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by Santa Ends
An Interview with Choto

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Hello clannies. We have Choto with us this month, with the usual 2 toasts and dose of caffeine.
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Describe yourself in 5 words (does not have to be a coherent sentence).

Practical, realistic, sometimes prejudicial, good listener, and (I really hope so) kind.

What drives you in life and in RuneScape? What motivates you?

Real life:
Family has taken a major part in my life for the past 2 or 3 years. I just wish to have been more appreciative for what they did for me before. But I think I’ve learnt the lesson now.

Friends have always been a special motivation for me, and I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t have them in my life.

Lastly, music. It has been an engine for me since I was 8 years old. It’s kind of my refuge for any situation. I’ve gone through good and bad times, friendships, loses, and achievements with it.

I don’t know if something has “driven” me in RuneScape. My ultimate goal is to get the Quest Cape in Old School RS and Legend's Cape in RS Classic.

What got you into RuneScape?

9 years ago, a friend introduced me to the game, when it was becoming very popular in South America. Since then, I’ve had tons of accounts: F2p, p2p, skillers, pures, ironmen, ultimate ironmen, oldschoolers, classics, darkscapers, chroniclers and idlers.

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Do you play any other games?

I certainly do! I’ve played many different games in my life. I started with a Lion King game when I was just 3 years old. My taste ranges from strategy ones like Age of Empires and Commandos, to fps like Half Life and Doom.

I’ve always enjoyed low or medium graphics, the kind of games that attract you for their lore, their playability, their music and sound effects, and the history related to them. However, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t play GTA V, for instance.

If you met an alien, how would you teach it how to communicate with you?

Hmm… I’ve always thought that the best ways for humans to communicate with others (humans) from different cultures is through art and heritage. Music, books, paintings, food and history of a particular civilization.

I never stop saying that if everybody is open to learn from the soul of another culture, humankind would never need to go to war, ever again.

So, I’d probably do that with an alien. Besides, I’m sure they aren’t bad guys. Haven’t you seen E.T?

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Where did the name Choto 3000 come from :o?

Well, in my country, when you say that something in “choto”, it means that given something is either useless, worthless, or bad at fulfilling the role it has.

For example, if a coffee maker fails to heat the water properly, or if an oven doesn’t cook the meat as it should, it’s something “choto”.

So you must be thinking, “Why on earth did you put that name to your character?”. We-ell, this account was not my first one, and I omg I’m gonna regret this used it for begging. Yeah, begging.

I was 11 years old, so I forgive myself. As Choto wasn’t meant to level up or do anything at all, I named it like that. The number 3000 was added just because “choto” was taken.

How amazing is clan quest?

In a scale of 1 to 10? Well, let me think….


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You said it's funny the way I pronounced your name in Discord, how would you pronounce your name correctly?

Aha, that’s tricky, as it’s kinda hard to explain it in words, but lemme try:
In English, you say the letter “o” as “ou”, so “Choto” would sound “Choutou”, just as you pronounced it.

However, in Spanish, the “o” sounds different. I encourage you to open google translate, write choto and then play it so you can hear it.

If you could get one of our clannies shrunk into a skill pet, who would it be and what skill?

Hmm… there’s no such thing as a Summoning pet yet, so, probably I’d shrunk you into a brand new wolf pet.

What are the names of your ships on player owned ports?

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, or so they say…

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What is one fact that everyone should know about you?

It was pretty hard to describe me in 5 words, and now you ask just one. Well, maybe the best word for this situation would be “Noob”.

Now, toot your own horn, what are you most proud of about your RuneScape career?

Quest cape by far, followed closely by the untrimmed Smithing cape. Nevertheless, I’m proud of my whole RuneScape experience, I just wish I had started earlier. 2007 was a great year, though.

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How about real life, what are you most proud of about yourself?

My ability to play music. Over the years, I’ve played the violin, saxophone, piano, harmonica, trombone, and I’m in the process of understanding the banjo.

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Do you speak any languages other than English?

My native language is Spanish, but I’ve also studied French. I can manage Italian and Catalan, as I lived in Catalonia (Spain) for 5 years, and I’m studying Russian nowadays.

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What position do you find most comfortable to sleep in?

Face up, in winter, covered in bed sheets.


What is your earliest Runescape memory?

Tutorial Island! Though Port Sarim's magic shop also brings me back to the very first days.
And oh god dark wizards and highway men.

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Clan Member Misc 003.png

You get a ticket to visit Gelinor IRL. Where do you go first?

Tutorial Island! I’d probably like to go to our citadel and meet with all of you there.

How would you describe yourself in-game? The rich guy at the G.E? A skiller? Ironic and funny? Adventurer perhaps?

L0L rich guy. Never.
Adventurer for life. When I started playing, my only goal was to unlock every single f2p music and visit every location available.
I also tried, and for many years, to find any “cracks” in the walls that separated f2p and p2p worlds. When I finally managed to obtain membership, I quested and quested until I’d seen everything. Few places to see yet: Max guild, several Daemonheim dungeons, and boss locations. I think that is all remaining.

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Gotta ask, favourite quest in RS and why?

Only one?! Oh god…
I cant’t say just one, but I had an exceptional time paying through the penguin and god series.

As a history fanatic, I greatly enjoyed the USSR parody that Jagex made with the penguins. I’ve studied Russian history for many years now, so I was amazed with the series.
And about gods: I’ve always liked how each deity endorses certain aspects of real things like good and evil, justice and destruction, amongst others. And seeing how the gods battle to impose their thoughts is not just a search for power from characters of a game.

It’s the history of humans too. Gods represent facets that humankind has adopted or rejected since the dawn of time.

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What's a childhood memory you treasure the most?

Uhm… My family and I moved to Spain because of the terrible crisis our country was suffering. After the first year away from home, we returned for Christmas. Seeing all those we left behind was worth everything. One of my happiest times of my entire life.

I don't think anyone's asked - where do you live? And what's something you like and something dislike about where you live?

I’m from Argentina, the large country in the far south of Latin America (That’s why it is called “The country from world’s end”)

And I both like and dislike the same thing: patriotism.
Argentineans are extremely patriotic. And, while the vast majority of the people are always concerned of how to make the country a better place to live, they are extremely jealous of what is ours, and might not think how our actions can repercute to us and the rest of the world. (I say “they” because I don’t think like that at all).

This has happened since the very day that we got independent. To my judgement, since our history started, we've only had 3 good presidents, ad the 3 of them were deposed by either de facto military regimes, or by stupid and/or cynical politicians.

And we, the people, continue to make bad choices when we need to choose a president, or governor, or mayor. It's just....frustrating.

But please don't think Argentina is always that bad. For instance, if any of you clannies ever travel here, my doors are always open.

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Do you have any favourite movies / TV shows / book series you'd like to share?

Too many. I’d need an extra interview for that. However, I can make an effort: Movie(s): About two years ago I fell in love with the Balkan's cinema. If you are a movies enthusiast, then I reccomend you check the directors Emir Kusturica and Danis Tanovic, the composer Goran Bregovic, and the actors Lazar Ristovsky and Predrag Manjolovic. Movies like "Cirkus Columbia"; "Underground", "No man's land"; "The world is big and salvation lurks around the corner" and many others should definitely be on your list.

Books: I have a list here:
If anyone wishes to read something about Latin America's crude dictatorship era, I highly reccomend "La casa de los espíritus" (The house of the spirits), by Isabel Allende.

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Is there a favourite quote you might have? (from anywhere at all)

A music teacher once told me this: “There will always be someone better than you, and if you become the best, find someone who overcomes you”. I think this quote is actually a phrase from Chick Corea, but I’m not sure.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you were older? (i.e. doctor, police officer, get the idea)

An astronomer. I used to have a telescope, and would spend hours contemplating the moon and looking for planets and stars. I once managed to see Saturn from home

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Got any siblings?

A brother. This is us at his prom (I'm the beard guy)

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Thank you all for the wonderful questions.

Article by SantaEnds

Double XP Weekend

Congratulations to those who have achieved their goals. Notable ones include
99 Herblore- sCylight, Super, Banksy and Lantice (who also happened to get a few more 99s).
99 Summoning- Banksy, Duke, Lantice and Necro Devil8.
99 Construction- Lantice.
99 DG- Wolffi, 120 DG- Irene.
120 Invention- Dus

October 2016 017.png

Article by SantaEnds

RSMV Review

Tomigun1001. Another cool person in the community. This is Pieces by Sum 41, done before his long break from RS. Done in RS HD back in the day, this is one of the slow songs he has done.

Tomigun is one of the Vengium (RSHD private server for RSMV makers) users. I suppose it's hard to keep up with the game.

There's great use of particles from stock footage. The slowing down of clips and slow flickers fit the song extremely well. At around the 2 minute mark, there were cookie cutters of scenes from his past RSMVs. Rejecting Newblue (Editing software add on), he prefers panning and colouring manually, having more control rather than use useful shortcuts. This isn't like using a calculator for math- you actually have more control and though it's slower, they come out better.

Article by SantaEnds

Clan Quest Bulletin
October 2016

Welcome back clannies! Another month has passed and I have another update for everyone to read about happenings in Clan Quest this past month. September came, September went, and some clannies went to London to visit RuneFest. We are happy that we had a great Clan Quest contingent there, everyone from Tyco Elf to Draziw himself! We've also got some more info to share on the new offsite and increased usage with Discord.

This year six clannies were able to visit RuneFest, and several more were able to join them for some sightseeing outside of RuneFest. It is always good to show that Clan Quest is still out there, and to get in contact with JMods about the game we are all passionate about. From the stories it seems that our clannies had a blast at RuneFest, and we have all been able to join in on the fun at least a little bit from the stories and pictures they shared, the experiences they talked about on the RSBANDBUpdate! podcast, and the genuine Tyco Elf fan club that was founded just after. A huge thanks for the attendees for letting us share in your experiences, and hopefully until next year!

Runefest 2016 005.jpg
Top (ltr): Ewe logs, Protoman, N ub cake (aka herblaw)
Bottom (ltr): Draziw, Vodka_B, Tyco elf

Clan offsite
In the meanwhile, we haven't been sitting still either. I am happy to say that the new offsite is getting along nicely. Slowly all the things that are not ready yet are disappearing and the entire website is shaping up. Internally we have a release date we are working towards, but until we are 100% sure that we can get it out by then we'll keep it a secret. Of course I can't leave you without another preview, so here you go:

October 2016 019.png

Other activity
There was more happening this month as well. We have had another increase in Discord activity, and even had to split out the forum games topic to keep the main channel in a state where it could be followed. I am really happy to see the adaption of Discord for these external events as well and I hope we can grow it further over time.

We are also still working on a good solution for the fortnightly gaming events, which will hopefully see the light of day over the next month. Things like of offsite currently take priority, so bear with us while we set up this new regular event.

October 2016 020.jpg

Due to the lack of interest, the Clan Raffle has been suspended indefinitely.

In October many western countries switch back from Daylight Saving Time/Summer Time to their normal time. This might influence some event times as well. The major dates are as following:
- Europe: October 30
- United States: November 6
The clock will be turned one hour backwards, making it one hour earlier in these areas. Note that game time (UTC) will not change, and thus UK time will line up with game time again.
Finally: some areas on the Southern hemisphere will actually start Daylight Saving Time, in particular Australia on October 2, for which the effects are the opposite.

This month I want to quickly dwell on the topic of noobness. For members who have been with us for a while, it is pretty obvious that "noob" is never meant as a demeaning or even insulting name. "Noob" within Clan Quest is a term of endearment, which is sometimes surprising to guests and new members.

Many of RuneScape's large questing clans - or even clans in general - have a quite elitist approach. There are high requirements to obtain or even retain membership of these clans. Clan Quest however has relatively minor joining requirements, and even then we have become increasingly flexible with those. I am really proud to say that Clan Quest for me is the example of an inclusive culture, where the only real requirement for joining is being an awesome person.

This also makes Clan Quest an amazing culture to ask questing help. Every member of our clan realises that there is always more to learn, and that everybody is a "noob" anyway. Hence the term of endearment grew. It has been an important part of our clan culture since the very start, and I wanted to share how privileged I feel to be part of a real inclusive family. Clan members are always happy to help a noob like me learn new things, whether it be questing, bossing, or skilling. This is not something you can take for granted in RuneScape, so let's be proud of this together, and continue being noobs in the future.

Arch Noobs
Now that we have established that "noob" is a good thing, I want to take some time to mention some clan members that have gone above and beyond themselves to support the clan, often hidden behind the scenes as well.

MsKonnan10 took charge of many recruitment processes right after we set up the new system. This was great since I was struggling to get everything up and running by myself. Many people will not see how much effort she puts keeping the whole machine oiled and running, and always right on schedule as well.

Santa Ends single-handedly revitalised the clan magazine you are reading right now. While he has gotten some help since, he is the major force behind the monthly issues, and makes sure there's always some interesting new stuff to read. Santa also does not shy away from taking clannies on bossing trips and exposing them to new experiences. Ever patient, he has contributed to the Clan Quest community in more than one way.

Many of you will know Shane as Honour Councillor, podcast host, and master farmer, but behind the scenes his influence grows much further than that. The progress we made on the new offsite would not have been possible without him, he is always ready to bring up or listen to clan issues, and he is always willing to contribute to the Clan Quest and RuneScape communities.

I think I speak for the entire clan when I say how eternally grateful we are to have these people in our midst. These people spend a lot of their time to make this clan the great place it is today, without asking for anything in return, so here's a genuine 'thank you' to these people, and any other people not mentioned.

Article by Cireon

October 2016 021.png

Hello, Clan Quest. I present you the first episode of what will hopefully be a series of articles: A noob’s ramblings. So what is this about? Well….everything…..nothing….whatever comes to my head. This series will mix facts, stories, experiences, thoughts, secrets, and more. In fact, it will mix 15 years of RuneScape. For today’s episode, I’d like to ramble about something we’ve all been through: free-to-play game.

F2p {A.K.A I won’t pay}, are very well defined in one of Will Miss It’s youtube videos: They are either, “Players playing for free”; “Extremely dedicated and admirable players”; or “Noobs”

When the RS community thinks of lifetime achievements, they name legends like Zezima, The OldNite, The Draziw [ 62- noob.gif ], N0valyfe, and so on.

But there are legends out there that are not that well-known. Those are the craziest and really mvp’s of all times. Their names might ring you a bell.

May I present you to…..*drumroll*…..Meneer Naab, Syzygy, Hecate 2, Frostin, Verkouden Jr, Bond4evr and Lillamy. Each one of these guys here has achieved something that propelled them to the f2p Hall of Fame. And, believe me when I tell you, that this is more than just a couple 99’s we members get on dxp.

Bond4evr: When I played a lot in my f2p ironman, this guy used to spam our clan chat with level gains. Not the regular “My Firemaking level is 79”, and then 80, that Alex dislikes. More of the “lvl 120 woot!” kind of stuff. He’s maxed, with a total level of 1656, and is the only known f2p to have 429 music tracks unlocked (being 359 the total tracks a f2p can actually have on their lists). At some point, he was thought to be the richest active free player, but that was never confirmed. I found this interview with him:

Verkouden Jr was the first f2p skiller to achieve 1 billion total xp, an achievement that no one else has reached yet. He also has 200m xp in Dungeoneering. At some point, he got hacked, his name changed to “Fk Verk”, and his divination leveled, but he will certainly be remembered as a true f2p. Youtube channel:

Hecate 2 and Frostin: Ironman and Hardcore Ironman respectively.

Frostin is the first f2p hcim to reach a total level of 1500, and is working towards 98 in all skills (currently 3), with the only 99 being Hitpoints.

Hecate 2 is 4 prayer levels away from becoming the first f2p Ironman to max. Cool guy, I used to chat with him about skilling methods. He has/had full Corrupt Dragon, Ghost Hunter, and Gud armours, amongst other achievements. Youtube channel:

Lillamy used to be the richest known f2p. He merched and alched all day long. His bank consisted on 3 party hats, 52 santa hats, 39 halloween masks (red, blue and green), 1 easter egg, and tons of common materials, like ores, bones and jewels. Many have argued that he is not even close to being the richest f2p. But as this cannot be proved, and the only one that showed bank was him, no more will be said. Video of his bank in 2008:

Lastly, my two favourites: Syzygy and Meneer Naab

Syzygy was, for the longest time, the number 1 f2p. Player moderator, first to max, reach a total level of 1494, get to 200m xp in woodcutting and runecrafting, he was working towards 200m xp in all skills. Every time that I went to Karamja in 2014 for fishing gains, he would be there, sharing his leveling tips. But in late 2015, his account was hacked, used to lure in p2p, and leveled in a member’s skill. He has requested his account to be locked, thus ending his 13 year career in RuneScape. Many of his friends stopped playing because of this.

Well. The last one. Meneer Naab. He is, simply, the top f2p of all times. For the first time in 15 years, a free player broke the 3b total xp milestone. Last time I saw him, he was burying bones to 200m xp in prayer. He’s an extremely nice guy, always up to a chat. Currently, he still needs 17 million xp in Magic, and *sigh* 143m xp in Mining*. He will then become the most incredible player in all RuneScape history, certainly with a lifetime achievement to show. Meneer Naab’s “firsts to”: 200m xp Fishing 200m xp Defence 2b total xp 200m xp Hitpoints 50m xp in all skills 3b total xp. Youtube channel:

*Mining is the only skill in which no f2p has achieved 200m xp yet. Only player to have reached the 100m xp milestone is Arpe12, with 118 million experience.

That is all folks! Till next month!

Choto out.

Article by Choto 3000