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by Konnan
An Interview with Protoman807

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MsKonnan10 asked:

Protoman, Did you get to attend Runefest 2014?
Yes I did and it was fantastic, I turned it into a weekend thing so I could spend some time in London as well.

Can you tell us who you met there, and your experiences there?
I actually met quite a few people there, despite going over on my own. I got to meet up and hang out with VodkaB for a while. (She's super lovely by the way!!) I also met a few other people, two trim comp girls, Hannah and Lua, who were really fun. And spent the morning with two newer, lower levelled players 2- icon smile.gif I also had a chat with Mod Moltare who was very friendly.

I spent the morning trying to get all of the skilling chips, which was really fun. And I got to walk through Prifddinas using an Oculus Rift! That was awesome 2- icon smile.gif Other than that, the after party was interesting, had some nice chats with people, lots of different walks of life attended 2- icon smile.gif

So where in Ireland do you call home?
Dublin, the capital 2- icon smile.gif

Have you ever travelled out of the British Isles?
Wondering if this question is thinking Ireland is one of the British Isles? Which it's not by the way 1- icon biggrin.png But yes, I have travelled a bit, I've visited several places in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium. I've also been to Lanzarote and the Netherlands. Would love to visit lots of different places in the States, going to be keeping an ear open with regards to internships over there 2- icon smile.gif

Can you tell us what the Irish are really like, in your opinion?
Unfortunately, I find when you live in a place you tend to notice the worst things about the people there, so I'm slightly biased. They can be very friendly and welcoming, but at the same time, can be racist about certain groups. (Although when I say racist, it's pretty much exclusively a verbal thing, we don't really have many hate crimes here). I don't know if they're really much different to most other places to be honest, at least not from my experience.

Favorite songs, customs, etc.
I assume this is in reference to Irish songs, customs, etc.? To be honest I can't really think of any Irish customs... although I'm only half Irish, so possibly wouldn't have the same exposure some others would have. In terms of songs, I'm not really the biggest fan of songs in Irish, except for the occassional cover gone by some of the Gaeltacht Schools (a Gaeltacht is a region in Ireland where Irish is widely spoken, and they have summer schools that you can go to for a month to improve your Irish). (I've never been 1- icon biggrin.png)

From Addicted Des:

How did you come up with protoman as a name?
I didn't come up with it 2- icon smile.gif It's a character from a game called megaman. Protoman was always my favourite character in it 2- icon smile.gif

How long have you been playing runescape?
I had an account for a week or two before this one, so I'm not sure of the exact date. But roughly 9 and half years.

What's your life goals?
To live my life with a larger and more filled positive battery than negative one. See ... i-all.html for a bit more detail on what that means to me 1- icon biggrin.png

Whats your runescape goals?
Currently to get all of my skills to level 98 (and close to 99) before Runefest next year.

Miss Alaska's questions:

Why are you still playing RuneScape? What keeps you interested? (I often find I ask myself that question after 6 years)
One of the biggest contributors to my continuing to play is Clan Quest, although I'm not very active at the minute with the amount of uni work I have, it's great having a community here which I'm a part of.

Other than that, Runescape is constantly being updated in a very visible way, which is one of the things I find sets it apart from other MMOs, and one of the things that keeps me interested in what comes next.

Lastly, setting goals for myself helps keep me interested and motivated to do things other than bank stand.

What course are you studying in uni and why did you choose it?
I'm studying Computer Engineering (although my first two years were general engineering and I've only specialised as of this year).

Why did I choose it is an interesting question. In my last year of school I went to my career guidance teacher and spent an hour with her going through all the different college courses and figuring out which ones I would like. I didn't really know what Engineering actually was until I came into college.

Favourite film and favourite TV show?
Ugh... Way too many to pick from...
I don't think I could choose just one film.. sorry 1- icon biggrin.png

TV show (assuming I can't pick an anime) is possibly House M.D.? Which was just excellent, although I'm also a fan of Arrow, Glee, Game of Thrones, Buffy and others.

Why did you join Clan Quest out of the many other clans?
Questing has always been my favourite part of Runescape, it's one of the things I think really sets it apart from other MMOs, so when I found a clan who celebrated that I knew it would suit me 2- icon smile.gif

You're amazing is that accent?
Haha 1- icon biggrin.png I've been told by English girls that my accent is great, but it's not something I notice much when I'm here. And when I'm visiting friends in the UK they constantly just ask me to say "three" and other words with "th". (Because we Dubliners tend to pronounce "th" like "t")

Is there anything about Ireland that challenges its stereotypes? (e.g. not everything is green or there's no leprechauns?)
Not everything is green, there's no leprechauns, not everyone drinks, we don't solely eat potatoes... yeah the rest are probably true 1- icon biggrin.png

Lisbeth asks:

Hi, Protoman!
Hi Lis ^_^

How did you find out about Clan Quest?
I found Clan Quest in the RS forums, then joined the clan chat, and haven't left since ^_^

When did you join?
February 4th 2013 is when I joined the OS, so probably a week or so before that I was officially invited.

What was your first impression of the clan?
That they were a really fun group to chat to, very friendly 2- icon smile.gif

Is it still the same to this day? If it's changed, how has it changed?
I think it's still the same vibe, but it has definitely changed. A lot of the people I knew when I first joined have left the clan since then (ytse, finie, etc.) and I haven't really gotten to know much of the newer people yet.

Do you think the clan is perfect as it is or does it need a bit of improvement?
I'm sure it could be improved, but everything always can.

If it does need a bit of improvement, in what area(s)?
Hmm.. I don't really know. With the way I'm playing at the minute just having the clan to chat to and the offsite to peruse suits me perfecly, so hard to say what needs improvement.

What's your favorite Irish dish?
Stew maybe? I don't really know that many real Irish dishes 1- icon biggrin.png We eat a lot of european (french, italian, spanish) dishes in my house 2- icon smile.gif

Can you cook?
I can... but I don't practice anywhere near enough because I get given free meals every day of the week in uni.

Can you dance the Irish Jig?
"The" Irish Jig makes it sound like there's a very specific one you have in mind, and I have no idea what that is. But no, I can't dance at all really 1- icon biggrin.png

Can you play a musical instrument?
I can play the tin whistle, which I'm not sure if anyone outside of Ireland really knows. And I've self taught a few songs on Piano by ear 2- icon smile.gif

Do you have a favorite song? band?
If I had to pick a favourite band I'd probably say Daft Punk. When it comes to songs, I don't think I could pick just one, there're so many that I love 2- icon smile.gif

What type of musical genres do like to listen to?
Anything with a good beat, but I'll listen to most things really.

What's your goal in life?
Already answered.

What's your favorite quote? Hard to choose between two:

"If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it's not fixable, then there is no help in worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever."

"Even if you stumble, you're still moving forward"

What's the one happiest moments of your life?
Probably the day both my girlfriend and I got scholarships in our uni. Took a lot of work and was great to get that reward.

Other than that, possibly winning basketball leagues at various points in my life.

From Cieron:

What Runescape location would you like to visit in real-life? Prifddinas agility course

Which NPC from Runescape do you think could be a friend to you (in real-life)?
The Wise Old Man, I think we'd have good chats.

Do you consider your game avatar a projection of yourself, or do you play as if you're somebody else?
The first, although which way it goes I'm not sure. I think of life as a game in many ways, and every experience we have, training, learning, practice, work, etc is levelling up the skills we have.

Do you like Guiness??
No I don't 1- icon biggrin.png But mainly because I don't like most alcohol, and don't drink it.

Noireda would like to know:

Being a fellow Irishman, I get asked about all the Irish stereotypes as well whenever my nationality is revealed. So tell me, what is the most ridiculous question you've been asked so far, just for being Irish?
You go bro.
This is a good question, and I'm sure I've been asked lots of ridiculous questions, but I can't actually think of any off the top of my head.

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Thank you, Protoman, for letting us get to know you better. We wish you Good Irish Luck and success in your real life endeavous, and we hope to see your enjoying the clan for many more years.

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Article by MsKonnan

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RuneScape in 2015

A few things have been mentioned and teased at throughout the past year in podcasts, livestreams and Q&A sessions, but it was Mod Mark's presentation at RuneFest 2014 that lifted the lid on all the glorious content that is to come next year in RuneScape. I'm going to take you through what's in store for RuneScape next year and briefly evaluate its impact on the game.

The 200th Quest

A massively important piece of content to look out for as a quester is the 200th quest that's already being devised by mods with the help of players suggestions. You can check out the official forum threads related to the 200th quest planning pinned here in the RuneScape Lore Discussion.

This update promises some awesome stuff! The basic foundation of the quest is a alternative Gielinorian reality where we - the adventurer - do not exist. Therefore every quest we've stumbled upon never found its resolution. This already creates an epic setting for the 200th quest, where villains are free to realise their ambitions and nothing went according to plan for the good crowd. A recent poll determined which area of RuneScape (and accordingly, which quests from that area) the quest will feature in - and Varrock won. This means that the 200th quest may feature Varrock quests such as The Curse of Arrav, Family Crest and What Lies Below, involving a possible reappearance from characters like Zemouregal and Arrav, Chronozon the demon, and Surok from the Dagon'hai to name a few. There may also be the more lighter quests featuring here, such as Gertrude's Cat and Garden of Tranquility. As a start it might be helpful to read up on some of the quests that took place in Varrock before the release of the 200th quest to have good background knowledge of what happened earlier on.

December 2014 004.jpg

The tone of the quest seems to point towards being light-hearted, but personally I'm hoping that they shift to something more serious, so that questers can enjoy an adventure of epic proportion! ...with plenty of past-quest references 15- icon wink.gif

Zamorak Heist quest

A piece of quest content that will undoubtedly have a serious sixth-age tone is the Zamorak Heist quest. Hinted very early in this year following the events of Missing Presumed Death, 'Zamorak Heist' will see Zamorak seeking to steal the Stone of Jas, given that his weakened state following the Battle of Lumbridge leaves him at a physical disadvantage in Sliske's tournament. The he will be recruiting members of his following to assist him in taking the elder artifact. From a recent player poll it was determined that Nomad, the enigmatic title character of that infamous grandmaster quest will be involved in the Zamorak Heist quest, along with Khazard, youngest of the Mahjarrat and Lord Daquarius, leader of the Black Knights.

December 2014 005.jpg

While the quest won't be high difficulty it's clear from past sixth age quests that difficulty ranking doesn't always equate to how enjoyable the quest ends up being. The interesting plot set out for Zamorak's Heist may make it a memorable quest for 2015.

Note: I was unaware the Elder God quest was being released so soon. However, it is fair to expect the series may continue in 2015, so fingers crossed that happens! For now though, the section below on the Elder God quest refers to the one coming next week. My bad  :silent:

Elder Gods

This year players got closer to the Elder Gods than ever before, with the incident in One of a Kind and the appearance of Mah and the Elder Halls of Freneskae in Fate of the Gods. Next year the exploration of these divine beings continues, and from a player poll it has been decided that a quest will be made which involves the adventurer researching out the Elder Gods, rather than jumping straight into interaction. Personally I think this is for the best, considering that Elder God content in the game is so new and huge, it should be drawn out and gradually build up towards that epic day we stand face to face with Bik, Wen, Ful or Jas (and maybe Mah again). The quest itself will also include members of the Wizards Tower and creating a rune golem to help us track down a foe.

It's awesome knowing that the Elder God story line continues in 2015, but that it will act as a sort of teaser - likely to give us some big reveals without letting everything out of the bag in one quest.

December 2014 006.jpg


Jagex is going a step further from player polls next year, introducing RuneLabs into the game. The short version is that players can now submit their new ideas for RuneScape through RuneLabs, and the rest of the community can vote for the ideas they like most, increasing the likelihood that Jagex implements the idea. It may sounds a little unnecessary and it might create some tension for some who would rather Jagex to take the reins back from players a bit, but this piece of content could be very beneficial for the game. Rather then sending out endless polls trying to figure out what players want, Jagex can analyse ideas submitted through RuneLabs and get the popular content up and running more quickly. The aim should be to keep that balance between player decided content and the updates that developers planned without any heavy player influence. Otherwise, RuneLabs seem a positive addition to RuneScape and might be fun looking through and voting for favourites.

December 2014 007.jpg

Ports Expansion

Another year, another player-owned ports expansion. It seems we just can't get enough from ports, and with even my own port becoming a bit stale and the tradeable items dropping in profit, it may just be time for some new additions to player-owned ports. This was another option that won in player-owned ports, where RuneScape decided rather than submarines and Krakens, we simply want more stuff to the current ports we have. Which is fine doesn't stop us from reaching Acheron or giant squids in quest content outside of ports. Like last time there'll be three new adventurers to follow story voyages with and the three skills have already been determined through polls - agility, divination and dungeoneering. So make sure you reach the 90s for them! The expansion will bring about new level 85 melee and magic weaponry too. The 80s tier for weapons is already crammed, like the armour, occupied by attuned crystal weaponry, nex weapons and chaotics. So it will be interesting to see how developers make everything fit in neatly. Although considering the weapons will be 5 levels above it's best to assume they will be superior to the current level 80 weapons.

December 2014 008.jpg

Tuska World Event

At RuneFest we got our first pieces of Tuska concept art. Next year, we get our first interaction with Tuska in-game after many hints and accounts of this animalistic, ravaging goddess. It will be a world event of players against Tuska, which seems fitting; the goddess seems indiscriminate enough to trample any followers who fall in her path. It will be our task to prepare for Tuska's arrival into Gielinor and fight against her indomitable stampede before she tears RuneScape apart as she did for worlds like Nagarun. The gameplay will include end-game battles and and multi-staged combat, ensuring some awesome challenge in the world event. The beast herself has a enormous portal situated on her back which spills out her harbingers, savage and destructive followers for us to fight. The hype for the Tuska world event will be huge, so keep an eye out for when this gets announced in a monthly BTS!

December 2014 009.jpg


And finally there's HTML5! Given that they released an update on the project at RuneFest it seems we're getting closer and closer to glistening waters, sun-kissed grass and epic draw-distance that comes with the HTML5 engine. I'm not a game tech expert but the new engine will also improve playability in high graphics with better loading of environments - maybe less game-produced lag too? While the beta has improved over time and is sort of playable now, it still has a significant level of lag and would make dangerous activities impossible. Lets just hope that 2015 sees a release of a HTML5 client with little to no flaws...we've waited this long anyway!

December 2014 010.jpg

Other Updates in 2015

Also planned for 2015 is the improvement project for the Wilderness and PKing, a solution to the 'Inventor Dilemma', content from the Community Development team and the card style game Chronicle. Insider sessions at RuneFest suggested content such as 'combat training modes' which could act as tutorials for bosses and a hard mode for Nex. Some of the content that lost in polls may also surface again in 2015, such as the Aviansie quest or new god emissaries. Maybe we could see a construction rework? There'll be plenty more revealed and released throughout next year so we'll just have to wait and see what RuneScape has in store....more quests please!  :P

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Article by Miss Alaska

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The December issue will be the last for the Questaholic magazine for the foreseeable future. We have been running for three years. All the monthly issues are still in the Magazine topic, so you may check old issues for past events and history of the clan which made it into our publication.

We've had a good run, but interest is dwindling and the time has come to cease the Questaholic as a monthy magazine. The magazine may again publish IF any interest is shown, or someone wishes to revive it and serve as editor co-ordinating any future publications.

Other offsite forums contain posts about Lore and Funny Videos, Game Tips and Quest Updates. Self introductions are a good place to post questions to other clan mates, and could take the place of Interviews. These other forums are interactive, and we hope you will use them frequently.

Thanks to everyone who helped put the Questaholic together each month. It's been fun.

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Article by MsKonnan

The Staff and Correspondents of Questaholic Magazine

Thank you for all your contributions and dedications to our magazine. It was truly an awesome and fun three years!

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Article by LizBeth

~!~ Recipe ~!~

By: Cireon

Pepernoten (lit. peppernuts) or kruidnoten (lit. spicenuts) are a type of candy that is inherently linked to the Feast of St. Nicholas which originated in The Netherlands, and plays an important part in the history of how Christmas looks these days. Next to "chocoladeletters" (chocolate letters) and marzipan, pepernoten are the most popular to be eaten around this time of the year, so here is a recipe for making your own.

December 2014 033.png

Spice Mix
To make pepernoten, you'll need a spice mix. In the Netherlands and Belgium you can often buy them pre-mixed as "speculaaskruiden" or "koekkruiden". A similar is also known as the British "mixed spice" or "pudding spice". It is also similar to U.S. pumpkin pie spice, so you could use that as replacement.
If you don't have access to a mix, you can make one yourself. There are many different variations, but at the bare minimum it should contain cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. You can change the spices to your own liking, but below is an example of a mix you could use. You should use ground spices only.
- Cinnamon (8/8)
- Nutmeg (2/8)
- Cloves (1/8) (be careful, sharp!)
- Cardamom (2/8) (be careful, sharp!)
- White pepper (1/8)
- Coriander seeds (1/8)
- Ginger (1/8)
- Anise seed (1/8) (optional)
- Mace (1/8) (optional)

Below are some alternatives.

Tip: you can replace nutmeg by mace or leave out the white pepper to make the mix milder.

- 150g butter
- 125g (dark) brown sugar
- 10g spice mix (see above)
- 250g self-rising flour
- four spoons of milk

1. Preheat the oven on 160 degrees.
2. Mould all ingredients together. Add the milk spoon by spoon to turn the mix into a smooth dough.
3. Put baking paper on the over tray.
4. Make small balls of the dough and put the on the paper. Then carefully press the top to flatten the balls a bit.
5. Bake the balls in the over for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Tip: after baking them, dip the baked products in a bit of molten chocolate.

December 2014 034.jpg
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Article by Cireon

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Is it the food, decorations, gifts, or music? Most people know that Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Christ, but it also means much more.

In today's world we are inundated with images of Christmas from the media. We are told that it is all about buying expensive gifts for each other. In today's challenging economic times it is a tragedy that parents spend way more than they can afford to try to please their children. The sad truth is that, "money can't buy you love". A holiday is about the time spent together with loved ones. It is about gifts that come from the heart, and it is about the thousands of years of tradition that mark the holiday season.

Here are some thoughts shared by
clan mates.

December 2014 035.gif
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!
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Article by LizBeth