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~!~ The Dragonkin ~!~
by Wolfie
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They were created by Jas before the First Age as guardians of the Stone of Jas. It is possible Jas created them on a different world then brought them here as they have giant stockpiles of dragon weapons and armor and they are the only ones that can work with the material, and Dragon Ore isn't found on Gielinor. Thus it seems likely the Dragonkin were created on Freneskae, where Dragon Metal originates and Mahjarrat come from. These creatures have power that can rival gods. Mahjarrat, even pumped up with the Staff of Armadyl and Stone of Jas are a joke to these creatures. And the more the Stone is used the more powered up they get. They claim to both love and hate the Stone of Jas because it gives them their power but also hurts them and drives them insane with rage if the power is abused by a false user. Historically they have only ever suffered losses in the Godwars, most likely from fighting against gods directly, the assault on Kethsi, and after being hunted by Robert the Strong. The only ways to damage them appear to be with God Powers or Tuned Bane Ore Weapons and they are incredibly tough to face in combat.

The negatives of the Dragonkin include them being strangely similar to the Dragon Riders and not being able to reproduce. While they are incredible in battle they have grown to fear death and avoid battle because on the off chance they do die their race is near extinction. Thus they hide in darkness and avoid conflict when possible, yet the maddening curse of Jas forces them to show themselves when someone unworthy uses the Stone of Jas. Also their weakness to Bane Ore.

The positives of the Dragonkin include their Dragonfire which can turn a human to ash just by coming in contact with it, the fact they apparently can not die of old age, their ability to draw power from the Stone of Jas, and their immense combat abilities.

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Dragonkin Campaigns

Dragonkin have two goals and apparently have split into two groups to try and complete them. The first goal, and their curse, is to protect the Stone of Jas from False Users or risk madness. Thus every place the Stone of Jas has been the Dragonkin have not been far behind. This includes: Morytania (most likely related to the Lair of Tarn Razorlor and the strange power he was searching for), The Fist Of Guthix in the center where the same pattern on the Stone is seen on the floor and the power you harvest at Fog is strongest, the Lunar Isles where it enabled the Moonclan Fremenniks to evolve more rapidly just from a brief exposure to it before "Beings that walk a higher astral path" took it from them, the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, Kethsi, and wherever it is currently hidden. It appears as though the Dragonkin do not have the ability to sense the Stone's location and are only able to sense its use.

Their second goal is to break the curse Jas placed on them and find a way to bring a new generation of Dragonkin into the world. As a result many Dragonkin Castles and Laboratories are scattered across Gielinor including at Daemonheim, the Queen and King Black Dragon Lairs, Brimhaven Dungeon, the Ancient Cavern, and the Castle Ruins in the North East of lvl 47 wilderness. Their attempts to break this curse have included dissecting their own kind to see if the curse can be physically cut out of them, and infusing their own Lifeblood and magic into other creatures or mixes of creatures. This has lead to the creation of the King/Queen Black Dragons, the Chromatic Dragons, the Metal Dragons, and some half breeds of Dragon like the Brutal Dragons and Mr. Mordaut who is half Fairy Dragon. It appears every species and subspecies of Dragon is a failed attempt of the Dragonkin to pass on their own power and wit to another creature capable of reproduction with the exception perhaps of the mysterious race known as Fairy Dragons.

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Known Dragonkin

Only around a dozen Dragonkin are still alive, and we have only been exposed to knowledge about 6 of them. Of those 6 only 3 we have seen face to face and can confirm are among the dozen or so still alive; however given that it is nearly impossible to kill these creatures and they do not die of old age it would be reasonable to assume the other 3 we have heard about are likely still alive.

Sakirth, Sithaph, Strisath - These three Dragonkin operate as a team and protect the Stone of Jas from False Users. The maddening rage the use of the Stone causes them leads them to leave nearly everything they encounter on their hunt for the Stone in ruin. They were imprisoned until the Balance Elemental died and they were released as the last line of defense for the Stone of Jas.

Kerapac The Observer - This Dragonkin is famously strong for resisting the Curse of Jas longer than any of the others and being a superb scientific mind. He determined that it is impossible to cut the curse out of his kin and created the Queen Black Dragon mother of most of the different Dragon Races on Gielinor trying to create an artificial Dragonkin. It is noted that his work inspired others to follow after him.

??? - One such other is mentioned to have created the significantly less powerful King Black Dragon.

Taraket - Is known to have created Mr. Mordaut by mixing a Queen Black Dragon egg and a Fairy Dragon. It is believed Taraket is different from the Dragonkin that created the King Black Dragon because Mr. Mordaut talks about his creator and the Kbd and does not make any connection between the two, also Kerapac's journals state others tried to copy him, as in more than one.

I hope you enjoyed my guide on the plot and happenings of runescape. the content was gathered largely from the Lores and histories section of the main site, in game quests, and runescapewiki.

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Article by Wolfie

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~!~ The Easter Traditions ~!~
by Konnan


In 2013, Good Friday falls on March 29, Easter Sunday is March 31 and Easter Monday is April 1.
Easter Sunday is the Sunday immediately following the first full moon after the vernal (spring) equinox, unless that coincides with the Jewish Feast of Passover, in which case it is moved to the next Sunday. It can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25.

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Girl gathering Easter Eggs.

Easter traditions around the world:
From bonfires to egg breaking Easter is the key festival in the Christian calender but, while churchgoing and Easter eggs are the norm in Britain, Poland sees observers doused with water while Finnish children traditionally black their faces with soot.

It might seem like Halloween comes early in Finland when at Easter, children dress up and go begging in the streets with sooty faces, scarves around their heads, carrying broomsticks coffee pots and bunches of willow twigs.

In some parts of Western Finland, people burn bonfires on Easter Saturday. The tradition stems from a belief that the flames could ward off witches flying around between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

In Poland, custom has it that if the master of the house helped to prepare the traditional Easter bread, his moustache will go grey and the dough will fail, so he is banned from taking part. People also pour water on each other on Easter Monday in a tradition called Smingus-Dyngus.

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A giant omelette is the dish of the day every Easter Monday in Haux, France. More than 4,500 eggs must be cracked to feed up to 1000 people. They are broken in the early morning at home and brought to the main square to be cooked in time for lunch.

In Latvia, breaking eggs is the aim of an Easter children’s game. Players pair off in a game similar to conkers, but with hard-boiled coloured eggs joined together with string. Competitors bang the ends of the eggs together, striking the broad end together first then the narrow end, until one player’s egg breaks. The winner is the player with the stronger egg.

However, Britain also has its own unusual traditions.

The Hocktide festival in Hungerford on the second Tuesday after Easter kicks off with the town’s newly elected police constable blowing his horn and calling all men to the Hocktide Court in the town hall.

There, two Tutti-men are elected, who then carry a tall pole with an orange on top and a bunch of spring flowers (a tutti) tied to it with ribbons. They are led through the town by the Orangeman and give women oranges in return for kisses with women in the street.

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Pagan Influences:

The Easter Bunny Not all Easter traditions are Christian in nature. Many are pagan "imports" and, even then, many pagan and Christian traditions have been secularized over time. The Easter Bunny, for example, derives from the worship of the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility Eastre (hence the name Easter) whose natural symbol was the rabbit. Use of the Easter Bunny was brought to America by German immigrants - non-German Christians ignored the rabbit until some time after the Civil War when the celebration of Easter became more widespread.

Easter Eggs also predate Christian Easter celebrations. Pagan groups long exchanged eggs at some point near the beginning of Spring as symbol of fertility and the hope that the coming summer crops would be good. These eggs were also often painted with bright colors to represent the colors of spring, from the blooming flowers and the bright sun (remember that in the northern regions there is much less sunlight during the winter). Different cultures today color their eggs in different ways. For example, in Greece it is common to exchange eggs which have been colored crimson to represent the blood of Christ. Slavic countries tend to decorate their eggs with gold and silver and in parts of Germany and Austria, people exchange green eggs on Holy Thursday.

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Article by MsKonnan

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~?~ What item am I ~?~
by Wise Ork

Riddle 1:
I have not killed, did not curse nor shout
Yet now I am darker than before I came out
I am found in great numbers, but do not pray
Although Moby Dick may had a warning to say

Riddle 2:
I am the topic that is always muted
Yet in a battle it is for you I am suited
Many don't need me, buy me in what they need
Though the best of your kind are certainly leet

Riddle 3:
I am death, yet can't kill on my own
I need you to free me from my prison-stone
While my guardians may foil your plans to copy me
I once was the best any of my kind could ever be

The Wise Old Man advises you to not cheat, unless you are really stuck:
Riddle 1:
Riddle 2:
Riddle 3:
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Article by Wise Ork

Interview with
April 2013 008.png
by Cireon

You've answered this question before, but I'm going to ask again anyway - You're from Australia, why Alaska?
Ok so the story behind my name really isn’t that spectacular to be honest. Before I was playing RuneScape, I had recently discovered those chat bots you can have fun messing around with. You know, like Cleverbot. I was being a weird young kid and made up the name ‘Miss Universe’ this one time I was chatting with Oliverbot.
Some few weeks later when I began playing RuneScape and was asked to create a username for my character, I still had the ‘Miss Universe’ idea fresh on my mind. So that’s where ‘Miss’ evolved from. As for ‘Alaska’, it had nothing to do with the country. I literally just liked how it sounded for a name. So that’s how I became ‘Miss Alaska’ despite having absolutely nothing to do with Alaska, beauty pageants or Sarah Palin.

How do you manage to be online at the same times as people on the other side of the world?
Well lately this year I’ve been spending way more time on RuneScape than I normally would. In the holidays I had a lot of spare time, but school’s recommenced and I still play just as much as I did in the holidays, if not, more. Probably not a smart idea, haha. But it’s what I enjoy and like many others I’ve heard from already, RuneScape acts as my sort of escape sometimes. It lets me be me, and just enjoy life for a bit when I’m feeling tired, depressed, bored and completely over everything else.
But straying away from the question there. The simple answer is…..I don’t. I don’t manage very well being online at the same time as everyone on the opposite side of the globe. It does me no good staying up so late and guarantees that the next day will completely suck for me from all that lack of sleep. I still pull some all-nighters on RuneScape every now and again, but never again am I going to do a whole week staying up every night, consecutively. It turned me into a zombie and I don’t remember anything from that week of school.

To go even simpler, lots of coffee.

What's your strategy for not going insane while doing Agility/GOP?
Agility wasn’t actually too bad, looking back. I only started doing heavy slabs of training at around level 90, after all the bonus xp, sköll boots and Gielinor Games brought me to that level, along with camping at Ape Atoll, pre-ROTM. I know at one point I was sampling every single track on the RuneScape music list when doing Barbarian Advanced. I guess also the clan chat kept me entertained and the awesome conversations we were having made this 99 a breeze for me. It was only very late that I started half-screening YouTube while agility training - PewDiePie saved me from going insane those last three levels. I hardly ever watch TV when I’m on RuneScape doing anything.
As for GOP, bots allow you to do it solo, but it’s way better to do it with a friend. Half the work and less chance of killing yourself!

What's Steve Irwin's reputation in Australia?
You actually don’t hear very much about Steve Irwin now, but he’s still a national legend I guess. He was a popular icon and he left a bit of a legacy after his death. But in recent times, he’s probably more frequently recognised by people outside of Australia, rather than by the locals.

Have you ever said "Crikey!"?
I’m not that Australian.

Wise Ork
High-def IRL photo please?
Coming right up. It's another one from Christmas, like my OS picture.

Why are you so beautiful?
I beg to differ.

Why are you so awesome?
Again, I beg to differ.

FYI, I'm not trying to hit on you
Good. Hit tennis balls, not people.

About your name, said in another thread: "When I started school I used to always write my name with a capital 'A' at the start and end." I can understand writing "AlaskA" for your RS name, but am curious as to the name you used when you started school? Is that your real life name?
My real first name is Alana (and that’s my only real first name!). So it is really pretty similar to the name Alaska, and I can understand your confusion from that fact I wrote in the thread post. The reason why I wrote my name like that when I was little….really, I don’t have a clue. I think I took preference to it just because it looked nice and I hadn’t learned the rules that came with capital letters yet.

What are your true feelings about "School" anyway? Interesting? Boring? Impractable? Time waste? Fascinating? Like it? Hate it? Study goals?
For a while up to mid high school, learning and being good at school was the most important thing to me in life. I had so much ambition to do something amazing when I graduated - make lots of money and have a job where I would be admired and respected, but also have fun and enjoy it. I loved learning and was pretty enthusiastic to go to school every day and ace my assignments and tests. When I changed schools in year 9, my attitude and personality changed too. I focused more on friends and other aspects of life, which did have its benefits; my life overall is more balanced now. It was late last year when that motivation to excel in school ran out, and entering senior high school, I’m hardly willing to do any of the work at the moment. That’s not good, seeing as these are evidently the most important years of my schooling life. But I know I’ll pull through one way or another. I’ve completely wrecked my attitude towards it, and getting up each day is a strain now, but I always keep in mind how much I need my education.
But ask me this question while I’m actually at school. The answer will be straight out ‘HATING. LIFE. 8- icon mad.gif ’, lol.

Do you have any bothers or sisters?
I do, but they’re all half-siblings. On my mother’s side I have two older sisters in their late twenties who I’ve been raised with and am very close to. On my father’s side I have three older brothers around the same age as my sisters, who I don’t really see that often, but still know well. I’m a real baby in the family considering everyone’s basically 25 and over.

Do you like sports, and do you participate in any?
Not a fan of sport. I’ve played some netball, tennis and volleyball in the past, but not anymore. Also did some boxing in later years just for fitness, which was pretty fun. No sparring or anything!

Just like Ytse just asked about the time differences, do you drink energy drinks to stay awake?
Oh of course, when they’re available. If not, tea or coffee will suffice - I love my coffee! I think apples have some weird property that keeps you awake too. I know I had a rough time falling asleep this one night I had a granny smith before bed.

What music do you like?
I can learn to love any music, but most of all I love soundtracks. You know, that incidental music off films, TV shows and games - minus lyrics. I always used to listen to the actual composed music of a song, not so much the lyrics. I like that I can think my own thoughts while listening to soundtrack music, or if not, reminisce on the movie or TV show that the soundtrack came from , and reawaken that particular scene the music plays over when I’m lying in bed playing my iPod. And there’s just no limit to these magnificently composed tracks. The music is different for every piece, but sometimes you can hear strands of another theme in the background, and I love that use of repetition! It relates certain themes together and triggers more memories from a different scene in the movie or TV show, forming a sort of continuity.

How does Australia look like?
In my own opinion, not very interesting. We’re a really flat slab of land, with not many breath-taking landscapes. Not that I’ve seen so far. Really, the sort of scenery I like can’t be found in Australia, and it’s another reason why I’m so determined to go travelling and hopefully live somewhere else one day. We have a lot of that outback bush land you’ve seen off TV, lots of space, beaches around the cities and not much else. I recommend taking a holiday in Greece and save yourself the disappointment. Here’s a photo of my city centre though, we’re not all sticks and shrubs :P

April 2013 009.jpg

What's your favourite colour?
Errrm, blue? No wait…..!

And favourite movie?
Oh you’re mean! Oh gosh, I don’t know….too many. I love The Lord of the Rings trilogy now, The Young Victoria with Emily Blunt is my favourite period drama, Titanic - I don’t care how soppy you call it, Back to the Future, Harry Potter, Madagascar, the Terminator movies, Happy Gilmore, Ace Ventura (the second one), Mean Girls, Black Swan, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, all the Disney classics. Many, many more, and even more to still add to the list.

Favourite movie soundtracks?
The ones I listen to most on my iPod at the moment are tracks from The Lord of the Rings since my discovery of that fantastic trilogy. I also love the soundtracks from Harry Potter by John Williams, any movie that Hans Zimmer composed for, Alan Menken in a lot of Disney movies, Murray Gold from Doctor Who….and even the music in RuneScape (don’t kill me!) - orchestrated, a lot of the game's tracks would sound pretty awesome. But on top of that, there’s so many other random pieces of music I hear in the odd movie or TV series that I love and quickly search up on YouTube to listen to again afterwards.

The quests you enjoyed most and least?
Before WGS, I just loved the Myreque series and the Dorgeshuun series. The Myreque, because I was always so curious during free-to-play about that land to the east with the maze of buildings – Meiyerditch. When I found out you gained access by completing Legacy of Seergaze, I was up for that challenge. And Dorgeshuun, because of the awesome storyline and that beautiful friendship the character develops with Zanik. Later on it was Ritual of the Mahjarrat and While Guthix Sleeps, for obvious reasons.
There really aren’t a lot of quests I dislike, but Elemental Workshop 3 was a cheese grater on the face.

Your safekeep thread is called "The road goes ever on". Are you a fan of Tolkien's works? What do you think about the movies?
I am a relatively new fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, and I am so glad I decided to start reading The Lord of The Rings. The series was a masterpiece in itself, and I was captivated by the incredibly detailed language Tolkien used, and never before have I been so drawn into a story than the one told by him. Peter Jackson did the trilogy justice, bringing it to life in the movies, and I spent a few weeks watching and re-watching them as soon as I finished the corresponding book (and they were the uncut versions. I’ll leave it to you to calculate the total running length 15- icon wink.gif)

What got you interested in runescape in the first place?
I briefly overheard some guys at school talking about it and curiosity led me to be searching ‘Room Skape’ on Google that same week. Back then I was on dial-up and I waited one hour to install Java and another hour to load the login screen.

You're a pretty girl, why computer games and not say cheer-leading?
They’re more interesting, fun, open you to a world of possibilities and I can’t do cartwheels to save my life.

What do you want to be when you are older?
I really don’t know anymore. I’ve considered so many careers from a research scientist, surgeon, film writer, game developer, engineer, novelist, and many other ideas that I’ve sifted through. Most of those I don’t have enough talent/brains/prior knowledge for. I’m looking at teaching if I have to settle for something realistic. But hopefully, whatever I am doing, it will be interesting, exciting, get me living in flashy apartment and make me love my job. And it pays the bills!

Favorite Doctor? (Mine's #1)
Need you ask? Number 10, David Tennant, the gorgeous nerdy man in a suit who wears converses and has amazing hair, and was born to play the Doctor. He added so many facets to his particular Doctor, balancing him out to that mysterious, dramatic, wise, energetic, witty, smooth character you can’t help but love. But hell yes! I love Doctor #1 too with his ‘I don’t give diddly squat about anything’ attitude.

How long have you been playing RuneScape?
A bit over four years now.

Which part of the game, would you say, you find "addicting"?
The people. I probably would have quit a long time ago if this wasn’t a game that let you meet interesting, friendly people from all around the world who you can play alongside and learn from. But on top of that the constant game updates have kept me satisfied too and I do think Jagex listens to the community and delivers, despite recent stereotypes.

Besides playing RuneScape, how do you spend your leisure time?
I recently started reading a lot more now and I’m getting through a great number of juicy books. I always love to watch movies that I totally…did not...access...illegally >_>
I hang out with friends in the city or meet up for a coffee in the morning. I used to do a lot of running and walking, but haven’t recently, and will probably start again now that the weather’s cooling down. I've started doing some regular journal writing and it's become a great outlet for me. I don’t really watch a lot of TV anymore, but there’s normally something funny I’ll settle on when channel surfing. YouTube is probably my most visited site, next to RuneScape and the OS 1- icon biggrin.png

What do you think of Clan Quest, the High Council, the Low Council, its members? Being a Low Councilor, do you think Clan Quest is awesome the way it is, or are there certain areas that should be improved a bit to make it more epic?
When I first discovered the clan I was rather impressed. It looked like a very sturdy clan that was here to stay and of course – QUESTING! Finally, a clan that’s perfect for me!
It really went beyond my expectations. People were welcoming, relaxed and friendly. There weren’t any heavy, unnecessary rules, but still some boundaries set in place so that clan wasn’t some massive hangout for rule breakers. And to this day I still look at the clan in the same way. There’s not a lot of improvement I could offer; Clan Quest has provided me with everything I look for in a clan and all the people in it are amazing.

Santa Ends
With 2000+ total, you are one of the mid- high level players. Why did you decide to join CQ and not other clans? Experiences with previous clans?
Well for one, most of those high-levelled clans are full of elitist noobs. Not all of them, but most. I think a clan is more enjoyable when people accept you for whatever level of expertise you are, and furthermore offer you guidance in improving your abilities on RuneScape. Before Clan Quest there was one other clan, Rs Outreach. It was an eventing clan I spent about a year or so in after finding it looking for a penguin friends chat (before I knew about Team Penguin). It was a good enough clan for a bit, with a mix of Player Moderators and regular players. The rules however, were strict and a bit arguable sometimes, and I guess me being my younger self, I wasn’t happy with the clan in some respects. So when the owner banned me, I went nomadic in-game for a bit before starting my search for a new clan in the forums.
I joined Clan Quest for the reason I mentioned before, that I was a quester and it felt right to mix with other questers. But on top of that, the community in CQ was outstanding and it was a place I wanted to stay in. Probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in the game 15- icon wink.gif

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Article by Cireon

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Monthly Puzzle - April '13
by Cireon

April gives a classic puzzle: the Runedoku. Fill in the nine different runes in a 9 by 9 grid in a way that every row, every column and each of the nine 3x3 subsquares contains all nine different runes. Send the runes you find in the coloured row to Cireon using a PM on the offsite before April 24. From all correct answers a random winner of 100k in-game gp will be chosen.

Winner of last month: Andrew Cinqo.
Please meet me in-game to receive your prize of 100k gp.

You can copy or print the image below to fill in your answers.
April 2013 011.png
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Article by Cireon

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<@> Truly Original <@>
~ by LizBeth ~
April 2013 012.jpg
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Article by LizBeth

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22- star3.png22- star3.png22- star3.png Astrological Concepts 22- star3.png22- star3.png22- star3.png
~ by LizBeth ~
Your Horoscope for the Month of April, 2013
A most interesting analogy between Horoscopes and "Drugs".
Aries (21 March – 20 April)

April 2013 013.jpg

Taurus (21 April – 21 May)

April 2013 014.jpg

Gemini (22 May – 22 June)

April 2013 015.jpg

Cancer (23 June – 23 July)

April 2013 016.jpg

Leo (24 July – 23 August)

April 2013 017.jpg

Virgo (24 August – 23 September)

April 2013 018.jpg
Libra (24 September – 23 October)

April 2013 019.jpg

Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

April 2013 020.jpg

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

April 2013 021.jpg

Capricorn ( 22 December – 20 January)

April 2013 022.jpg

Aquarius (21 January – 19 February)

April 2013 023.jpg

Pisces (20 February – 20 March)

April 2013 024.jpg
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Horoscope Source:

Article by LizBeth

That Sounds Familiar…
by Miss Alaska

RuneScape. It’s full of quests, swords, monsters, cabbage and, (for our amusement)…Cultural References! Yes, these cleverly added, real-world references the developers like to hide in dialogue, examine texts, books and general NPC characteristics can be a delightful surprise to budding adventurers like ourselves...

When you receive the Clever Girl title in Dungeoneering, it says "Death by Bovimastyx. They never attack the same place twice; they remember...". This is a quote from Jurassic Park, when the raptors try to escape their pen.

The examine information for the pillars in the Brimhaven Agility Arena is "A small step for a player, a giant leap for player kind" quoted from Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on the moon.

When you teleport to Camelot, you will complete a challenge labeled, "It's only a model", which is what one of the servants said in Monty Python and the Holy Grail when they rode to Camelot.

April 2013 025.gif

The Zombie Dance and Zombie Walk Emotes are a reference to Michael Jackson's hit single, Thriller, with the emotes being parts of the dance in the Thriller music video. The zombie walk depicts the zombies at the beginning of the music video limping into the scene and the Zombie Dance is used during the video.

Whilst Fighting Sir Leye as a male in the quest Recruitment Drive he will proclaim that 'no man can defeat him', a reference to the Witch-king in the Lord of the Rings.

The title of the quest The Great Brain Robbery, is a reference to either the book, "The Great Train Robbery" by Michael Crichton, or the book's real-life basis, a train robbery in the 1800s.

When you talk to the witch in the Animal Magnetism quest, she mentions shoving children in an oven. This is a reference to the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel".

Examining an alchemist chart in a player owned house reads: "If there's a recipe for the philosopher's stone there, you can't see it". This is a reference to the legendary Philosopher's Stone from Harry Potter.

Bob Barter is probably an intentional play on the name of Bob Barker, who was the host of "The Price is Right" game show for many years.

When examining a granite crab, it reads "Is it a stone? Is it a crab? No! It's Granite Crab!". This is a reference to Superman, the DC superhero. The original quote is "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Superman!"

In the Giant Mole's lair, if you examine the small moles, it says, "I shall call him, mini-mole." This is another reference to Austin Powers.

In the Stronghold of Player Safety, the player passes through a hole in the wall hidden by a poster. This is a reference to The Shawshank Redemption film. The examine of the jail bunk says "This tiny rock hammer must have been used to create the chess set here." This is also a reference to the film.

After the completion of the Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf quest, players may see the words 'Bad Wolf' in the quest journal. 'Bad Wolf' was a Doctor Who 2005 series arc phrase that appeared unexplained and without context, until the meaning was revealed at the story climax.

The NPC Brian O'Richard's name, appearance, dialogue and activity allude to stage and screen personality, Richard O'Brien. Before the Rogues Den update, Brian O'Richard gave players a crystal admitting them to the Rogues Den maze - Richard O'Brien hosted a British television show called The Crystal Maze. Richard O'Brien is noted for playing harmonica during the show - Brian O'Richard mentions his missing harmonica.

April 2013 026.png

The Clan Wars arena's Kill Em All mode may be a reference to Metallica's debut album, Kill Em All. The phrase was used as far back as the 13th century Crusades.

Mackers says that he went to the Turkey protest due to promised cake, only to find that there was none - a reference to Portal.

April 2013 027.png

I can't be the only player in the game here who likes to pay tribute to the king of pop once in a while with the old zombie dance emote! It's a nice change for regular dancing in Grand Exchange 15- icon wink.gif

Happy Easter everyone! BAD WOLF.

April 2013 028.png

Reference: I used the helpful fansite, RuneScape Wikia, as reference to these references. I also sourced the images for the article from the same website.

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Article by Miss Alaska

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22- star3.png22- star3.png22- star3.png22- star3.png22- star3.png22- star3.png22- star3.png
21- fresse.png This month we have some darkness and daggers in our poetry corner. 21- fresse.png
46- icon sunny.png Maybe when spring truly arrives, the sun will shine and chase away the gloom 46- icon sunny.png

Care or kill
by Wise Ork

If I told you I love you, what would YOU say;
"I love you too", or would you just run away?
Would you give me your love, warmth and care
or throw your daggers at me, with a merciless stare?

You're like a poison running to my heart
Yet the day I first met you was when my life did start
You think this is weird, don't try to deny
though I know you not IRL, my love ain't a lie

Your reaction to this, to me will make clear:
if you understand, you will stay here
But if you're creeped out or think I am sad
then leave me here to bleed, and make at least one of us glad...

To borrow a thought, from Sylvia Plath
by Protoman807

I am terrified by this darkness
That sleeps inside me;
All day I feel its soft, feathery turnings, its malignity.

Ever present, but hiding just out of sight,
Like an ice cold hand, its tendrils creeping,
Seeking a hold on what I want to keep mine,

Not a child, nor depression, but dark nonetheless,
A fear, an addiction,
A control of myself which belongs not to me.

I am terrified by this darkness
That sleeps inside me.
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Article by MsKonnan

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~!~ Recipes ~!~
~!~!~!Cheese Surprise!~!~!~
~A recipe from training camp~
by Kyratian
April 2013 029.jpg
Could look something like this.
What do you need?:
4 staves of cheese
Parsley or salad will do
1 slice of cucumberA little orange
Red cabbage strings (grated red cabbage)
A knife and a cutting board
A plate

How to make it?
If you have a large piece of cheese, cut some cheese off in the width, and then in the length.
Cut a slice of the cucumber, and cut the little orange in half.
Once you've done that, you get the plate in front of you, and you put the cheese in a sort of square.
Then put the salad or parsley in the middle of it. Do the same with the cucumber and the orange on the salad. If you've done that, sprinkle the grated red cabbage strings on it and you're done!
!~!~Proven In real life by Kyratian~!~!
(Image added by editor)
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Article by Kyratian