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99 and Beyond- Woodcutting/ Firemaking for the Average Player

I used to think Invention with woodcutting and fishing, coined as "Skillvention", is slow and not worth doing. After reading up more I realised this is not the case. It is a good way for returning players to start, without diving into the nuances of optimising perks for combat which can take hours of reading up/ watching guides- a huge turn off. It is also viable for people who prefer less intensive way of training Invention. You click fewer times per hour, and it requires less attention.

You might find no reason to train them as you have long gotten the 99s. Still, I hope this can keep you up to date or at least allow you to do Meilyr Harmony Pillars faster.

This guide is not about Invention. Yes I will mention it a few times but it is mainly about getting to 99 from mid level, or toward 120/ 200m xp.

With the advent of The Light Within which came out late last year, these 2 skills received a huge boost in experience rates.


1. For woodcutting, the best method is still logging in 15 minutes before reset, and collecting divine yews at World 2 Burthorpe. The guide I did in March 2014 is still relevant, only the world has changed (Correct me if wrong). Usage of Vis Wax can increase your daily divine location limit, from 250 to 375 or 500. It costs 20 and 40 Vis Wax respectively. Mahjarrat Aura from 2016 Premier Club extends it by 5% daily, or 50% once a month.

However that method is time gated. Realistically you can collect 1010 yews in a go, assuming regular Mahrajjat Aura, Vis Wax usage and capping before and after game reset at 00:00 GMT. Once every 2 days.

The following method requires completion of The Light Within, as well as 80 Prayer, 88 Magic and 35 Woodcutting.

You will be using CRYSTALLISE spell, giving teaks +50% extra xp but no resources- lasting 30 seconds.
LIGHT FORM prayer, increasing extra xp from 50% to 87.5%.


July 2016 002.png

This is the maximum amount of boosts you can use. It is fine if you do not have them all. The most important one is Runes and Prayer potion. I don't either- lacking Refer A Friend, tier 5 aura, 6% avatar.

July 2016 003.png

From left to right.

Perfect Plus/ Perfect Juju Woodcutting Potion 5% chance of receiving double logs when Woodcutting The difference is only duration- 4 hours vs 1 hour. Juju is tradeable, perject plus is not. No minimum requirement to use perfect juju, just buy it from GE.
Lumberjack outfit 5% extra woodcutting experience for whole set I just put the top here for reference.
Strong woodcutting urn 20% extra experience while woodcutting The highest tier woodcutting urn you can use. 85 teaks per strong urn.
Woodcutting Accumulator 2500 additional experience when 100% charged Gains 1% for every fail chance. Requires 50 Invention- 1 strong wc urn, 40 base parts, 20 spiritual parts, 1 sharp component. Largely useless when I tested because you don't fail a lot at Teaks. Only gained 1% in around 10 minutes. Not worth the huge amount of base parts, which can be used to make augmentors.
Trading Sticks 100 per entry to Hardwood groove Tai Bwo Wannai spot. They have risen quite a lot from their 3gp days. If you use Ape Atoll like Seb, you can chuck these away.
Lumberjack Aura 3-15% increase in chance of chopping wood 1 hour use, 3 hour cooldown. Don't think it is that useful at Teaks since the failure rate is low.
Beaver pouch Invisible boost of 2 to woodcutting. Increases chance of chopping. Teaks have a low failure rate, largely useless. Bring the Avatar instead if you can.
Prayer Potions You will be using light form, which drains prayer points. To slow the drain you could wear full Barbarian Assault, or prayer boosting gear like dragon rider/proselyte. You will still need prayer potions. Super Prayer Renwal is best, takes up the least slots. Didn't include, never used before.


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This is the best I could get to without breaking bank, or taking huge amount of time to get outfits. Lumberjack outfit or Prayer Boosting, your pick. Every additional prayer point cuts prayer drain by 1%. Maximum is 75, making prayers last 4 times as long.

Few things to note.
Dragon Rider helm is +7. Seers headband is free.
Proselyte set is cheap and decent. +17 for the whole set. Dragon rider is best in slot, and decently priced as it is not augmentable yet. Few hundred k a piece.
Soul wars cape has a use, +5. Ardougne cloak 4 with +4 is cheap and good.
I used augmented offhand crystal dagger as it has wise 3, +3% total xp capping at 50k xp a day. Refer here on how to get the perk. Otherwise, Falador Shield 4 is best in slot and free at +4.
For the pocket slot, Healer's Insignia is phenomenal, giving +10. Tyco has it, I do not so I just use illuminated god book, +4.

(Don't mind the ring of fire and flame gloves, they are for firemaking later and I was lazy.)


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Assuming you are chopping for Invention, the best perks for woodcutting is Honed 5 + Enlightened 3. More information of perks kindly refer [1]. Honed gives +2% chance of chopping success per rank, enlightened gives +3% item xp per rank. Furnace is useless for woodcutting if you crystallise because you don't get any resources to burn for double xp. Wise can be put on offhand or armour, save a gizmo slot and it will give the additional xp without draining charges since you are not in combat. I am doubtful of the usefulness of Honed since Teaks already have a low failure rate. But it's still there anyway- assuming you are doing woodcutting for Invention xp, which you should!


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Tai Bwo Wannai is good, 9 trees. Seb recommends south of Ape Atoll, because there is a deposit box nearby. There is no entry fee of trading sticks, so 1 less thing to remember. If you go there you might see a shark chopping away. With this method you can expect more than 200k woodcutting xp per hour if you're doing alright. Rest assured, Santa doesn't give inflated rates like Munclesonkey.

July 2016 008.png


Good rates are rarely AFK. Bonfire with elder logs at Prifdinnas with the permanent fire, is not the best experience in game. The usage of Book of Char's daily Unleash is eons ahead of any other method, but time gated at 2-3 minutes every day. According to Efficiency Experts, doing the Book of Char daily, is upward of 2 million xp per hour.

There is however a sustainable, unlimited method for us average noobs. Curly roots at Jadinko cave. Requires Herblore Habitat, The Light Within completed, 83 woodcutting, 83 firemaking, 91 prayer. Without 91 prayer this method is slower by a lot.You will need Superheat Form prayer to auto burn the roots. This saves you a lot of time required to gather a full load and burn them at the bonfire location.

July 2016 009.png
July 2016 010.png

There are 2 kinds of roots here. The curly ones give upward of 1.7k xp when receiving the root, the straight one only gives around 300xp.

July 2016 011.png

There aren't a lot of firemaking boosts. Ring of Fire, Flame gloves give 5% additional experience. Same setup as above, bring the Jadinko mask from Treasure Hunter for a quick teleport. Otherwise Witch Doctor Mask or Juju Teleport Spiritbag is good. Prayer boosting sets, prayer potions as well.

Again, the best perks for woodcutting is Honed 5 + Enlightened 3. Do not put Furnace on your hatchet. It will destroy the curly root for double of the woodcutting xp- 160 firemaking xp. I still had Furnace 2 from testing out Superheat Form at teaks, which gave pretty bad experience rates relative to crystallise + light form, and it decreased my xp per hour here. Letting superheat form do it's work, gives upward of 1700 firemaking xp.

Xp with Furnace

July 2016 012.png

Xp without Furnace

July 2016 013.png

Doing this method can give you upward of 600k firemaking xp per hour. It is not a good place to train woodcutting or levelling your hatchet. But with the extremely low drain rates of augmented woodcutting tools, it doesn't hurt to use them here for the additional invention xp, no matter how small the boost will be.

With the current metagame, these 2 skills are largely ignored once hitting 99. Did it as I needed to get 200k xp for both skills on Meilyr harmony pillars, to unlock the "Of Meilyr" title for Completionist cape. With these tricks I managed to get harvest harmony moss in less than 2 hours using these methods. Always fun to share good info and keep up to date with things. Thank you for reading. Feedback is welcome. Feel free to request a guide for a specific skill. If possible I will try and cover it.

Article by SantaEnds

Clan Quest Bulletin
July 2016

Hi everybody, thanks for joining me again for the second clan bulletin. There are a couple of things I would like to talk about so let's get started!

Summer has come
This month has been great for the clan. With Summer arriving for a lot of people, we have seen a lot of old faces return to the clan. I would like to welcome them all back.

I have to use this opportunity to do a bit of advertising as well. During the past few weeks I have noticed that volunteering within the clan is at an all time low. We have several people who spend sometimes considerable part of their time keeping the clan running, but it is impossible to count on this small group of people (you know who you are, I appreciate all the work you do!). If your Summer break has just started, or is about to start, or just because, please consider getting involved in one of the many ways possible. Every effort, no matter how small, is much appreciated. This thread can get you started, but feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Slowly but surely RuneFest is getting closer. We have no official date as of yet, but several people have already been preparing. This year we are hoping for an even larger clan representation, including the clan leadership, which may include some amazing swag!

Runefest 2015 001.jpg

For some people RuneFest is a lot more expensive than others. With Jagex confirming that it will no longer be possible to pay for flights & accommodations, RuneFest may look out of reach for some people. Because we would love to have as many clannies at RuneFest as possible, please consider making RuneFest safekeep anyway and who knows if we can figure something out between clannies!

First of all I am really happy that people have given Discord a chance. It is growing to become a clan platform, and just recently a bot was added to help you get quick access to all RuneScape resources. There is still room to grow, so if you haven't joined yet, check out this thread on how to get involved!

There is still a lot of room to mould our Discord into something where everybody feels at home, so feel free to share your feedback and experiences with us, and maybe you can help us creating an awesome new clan space.

Offsite 2.0
As promised I was going to show a screenshot of the new offsite to you this month. While there is still a lot to do, you can clearly see that things are already shaping up nicely!

July 2016 015.png

I will keep you all updated over the course of the website's development, so watch this space!

On the subject of websites, I want to give a shoutout to Shane and Earth for updating the YouTube tags on the current site to use more modern standards and to actually show the videos in widescreen format. Why don't you try it out by sharing your favourite song with us?

Offsite registrations

We have noticed that some recruits do not want to create an offsite account. Whether that is because of the effort involved or other reasons, I do not know yet. However, it is incredibly important to have a platform where we can reach the entire clan population. If you find somebody who doesn't have an account yet, don't be afraid to give them a gentle nudge.

What did you think?
Last month I asked everybody to fill in a quick survey about the clan bulletin. I got an astonishing zero replies. I find it really important to have a good communication within the clan. This clan means a lot to me, and I know many others feel the same. This bulletin is an effort to make sure we can all enjoy the clan to its best, and to be open about something we all care about. So please take the effort to fill in the survey this time, it will only take a minute (I promise!).

Article by Cireon

Moments in RuneScape History: The Falador Massacre

June 6, 2006: The Falador Massacre, a bug of epic proportions was exploited by a number of giddy PvP’ers. It changed RuneScape forever and we should remember it for the event that it was. The very term, “The Falador Massacre” tells us what happened. Many virtual lives in RuneScape were lost; countless millions (perhaps billions) of wealth was also lost, and we also learnt that Jagex was not immune to game breaking bugs.

The story goes as follows. Cursed You was holding a party to commemorate the achievement of the first level 99 Construction in RuneScape. The party was going as planned until PvP mode was enabled in the house. The bug occurred when players were ejected from the house but only a certain few received the exploit. Those who received the exploit were those using the scrying pool in the portal room which was located in the dungeon. These individuals were expelled to the the house portal in Rimmington. That’s where the Falador Massacre began, it then progressed to Falador, and the rest is history.

Following this numerous players received the glitch but Durial321 was the most famous due to videos posted online. He killed many players, looted what they were wearing, all in the guise of having fun. Pretty brutal. This is what we must remember when discussing the Falador Massacre.

Fast forward to 2016 and Jagex took things out of hand in commemorating the Falador massacre. On June 6th we were greeted with a fairly innocuous patch notes update but it wasn’t long until the game began counting down to Cursed You’s 99 Construction party! This party took place in Rimmington and a short while later we were ejected to Falador to experience a PvP based even where we could kill others (safely) and fight a ghost of Durial321.

Rather than unveiling the memorial plaque in Falador and reminding the community of the unethical nature of bug abuse we were greeted with a shrine to bug abuse. The RuneScape rules are gospel for any clan, fansite, or group remotely associated with RuneScape. By hosting an event commemorating rule breakers Jagex is in effect reducing the legitimacy of their rules. This is what took place earlier this month with the June 6, 2016 update.

The historical significance of the Falador Massacre cannot be understated. It showed the horrible nature of those in the PvP community, all they had to be given was the ability to kill other players. Perhaps even more so it revealed the primal instincts that humans still possess when given the ability to kill without consequence. It is for this reason that the Falador Massacre must be remembered for its egregious breach of the RuneScape rules and that the perpetrators had fun while breaking the rules. Perhaps a more solemn event was in order.

July 2016 016.png

July 2016 017.png

Article by Shane

All about God Books
By Xil-Cam

God Books have been available in game for a long time now, maybe you collected them all, or maybe you have your favorite. This is a guide to help the indecisive choose if god books are worth it, and which ones have an edge in certain situations

God books are now equipped in the pocket slot.
They now require 30 or 40 Prayer to wear (regular and illuminated versions respectively).
You charge the god books with pages in order to use their special effect.
There is no achievement reason to own all God Books. So own as few or many as you wish.

57- reading.png Stats/Reclaim Cost
- Regular books will have +5 to all stats and +7 for illuminated.
- Regular books will have +2 prayer and +4 for illuminated.
- Unfinished god books are wearable in the pocket slot but provide weaker bonuses and no proc effect.
- Reclaiming god books from a player-owned house bookcase now incurs a cost (100k for completed, 120k for illuminated).
- Each God book has the same stats now, and special proc effects unique to each god they represent.

57- reading.png Special Effects
- You can activate/deactivate them like scrimshaws.
- Each page charges the God book for 45 minutes.(You can store up to 4 charges for 3 hours total charge.)
- God books effects are representing from each god's general. The sound effects are from god's general's attacks.
- No weapon modifiers will effect damage ranges or total damage. They are stand-alone.
- Effects have a 1/20 chance to proc or or about once every 30 seconds.

Guthix's Effect

Guthix's Edict sword comes down.
It does AOE damage with the majority of it going to the primary target.
The sword does 250% weapon damage total.
120-130% weapon damage to the beginning at the beginning and 4 residual explosions dealing the rest at the end.

Armadyl's Effect

Kree'arra Tornadoes.
A static tornado that does scaling damage over 4 ticks, 1/6, 1/6, 1/3 and 1/3
Bounded weapon damage, 300% weapon damage over 4 ticks.
Probably be the best option slightly for still objects.

Bandos' Effect

Graardor's Smash
Your target has 5% of their total defense removed for 10 seconds.
It will also knock their total levels down by 5 and regenerate over time.
150% weapon damage on strike.
Works well against bosses/pvp, and stacks with other effects.

Saradomin's Effect

Zilyana's Lightning Strike.
Does straight direct damage.
250% weapon damage.

Zamorak's Effect

K'ril Tsutsaroth's Explosion
AOE damage in a 3-by-3 square.
The damage is split equally among all targets.
It's bounded but averages at 250% weapon damage.
In Pvp it can hit allies.

Zaros' Effect

Nex's Ice Prision
Puts an AOE bind on targets and causes an explosion 4 seconds.
You can freedom out.
The explosion deals 200% weapon damage on average.

Article by Cam