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Interview with the Big Bad Wolfie
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Clan Quest's Lore Noob
-- by Rain --


How did you find out about the clan and what made you decide to join?

Playing a game like rs by yourself is lonely. I love being in a clanchat with friends; it really makes my game time much more enjoyable, especially when I was grinding skills. My favorite aspect of Runescape hands down (And this may come as a shocker to you) is QUESTS AND LORE! Naturally when I heard Jagex talking about a questing clan it just sounded like a perfect fit for me.

What do you like so much about lore?

Lore saves lives. Some of you may be Lotr fans and remember in the first book when Gandalf first suspected Bilbo had The One Ring he had to leave Bilbo alone and unprotected to go off and research some way to know for certain if it was truly The One Ring. When I was reading this book as a child I was a bit outraged. This wizard has lived for hundreds of years and he doesn't know you can identify the most dangerous item in the world by tossing it in a fire and seeing if the writing on it glows! I would have known instantly. If someone came up to me with the Stone of Jas I would know to take cover and never ever to use the thing unless I was prepared to deal with those insanely powerful Dragonkin. Needless to say I would not be wasting time while my midget pals were almost horribly murdered by ring wraiths!

Do you play any other games than RS?

I LOVE Zelda. All things Zelda are things I love. I actually just pre-ordered "The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia" which is a book about the lores and histories of Hyrule. My love for Zelda is what got me playing Runescape. I have emulators that simulate Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo64, Gamecube, and The Wii on my computer as well as usb to to controller adapters so I can play any Zelda game on any console with the original controller anywhere I can take my laptop. I also have an hdmi cord so I can use my 42" hd lcd tv as a monitor and it makes Runescape and Zelda much more fun.

What are your main real-life occupations?

I've done a a ton of things over the years. I did computer repairs for awhile (still do) but most of my business was my family. It's horrible being the nerd of the family, everyone expects you to fix stuff for free. Then I worked in retail keeping shelves stocked which sounds like a pretty boring job but out of all the stockers in the U.S. my pay rate was in the top 1%. Then I had to leave because my grandpa got sick and now I work as a live in nurse but I'm currently between clients and looking for something else on the side.

Wise Ork

Tell us more about the early 10 page acceptance essay.

Well, when I applied to join I sent in my application when recruitment was closed. Luckily Liz seemed to have a 6th sense about her and asked me if I might be interested in writing for a magazine. I said "Well I don't know about magazine articles but I've got the entire history of Runescape written out as a text file on my computer. I could probably make that look pretty or something." Bear in mind this was an article I had written over years of completing quests, picking up references, searching rs wiki, and decoding letters from the chaos elemental. I'm just that kind of tinfoil-hat wearing nutter that has stuff like that lying around on my computer. Naturally council passed it on to Draz who approved me on the spot. So started the 10 page early acceptance essay no one has ever bothered to do since. 1- icon biggrin.png

How do you see the use of the offsite evolve in the near and distant future?

I imagine we might see some cool shiny new graphics as new html comes out but honestly this is just bbc forum code and it has been the same for nearly a decade. I don't see many major advances in the near future because it does what it needs to do and I can't think of many other things you would want it to do.

How are you doing today?

Pretty good. It feels awesome that people actually want to know stuff about my life.

In which country do you live? What's it like to live there? Wish you could live somewhere else? If so, where?

I live in the U.S.A. and it is pretty awesome. I love that we have things like rootbeer and the second amendment, but we also have some horrible stuff I'm deeply ashamed of like Jersey Shore, Romantic shows about vampires, that Justin chick, and a version of Sherlock Holmes with a female Watson. Sometimes I wish I could live somewhere else when I'm channel surfing and see things like whatever is on MTV, but no place specific comes to mind.

Liked my 4-questions-in-1 thingy?

Yea, it saved me some time alternating colors!

IRL photo please?

Bottom of the interview, bud.


Your Adventurer's Log is very impressive with everything at 99+. How many years has that taken you?

Hans says I've been playing rs for about 9 years on this account.

When not writing those detailed articles, you seem to spend all your time in Daemonheim with your 116 dungeoneering level...can you tell us the most troublesome bosses you have encountered at the highest levels there? Have you any tips for us about dungeoneering? Do you always go in a group, or do you sometimes solo?

Well, it's 119 dg now, almost at that Completionist Cape! Blink. Blink is the most horrible garbage boss. My tips for Blink are to always do your highest warp. When you finish the floor it tiks off your highest available warp and with other bosses released along the way it makes your odds of running into Blink much lower. I always solo. I haven't been in a group since I was lvl 102 dg.

Are you really a "Big Bad Wolf", or is there a sweeter side to your personality? What do you most enjoy about the clan?

I'm easily riled and don't have the most forgiving of tempers, but my friends usually think of me as a big softy. And I most enjoy the talks about Questing and Lore!


How did you come to know so much about online security?

As a kid I instantly knew computers were a force to be reckoned with. Instant connections to every source of information in the world and games and programs that can manipulate images and all kinds of near magical powers. I might not be a wizard but computers are as close to magic as this world has and I'm determined to master them. I'm a computer wizard and the first thing I learned were protection spells.

What is your opinion of food?

I love food. The more meat the better! I think it's a shame to eat other living things that are less intelligent because by that logic if some super intelligent alien life ever stopped by Earth they could eat us because we are all a bunch of idiots compared to them. In fact I think as life gets higher evolved and more intelligent it will be able to live off things like sunlight and not even have to eat plants. That being said I'm a big idiot and meat is delicious.

What is the meaning of life in your opinion?

I don't want to preach religion to you, but I believe that we only get this one life and when it ends everything is over. I think living forever in a sinless, dangerless eternity is perhaps the worst thing I have ever heard of and I would lose my mind. That being said because I believe this life is all we have, and that in 100 years anything we do (with the exception of offspring or life saving) isn't going to matter at all. So for me the purpose of life is to enjoy it as much as I can while it lasts, and when my time comes if it is tomorrow or 80 years from now to go out in a way I can be proud of.


You're a stone's throw from being comped in-game and knocked off a nice lot of trimmed reqs, an active OS member who writes well-researched articles for the Questaholic and detailed pieces on the game's do you find time for it all?

This is what I do with my free time. When I was a live in nurse I could play rs most of the day because all I had to do was keep an eye on my client and they didn't require any additional help besides someone around to monitor them. Now I'm out looking for other jobs and waiting on new potential clients so my free time has gone down a good bit.

What is your Favorite quest?

While Guthix Sleeps hands down. I decoded a letter from the chaos elemental about it, talked to GOP wizards with full runecrafting robes, searched lunar books on the history of magic, listened to Melzar talk about cabbages again, and used millions of gp buying prayer pots and unicorn scrolls so I could search for Barbarian Cavern Notes. I knew a large amount of information about the quest before it came out because I spent dozens of hours researching the quest. When I finally did the quest and broke into Movario's super cool secret base and read his quest notes I was drooling. It took me about 4 hours longer to do the quest than anyone else because I was connecting dots and documenting everything about the quest and how it related to other rs lore.

Santa Ends

When did you start runescape? Can you tell us a little bit about your history in previous clans?

A friend of mine started me playing in middle school. He traded me a chef's hat to do the old chef's assistant quest and I thought it was some kind of platebody because it was a white square with bulges at the side I thought were shoulder pads and traded most of my tutorial island items for a useless chef's hat. I've been in all kinds of clans over the years. I was briefly a Crimson Knight council member, a warlord in ForgottenGodz, and the official gear checker for Wicked Fury. All three of those clans are old rank 1 rs community warring clans and I was in charge of or partially in charge of their warring aspect. After I got bored of warring and spending my bank on brews I spent some time in skilling clans. There I learned some of the fastest ways to level each skill.


Writing seems to come naturally to you, are you aspiring to become a writer someday?

Yes, I would love to be a writer some day but I'm a little gun shy about putting any of my stories out there. After all when a writer writes a story they write what they know and it is a real soul showing experience.

What's your favorite novel and why? Who's your favorite author and why?

My all time favorite book is actually a manga which is a Japanese graphic novel. The title is "Sundome" and it means to stop suddenly. It is actually an 18+ romantic comedy with a lot of adult content, and some hilarious yet kinda sick adult humor. That story by itself is only worth a read at best, the truly attractive part of the story is that the main character is in love with a girl who is very ill. Her illness is a mystery but she is clearly very sick and while they have these hilarious adventures that really have you laughing from the bottom of your heart you also know how sick this girl is and how horrible things seem like they are going to end. I've never laughed and cried at the same time until I read this book.

My favorite author is J. R. R. Tolkien because Lotr is a fantastic story and I love how he made the stories just to have a bed time story to tell his family and then it turned into one of the best epic adventures of all time.

If you were to write a novel or an article or both, what would it be about? How would you title it?

I would probably write an adventure story filled with epic battles and magic about a boy who would be a bodyguard that also fell in love with The Princess he protects and The Princess would have to marry for political power, but also have feelings for her husband and still love her bodyguard deeply as a friend. The story would be about the inner conflict the boy faces between wanting to be with the girl he loves, but also wanting to grow into a man the girl would be proud of even though he was a wreck inside. The struggle wouldn't be given a single word in the story, but it would be made crystal clear how he felt about his Princess and how unwaveringly he stood by her side because he couldn't for a minute stand himself if he failed her. Also how incredibly deep his rage would be as a result of all his bottled up emotion and how he would take it out on her enemies. I would probably title it "Sovereignty" because the book would be all about how this Princess ruled not just her land but every aspect of her life with unquestionable authority and justice.

Have you ever thought of doing a blog?

Yes. I decided against it because it would take up too much time and I'm lazy.


You used to come dungeoneering with me all the time - now you never do. Do I smell bad or something?

Nah, I just know how you like fast floors and didn't think you would like doing kill all warps with me until I was 117 dg or so when I got my last Warped Note. And since I got 117 I've just been doing it in my sleep waiting for it to be over.

Really though, why do you prefer solo dungeoneering over group?

The time it takes to make a team and then the horrible stuff they get up to like skilling and going afk at maze rooms and emotes just makes it too much of a pain for me. Normally you either get to choose between an easily found horrible team, or a team that can do a floor in 10 minutes but takes a half hour to assemble. I figure I make out at least even and with sooo much less effort.

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Article by Dirty Rain

February 2013 004.png

Did you know Runescape has a forum just for quest help? Apparently you didn't because the forum gets about 10 questions A DAY. Think about that. There are over 200m Runescape accounts and of all those players 10 a day post questions on the forums asking for help. And of these few questions many go unanswered for hours or never even get responses. Our noble leader Draz has heard the cries of those suffering noobs and formed a group of elite questers to aid them on their journey to Grandmaster Questers.

Clan Conga Line 004.jpg

This elite group of questers who tend to the needs of Runescape's Noobs are known as: Quest Helpers!

We have one goal: Help noobs. By doing this we hope to breathe some life into the Quest Help forum and get it up to a few dozen questions a day, and eventually hundreds. Think about it. Some noob goes to the quest help forum, gets an answer almost at once, finds a way to do the thing he is stuck at, tells all his noob friends how cool the forum is, and Clan Quest single-handedly revives the Quest Help Forum! Lets face it, the rs community is largely a group of mean spirited trolls and this makes the entire game less enjoyable for everyone. By creating a player run service group not only do we help noobs we show them that the rs community isn't all bad and help the good parts of the community that have been withering to grow. After all the original purpose of Clan Quest was to help people with quests, and talk about/participate in quests together! Any member can become a Quest Helper and they have 3 simple guidelines to follow:

1) Avoid sending people to external sites (Youtube/The Rs Wiki). If the answer is something that is hard to describe without visual aid and we can not post pictures on the RSOF then use your own judgement.

2) Be Polite. This shouldn't be a problem, most players will be very thankful you are taking time to help them. If any are a bit testy because they are frustrated you can either ignore it or stop responding to the thread.

3) Use the Clan Quest Signature! Your signature is your uniform, wear it with pride! (Also remember to put your name in where it says name (Yes I'm looking at you Thaxy!))

¸‹•*º*•¸•*°˜°*•›¸.....¸º Quest Helper º¸.....¸‹•*°˜°*•¸•*º*•›¸
º‹,¸º‹,,¸¸,,›º... The Questing Clan of Runescape ...º‹,,¸¸,,›º¸,›º
º‹,,¸¸,,›ºº‹,,¸¸¸,,›º 289-290-308-63751250 º‹,,¸¸¸,,›ºº‹,,¸¸,,›º

As a member of Clan Quest, The clan that loves to hang out and talk about questing, you should have no problem taking a minute or two out of your day to see if the Quest help forum is all up to date, and if it isn't to take another minute and talk about questing with someone! You can sign up HERE. Remember we want the forum to look like this:

February 2013 006.png

Finding the Quest Help Forum is very easy. At the top of the Runescape Homepage click "Forum" then head down 8 boxes to the "Game" section and click on "Quests".

February 2013 007.png
February 2013 008.png

Once you are there some common questions you may encounter are:

I'm looking for x item - Pinned at the top of this forum is a thread listing where you can retrieve nearly every quest item, just this once though I've looked it up for you and you can find x item at...

I'm doing Heroes'/Shield of Arrav and need a partner - Pinned at the top of this forum is a thread where you can post looking for a partner, you can also try asking in "Clan Quest" clan chat.

x quest is asking me to go into the wilderness and I'm scared and don't want to lose my items/monsters keep attacking me - For Starters pull up your ability book which is next to your prayer book and at the top of the interface select the defensive/health ability tab marked by a shield and heart icon, this will open a sub-tab where you can select a shield or a heart icon, click on the heart icon and you will see your health abilities. From here you can turn on single way wilderness combat for players/monsters by clicking the crossed sword ability. Now only one player/monster can attack you at a time.

A good armor you may wish to take is dragonhide. In addition to being the cheapest of the armors it gives the same health/lifepoints as other armor of its level. Not to mention the most deadly attacks in the wilderness are freezing or binding spells. It is very much worth taking a dragonhide shield or shieldbow for the extra defense and lifepoints. You are weak against melee attacks though so you may wish to put pray melee on your action bar. You may also wish to add the food you are taking with you and any potions you will be using in case you need to use them quickly. You may also wish to add the Freedom and Anticipation abilities to your action bar as they free you from and prevent stunning attacks. Also adding a teleport to your actionbar means you can activate it the second you reach low level wilderness for a quick escape.

Lastly if monsters are attacking you and interrupting your quest just hang out for 10 minutes until they stop auto-attacking.

x quest is glitched! - Jagex doesn't read the forums often so at the bottom of this page you should see a column labeled "Support" please click "Submit a bug report" and describe your problem to jagex. Odds are they are going to take awhile to fix the problem so I suggest you find something else to do while they work on it and check back every few days.

There really isn't that much to it as you can see! I wish you all luck and hope you will sign up!

February 2013 009.png

Article by Wolfie

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~!~ Recipes ~!~
~ by Lizbeth ~
February 2013 010.jpg
Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

• 6 (1-ounce) squares bittersweet chocolate
• 2 (1-ounce) squares semisweet chocolate
• 10 tablespoons (1 1/4 stick) butter
• 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
• 1 1/2 cups confectioners' sugar
• 3 large eggs
• 3 egg yolks
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 2 tablespoons orange liqueur

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
Grease 6 (6-ounce) custard cups. Melt the chocolates and butter in the microwave, or in a double boiler. Add the flour and sugar to chocolate mixture. Stir in the eggs and yolks until smooth. Stir in the vanilla and orange liqueur. Divide the batter evenly among the custard cups. Place in the oven and bake for 14 minutes. The edges should be firm but the center will be runny. Run a knife around the edges to loosen and invert onto dessert plates.

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Article by LizBeth

~!~ The History of Valentine's Day ~!~
24- herz.png by Konnan 24- herz.png

The origins of Valentine's Day trace back to the ancient Roman celebration of Lupercalia. Held on February 15, Lupercalia honored the gods Lupercus and Faunus, as well as the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus.
In addition to a bountiful feast, Lupercalia festivities are purported to have included the pairing of young women and men. Men would draw women's names from a box, and each couple would be paired until next year's celebration.
While this pairing of couples set the tone for today's holiday, it wasn't called "Valentine's Day" until a priest named Valentine came along.

Valentine, a romantic at heart, disobeyed Emperor Claudius II's decree that soldiers remain bachelors. Claudius handed down this decree believing that soldiers would be distracted and unable to concentrate on fighting if they were married or engaged. Valentine defied the emperor and secretly performed marriage ceremonies. As a result of his defiance, Valentine was put to death on February 14.
After Valentine's death, he was named a saint. As Christianity spread through Rome, the priests moved Lupercalia from February 15 to February 14 and renamed it St. Valentine's Day to honor Saint Valentine.

What's Cupid Got to Do with It?

February 2013 011.jpg

According to Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Cupid was known to cause people to fall in love by shooting them with his magical arrows. But Cupid didn't just cause others to fall in love - he himself fell deeply in love.
As legend has it, Cupid fell in love with a mortal maiden named Psyche. Cupid married Psyche, but Venus, jealous of Psyche's beauty, forbade her daughter-in-law to look at Cupid. Psyche, of course, couldn't resist temptation and sneaked a peek at her handsome husband. As punishment, Venus demanded that she perform three hard tasks, the last of which caused Psyche's death.
Cupid brought Psyche back to life and the gods, moved by their love, granted Pysche immortality. Cupid thus represents the heart and Psyche the (struggles of the) human soul.

Fun Facts

Valentine's Day cards are given to: teachers, children, mothers, wives, sweethearts, Koko the gorilla.
The expression "wearing your heart on your sleeve" comes from a Valentine's Day party tradition.

Young women would write their names on slips of paper to be drawn by young men. A man would then wear a woman's name on his sleeve to claim her as his valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Article by MsKonnan

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September 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.png Astrological Concepts September 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.pngSeptember 2012 028.png
Your Horoscope for the Month of February, 2013
September 2012 024.jpg

Aries (21 March – 20 April)
You'll be thrilled to know that any dry spell in the love arena is officially over, Aries. Saturn has officially left the building and won't be back to put you through trial and tribulation in your relationship zone for another three decades! All of the painful and difficult lessons you've learned about love since 2009 can now be put to good use as you prepare for deeper levels of intimacy than you have ever imagined. You've learned about the importance of boundaries and saying no to codependent patterns, and now you are about to learn the power of deep commitment, self-reliance and sexual monogamy.

Now that Saturn has come to teach you powerful lessons about your sexuality and regenerative powers as a woman and a partner, get ready to relinquish everything you think you knew about yourself. Secrets about your own inner workings will be uncovered whether you are actually in psychoanalysis (recommended) or not. 2013 could be one of the most intense years for confronting your fears around deep intimacy and loss, especially in love. Any part of you that is secretly jealous, terrified of losing emotional control or clings to security for dear life is about to be challenged and reformed for the stronger. This is the essence of self-empowerment.

Sexuality becomes a powerful theme in 2013 as you work to uncover and release any residual shame that holds you back from experiencing the depth and passion of your life force. Saturn in Scorpio in your house of sexuality and transformation proves to be a most healing force in bringing any darkness to the light so that you can fully embrace your true powers as a fiery and sexual being without any hangups, unconscious promiscuity or other self-destructive behaviors that actually deplete your vital energy and self-esteem.

Taurus (21 April – 21 May)
Get ready for serious lessons in the world of relationships this year, Taurus. You are loyal and committed by nature, so you'll welcome this deep phase of working diligently to take your partnerships to a whole new level of intimacy. You may have to confront some fears and blocks along the way as Saturn puts your relationships through the ringer (pun intended) in order to show you what you will and will not tolerate from others. Boundaries in love become a key theme, and you will surely have the backing and thus backbone of Saturn to stand your ground when negotiating the terms of your relationship. You're known to give more than you receive but Saturn will no longer allow you to undervalue yourself in relationships, Taurus.

You are finally learning to see and own your true value, Taurus and this will transform the quality of your love life like nothing else. You'll no longer settle for lovers or partners that do not honor, cherish and celebrate your essence. No longer will you cling to relationships for the emotional security if the other person does not truly step up to the plate and treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You have come too far and put too much investment in becoming the best Bull you can be to allow others to undermine you or worse, take you for granted.

If you've been on the fence about whether to hang in there and give it another try or finally make your exit out of an existing love affair, Saturn will give you the clarity and backbone to make the final cut if need be. You can think with your head and your heart for a change, allowing you to make healthier choices in love. If you decide to stick with it and go the long haul, you'll also have Saturn's strength to perservere and push through any obstacles.

Gemini (22 May – 22 June)
After enduring a rocky road over the past few years, where you changed your mind about love a thousand times and nearly gave up hope on relationships altogether, you're finally ready to enter a period stability and commitment. The eclipse patterns are no longer turning your relationship realm upside down. You have a better sense of what you want and what you will not put up with in your relationships, which puts you on solid ground. As much as you love a good game, when it comes to love you want nothing short of the real thing. You're exhausted from the back-and-forth, the push-and-pull, cat-and-mouse games. You've grown up considerably since 2012 and are ready for a meaningful and mature relationship.

Other great news to support this maturation process in love is that Saturn has left your romance department for good (well at least for 28 years). After creating considerable difficulty and challenge in your romantic sector since late 2009, you've learned the hard way not to get involved with the wrong people. Your sometimes naive trust in the goodness in others has been replaced with a sober and sharp mind that carefully weighs the pros and cons of getting involved before giving your heart. Saturn taught you how important rules and limits are, even in your romantic life. When you draw a sharp line, your partner will respect you. If they cannot accept your limits, they do not deserve you. This has become crystal clear for you now, Gemini. It's as if a huge rock is being lifted from your romantic life and you're finally clear about whether you want to commit or quit. Of course, this doesn't mean you'll be completely free from any doubts of flip-flopping while committed, this is just part and parcel of your dual nature, Gemini. The difference is that you're willing to roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work to make the relationship successful.

Cancer (23 June – 23 July)
Your love life is about to get incredibly passionate in 2013, Cancer. You've been preparing for the kind of all-consuming, soul-stirring and dangerously delicious experience of romance for the past two years. At the same time, you're craving greater emotional security than ever. Are these needs mutually exclusive? Not necessarily, but they will require that you only give your heart away to someone you trust, even if the chemistry is off the charts. It's sometimes hard to determine if you're building something to last or burning through a flame that will die as quickly as it started. You've certainly had your fair share of both versions of love over the past few years (perhaps even in the same relationship)

You may be surprised in 2013 how a hot-and-heavy love affair suddenly moves into deep unchartered waters. You'll be asked to put in the work to make it last, but you know it's worth it. This is actually what you want more than anything, despite your fears of getting hurt. Give it a chance if your gut tells you it's the right person. This could be your chance to finally achive the level of intimacy that makes life infinitely magical on a daily basis, despite the inherent struggle.

This is a year to let go of all of the pain and baggage from the past so you can embrace the powerful potential of a fulfilling relationship in the present. This may involve some heavy digging and relinquishing of the old skeletons from the closet, but trust that it's worth the effort. You must free yourself from any residual grievances and resentments from lovers in your past or your heart will never truly be open to someone new (or to your present partner if you're already hitched). Don't let negative nostalgia sabotage your love life, Cancer. That's such an old story for you at this point.

Leo (24 July – 23 August)
2013 gives you a strong desire to plant roots. Your heart is looking for the kind of partnership that can endure the long haul. The search and restlessness is finally over, Leo. You know where you want to be and you're ready to anchor yourself long enough to establish a solid routine. Saturn will occupy your domestic sector until 2015, encouraging you to stick to your guns in love. If you're single, you'll be thinking about settling down and possibly even getting married and having a family. If you're already in a long-term relationship, you'll be looking to deepen the foundation and work towards greater levels of passion and intimacy. Your days of being on the prowl for the sake of the thrill are over. You want everlasting love.

Jupiter will continue to work his magic in your social zone for the first half of the year, so if you are indeed single, you can use this influence to attract a partner through your thriving social life. Allow your friends to hook you up and don't be afraid to be open to leads from friends of friends. You've got to work the auspicious energy of Jupiter. The second half of the year, your luck will shift toward retreats and vacation spots for meeting your future mate.

The eclipse patterns of 2013 will intensify your domestic sector, doubling your passionate desire to nest. Never before has the need to put down roots and build a happy home with a loved one been more pronounced for you. In fact, you might call it an obsession. When Leo's heart and mind are fixed on something, they're sure to get it!

Virgo (24 August – 23 September)
The search for a soulmate continues but with better results than last year now that reality-driven Saturn is working in harmony with Neptune's romantic influence. You don't want to fall into the boat of total cynicism about love, because at heart you're a romantic. But you do want to temper your idealistic notions with a bit of reality testing. If you thought you found the 'one' only to suffer great disillusionment, don't fear. Saturn will make sure that you find someone who meets both your soul needs and is also available in the real world. If you played the role of savior over the past year in your romantic relationships, you'll be less likely to get involved with anyone not willing to help themselves now that Saturn is on the case. This does not mean you'll have to sacrifice any passion, but it does mean that you cannot delude yourself into thinking someone who is in essence unavailable could be any kind of viable partner.

The presence of powerful Pluto in your romantic zone continues in 2013. You have certainly had your love life excavated from the ground up and then some, Virgo. With so much clearing, you can trust that you're truly preparing new ground for someone with not only incredible magnetism but with the kind of staying power that is built to last. This influence also continues to create the kind of potent death and rebirth experiences in your romantic relationship that alter your very notion of what love and romance are all about.

The second half of 2013 brings a surge in your social world, which could also have a wonderfully beneficial effect on your love life. Jupiter brings all of the fringe benefits to meet the right people who lead you closer to your future beloved. Be sure not to turn down too many party invites or you could miss some golden opportunities to cross paths with your future lover.

Libra (24 September – 23 October)
Your love life is finally getting a much-needed rebirth after enduring the heavy hand of Saturn since late 2009. The law of karma brought many painful lessons home, and you're ready for a return to love. If you experienced crazy amounts of insecurity over the past year, you can also bid that farewell. Enough of the tears and heartbreak from giving too much to people who could not return your sweetness and light. Now that you're clear about boundaries and refuse to lose yourself in codependent patterns, you can get on with establishing the kind of relationship that is healthy instead of detrimental to your health.

The eclipse points of 2013 are asking you to own your value as a partner. If anyone knows how to bring beauty, balance and unparalleled harmony into a union, it's you, Libra. You're finally realizing how irreplaceable you are as a partner. Very few are as easygoing and lovely to be around. You take everything in stride and bring the peace back to any discord that arises in your relationship. How many have the patience and tolerance to do this? Know how precious this is in maintaining a strong partnership.

The ongoing influence of Uranus in your relationship zone is helping you break free of any clingy patterns in love. You have a tendency to be drawn to strong but selfish partners, and now it's time to own the selfish and assertive aspects of yourself so you can attract a different kind of relationship dynamic. In order to keep your scales balanced, you need a proper ratio of give and take. One-sided love affairs are no longer an option. You want a relationship with someone you can trust, and with whom you can build a solid and lasting foundation. You were born under the sign of marriage and companionship for a reason -- you're simply happier living life in tandem with another. If you're already hitched, you'll no longer tolerate being taken for granted on any scale. This is the year of renewal and realizing your value, and there is no better arena to put these lessons into practice than in love relationships.

Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)
The commitment theme extends into all life arenas this year, but especially love. Saturn demands that you stick with the relationship you've started if you ever want to learn deep and meaningful lessons about intimacy, Scorpio. If you jump from partner to partner, you'll remain stuck in shallow water. If you avoid love altogether for fear of being hurt, you'll simply end up lonely and bitter. Why not put your heart on the line and try being vulnerable for a change? Yes it might feel like it will kill you to trust someone again, but think of the rewards when deep passion and connection are possible if you're willing to take the risk.

Neptune continues to bring the longing for a soulful merger with a romantic partner again this year. Neptune is taking residence in your love zone for the long haul, so the themes of illusion, disillusion and the desire for a divine romance continue. You want a love that inspires poetry, art, music and cinema. You want a love worthy of the gods, Scorpio. Nothing less will do. You may have to lower your expectations if you want to survive in a real relationship inevitably filled with human limitations lest you suffer grave disappointment again and again. This doesn't mean you have to give up on the idea of a beautiful romantic relationship. Just know that it will have its off days and there will be moments of drudgery and discord, if you want something long-term. There is no escaping the difficult and ugly parts of romance.

Having the combination of Saturn and Neptune influencing your stars actually provides a healthy balance between reality and fantasy, so you may just find your way to that ever-elusive middle ground in love this year. Plus, the eclipse points will be moving your relationship along so fast that you'll have to learn your lessons quickly. You may be surprised how fast your partnership goes from zero to one hundred seemingly overnight. You may move in together, get married or just simply deepen your commitment level to one another.

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)
The romance continues with your lucky ruler gracing your relationship zone through the first half of the year. Intimate partnerships are favored over fleeting romance, but the choice is yours. Either way, the quality of the lovers you attract are top-notch now that Jupiter is working for you until June. The optimism around love and partnership has returned, and this good vibe is nothing short of contagious. If anything, you may be so popular this year that the problem is in choosing only one partner. You have a pattern of always wanting just a little more than you have, even in love. The grass-is-greener complex belongs to your overly ambitious nature. The idea of settling down typically runs counter to your gypsy spirit, but you're also a total romantic. So if you can snag a partner who is as adventurous and as much of a free bird as you are, you're golden. If ever the stars were aligned for such magic to happen, it's this year, Sag.

There are competing planetary patterns provoking opposing needs within you when it comes to romance in 2013. Uranus continues to inspire a restless and truly independent spirit in your romance zone for a few more years, while the committed tone of Saturn in your subconscious sector is pulling for a lasting commitment. Saturn in Scorpio is working on your unconscious to cultivate a deep and lasting intimacy, while Uranus in Aries in your love zone creates erratic if not reckless impulses in love relationships. You also have the auspicious influence of Jupiter in your zone of significant partnerships, protecting you from serious damage and giving you more second chances than you even feel you deserve.

Striking a balance between freedom and commitment is what will bring all-things romantic to a satisfying place. Yes, it's possible to have both intimacy and freedom if you know where you must work on your integrity. Always keep your word, make your partnership the priority and be open about your needs for ongoing adventure and exploration. With the right amount of compromise and sacrifice, you can have it all!

Capricorn ( 22 December – 20 January)
2013 is the year of deep and unfathomable commitment for you, Capricorn. You're getting ready to take a serious plunge into the deep and sexy waters of Scorpio. Your ruler is taking long-term residence in the mysterious constellation of Scorpio and forming a powerful mutual reception with Scorpio's ruler Pluto (in your constellation). This makes for one of the most potent planetary combos working to tear things down and build you back up stronger and fiercer than ever before. This applies directly to your love life, as you seek a partner who's willing to go to hell and back with you. You'll no longer be satisfied with superficial connections or commitments that only meet you part of the way. It's all-or-nothing-at-all in 2013. The stakes are sky high -- as they should be. You deserve nothing less than that.

Jupiter moves into your partnership zone this June, bringing amazing opportunities and expansion to your love life. If you're already hitched, you can expect a serious renaissance filled with travel, shared wisdom and more joy than you've experienced in years. If you're a single Goat, you can look forward to finally attracting the mate of your wildest dreams. Jupiter brings the best-of-the-best (and in large quantities!), so you're likely to attract someone very generous and extravagant in their desire to nurture you. How fabulous is that?

The long-term presence of Pluto in your constellation continues to amplify your inherent magnetism. Add to this the fact that Saturn and Pluto are swapping and intensifying each other's power and you'll understand why you feel turbo-charged most of the year. Others simply cannot resist the charge you carry now. Pluto's ability to penetrate to the root of peoples' motivations serves you well in sorting the keepers from the losers. You can absolutely trust your gut reaction when you first meet new acquaintances. You're only in danger should you second-guess yourself. Know your power, Capricorn. Trust it, use it and live it.

Aquarius (21 January – 19 February)
Your love life continues to thrive in the best of all ways in 2013. The goodness that began last year is still going strong well into the summer months. Jupiter is blessing your romance and pleasure sector with luck, abundance and a love match that just wants to keep on giving. All you have to do is remain open and allow lucky Jupiter to continue to shower you with his gifts of fabulousness. If you're not madly in love with another human being, you're definitely in love with your life and hopefully, most importantly, yourself. The heart energy is especially strong this year, so follow the dictates of love. If you don't adore it, don't waste your time on it. No longer will you put up with being treated for less than you know you're worth. Putting up with a romantic partner who does not honor and cherish your essence is a thing of the past (no matter how in love you are).

The eclipse patterns will rock the very foundation of your horoscope this year, which will in turn affect your love life. You're really beginning to think long-term stability despite the unexpected eccentric impulses that sometimes spark you to suddenly withdraw from a relationship. With the fixed nature of the nodal points, you're in it for the long haul when it comes to giving your heart away. What you crave most of all is a deep level of intimacy and someone you can actually trust to be loyal, steady and true. Your days of experimentation are a thing of the past. You're ready to build, commit and go deeper with the one you love. If you have not found that special someone yet, you will have your radar set strictly to attracting a quality partner who shares your commitment level and integrity. Losers and players need not apply.

Pisces (20 February – 20 March)
Let love rule in 2013, Pisces. Born under the sign of compassion, you live for the exchange of true heartfelt energy. Romance for you extends far beyond just the coupling relationships of dating and mating. You're often in love with your entire social circle, not to mention animals, plants and even some beautiful seemingly inanimate objects. All is alive and endowed with feeling in the life of empathic Pisces. There's a reason you're called the 'bleeding heart of the zodiac'. You tend to fall in love with those you need to help, educate or save in some way. In 2013, you're adding the requirement of long-term stability to the mix. Your standards for a serious partner are more rooted in loyalty and consistency than ever before. You want staying power, which means giving up the unobtainable relationship pattern. The part of you that's drawn to the projected ideal of a person is being replaced with a serious reality check, compliments of Saturn in Scorpio. Intimacy is now what you crave, and that requires stability, reliability and trust. Such character traits need to be shown to you in the real world from now on. No longer will you fall in love with someone's potential. You've been burned too many times trying to play the role of the wounded healer, Pisces.

The powerful eclipse points only intensify your desire for a solid mate. You also find that you're more drawn to someone incredibly grounded if not bordering on earthy, someone real and sensual instead of fleeting and elusive. You want more tangible proof of your partner's affections instead of allowing yourself to get lost in love for the sake of love. You realize that you have to relate with your mind and the instincts of your body just as much as your heart. Letting your overly tolerant and permissive heart make all of the decisions has only proven detrimental in the past. Employing more discrimination and higher standards can only serve you well in the elimination process. Your friends and family will be thrilled instead of having to counsel you off the ledge of yet another self-sabotaging relationship where you give everything and receive little to nothing. 2013 is all about radical transformation and self-empowerment -- especially in intimate relationships.

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Horoscope Source:

Article by LizBeth

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February 2013 012.jpg
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Article by LizBeth

~!~ Avant-Garde Poetry Corner ~!~
~!~ Featuring contributions by Wise Ork ~!~

Virtual/Reality by Wise Ork

I love you... 3 words, infinite meanings

But it's crazy, isn't it?
I don't even know you in real life;
I only know the you I've met online
Yet you're the world to me

Crazy, isn't it?
If love was ever as complicated as can be
It would be now, on the border...
The border of virtual and reality

Crazy, isn't it?
Perhaps it's not as crazy as it sounds
Perhaps it's crazier, perhaps it's insane
For how could I say I love you, if I only know you online?
If I'm already doubting, then how must you feel...

Crazy, isn't it?
How I mask the truth with friendship
Longing, waiting deep inside for you to feel the same
But you don't know me in real life, only online

Crazy, isn't it?
Now tell me, what's the difference?
I'm the same in both realms, trust me
And so are you the same awesome person

Crazy? Perhaps not as much
I try to forget about it...
Forget about the border of virtual and reality
And in the darkness, I lay dreaming...


Wise Ork made some poems about skills in Runescape;

here's the Runecrafting one, enjoy14- icon rolleyes.gif

Do a quest to learn the art, on the road do you depart
Crafting runes bag after bag, let's hope you don't get la-lagg
In the altar of ZMI you start to wonder "Runecraft, why?"
Some months later, be it years you are recognised by your peers
Buy the cloak of mastery then facepalm in mystery;
"Is this cape all that I got? C ya runescape, love you not"
When I am about to log out, a random dude starts to shout:
"When writing this story about the skill, your runecraft xp went steep downhill".
After some months I am back, Runespan got ‘ere, what the heck?
All of the years of training hard can now be done by those not smart.
Click on runebeasts to siph’n their lives, and the runesphere that us thrives.
Got 99 here? Good, well done. What y’know ‘bout runecraft now is nearly none.

And the one about magic 2- icon smile.gif

Snap your fingers, cast a curse, in the end you'll fire surge.
High alch items using fire, and freeze men to your desire ~
Finally you got your cape, bless those noobs, for them too late.

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Article by Wise Ork

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<@> Truly Original <@>
February 2013 013.jpg
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Article by LizBeth

That Sounds Familiar…

by Miss Alaska

RuneScape. It’s full of quests, swords, monsters, cabbage and, (for our amusement)…Cultural References! Yes, these cleverly added, real-world references the developers like to hide in dialogue, examine texts, books and general NPC characteristics can be a delightful surprise to budding adventurers like ourselves...

In Player-owned Ports, Sailor's flavour text may read "Is the reason the rum is gone." This is a reference to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, in which Jack Sparrow says "But why is the rum gone?".

During the Ratcatchers quest, your cat shouts out, "Exterminate! Exterminate!" This was a catchphrase made famous by the Daleks in the British sci-fi, Doctor Who.

For the spell NPC Contact, when used to contact Blurberry, the conversation the player has is a reference to Bart Simpson's prank calls to Moe, in the American TV show the Simpsons.

The examine info of a Feather Headdress is 'It is fun to go to the O-B-E-L-I-S-K!', a reference to the well-known YMCA song.

The NPC Ezekial Lovecraft, who is involved in the Slug Menace and Kennith's Concerns quests, is a reference to famous horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Ezekial claims that his father is Howard; also, the entire city of Witchaven also draws heavily upon Lovecraft's works.

In Barbarian Assault, the Penance Queen's examine info is "Run Away! Run Away!", a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, when the knights are attacked by an "evil rabbit".

When you examine an open coffin in Edgeville, you get the message "I see dead people" - a well-known line from the movie, "The Sixth Sense".

In the Another Slice of H.A.M. quest, Sigmund ties Zanik to a railway track. This is a classic scenario from old silent films and cartoons, such as The Perils of Pauline and Charlie Chaplin films from the 1920s (hence the music in this scene: Slice of Silent Movie).

If you hire the demon butler, and ring a bell pull in a Player-owned house, the servant will say "What is thy bidding, my master?" This is a quote Darth Vader said to Emperor Palpatine In Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

A town crier's final tip is "Be excellent to each other!" This is a signature phrase in the film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

During the starting conversation to start the quest Black Knights Fortress, Sir Amik Varze references the Mission Impossible film's "new mission" dialogue. Varze says "Your Mission, if you decide to accept it, is to infiltrate their fortress, find out what their secret weapon is, and then sabotage it."

February 2013 015.pngThe cat in the centre of the Sorceress's Garden minigame is named Del-Monty, named after the large fruit corporation, Del Monte. Another NPC named 'Dell Monti' is a pirate on Brimhaven, with a strong interest in pineapples.

Searching a bookshelf in the Varrock library yields the titles "The King of Varrock and I", "Moby Richard the Pirate", "A Series of Catastrophic and Highly Unpredictable Occurrences", "Found", and "Conan the Librarian". These are, respectively, parodies of The King And I, Moby Dick, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Lost and Conan the Barbarian.

The Barbarian Assault Penance Runners resemble a species of the Flood (carrier forms) in Halo.

February 2013 016.png

So for next time that you play B.A., don't bother running away from the Queen. After all, she's not a rabbit....

Reference: I used the helpful fansite, RuneScape Wikia, as reference to these references. I also sourced the images for the article from the same website (except the one with my face on it!)

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Article by Miss Alaska

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February 2013 017.jpg
In lieu of Valentine's Day greetings, some clan mates volunteered to take part in this personal concept of what love is. True, it is hard to capture this elusive word into a single definition, but it would be nice to know what love means to someone.

In their own words, this is how they define love:

Post by Ytse » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:14 am

February 2013 018.jpg
February 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gif

Post by jrnedraw » Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:09 pm

February 2013 019.jpg

Love to me is kind, does not envy, does not bragg, is not arrogant, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil, rejoices in truth, hopes, endures, and believes.

February 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gif

Post by noggy » Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:39 pm

February 2013 020.jpg

I'll be very honest, I dont believe in true love.

That being said I know people "love", but it's just a word to me. I could say I love this clan, or I love rs, or I love computers, but honestly, those emotions can change and more often than not will at some point in life. But true love is something that can not change, that does not include material things. True love is between people, and it's something I think this world has lost for ever.

February 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gif

Post by Miss Alaska » Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:10 pm

February 2013 021.jpg

I'm hardly one to speak about it but I think love is when you know you would do anything for another person, because the bond you have is so strong. I think that when you both share a mutual respect for each other, and fully understand one another, only then could you truly love. I don't believe that there's a 'one true love' out there, but we all have the chance of finding someone that's perfect for us, as we are to them.

February 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gif

Post by MsKonnan10 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:19 pm

February 2013 022.jpg

What is Love? - by MsK.

I believe there are many different kinds of love, and I do compartmentalize them, and feel that in each stage of our lives, certain kinds of love will predominate.

There is Mother Love - first felt by all as babies, and hopefully endures through out your lifetime.
There is Love for a Pet - Remember your first pet? Remember the reality of realizing it would not live as long as you?
There is Love of our Material Possessions - This shows up in "pride of ownership" and taking care of things we worked hard to get. Polish that car, clean your wheels.

There is Sexual Love - We all remember our first experiences in this zone, and the excitement of new love!
There is Love of Beauty - A sunset, a flower, a piece of music, the feel of velvet, a certain color.
There is Love of Belonging - to feel part of a group of people with similar interests, the comrades you care for and who care about you.

There is Spiritual Love - Love of God, or a Higher Being.
There is Enduring Love, and Temporary Love - some people come into your life for a day, a season, to fulfill a need or purpose, and move on. Some will endure a lifetime.
There is Family Love - love between parents and children, bothers and sisters, being able to accept them as they are, knowing their strengths and weaknesses.
There is "Tough Love" - The kind you sometimes have to show to someone, because you care about them and need to intervene on their behalf.
There is Self-love - a feeling of acceptance of who you are, what you can accomplish, harmony with your surroundings, Peacefulness.

May you Live and Love long enough to know all kinds of love 24- herz.png

February 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gifFebruary 2013 026.gif

Post by Lizbeth » Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:48 am

February 2013 023.jpg

February 2013 024.gif

Love is defined in so many ways, in different levels and different situations. It is mostly based on the person’s perception, interpretation and experience. As for me, love is a choice and appreciating goodness in others. Choice, because you can actually make love happen. I would much rather be a hopeless romantic than a cynic who projects negativity towards others. We all need each other. We might as well be kind and love one another.

That's what love means to me. 24- herz.png

February 2013 025.jpg

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Article by LizBeth