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(With help from Zhi, RSOF high level forums and The Junesong/JusticeRS on Youtube)
Invention Perks for the Average Player

Here's one for those yet to return to the game, or clannies who could use some tips from a cheapo.

Here is the list of the perks I find good for general training. This is for power levelling/ saving money using perks at a decent cost. Most if not all the perks you can get easily within a few tries. Save your empty gizmos too.

They're not the best- the best requires spending tens of millions. But they work. At present Invention is not so overpowered the way Protean Traps and Crystallise totally changed the way hunter is trained. It is quite mild- akin to having the fishing version of inferno adze, or giving your regular armour a noob version of warpriest set effects. If you haven't unlocked or started the skill, you're not missing out much.

1. Enlightened (Up to rank 3, but get rank 2) (Weapon/Armour/Tool)

June 2016 002.png

Increases item experience gained while training, if item is equipped. 3% per rank. Cuts down time spent training invention by a lot. Rank 2 is what I recommend. 6% extra item xp. The tried and tested combo is 4 pious components and 1 dextrous.

You can get pious components from bones/ ashes, but I find tortured souls the best. You can also go to Shades of Mort'ton minigame, kill the Fiyr shades deep inside. Dextrous is easy enough buying out swords and longswords from Varrock sword shop/ Burthorpe Warrior's Guild/ White Knight Shop. Downside is you might get Wise instead. Which is another awesome perk, though useless for levelling invention itself. I put this on everything as much as I can.

June 2016 003.png

Rank 3 requires Seren components. Expensive and hard with regular crystal equipment. You almost always get crystal parts. If you have many attuned weapon crystal seeds lying around and a ton of harmonic dust, this is a good way. Make dual wields. Uses only 1000 dust instead of 2000, saves you 90 minutes at harps. The downside is longer time to level it up. The additional wise perk is not necessary, but adds a bit of extra xp..

2. Scavenging (Up to rank 3, get rank 2) (Weapon/Armour)

June 2016 004.png

1% chance of producing uncommon invention component when a monster is killed, with a 1% chance it will be a rare component per rank. Saves you a ton of money trying to get components yourself. Don't bank on getting rare components, it is still a decent way to subsidise your item making, be it rod o matics or more augmentors.

5 precious components or 5 precious + smooth parts. Precious components come from jewellery. Gold rings or make your own slayer ring seems to be the cheapest. Rank 3 uses the same components but there is an extremely low chance of getting it so I don't bother.

4. Precise/ Equilibrium (Up to ranks 5 nd 3 respectively. Get 3/1 easily, separate gizmos) (Weapon only)

June 2016 005.png

Precise- Increases average hit by 0.75% per rank. Equilibrium- Increases minimum hit by 3% per rank, and decreases maximum hit by 1% per rank. Effectively increases average hit by 1.3333% per rank.

The go-to perk for every beginner. The first taste of extra damage. To me, it's pointless- pales in comparison to Enlightened. But it is super easy and cheap to get. I squeeze one in on weapons whenever I can.

5 Precise components. Strung shortbows seem to be good way to get. Not to mention buying out swords in Varrock sword shop/ Falador white knight castle/ Burthorpe warrior's guild.

5. Honed/ Furnace (Up to ranks 5 and 3 respectively. Get 3/2 easily on separate gizmos) (Tool only)

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Honed- 2% per rank higher chance of successfully gathering items. Furnace- 5% chance per rank of consuming a gathered resource for an extra 100% XP.

5 sharp components- gotten through buying out the bladed weapons- sword, longsword, dagger, battleaxe, 2h sword,claw from Varrock sword shop/ Falador white knight castle/ Burthorpe warrior's guild. As far as your wallet allows. Personally I buy everything from iron to black, and mithril swords and daggers.

Higher invention levels will give you better chance of higher levelled good perks and lower chance of bad perks. Getting Honed 3 on one, and Furnace 2 on the other is easy enough at lower levels. They do not stack. Say you have honed3+furnace1 and furnace2 on separate gizmos, only the higher level perk works. If you get it in 1 gizmo, which is quite rare, consider putting Enlightened as well.

From personal experience, furnace 2 is hard to get when my Invention was in the 50s to 80s while afk fishing at priff waterfall. If it doesn't work out, furnace 1 is still better than nothing. But now I get furnace 2 easily with surplus of dragonfire components gotten from disassembling royal crossbows. 5 Dragonfire components give furnace 2 or 3, with 3 being quite rare. I tried a few times but gave up. Invention with combat is much much faster.

Honourable mention:

Crackling (Up to rank 3, get rank 3) (Weapon/Armour)

June 2016 007.png

Periodically hits the target with magic for 50% ability damage per rank up to 150%. 10% up to 30% in PvP.

Faster kills, better slayer exp rate and higher damage. I don't use it because the magic damage does not give armour or weapon/ armour xp (correct me if I am wrong).

4 explosive, 1 imbued is a good way to get it. If you feel lucky, you can try 4 explosive and 1 dragonfire for a chance at dragon slayer. There is only 1 decent way to get. Explosive components from hand cannons. They are level 75 ranged weapons and blowing up consumes around 600 charges. But at 90+ firemaking it rarely if ever happens.

A good way is to level up hand cannon to 9 or 10 and disassemble for a nice 7 x 4 = 28 explosive components. It might take a few tries, you might get Ultimatum 3 instead which is useless at current.

Article by SantaEnds

RSMV Review

What's a review without my favourite whiny RSMVer. This is Mayday Parade's Anywhere But Here, by 99orWoh. Always the funny one, his genuine childishness is endearing, overuse of memes and internet gags in his written description always leave me with a smile. His RSMVs have a range- funny ones, inside jokes of his friends and the serious ones which leave hair standing on our arms.

This is one of the serious, nice ones. He forgone the use of black lines here- his trademark. Just look at his other RSMVs, the TV stimulator black line is omnipresent and it looks good once in a while.

He has used Vengium (RSHD private server) in the past, but decided to switch over to RS3, for the sake of progress. He has since earned his max cape- borrowed or otherwise. He's a nostalgia nut, preferring to use older songs which were the bomb back in the days. This is no exception. But with contemporary editing, and the beautiful colours and crisp character design of RS3, he has outdone himself again.

Utilising 2010 clips from his RSMV of the same song back then, this is the perfect blend on nostalgia and newness. Oh, and the ending clip is superb.

Give this a watch, you won't regret!

Article by SantaEnds

Hey everybody!

I think the right thing to say here would be: welcome. Welcome to something I have wanted to try for a while now. Welcome to the monthly clan bulletin that will from now on be part of the monthly clan magazine.

Communication is important, and in my opinion we can do better. In this monthly bulletin I do not only want to summarise what happened in the last month, but I will also let you know about the things we are planning for the near future. In the end, Clan Quest is a family, and in the end I want everybody to be proud of being part of this clan.

It is probably unnecessary, but I want to introduce myself once more. I am Cireon, and I am what you could call "the boss". I joined Clan Quest almost exactly five years ago, around May/June 2011. I have held almost every position there is to hold in Clan Quest, but I have been in my role as Head of High Council since October 2015. I like quests (duh), and my favourite skills are construction, even though it is in dire need of a rework, and firemaking. In real life I am a software engineers, and my hobbies are video games (both playing and creating), programming, and maths. The three most often used words to describe me by other clannies are "noob", "cute", and "adorable", so make of that what you will ;)

Now that you know everything there is to know about me, let's get started with the latest about Clan Quest.

A few months ago we reopened recruitment under the new recruitment system. Since then we have met with some hurdles, but we are continuously making adjustments to the system to make better as we go. We have already greeted the first batches of new full members amongst ourselves, and more are soon to follow. We also had to deal with our first rejection, and based on the feedback we got from that we have adjusted the system to hopefully be more pleasant for all parties involved, and to keep the recruits better informed about where they are in the process.

Thanks everybody for bearing with us, especially our recruits, and don't forget that we count on everybody to grow our clan into the [s*biggest Brassica Prime church[/s* most awesome clan of the world.

There have been some small rule changes to the raffle to make it more in line with the goal of encouraging and rewarding clan participation. Check out the Raffle forum for the changes and to find out how to participate.


The High Council has worked with Xenon Ray to make the Discord server he created ready to be officially integrated as Clan Quest communication channel. Not only will it provide an official place to do voice communication, it is also an amazing way to keep in touch with clannies through text chat without the need to log into the game.

So far over a dozen clan members have already joined, and we are seeing a slow increase over time. I really hope that we can turn this into a place where we can come together without the need to start the game. The ability to easily share webpages and videos (and GIFs :) ) is going to make it a lot easier to talk about your favourite subjects. Even if you are a bit anxious to give it a try, I highly recommend giving it a chance by using the invite link below:

Personally I am really excited about the new opportunities Discord gives us, and I am looking forward to what clan members will be able to do with this powerful tool available to them. Check out this announcement for all the information!

New offsite
It took a while, but work on the new offsite has finally started. We are still too early in the process to show anything, but I am working closely together with Shane to get the new offsite ready as soon as possible. Not only will the offsite get a much needed graphical polish, it will also be more stable, more friendly to smaller devices (read: tablets and mobile phones, at least if phones are not laptop-sized by the time the offsite is ready), and set a strong basis for a website that can properly serve as hub for all your clan-related activities. Keep an eye out for a first look next month in this very place!


And that was it. The first ever monthly clan bulletin. I hope you liked it. Whether you liked it or not, please take a minute to fill in the following really short survey for a free raffle ticket!

Article by Cireon

Moments in RuneScape History

History is interesting because looking back, the impact an event had on the world ourselves is often quite clear. When we look forward and try to anticipate what may happen in the future we are often wrong by huge proportions. History is essentially a series of points that got us from some point in the past to where we are now. It happens in the real world and it happens in RuneScape.

Everyone of sufficient age probably remembers what they were doing when they heard Osama bin Laden was killed, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 happened, or the USSR broke up. Extrapolating the magnitude of these events to RuneScape’s scale we’re left with a few obvious points. The release of RuneScape 2. The removal of the wilderness and free trade. The release of RuneScape High Detail. The return of the Wilderness and free trade. The beta and launch of the Evolution of Combat. And, finally prior to this past April, the launch of RuneScape 3.

Each of these events marked a major shift in the way RuneScape was played. The beauty of each of these moments was that we had no idea how massive the shift would be until weeks, if not months later. Could we have known that the re-creation of RuneScape under the name of RuneScape 2 was going to make RuneScape bigger than ever before and endear along side World of Warcraft? No. Could we have known on that fateful day, December 10, 2007 that RuneScape would recover from the scars of removing free trade and the wilderness? Everything was uncertain at the time, even for years later until Jagex released heuristics based anti-bot countermeasures. Finally, with the release of Evolution of Combat, could anyone have known that it was the beginning of two new eras? The era of high level strategic bosses would soon be upon us. The Evolution of Combat also indirectly is responsible for the creation of Old School RuneScape. Players had no idea that the way they played RuneScape would be changed when any of these updates were released.

This brings me to 2016 and the massive update that we just received in April. The new game client (NXT for short) goes back to the release of RuneScape 3. With RuneScape 3 we were promised a new audio engine, the new interface system, and the HTML5 client. Sadly the HTML5 client didn’t deliver due to issues with web browser technology not developing fast enough. Following this, by RuneFest 2014 Jagex had a rough preview of the new game client ready to show off. Another preview was shown at RuneFest 2015 and then players had the chance to test it with two beta weekends in early 2016. Then in April the new game client was released to the entire player base and RuneScape as we know it was changed once more.

The amount of potential that NXT brings to RuneScape and Jagex is unquantifiable. From the technical standpoint the designers and modellers are now free to do things with the graphics that could not be done before. With a game client that’s not tied to the Java platform, expansion to other platforms including tablets is now indeed much easier. And then of course there’s player immersion, the updated colour gamut, draw distances, and high tech graphical rendering employed by NXT enable this new level of immersion. And of course, there’s always the possibility that RuneScape could become VR-capable in the future.

The moral of the story here is that historical change is very rarely noticeable immediately. It can take weeks, months, or even years for the scope of the impact to become truly apparent. There is no doubt that RuneScape is overflowing with history and that NXT is indeed one of these major points. I’ve been around since 2004 and everything I’ve seen tells me that NXT is one of these positive points that we’ll be looking back on with joy for years to come.

What are your key moments in RuneScape history?

Article by Shane

A Strange encounter with one of the NPC's
by Konnan

Now I could say "Where am I", but I'm going to tell you that much.
This is the house of the "Strange Old Man" in Draynor.
Have you met him yet? I was looking for someone else, and ran into him.
He told me where his parents used to live in Draynor.
He's way older than the "Wise old Man".
He told me about his strange old friends, and what has become of them in the lore of Gilenor.
He told me about how he used to abduct people.
He was trying to tell me how that was done...just 3 little letters to say, and poof - you are gone!!!

So now he is no longer in the picture - just an empty house.
I fear I have abducted him. Or maybe changed him into that pig?
I warn you - DON'T PROD THE PIG - you may be shocked at what happens.

Just one little gem of Jagex and their NPC's dialogue, seek him out, you may enjoy the chat.
And I am afraid to say those 3 little letters - someone else can do that and let me know what happens. 61- lol.gif

~!~ ***** ~!~

Article by MsKonnan

Submitted by Gardenchick


Each of the nine letters, below, stands for one of the numbers one though nine, but no two letters stand for the same number. Using the clues, can you deduce the number represented by each letter?

B     C     D
E     F     G
H     J     K

1.     D and F are both second digits of different two-digit perfect squares. (A perfect square is the product of a whole number multiplied by itself. For example, 16 is a perfect square since 4 X 4 = 16.)

2.     Reading from top to bottom, one column consists of three consecutive numbers in reverse (descending) order.

3.     G is evenly divisible by D.

4.     E + J = F. F is an odd number.

5.     B + 1 = D; D + 1 = K.

There will be three prizes for the clanmates with a correct solution. The correct answers must be messaged to me on the offsite, using private message. This way I can ascertain the correct order of the answers. Please do not post your answers on this forum or another forum. Please do not share answers, I want to award for effort and puzzle acumen.
First place = 5 mil gp
Second place = 3 mil gp
Third place = 1 mil gp

I will post the answer to this puzzle in July's Questaholic Magazine. Have fun!

Article by Gardenchick


In the month of May, 2 of our clanmates Tyco elf (29th May) and Super Zhi (25th May) got their MQPCs. Tyco's last task was the 30th Chronicle of Bilrach, Zhi's was claiming a quest lamp. Special thanks to Potart for being awesome.

Tyco held a nice party ending with several quest item usage, such as the airtight pot with bone seeds. Very classy. Zhi got his quietly with 2 similar looking noobs. Nonetheless, both are equally awesome, achieving the highly sought after cape many of us would drool at.

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Article by SantaEnds