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(Cover designed by Boricua)
2012 - New Year, News

The Clan celebrated the midnight hour in the clan chat all across the globe...24+ time zones told us their area was doing it NOW!
The first ones were the Auzzies and Far Eastern Japan and China...later Indian, and Asia, and Africa. Then we heard from the Finlanders, and other Euopeans, and finally the United Kingdom.
Big long gap...was no one crossing the Atlantic on their raft? or flying in their silver plane.
American then told us they had waited soooo long, and were finally getting the arrival of the New Year. Poor old Califonians had to wait and wait. I hear one member say they were an hour later than Pacific Time...wonder where they were??? Swimming the ocean??

Highlights of 2011

Our Clan grew from around 120 members to just under 200. We were forced to close recruiting, while we implimented "The Plan".
So many new ideas took shape, with the Clan Wiki outlining our history, and present progress. Facebook, Twitter, Voice Chat were implimented.
Then Jagex introduced Clan Citadels, and most of us became committed to reaching Tier 7 and owning our own Clan Dragon... yet to be seen.
Some memorable quests taxed our abilities to "Gain skills" (omg agility training)... and our abilities in "Boss Fighting" (Vanstrom took the quest cape from everyone for a little while).

So now where do we set our sights in this New Year?

Who can dream up some new events?
Who can get their quest cape for the first time?
Who will get awesome promotions, maybe even to High Council?
Who will join us, and who will leave?
Who will be the next Clan Joker?
Who will fall asleep capping and maintaining the citadel? (or perhaps picking in the cabbage patch)

And finally, will the cats out number the dogs?
I see we have a cat in our list of smilies, but where is the dog?
Make your New Year Resolutions, but
Stressed spelled backward is desserts.
Handle every stressful situation like a dog. Tinkle on it and walk away.

MsK (Granny, the historian?)

Article by MsKonnan


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Questaholic has just obtained 'Exclusive Rights' to the story of Clan Quest's Citadel Dragon. We will be publishing the saga of our dragon's development. As soon as our "baby clan dragonling" is hatched, he will have to be named!
You are invited to submit names for our clan's dragon on the following site:

Article by MsKonnan

Soon to come - the Clan Citadel Dragon
January 2012 - 002.png
~~January Week One~~
Through careful natural selection by the Citadel Elders, the Clan Quest Dragon's Parents have ben introduced to each other, and have Fallen in Love.

Article by MsKonnan

Brassica Oleracea, the Cabbage
By LizBeth

The cabbage is also known for its scientific name as Brassica Oleracea. It is a herbaceous, biennial, dicotyledonous flowering plant distinguished by a short stem upon which is crowded a mass of leaves, usually green but in some varieties red or purplish, which while immature form a characteristic compact, globular cluster (cabbagehead).

What an intriguing plant this cabbage. I never knew much about it until I joined Clan Quest. This is where I learned about Brassica Prime…Brassica who? What on flora’s name is Brassica Prime? After reading about it on Runescape and discussions on our offsite, I finally realized that it is not just your ordinary cultivar fare of green leafy vegetable. It is much more than that. Clan Quest figuratively and literally worships the veggie. Therefore, I have decided that it is only right to do some research and to find out more about this leafy green sphere. Why, of all the different kinds of species of plants around, is the cabbage the chosen one?

First and foremost, the health benefits of a cabbage are tremendously amazing. Therefore, in this issue, I will present to you the Nutrition Facts of a cabbage. Please see information below.

January 2012 003.gif

Low calories, no fat, no cholesterol, low sodium, low carbohydrate, natural sugar, has protein and high in fiber. Hey, what more can you ask? This is the best nutritional facts I have read in my entire grocery shopping days. Dang!

Oh, and alas! I also found out that there is more than one variety of this round-green-ball-of nutrition. See reference below:

January 2012 004.jpg

Bok Choy

Chinese cabbage with dark green leaves and white stems; leaves are held together loosely.Chinese cabbages include the slightly crinkled Napa (or Napa), the tall Michihli (also called celery cabbage), the flat cabbage, the flowering white cabbage, Pe-tsai, Tai-sai, Lei-choi, and Pakchoi, also known as bok choy.

Green Cabbage

Most common variety; pale green in color; leaves are usually tightly compacted.

Napa Cabbage

Chinese cabbage with pale green crinkled leaves; elongated compact shape; white stems.

Red Cabbage

Dark purple red in color; similar in taste to the green cabbage; leaves are coarser than green cabbage.

Savoy Cabbage

Green-yellow, crinkled leaves; less compact than the green cabbage.

There you have it, folks, not only are they tasty, but also beautiful to look at…I am simply flabbergasted!}}

Well, I do not want to bore you with all these nutritional facts, so next issue…I will talk more about its nutritional facts, only detailed.

Hail, Brassica Prime!

Article by Lizbeth


Skilling is one of the most important things in Runescape - after Questing, of course - and skillcapes are always something to go for. With the Clan Quest Skilling Tournament in full force, people are skilling more than ever, and the legendary Max Cape is looking tantalizingly close to quite a few people in the clan. So what's it like being completely maxed-out and totally awesome? To get a better idea, this interviewer took to the streets of Varrock and tracked down Max himself.

January 2012 005.png

Ytse: Max, can I have a moment of your time for some questions?

Max: Can't stop right now! Catch me up when I next stop?

Ytse: ...[follows Max until he starts cutting a tree down] So, can I ask you some questions?

Max: Sure, go ahead.

Ytse: I'm with the Questaholic Monthly Magazine, and I was wondering what it's like having a Max Cape.

Max: Oh, this? It's okay. It's nice being recognized for all the work I do, but I keep getting stared at and followed. Oh, and for some reason I always get random trade requests from people I don't even know! I decline them of course, but it gets annoying after a while. Just a moment.[Takes off towards Varrock East Bank and starts high-alching]

Ytse: [After catching up]How difficult was your quest for the Max Cape?

Max: Oh, definitely challenging. It's challenging for everybody - getting 99 in a skill is nothing to take lightly. But I love skilling, so in all honesty, getting the Max Cape was definitely worth the journey. It's a rare class of people that can wear one of these. [Max motions towards his cape, then takes off running again, finally stopping to craft]It's also pretty nice having a cape named after you - heh, heh, but don't expect that if you ever get maxed!

Ytse: How has maxing affected you, besides the cape?

Max: Well, the most obvious effect is that now I have more money than I know what to do with. Skilling is an amazing way to earn cash, and selling Max Capes for 2,475,000 coins each doesn't hurt my wallet. You can rest assured that any player on their way to a Max Cape is going to have a nice little nest egg by the time he gets there.

Ytse: So, are you... [Max takes off running halfway through the question, eventually stopping at Varrock East Bank again to fletch. I followed.]So, are you much of a Quester?

Max: Quester? Oh, you mean those Quest things you do for people... No, not a Quester. I like skilling too much to take a break from it to go help some random princess or whatever goes along with quests. If you want to talk about quests, go talk to that old man in Draynor, I hear he's quite the Quester. Oh! That's right, you need to do all the quests if you want that cape that's in the Varrock Museum... the Completionist Cape! I guess they're worth doing if you want to aim that high, me, I'm happy with my Max Cape. [Max runs off again, stopping at the anvil in Horvik's shop and starting to smith]

Ytse: Well, thanks for your time, Max. I have one final question, if that's okay. ...can I have your Torva?

Max: Ha ha ha ha ha! [Runs off]

Getting a Max Cape is a definite challenge, and any player that gets one deserves to party. Congrats to Bigg Doggg on his huge accomplishment - now go for the Completionist Cape!
Until next time, happy skilling and happy Questing!

Article by Ytse

~!~The on-going Saga~!~
January 2012 - 002.png
"The Story of our Clan Dragon"
-Episode 2-
(by Konnan)
January 2012 006.jpg

After a whirlwind courtship (pun intended) our newly intoduced dragon couple have decide to get married!
Of course the ceremony was performed in the Church of Bassica Prime. It was a small gathering, hurried, hushed and secret.

(this reporter knows only what an escaped impling told her.)

Only other dragons attended and witnessed the saying of "I DO". Rings were exchanged.

The marriage was sealed with a "Fiery Kiss"

January 2012 007.gif

The reception feast menu was "Burned Cabbage Salad", "Burnt Meat" and dessert of "Hot Spiced Implings, slathered in marshmallow sauce".

January 2012 008.png

Burned meat above, burned marshmallows below.

January 2012 009.jpg

The "morning after", breakfast consisted of "Burned Toast"

January 2012 010.jpg

(dragons have to eat lots of Charcoal, you keep up the fuel for their firey breath)


Mr. & Mrs. DragonFire, our dragon couple, have taken up residence in a secret dungeon, under the Keep.
The enterance is a magic portal, known only to themselves.

January 2012 011.jpg

Article by MsKonnan


Strange Mystery Happening at Citadel

There has long been discussion among the members about their charcoal going missing. Many players say they have accumulated charcoal resources, only to find it gone overnight! Some clannies have even named names, and blamed other mates for "using their charcoal." Upon investigation, and talking with citadel guards, this reporter believes there is more to this mystery than we first thought.


Reporter: "Excuse me, I am Konnan, a reporter with the Questaholic magazine. Can you tell me if you have noticed anything unusual going on around the Citadel?"

January 2012 012.png

Guard: "Hello, my name is 'ank. I just got posted to night- shift up 'ear on the wall patrol. My usual route is this wall above the Charcoal Kiln. Funny you should ask, 'cause two nights ago there was an incident."

Konnan: What happened?"

Hank: "Well I was up 'ere on the wall, and I thought I 'eard a noise down by the next corner there. I went to "ave a look. I thought I saw a couple of shadows move down by those islands there."

Citadel 003.png

Konnan: "Did you see anyone?"

Hank: "No, not really, it was more like a smoggy fog, and I couldn't 'xactly make it out. But when I turned back, the sky was aglow above the kiln. I thought it was on fire, and ran back."


Hank: "No, just the sky was on fire. It only lasted a few moments. Scared me 'alf to death! I don't know what it was, but I wasn't asleep at my post...I swear I wasn't 'aving a dream!"

January 2012 014.jpg

Konnan: "Did any of the other guards see it?"

Hank: "Ya, I think 'arry, down there by the kiln saw something, but 'e won't talk about it much. I think 'e is scared the other guards will tease him. But 'e filled in a Report about some missing charcoal that 'appened on 'is shift".

Konnan: "Did they find the charcoal?"

Hank: "No, it never turned up, it just disappeared completely. Sure is a mystery!"


And there you have it. Harry refused to be interviewed; but Charcoal IS going missing from the Citadel. The Guards' Reports have confirmed it.

What is happening to our stores of charcoal? Has a dragon taken it?

Article by MsKonnan

~!~The on-going Saga~!~
January 2012 - 002.png
"The Story of our Clan Dragon"
-Episode 3-
(by Konnan)

We last left our Dragon Couple happily married and taking up residence under the Citadel Keep. The Citadel guards have reported strange shadows, and fire in the sky. Also there has been disappearance of Charcoal from around the Kiln. We suspect the dragons are eating it.

Through a secret peep hole, the magazine has learned of; we are able to see what is happening under there. MommaDragon has built a nest with the help of PapaDragon who brought nesting materials. She can be seen tending her nest in a photo we took.

January 2012 015.jpg

And behold, a clutch of eggs has now appeared!
I hope Momma knows what she is doing, those rocks look awfully sharp for an egg to rest upon. I wonder how long it takes dragon eggs to hatch? We will have another peek in a few days.

January 2012 016.jpg

Article by MsKonnan

Sweet cabbage salad


1kg of cabbage
50ml cooking oil
2g of pepper
30g of salt
40g of lemon
5g of caraway

January 2012 017.jpg

How to make it:

Clean the cabbage by taking the top layer off, wash it, and cut it into small pieces. Mix it well in a bowl with the salt, pepper, cooking oil, lemon juice and caraway. You can ornate it with halves of olives and tomato slices.

Article by Anamona

~!~The on-going Saga~!~
January 2012 - 002.png
"The Story of our Clan Dragon"
-Episode 4-
(by Konnan)
~!~January 27, 2012 - Our Dragon's Birthday!~!~

One egg is cracking open, our little newborn dragon is emerging from his shell!

January 2012 018.jpg

Oh, my, he looks so wet and helpless, and exausted from the effort. Is he going to be okay?

January 2012 019.jpg

At one day old he looks much better. Isn't he cute?

January 2012 020.jpg

I guess he will have to get rid of those other eggs, only the strongest, and first to hatch usually survives. Maybe Momma dragon knows how to deal with that.

It's a Boy !

January 2012 021.gif

Momma and Daddy are so please with their new little offspring.

  • Late at night, in hushed voices*

"What name will we give him?" asks Momma to Daddy.

"I heard the people in the grounds above talking about that. It seems they are expecting a dragon to come and live in the Citadel they are building. I heard they were having a vote thing, to pick a name they would like". said Daddy.

"They are going to name OUR baby! - said Momma, in surprise.

"Well, we were told he would become their Citadel Dragon some day..." said Daddy. "Each dragon has to have his own place when he is grown", he said.

"Yes", said Momma reluctantly, "but I hope that is not too soon, we have so much to teach him, and I want to enjoy him for a long time first".


Article by MsKonnan