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by Choto and Santa
An Interview with

~!~ ***** ~!~

Hello everyone, hope you had a great January. This month we have Cireon, the head noob of high council with us.

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Now for something I know you can answer and can write an essay on, so be brief: What's the first change you would make if you worked at Jagex?

I don't think you would have a lot of power as "normal" employee at Jagex, but if I had any influence at all, I would ask Jagex to really look at what they are really about. What are the core values of game development at Jagex, and more importantly: the core strengths? Then cater to those strengths, and really set their products apart from the rest.

I think RuneScape is unique in its genre, and instead of trying to copy other games, I think there is much more to be gained from really investing in what sets RuneScape apart: its diversity in skills and quests.

Tell Clan Quest one thing that they don't know about yourself or you've never mentioned.

I hold the orange band in judo.

February 2017 003.png


Hows the archery going? What your irl range level?

I have yet to finish the quest to be allowed to train archery, and it can only be completed during spring. So hopefully I can start training my archery level in April this year ;)

How have you managed to get 94 invention and not yet maxed combat?

I am not really a fan of combat within RuneScape. I find it quite boring, despite's Jagex's attempts to make it more interesting. I also think the combat is just impeded by what the game client can currently handle. If I want to do combat, I'd prefer playing games with a more refined combat system, and use my RuneScape time to play the content it does best.

If you want a shorter answer: I'm lazy and I often do AFKable skills to also be able to work on other things at the same time because I'm short on time.

Whats your new job?

I am currently a software engineer at a large tech company based in London.

February 2017 004.png

Xenon Ray

What's the stupidest thing you've had to deal with?

This question? 1- icon biggrin.png

I think the stupidest thing I ever had to deal with was jealousy. There is no excuse for jealousy, and there is not really a good way to deal with it either.

Do you like cheese?

Only some Dutch cheeses.

February 2017 005.png

What's your favourite colour?

Grass green.

February 2017 006.png


How far north have you ventured?

I've heard the KPG base is pretty far north. Or was that not what you meant?

(P.S. in real life I've been to the North Cape of Norway)

February 2017 007.png


Who are you? I keep hearing your name mentioned. I've only just joined the clan.

Some say I finished While Guthix Sleeps before even starting it.
Some say I beat Yakamaru in fist fights as warming up.
All we know, is that I am called "The Cireon".

February 2017 008.png


How do you stand to be in a clan with people like Santa, Xenon and Shane? Is your mental fortitude that great or have you always been insane?

Some say I finished...

February 2017 009.png

Also, could I have some of your invention experience? I would really appreciate it.

February 2017 010.png

Now, more seriously, how do you feel about the direction Jagex is taking with the whole 'Expansions' idea. Any thoughts you can elaborate on?

I think it is a bold move, but it might be the only one that can guarantee the game's long term health. RuneScape's position is unique within the genre. Just look at main competitors like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, which only get large content updates quite rarely.

February 2017 011.png

RuneScape's content development team is under a huge pressure to live up to the expectation of a solid content update every single week. Not only does this lead to rushed content, it also limits the time that can be spent on investigating what kind of content is actually needed, and what the long term effects of an update would be.

February 2017 012.png

By moving to an update schedule where content is released in bigger batches, more time can be spent on integrating the content within the update, but also with the rest of the game content. This will hopefully lead to longer lived content, as opposed to many of the current day updates that are often played to completion in a few hours and then left alone.

Lastly, any life advice for young, aspiring noobs?

Always stay true to yourself. Spend your time on things you really want to do. Life's too short to waste on annoying things. If you can find the one thing you are passionate about and dedicate your life to that, you will count yourself a happy person. Feel free to quote me next time your parents ask you to clean your room.

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Karen Angel

How often do you sit down?

I am a software engineer. It is my job to sit down, with the exception of coffee breaks.

Whats your normal brush pressure?

Umm, average?

How often do you brush your teeth?

Twice a day.

Do you floss?

No. (Please don't tell my dentist.)

February 2017 010.png

What car do you drive?

While I do have a license, I don't drive a car right now. There is really no good reason to own a car in the London area.

What are your favorite pair of shoes?

I have a really old pair of shoes I have had for ten years. They are so old and broken I can't really wear them in public any more, but they are quite comfy. In general, I am a huge fan of the Ecco brand. They make great shoes that often last me for years.

February 2017 014.png
(Tyco said the same thing!)

What is your favorite sport?

To play: volleyball. To watch: still volleyball.

February 2017 015.png

Tyco Elf

You get a ticket to visit Gelinor IRL. Where do you go first?

I think the answer is quite obvious, but I don't want to be cliche, so I am gonna say... Wizard's Tower.

What do you consider being the biggest reward in being the Head of the High Council in Clan Quest?

Every time I see people helping each other out, or having fun together, it sparks a little bit of happiness within me. I really believe Clan Quest is an amazing place, because everybody is respectful of each other, independent of gender, nationality, beliefs, or sexual orientation.

It takes real effort from all participants to build a community like that, especially in the days like these.

However, nothing could make me feel happier when I see members stand up and start meaning something for other people. This clan is ran by volunteers, and every time somebody considers it worth their time to invest in the clan, I really believe we have built something amazing, and it is surreal to somehow be in charge of this.

Would you wish for Draziw giving you a monthly salary? Of cookies perhaps?

After my previous answer I would sound insincere if I wished for a salary, but how could I say no to a monthly supply of [s]cash[/s] cookies?

February 2017 016.png

You get 30 seconds of full attention from Jagex. What do you say?

Stay true to your values. While player feedback is important, players rarely know what they really want. You are the experts here. Be confident in your views and expertise, and always value what is best for the game over what players think is best for them.

Can we expect more of your singing voice 2017?

February 2017 010.png


What do you think of UK weather?

You assume I spend time outside...

To be honest I don't think it's too bad. I grew up on the other side of the Channel so the weather is pretty much identical. I don't like heat, and nothing gives an introvert like me a better feeling than being inside in a warm house while an autumn storm is raging outside.


Are you still biking around London, or is it too cold?

I stopped biking to work in autumn when the weather got colder. It was also part laziness on my side, I have to say. Now that we have moved offices, it is too far to bike to work, but I am still planning on doing leisure trips.

February 2017 017.png

Do you travel much in the UK? Do you feel you would like to see more of Scotland, Wales, or Ireland?

There is this weird thing where if you move somewhere, you no longer really spend time on visiting things. I have already seen quite a lot of the British Isles, but I definitely want to see more, and I have started keeping a list of places to visit. The truth is that I also want to see a lot of things outside of the UK, so most of my vacations would be spend traveling to other places around the world.

Are you happy being the Head of High Council, with full control of where you would like to see the clan going?

I don't consider myself in full control of the clan. It is my firm belief that the clan is a family, and that means we should also do things the way so that everybody feels comfortable.

Whether I am happy... that is a hard question. I will say that being a High Councilor is sometimes a lot more work than I expect it to be. There are moments of frustration and stress, but at the end of the day you get a lot of appreciation back, and that is worth a lot.

This clan means a lot to me, and I feel privileged that I have given so much "power" to do something back for something that has taught be a lot about life, and gave me so much joy.

What changes do you think will happen when the new website is opened?

The new website will introduce a level of professionalism in the website. While the current website has become a second home for many people, there is so much more we could and should be offering, and I believe that with the new website we can start living up to the potential we currently have in our community.

Are you planning any changes to the recruitment letting recruits take as long as they wish to join the new offsite?

Nothing concrete is planned currently, but I would love for the recruitment system to give room to people who don't play RuneScape to join our clan, as long as they feel at home with what our clan believes in.

Would you like to see clan numbers closer to the 500 limit?

Quality is more important than quality. Lately I have not really been able to get to know members of the clan, so I am happy with the numbers we currently have. I would only really like to see stronger participation within our clan numbers in terms of chat, events, etc.

From 1 to 4, how do you rank your time priorities between work, family, game, personal life? Do you often feel pressured or just sometimes?

1. Family and friends always come first. This made it extra hard to move to a different country, but well...
2. Work is quite important for me. I am passionate about what I do. I also have this sometimes annoying characteristic that I want to really push myself as hard as possible, and work lets me do that.
3. Personal life. Can't play games if you don't take care of yourself.
4. Game. While I would be bummed out if I stopped having time to spend time on RS or other games, it would be the first to go. However, games can be a great distraction from the stresses of real life.

A goal for me this year is to switch 2 and 3 around, and make my personal life more important that work again.

That characteristic that I always push myself goes beyond work, and also applies to working on side projects and even this clan. I am always pressuring myself, but this pressure is very artificial, and I am working towards a more relaxed approach to the world. So far with limited success.


When did you start playing?

2002 (I was ten years old)

What was your very first accomplishment cape?

99 Cooking. I had just joined the clan. I held a party, but nobody showed up. I remember the day well :(

February 2017 018.png

If I were to visit your country, what do you think I should do first?

Buy stroopwafels!

February 2017 019.png

What are your favourite cities/locations, both in RS and in real life?

If you insist on cliche answers... Prifddinas is one of the most impressive areas in RuneScape graphically. I think Tirranwn in general is quite tranquil (ok, apart from all the poisonous and deadly traps everywhere). I also think Al Kharid is the best graphical rework Jagex has ever done.

In real life I was taken silent by the beauty of Yosemite National Park. Also parts of Norway just take my breath away. For my favourite city though, I'd go closer to home: the friendly atmosphere of Utrecht, the city where I studied, probably beats the cool buildings and stuff other cities have.

February 2017 020.png

Do you have a motto or a favourite phrase? If so, which is it?

I always bounce back and forth between mottos, but I think my all-time favourite is the following from Speaker for the Dead, written by O.S. Card: "This is how humans are: We question all our beliefs, except for the ones that we really believe in, and those we never think to question."

Which quest you believe to be the best?

Despite the hate it gets, I think One Small Favour is one of RuneScape's strongest quests. It does not take itself seriously at all, and is full of the quirkiness that you would expect from a British game. I think the Gower Quest captured this and executed it even better. But nothing can beat the pun that is My Arm's Adventure.

February 2017 021.png

Do you have a very expensive item (party hat, for instance)? If so, do you remember your reaction when you obtained it?

Not really. I have never been particularly lucky with rares. I think my best reward ever was a dragon pickaxe from a triskelion. It feels really surreal seeing something that expensive appear out of thin air.

Do you play an instrument? Nvm I know you can clap. Which instrument/s would you like to learn?

I had keyboard lessons for a couple of years. Since then I have shifted my appreciation to piano, which I would love to get better on, but I just now that I don't have the discipline to practise regularly.

February 2017 022.png

Tell us the story behind your name!

Sorry to disappoint you. It just sounded like a cool fantasy-like name.

How many languages do you speak? Which one would you like to learn?

I am fluent in Dutch and English. I can probably make myself understood in German; my French is mostly hiding in some corner of my memory.

I would like to learn Japanese. It seems to be a very systematic language, and so far it has been really interesting to see a language that has developed completely independently from the languages in the western world.

Best book ever?

Since a year or two I have really started to enjoy books that make you think and have a deeper truth to them. I think Speaker for the Dead by O.S. Card does this best of all the books I have read so far.

February 2017 023.png

Thank you for all the nice questions, thank for Cireon for the quick reply despite your busy schedule! On to Bori!

Article by SantaEnds


by Choto Ends
Hang on because we have a veteran today!
An interview with Borizi


February 2017 024.jpg


-You get a ticket to visit Gielinor IRL. Where do you go first?

Definitely Lunar Isle, it has been my favourite location in Runescape since I first set foot on it. I just like everything about it. From the citizens’ attitudes to the architecture to the magic.

February 2017 025.png

-What is your earliest Runescape memory?

It was maybe fletching in Seer’s Village next to NeNeMom, an old clan member who already quit. Or speculating about a Guthixian Spell book with a friend I had made on the forums. Or interviewing Wise_Ork for a French project. Or just F2P skilling banter. I can’t really remember right now but I have so many memories from RuneScape that have gotten jumbled over the years if I thought like really hard I can probably find one but I just know they’ve all been mostly positive.

February 2017 026.png

-How would you describe yourself in-game? A rich bankstander? A dedicated skiller? As an Adventurer perhaps?

I am maybe somewhere in there. I’m definitely not rich or dedicated but I do like exploring. I can get competitive but that usually lasts for a few weeks before I get distracted and do something else. Not that I ever tell people I’m competing with them I’m just like I can maybe do that faster in before the “ooh” I want some necromancer robes into 5 years of constant sidetracking.


-How often do you sit down?

At least 15 times a day, more if I feel like a daredevil.

-What’s your normal brush pressure?

Definitely medium.

-How often do you brush your teeth?

Twice a day.

-Do you floss?

Usually, yes.

-What car do you drive?

I use a KIA whenever I’m in PR but in college I don’t really need one.

-What are your favourite pair of shoes?

Definitely Nike Janoskis or Lunar Caldras

-What is your favourite sport?

For watching, soccer. For playing, volleyball.

February 2017 027.jpg


-If you were given the job of Gielinor tour guide, how would you go about setting up the tour?

We begin our tour in the courtyard of Gielinor’s most iconic village, Lumbridge. We head out and while ignoring the adventurer pushing a cart with the duke’s statue on it we head upwards through the Lumbridge farms and down towards Draynor after (conveniently avoiding the crater). After Draynor we continue down towards the Wizards’ Tower where we ascend to the top floor and get a great view of the Port Sarim marina. The group then lodestones to Taverley where we explore the druid town and the town known for killing trolls with metal claws before trekking over White Wolf Mountain towards the sleepy fishing village of Catherby. After seeing the once popular fishing site we would head over to Seers Village where a distraught adventurer is drinking the memories of an underground workshop puzzle away in the popular town bar. We quickly pass through Hemenster before visiting East Ardougne’s Markets. After stealing from the stalls a bit, the group head’s south towards the Human-Ogre border town of Yanille where we ascend the Watchtower and look out to see Gu’Tanoth the city of the Ogres. After a brief respite we have Rantz the ogre escort us south towards Oo’glog where we enjoy the spa. From there we take a boat past Karamja, ignoring it like Jagex has, and we arrive at Port Sarim. From there we head West towards Canifis before heading through the Mort Myre to arrive at Burgh de Rott. There we take a glance at the Vampire City of Darkmeyer and the haunting Barrows while hearing harrowing tales by the citizens of the shanty town. Then we lodestone to Priffindas, followed by Eagle’s Peak for memorial to Guthix followed by a teleport to the Temple of Guthix, where he died, followed by a Lodestone to Al Kharid, and Varrock, and Falador, followed by a Lodestone to Menaphos when it comes out.

February 2017 028.png


-Are you getting your MQC on your Ironman? If not, would you ever entertain that idea?

I’ve thought about it and I kind of really want to, hence why I’m not doing Olaf’s Quest to have the opportunity of getting them both at once open. There are some scary things about it, mostly dying, but I’m not really attached to my HCIM status. Like if I died would suck, but I’ll keep playing it.

February 2017 029.png

-What country do you live in and what do you feel its the best natural attraction?

I live in Puerto Rico! People really like the rainforest and nice beaches but my favourite thing has to be the bioluminescent bays we have.

February 2017 030.jpg


-What attracted you to clan quest, and what made you stay?

I initially joined Clan Quest because I had just gotten into RS questing and the story and the clan I was in had just disbanded so I wanted to find a group that would be cool. I first saw Draz’s post and was like damn this clan is official af and the ASCII Quest Cape was really nice let’s be real. But yeah I liked the fact that a community was being built up around a mutual love for RS questing and decided to apply. I stayed because of how awesome the people were and are, like I have yet to meet any member of CQ that I have disliked at all. I’ve taken many long breaks from RS which makes me lose touch with the people in the clan, like most of the active people now a days aren’t the same as those from 6 years ago, but I always get acclimated to it because the type of people in the clan are all pretty like-minded and a few of the same old names are still playing. I also stay because Clan Quest has been my like one main clan in pretty much any game and I feel a certain loyalty to it built on years of being part of the community.
[Editor’s note: “the ASCII Quest Cape was really nice let’s be real”. I’m still laughing]

-Is there a player or mod that you admire/ respect? Why?

Not particularly, I don’t really follow the famous exp gainers and I don’t know many of the mods well. If anything I’d say Sinistral just because of how much of a role model he was just in general. Like he had done so much for me in Clan Quest and was always so nice and cheerful around everybody. I’d love to be more like him if I could.

-Over the few years you've been playing, is there anything you've learned in-game that you've implemented in your real life?

Let’s be real, RS taught me a lot about economics and opportunity cost. Like I may not be a mercher at all but I understand how a market sort of works from looking at how people who do merch do stuff. The GE helped me in my econ classes that’s for sure.

-Now the other way around. Anything you took from real life to the game?

Procrastination. Like for anything that is daunting in anyway. I haven’t learned to boss yet for example because I still have to do ‘x’ or ‘y’. Also my love for complex schemes and plots in a story make me like certain characters over other, such as Sliske.

February 2017 031.png

-What is the nicest thing you've done for anyone?

I helped pay for a plane ticket to Chicago for one of my aunts recently to go see her son who she hadn’t seen for a few months since he had enrolled in the Navy.

-How about in game?

Besides like giving away gear, I continuously gave a guy who was new to the game some pointers for starting out in OSRS, despite me not playing OSRS (just happen to know a lot about it from youtube/twitch/OSRSWiki), after meeting him while fishing salmon in RS3. I gave him tips for a few weeks and we occasionally talk about what ever whenever we’re both online.

-What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

This automatically goes to my parents for raising me in a great environment and giving me so much to help me in life.

-What are your current goals in Runescape?

Short term, stay active during college, HCIM Quest Cape, and Agility/Summ Cape. Long Term finish my necromancer robes goal from like 5 years ago, find a FashionScape outfit, maybe MQC.

-Aspirations in real life?

-What is your playstyle like? Xp, cape goals, money or general companionship etc.

Do whatever I want, set long and short term goals, try to be as efficient as you can be while afk (so not very), have fun

-If money, time, commitments etc. was no issue, what would your perfect day look like?

A day spent in some foreign coast enjoying great meals with people I care a alot about and having a great day with a bunch of puppies mixed in aswell.

-What is your major in university, and why did you choose it?

I am majoring in Earth Sciences because I like rocks

February 2017 032.jpg

-Do you play any sports?

I used to swim but none at the moment.

-What's your favourite physical activity?

I really, really like sailing but I don't own a boat so it's kind of hard to do it when I want to

-What is your "philosophy" of life?

Go with the flow, making changes where need be.

-What is one thing you want to change about yourself?

More talkative in general would be helpful I think but it's fiiiiine ¯\_(?)_/¯

February 2017 033.jpg

-Is there a promise you made to yourself, that you kept true to this day?

I don’t really keep promises to myself as much as I expect a lot of myself, so yeah. If I have done one though I’ve forgotten it.

-What do you do when you're sad?

I just get myself busy with other things to distract myself from whatever it is that is bothering me, but it really depends on the situation.

-What do you look for in a partner?

Someone who I can be a dork around without feeling shame and someone I always enjoy the company of.

-Finally, please recommend us a song you like.

Maybe… Te Busco by Nicky Jam and Cosculluela, but taste changes so yea, I probably won’t love it forever but it brings good memories to mind.


-When did you start playing?

I technically made my first RuneScape account in 2006 in like 3rd grade, but I didn’t start “playing” playing until 2009 when I got my first membership after a few months of F2P play

-What was your very first accomplishment cape?

I mean I joined Clan Quest so you can maybe assume In terms of skill capes it was the Agility Cape
[Editor’s note: This one? February 2017 034.png

-If I were to visit your country, what do you think I should do first?

Well like I said above my favourite place are the bioluminescent bays so definitely those.

-What are your favourite cities/locations, both in RS and in real life?

My favourite areas in RuneScape are definitely Lunar Isle, Darkmeyer, and Mos’le Harmless. In real life probably Rouen, Prague and Santiago de Chile.

-Do you have a motto or a favourite phrase? If so, which is it?

It changes, I use to put them in my signature but I haven’t updated that in a while. I don’t really have one right now

-Which quest you believe to be the best?

Looking at a single quest, I really like Glorious Memories. At quest series, the Myreque definitely takes the cake due to how many mysteries and schemes were in it, kind of sad they tied up all the loose ends so fast, but the Gods did have to come back :roll eyes:

-Do you have a very expensive item (party hat, for instance)? If so, do you remember your reaction when you obtained it?

Nope the most expensive thing I’ve ever owned is a GWD2 armour set that I resold. I was mostly panicking while I had it since it was a relatively new item and I was scared it was gonna crash really soon, so I just took the wimp route and sold it.

-Do you play an instrument? If so, which one/s?

No, I used to play the piano, but I’ve forgotten it all now.

-What's your favourite music genre?

Alternative Rock and Reggaeton are pretty much what I listen to. Or Spanish ballads but yea

-Tell us the story behind your name!

I originally wanted Boricua because I was not creative back in 6th grade and decided to name myself after what Puerto Ricans in general call themselves, but it was taken so I took Boricua950 as suggested by Jagex. I really hated the numbers and when Jagex released the name change option I just went through many variations of mixing Quest/Quest Cape and Boricua. Eventually, I had to make an Xbox account to play with A_Loud_Guy, ex clan member, and my name at the time was taken so I just looked for an alternative that had Bori in it since that was what most people called me by in the clan. I mixed it with some Basque word I can’t remember right now and it sounded good thus Borizi was born. For my HCIM I just switched it for an “x” because it was the next backwards alphabetically ok sounding word that was produced, like Boriyi just sounds bad.

-How many languages do you speak? Which one would you like to learn?

I speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. I tried teaching myself Czech because I really like the language but I got sidetracked and haven’t returned to it, so definitely I want to learn that one. (#one day I’ll be like vodka and know 7+)

-Best book ever?

I really liked El Principe de la Niebla by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (Spanish) but to be honest I’m not an avid reader so I’m not really a good judge.

February 2017 035.jpg

-How are MQC requirements coming?

They have been stopped until further notice due to me finding Ironman mode/Starting a new account more fun atm

Thank you everyone for asking, answering and reading. You are the best!
Have a great month

Article by Choto 3000

Bulletin - February 2017

A bit of a shorter bulletin this month, since I'll be travelling by the time this goes out. There are a few things I want to quickly mention though.

I have to mention the recruitment team who have been doing a great job this month. We have had a nice influx of new people, and I am happy to see that some of them have already started to integrate with the community straight away. Offsite and Discord adoption has never been better.

A big shoutout to the people who have been working hard in attracting new people, making guests and recruits feel welcome, and guiding them through the recruitment process and beyond. This would not be possible without you.

If you are interested in getting involved yourself, feel free to reach out.

The month ahead
Apart from a great recruitment effort, weekly Vindicta masses and many other boss encounters, and a proper execution (how cheerful!), January has been fairly quiet. People are settling back into their rhythms, succeeding or failing at their resolutions.

February has a few events to keep an eye out for. First of all there will be a new quest, and of course a bonus experience weekend. Both are great opportunities to spread the world about our clan, so please take the chance to plant our vex. Don't hesitate to promote Clan Quest on other worlds as well. Just stay respectful (don't disrupt people's game or place vexes in places where they would be annoying) and show that all we care about is having a good time.

Speaking of having a good time, the double experience weekends are always extra busy in our chat. I am looking forward to seeing some social skilling and fun conversations to break up the boring grinds. We often see some long-timers coming back for the mad gains, so February will be the perfect moment to get to know new and old clannies, and maybe make some new friends!

Within the clan we'll not be sitting still either. I have been toying with the idea of holding a clan-wide survey for a while now, and in February I will make work of it. I will be holding the survey for two different reasons.

First of all, I want to lower to bar for you to share your opinions. We - as clan leadership - have an idea of the direction we want the clan to take (read more about it here), but based on your responses we can find out whether you think we are on the right track, and what things you think are the most important to focus on. Consider it a Clan Quest version of the 2017 content survey.

Second, I want to find out who we are. I know that we have members from all around the world, but as a bit of a data nerd, I am very interested in the distribution across the world. We will also be using the data to improve upon event times, and we'll share the most interesting highlights with you.

The survey will be anonymous and voluntary. You can even opt out of filling in certain parts of it if you feel uncomfortable sharing personal information. In the end, we want everybody to feel happy and have fun with us.

What next?
That's all for me this month. I'll be back before you know it with a new bulletin (February is a short month after all). If you have anything specific you want me to discuss in future bulletins, feel free to get in touch.

Article by Cireon

RSMV Review

This month we have Veng's Roots by Imagine Dragons. As one of the few who uses RS3, he has included some OSRS clips this time which surprised me. His editing skills are not the best, the beats look forced. But his strong point is he ALWAYS finishes the whole song, has a horde of friends to do emote syncs, solid 1280x720 resolution, and nice storylines. Not to mention he uploads often. Stamina like his is rare these days as most of us get sick of the song after one chorus. I like the cinematics in this one, the transition between RS3 and OSRS looks extremely natural, such as when he teletabbed away in OSRS and reverse the teletab clip on RS3.

Article by SantaEnds


Sorry if I missed some of you guys! If you can't find yourself on the list, pm me!!

99 MagazineDivination.png Cid Raines
99 MagazineHunter.png MagazineThieving.png MagazineMagic.png A lone fall
99 MagazineAgility.png Giovanig
99 MagazineFarming.png MagazineConstitution.png MagazineSlayer.png Waroch
99 MagazineInvention.png Rawwr Bob
120 MagazineDungeoneering.png Iomeces

The greatest cape was recently awarded to:

The taskmaster emote was recently awarded to:

We have three almost new maxed clannies!

One of our clannies recently retrimmed:

Lastly, we have really good news. One of our good friends Quest Spirit, now a regular guest to the clan, wrote a short story on Reddit. Some days ago, he was contacted by someone who wanted to publish his story!!
As the current policy of the magazine is to include only runescape/clan related material, I'll provide a link where you can find the post.
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Congratulations all!

Article by Choto 3000

Clan Quest Members Update
New Members of Clan Quest
The last month has seen eight new members join the clan! Please give them a warm welcome and make them feel at home! The new members of the clan are
  • DragonFox!
  • PrimalPeace!
  • Questcaping!
  • Snow Light!
  • Soul Scythe!
  • Slipster34!
  • KattMak!
  • MayTaurus!

The Recruitment Razzers the the chief body responsible for reaching out to possible new members, and they're always looking for a hand. You can always contact Irene Angel/Jjasm if you're interested!

Welcome to the Offsite
The offsite is a pivotal part of our clan structure, and the more people that use it the better! This last month we welcomed eight new members to the offsite:

Hope you all enjoy what we have to offer, and what more we'll have to offer very soon!

Clan Quest Promotions
Because our ranking system is primarily based on quest points, a promotion is a symbol of your progress as an adventurer! Here are all of the members who have been promoted in the last month:
  • 1234Werecool: Lieutenant -> Captain, congratulations on your Quest Cape!
  • Antivistic: Lieutenant -> Captain, congratulations on your Quest Cape!
  • ARNN4: Corporal -> Sergeant
  • Borixi: Corporal -> Sergeant
  • CoolBanksy: Admin -> Organiser
  • Corrupt Tim: Sergeant -> Lieutenant
  • Dogsnow MkII: Recruit -> Corporal, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • DragonFox: Recruit -> Lieutenant, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Iron Avatar: Corporal -> Sergeant
  • LazyKernel: Corporal -> Sergeant
  • Trips Travis: Recruit -> Corporal, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Zane Baked: Sergeant -> Lieutenant
  • Ridley: Recruit -> Captain, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Questcaping: Recruit -> Sergeant, congratulations on your promotion to full member!
  • Snow Light: Recruit -> Captain, congratulations on your promotion to full member!

Congratulations, everyone! You can find more information on our ranks on our official recruitment thread.

Article by Sirapyro