POLL about what day and time would the majority of people find best for doing events? The results of that poll showed about a 50/50 split in times between America and Britain, with a few other time zones showing interest.

Therefore, for a one day time that suited everyone, it was apparent that Sunday, 19:00 BST/GMT was the most suitable. This is the time most have come to know as the TOG (Tears of Guthrix) time slot. That is mainly thanks to Anamona and her persistent hosting of the event for over a year now. And about April 1st I asked Ana for permission to follow up after her time with the Sunday Rotating Events.

ETU (Event Thugs United):
This group was started by Rerecros, and was revitalized at the Clan meeting last May, with their own forum thread and a total membership allowed of 7 people. At present there are 5 members. One has to be a proven event host and must be invited and voted in, to join that user group. If an ETU volunteer does not perform his duties, he will be let go, to make room for another more active member.

What does the ETU member do? He is a host with access to the clan calendar. He co-ordinates those wishing to co-host an event. He does not have to be at the event you want to host, but he will help by advertising your event and planning a time for it. Many event hosts plan Boss Hunts, and a time was scheduled for that. The Stylol Group plan and run weekend skilling events with prizes and scoring involved.

How do we get the word out? Well the Global Announcement Place on the off site is used. The RuneScape t7 forum (Page 3) is used. We advertise in Facebook, Twitter, The Clan Camp Bulletin Board, the Clan Calendar on offsite. We direct people to look at the offsite “Event Thread” for details.

We link that thread to the Global Announcement. And finally, we talk about the event in our clan chat, usually days in advance, and most certainly 15 minutes before it is due to begin. An event host needs to be aware that this help is going on, and communicate with ETU members to make it happen.

We would like to fill our calendar with something going on every day, preferably with 2 or 3 different events happening in different time zones. Ambitious? Yes! We need many more hosts and co-hosts!
Now, that does not mean you can not host a “One Time” event. The Checker tournament, and Joke Competition held in the Citadel Theater were such events. Karen Angel is wonderful at hosting like that.
Anyone can make a request in cc to come join them for Dungeoneering, Barbarian Assault, Slaying, or other activity that requires a partner or small group. You just have to take your chances on finding someone for those “Impromptu Events”.

For the really big stuff, like QuestFest, a special adverting campaign took place. The Draziw even got our Video featured in the Jagex ClanCast#5.
So anything is possible. We just need to work together, and support our other clan members. If you hear an event being call for, please take the time to respond. Usually lots of notice has been given, and now you know where to look for it. No one has to feel 'left out'. Everyone can participate. Clan Quest will be stronger if we all play together.

Having Fun in the Clan is the name of the game. Isn't that why you joined a clan?

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by MsKonnan

Featuring the Contributions
of Andrew Cinqo

Love & Live By Andrew Cinqo

To Live Life is to be free
To Live happily is to see
The Colours of life are indescribable
The Wonders of life are undeniable
To abandon it would result in Desolation
To Destroy it would result in Decimation
To Flourish it would result in Love and Caring
And to Nourish it would result in Kindness and sharing
To be happy and forget your greed
To love and forget your needs
Stay with each other through hard times and good
And you shall live life as you always should

The Elves of Priffindas
By Andrew Cinqo

The Elves of Priffindas
We who stand tall
The Elves of Priffindas
We who shan't fall

The Elves of Priffindas
We who use crystal
The Elves of Priffindas
We who stand so tall

The Elves of Priffindas
We who worship Seren
The Elves of Priffindas
We who shall rise again

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by MsKonnan