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The Answers are in! Our interview with Draziw!
Exclusive Interview by Karen Angel, Reporter.

Many people are wondering, why out of all things do you love cabbage?(there has to be more than a "cuz")

The people who have been playing RuneScape for a long time may remember a couple things. “Back in the day,” censored words were replaced with the word cabbage. They eventually changed the filter into its current ****** state, and even went so far as to remove the filter. This subtle humor was one of my initial turn-ons to the game, as it showed the creators of the game had a quirky sense of humor similar to mine.

As my time with the game continued, so did the subtleties that existed. NPCs attributed cabbage with magical powers, special effects, even the primary essence for all magic in Gielinor. Jagex released multiple April fool events, announcements, even the game script has cabbage in it. When the creator of the game went so far as to make typing Cabbage equal his name in the notes tab, I realized that cabbage was not only a humorous version of inside game lore, but a definitive and purposeful attempt at organizing and defining the good players from the normal.

As some people may know, I have frequent communication with multiple Jagex moderators. The reason for this is simple. Whenever I met a Jmod, I would make a cabbage reference. Jagex Staff is force-fed humor involving cabbage and Brassica prime, until they begin to enjoy the humor themselves. When the staff sees a player referencing cabbage, they see that player as a person who has a true understanding of the games underlying history and the subtleties of the games creation. In effect, cabbage lovers are a cult or religion. We make up a very small, elite portion of the community.

The reason that I am so vocal in the clan about my opinion of cabbage is also simple. I want my clan mates to experience the benefits of adoration for Brassica as I have. If you walk up to a 2450 total level, most of them will know and appreciate cabbage lore. If you can’t think of something to talk about with the elite players of RuneScape, cabbage IS the way to go. The best players of the game know it, and it is a code word that instantly elevates a stranger from “normal” to “Uber Noob”.

Finally, let’s be honest... Who doesn’t love cabbage...?

What inspired your RuneScape name "Draziw"?

Throughout my life, I have drafted many books and screenplays. My first among these is a Chronicle of mythical lore centering on a few heroes as they struggle to uncover the past about the first and most powerful wizard in history. The man, so powerful in his magic, eventually became recognized as the first and best of his kind. Over time, society gave the title wizard to other magic wielders, and they inverted the first Wizard’s name to brand others who possessed similar skill. So… Draziw, gained a permanent spot in the magic community as the first Wizard. All others to follow after him wore his name (while backwards).

What most people don’t realize is that I carry the name Draziw in almost everything I do. While everyone in the clan quest community recognizes the name Draziw as my RuneScape name, I also utilize it in every other medium of entertainment and communication that I can. My car’s license plate is Draziw, my email is a combination of my gaming and real life nick names “Grandpa Draziw” (yes, most people in real life call me grandpa), my xbox- StarCraft- WarCraft- LazerQuest, wiki and every other games’ names are Draziw. I have always used the name as my tag, and I doubt that will change.

If you take anything away from my name though, please realize- I have a backward sense of humor. Draziw explains that fairly well.

What do you think of how Clan Quest has changed/grown compared to the first few months since it was opened?

This is an interesting question.

The thing that most people DON’T realize about clan quest at its initial founding was how well everyone knew each other before we created the clan. I have screen shots of me playing with Sethron 666 in 2006! He and I have used voice chat to communicate in voice, and while we have never met in person, I consider him to be one of my closest friends. (The internet is a miraculous thing.) Kappathegray- well I know him in real life. I have taught him to drive; he has taught me fashion sense. We have known each other since we were small children. Sold 222 (one of our oldest captains) is another friend of me and Kappa’s, same with Justjack (one of the first 20 members.) I dated her!! The Kody, Heybullfrom, ChadMcBaDD- these were people that I had done events/minigames/quests with for months/years prior to the clan founding. When we made the clan, we did so not to create a clan in the formal sense, but to create a place for us all to hang out, and for us to bring other friends so we could share in each other’s company and knowledge.

The clan grew way faster than we thought it would. And with its growth, its purpose became more defined, and its community stronger. Where before the clan was just a hangout- it became a community, a global nation of individuals united under one banner, with the sole purpose of increasing everyone’s enjoyment.

Now the clan is something completely different than it was in the past. They each had their positives and negatives, but I think that the clan as it is now is greater than it was. See, we used to have 20 people who enjoyed each other’s company. Now we have 150+. I don’t think the clan really realizes how valuable and impressive that is. Every member of our clan can make a shout out in game when they are being trolled, or they need help, and an army arrives. That’s power you can’t buy- that’s the power of a true clan community.

I have been with the clan since it was an infant. I have watched it grow over the past couple years. We are still a young clan, we have room to grow more, and learn more, and become even more- but I am proud of the community that it has become, and I am glad I could and can still be a part of it.

Is there anything you want to say to the members of ClanQuest or someone specific?

Thanks for being a part of the clan!

Why are you a noob?

I’m not sure that I understand the meaning of this question. Any person who listens to me talk about the game, or who looks at my stats can clearly see why I am a noob.

(1) I play the game with the strategies of a player from 2003, never adapting to the new updates and adjusting my strategies accordingly.
(2) I do not have any 99s.
(3) I am not overly experienced in any specific aspect of the game.
(4) The quantity of new content added to the game exceeds my ability to adapt, and as such I always am finding new things in the game.

Me calling myself a noob is a “not-so-subtle” attempt at humility. Obviously I have a 2250+ total level. Obviously I am a Player Moderator. Obviously I know the game fairly well. By calling myself noob, it is my hope that I can make the visitors of the channel who are looking for help realize that I am just like they are; a player, in a clan channel, looking for help. As a clan, the use of noob is more a “backward humor” issue than anything else. It is always fun to have the inside joke and to recognize how comfortable we are with each other, even enough to lightly “insult” each other.

How are you?

Lovely, thanks! Brassica has blessed me.

Which people do you thank most for helping in the founding of CQ?

The people who played a major role know who they are and do not require thanks. There is one person however who should be acknowledged for a significant amount of Clan Quest’s success during its first few months though…. Quest Kitty.

A lot of the older members remember Kitty as she was in the height of her activity. She is very busy in the real world nowadays, and as such isn’t with us as often as some of us may like. Her activity, personality, and sheer “awesomeness” is a testament to what all clan questers aspire towards. I would say she has had the largest impact on clan quest of any other non-high councilor since the clan’s founding.

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by Karen Angel

by Konnan

Voting for a name for our upcoming Clan Dragon has taken place and the choice is: "Nogard"!

The winner of the vote was Chandis Troi for being the first to suggest the name.

Second was Odorf, suggested by Roadmaps.

Third was a tie, for Fluffy(AlphaLeo) and Norbert(Auridan).

In other citadel news, there appears to be unrest among the guards. They are complaining about their rations. "Fish stew, grilled fish, nothing but fish, fish, fish"! They want some eggs, fruit and vegtables.

One of them saw a copy of last month's magazine and they want CABBAGE! We better get that rations plot improved soon, or they are threatening to strike!

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by MsKonnan

~!~The on-going Saga~!~
January 2012 - 002.png
"The Story of our Clan Dragon"
-Episode 5-
(by Konnan)
In our last episode, the egg had hatched and a baby boy dragon emerged.
Momma and Poppa have named him "NOGARD". They are so happy and have commissioned a baby picture be made to send out in their birth announcements to all their dragon kinfolk.
February 2012 002.jpg
Aunt "Fluffy" and Uncle "Norbert" have come to visit. They brought their son, "Odorf" to see his new little cousin.
They even brought a baby gift for Nogard. His first toy!
February 2012 003.jpg
"For Nogard, from your cousin, Odorf"
Momma and Aunt Fluffy discussed what to feed him and which baby dragon food formula would be best.
February 2012 004.jpg
Poppa and Uncle Norbert went out to gather some food

for the baby, and returned with this, to make him

a fast and strong hunter.
February 2012 005.gif
But Nogard is happiest with his bottle.
February 2012 006.jpg
~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by MsKonnan

~!~The on-going Saga~!~
January 2012 - 002.png
"The Story of our Clan Dragon"
-Episode 6-
(by Konnan)

Momma and Poppa dragon have been kept busy looking after their youngster. He is eating everything they bring, and growing fast. He wanders all around in the cave under the keep, exploring every nook and cranny.

Sometimes the most unusual behaviour has been noted. Like the day Nogard got the "hiccups".

February 2012 007.gif

"What was that came out of my mouth?" he asked Momma.

"Not to worry little one, you just had a little 'fire burp'," she told him. "If it makes you too upset, I can give you some purple potion to calm down the fire."

One day Poppa had to scold Nogard for being so noisy and rambunctious, when he was trying to nap.

"I asked you twice now to stop jumping on me when I am dozing. Why can't you play chase your own tail, and leave mine alone when I am sleeping?"

"WAAAAHH," said Nogard, and ran to tell Momma.

"Well, your Pappa worked hard today, and he just wants to have a little rest, so be a good boy, Nogard." she said.

"I don't want to be quiet, I want to play!", said Nogard, and proceeded to have a little temper tantrum.

February 2012 029.gif

Young dragons are not so different from young humans in temperment. They need constant watching, and they have a desire to make their wants known.

February 2012 008.jpg

Soon, Nogard will be ready to leave the nesting home cave, and go out into the big world. He will have to go to "Dragon School". He will meet the "King and Queen of Dragons" who govern the Citadel Dragon Group, to which his mother and father belong. We will check on him again in a week or so.

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by MsKonnan

by Ytse

January has come and gone, and with it, memories were created that will linger on the edge of your thoughts for a long while. Personally, one of the things I'm going to remember most vividly is the first month of the Skilling Tournament. Who can forget Soul Vortex and Skills2Quest duking it out for the title of Clan Skiller? Or some of the crazy gains in experience gotten by people like Pac the IV and Fatalflair10? Or even just myself spamming up the clan chat every twenty minutes telling people to go skill?

One of my favorite parts about events like this, or really just about events in general, is the time I get to bond with my fellow clanmates. Hacking ivy for a week gives you a perfect opportunity to learn a little about the people in your clan, and I know I made a few more friends during it. Even though Ozteddybear left Clan Quest, I still talk to her because of the time we spent training together. Hopefully, one of the reasons Fatalflair10 came back to us was because his bonds to the clan got a little bit stronger during this event.

February 2012 010.png

I compare skilling with friends to being in marching band - you spend so much time with people, it's nearly impossible NOT to get to know them! Also, being with your friends makes what's usually a repetitive action, such as fishing rocktails or practicing your instrument, an enjoyable experience. If I were to extend the metaphor even farther, you could say that both activities are worth it in the end...

February 2012 009.png

Because Clan Quest definitely moved up in the rankings due to the Skilling Tournament. The first and second place winners both got over six million experience points - and that's only counting the week-specific skills! Not only that, but even the lower-leveled members of our clan moved up the ranks. BV11 (now NHSS11) and I both trained over 20% of our previous Hunter experience during Week 4, and the levels we got from that are definitely a good thing.

This tournament tested every participant's resolve and endurance, and only good things can come from that. Soul Vortex, our Clan Skiller, is pretty much a pro at skilling - he got more experience in a week in most skills than some of us already had! I didn't do too well in the tournament, but the hours at rocktails and the Herblore Habitat prepared me for grinding another skill. I could never have gotten over 3 million experience in prayer in two days if it weren't for the Skilling Tournament's preparation.

Competition is fun, and there's always a little tension in competitions like this. But remember, I organized the event to be fun! It was and is an opportunity to lessen the boredom of skilling, one that I'm taking full advantage of. The tournament starts again on the 24th of this month with a Thieving weekend, so now's your chance to come and do in a group what would be boring by yourself. Don't restrict yourself to doing this only during the tournament, though - try asking in the clan chat for a friend to come skill with you, no matter when. Clans are about bonds, and one of the best ways to create these bonds is by sharing time together... and the money you can make while you do so is a nice bonus.

Happy Skilling, everyone!

Article by Ytse

~!~The on-going Saga~!~
January 2012 - 002.png
"The Story of our Clan Dragon"
-Episode 7-
(by Konnan)

Poppa and Momma have been looking after Nogard under the keep, but he will soon have to leave the nest cave and go into the outside world.

His bed time stories have been preparing him for the “big world”. Mamma told him about a cave goblin named Zanik, and how she got brave enough to come to the surface and see the sunlight. And Zanik became a leader of her people.

Another night, Poppa told him about people called the “Fremenniks”. That clan set trials for its' youth to test their readiness for adulthood. The bed time stories seemed to have a lesson in them, which Nogard was supposed to learn.

Norgard was still confused and asked a lot of questions.

“Poppa, I would like to see the outside world, but I can not go through that portal that you and Momma use. How do you do it?” he asked.

“You will have to learn that from Merlin, the great wizard who teaches us magic”, Poppa told him.

“But how can I meet Merlin if I can't get out?” asked Nogard.

“You will have to face a trial of your own first”, said Poppa

Although Nogard was still a bit afraid of that “magic portal spot”, he began digging around the place that he had seen Momma and Poppa use. He found some loose rocks along the north wall that could be moved a little bit. Each day he dug a little more around the portal spot.

“You have been working very hard digging your tunnel, Nogard” said Momma, “and it is time we told Merlin that you will soon be ready for his teachings”.

“Merlin's magic scurrying glass will tell him when Nogard is ready”, said Poppa.

February 2012 011.jpg

At last Nogard completed his “first trial”. He dug himself free of the nest cave! He was so tired, he had to take a little nap.

February 2012 012.jpg


When he awoke, there was the wizard Merlin!

“You have proved yourself worthy through your strong efforts, Nogard. I will begin teaching you some magic. First I expect you would like to know an easier way in and out of your family cave!”, said Merlin with a chuckle.

And that was the start of “school” for Nogard.


~!~The on-going Saga~!~
January 2012 - 002.png
"The Story of our Clan Dragon"
-Episode 8-
(by Konnan)

Nogard has gained his freedom from the nest cave. He has been exploring the citadel gardens and looking at all the work areas. Have you seen him yet?

He is a bit shy of the humans. He watches from behind the trees, and from atop the walls. Those clan humans wear such funny clothes and capes that flap when they run. And they are always running everywhere, and working at the plots. They never seem to have time to play. The guards are always busy too, and have no time to talk with a young dragon. So Nogard just practices his magic going in and out of the nest portal, and watches from his hiding spots.

February 2012 013.jpg

Dad and Mom trying to show Nogard how to fly.

He has to learn to fly before he can go away to school. Cousin Odorf is already in school. Nogard can hardly wait. Odorf is learning to "breath fire blasts". All Nogard can do is "speak little fire breaths", but he is learning to roar now. His favorite game is to sneak up behind the guards on the wall, and ROAR AS LOUD AS HE CAN, then hide before they see him.

February 2012 014.jpg
Nogard has perfected his "ROAR"
Dad has been trying to teach Nogard to fly, so that he can go off to school.
One moonlight night, Nogard jumps off the wall and actually soars down to the training field, making a nice landing. Encouraged, he runs around with his wings flapping, and all of a sudden his feet leave the ground.
Oh, Boy, he can take off now!
February 2012 015.png
Nogard's First Flight.

~!~The on-going Saga~!~
January 2012 - 002.png
"The Story of our Clan Dragon"
-Episode 9-
(by Konnan)
On Monday morning, Nogard goes to his first class,
while mom & dad look proudly on:
February 2012 016.jpg
He meets his teacher for the first time.
February 2012 017.png
He is given a text book to read.
February 2012 018.png
February 2012 019.png
Hmmm, this looks interesting.
Nogard has found a lesson about "How to Breath Fire".

He asks his teacher if he can learn this next,
and his teacher agrees he is ready to learn to
make Fire Blasts.

The teacher explains that several things
are involved in breathing fire.
First you must eat charcoal.
Then you must learn to combine a "roar"
with a "long breath out";
while you "click your teeth to make a spark".

Nogard concentrates on doing all this at once.
He turns several colors, as he gets all charged
up to do this task.

February 2012 020.jpg
Getting ready to make fire.
His first attempt is a disaster!
He burns his own tail!
February 2012 030.jpg
He has to fly off and cool his tail in the lake.
February 2012 021.jpg
All the other dragons laugh at Nogard, and he goes home to tell Mom about his embarassing first day at school.
After several weeks the teacher sent home a report card to Mom & Dad. He had passed "Firemaking 101"
February 2012 022.gif
It took more than two weeks of practice, but eventually our Noob Dragon was able to make an impressive Fire Blast.
February 2012 023.jpg
~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by MsKonnan

The Health Benefits of Cabbage
By LizBeth

February 2012 028.jpg

Who would have known that the cabbage has such tremendous healing powers? It has a significant amount of nutrients and health promoting abilities. It was considered as the “drug of the poor” during the Middle Ages and cancer fighter of today’s health researchers.

February 2012 024.jpg

When it comes to maintaining a reputation In the Medieval Era, the cabbage has had its ups and downs. In ancient times, Greece and Egypt had put it on a pedestal and was revered for its medicinal attributes. However, the European aristocracy of the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries was repulsed by the mere mentioned of its name. Unbeknownst to these Upper Class snobs, the peasants were actually benefiting greatly and naturally from the healing aspects of the cabbage.

February 2012 025.jpg

Present day researchers have found that not too many vegetables have these healing properties. Here are its known health benefits at a glance:
Anti Inflammatory
Hormone Regulator
Heart Protector
Cancer Fighter
Anti Aging, it is good for the skin and capable of treating some skin conditions
Has lactic acid that acts to disinfect colon
Can also be used to relieve headaches
Drinking cabbage juice from the stem is a good cure for ulcers.

Source of vitamins: A, red cabbage contains the most, B1, B2 & B6, C and K, Folic Acid, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Fiber and Omega - 3 Oils and Protein.

As a cancer fighter, the cabbage significantly cuts the risk of colon, prostate, breast, uterine, ovarian and other sex-hormone-related cancers. The scientific tests gave the accolade for this remarkable achievement to the phytochemicals ‘indoles’ and so began decades of research which eventually proven that the ‘indoles’ worked by altering the bodies ability to metabolize hormones, particularly estrogen in women.

Now that you have read and are more aware of the benefits of cabbage, do not hesitate to add this vegetable into the daily menu and diet for you and your family, at least 2 to 3 times a week.

February 2012 026.jpg

Hail to the Mighty Brassica!

Article by Lizbeth