Our website's Wiki platform is intended to serve as an expansion to our site-side content, and to that end every single member of the Clan, in any Guild, may contribute to it. This may include editing unrestricted pages to update or fix information, create new pages or templates, or creating your very own userpage that serves as your very own personal corner of the website. There are, of course, certain policies in place that everyone who wishes to edit on this wiki must understand and adhere to. Failure to do so will result in the removal of all wiki editing priveleges.

General Policies

As with all parts of the clanquest.org website, as well as all Guilds, all normal rules of Clan Quest apply. For a detailed list of the Clan's rules, you may review the Revised Code and the Canon of Ethics. To reiterate them, though, absolutely no hateful, controversial, insulting, offensive, or political content whatsoever is permitted on this Wiki. We are an all inclusive community of gamers where everyone is equal, and everyone has an equal right to use the site. Should you violate any official Clan rules while contributing to this wiki, its moderators and/or administrators hold the right to remove all innapropriate content and block your editing priveleges immediately.

Additionally, all of a Guilds specific rules apply to content owned or overseen by their Guild. While the Wiki is open to the entire Clan, certain Guilds have the right to create and monitor their own content specific to themselves, and whatever rules they have in place must be followed with the same level of seriousness as those put in place by the Constitution.

Creating Content

Any member of the Clan is free to create content on this wiki at their leisure, but must do so without violating any of the rules set by either the Clan, its Constitution, or the Guild the content is geared towards. Additionally, all content on this Wiki must be specifically focused on the Clan, one of its Guilds, or any of its members, inside jokes/memes, or important events. In short, it must be relevant to the Clan or a Guild. Any content that is deemed irrelevant, or that it violates any of our rules or guidelines, may be immediately removed by the Wiki administrators.

Every user is entitled to create their own user page on this Wiki and use it however they see fit so long as they do not break our Clan's rules. Some users may not be around to create their user pages due to inactivity or having left all Guilds and/or the Clan itself, and if you hold the Editor rank on the Wiki it is acceptable to create these user pages for historical purposes only. You may never create another members user page to insult, degrade, or humiliate them, no matter the circumstances. Any user page that is created as a historical record will be closely monitored by Wiki administrators, and offenses will be taken very seriously. You may never create a user page for a member that is still in the Clan without their express permission.

The creation of Categories on this Wiki is to be handled exclusively by the Wiki administrators; any and all unapproved categories will be removed without warning. This policy is in place to maintain a pre-determined organizational structure that the Wiki Editors and Administrators work hard to maintain.

Editing Content

As this is a Wiki, all members of the Clan are free to edit pages as they see fit so long as it is in the name of adding to or improving them. The Wiki Administrators reserve the right to lock important pages from general use, so as to protect the more important, central information of Clan Quest. Many of these pages can still be edited by the Wiki Editors team, which any member may apply to. Other pages, such as the home portals and important Clan documents, may only be edited by the Wiki Administrators, without exception.

No edits should ever be made that intentionally ruin, degrade, or sabotage any content on this wiki. "Trolling" a page with false, innacurate, offensive, or irrelevant/unnecessary humor are all examples of edits that are strictly prohibted. This applies to all pages, including user pages, templates, categories, etc. Editing a page for any reason other than legitimately contributing to its content is grounds for immediate removal of your editing priveleges.

Files and Links

Only Wiki Administrators and Moderators are permitted to upload pictures to our server, without exception, and no one is ever allowed to upload any video files to it. Editors and general Clan members may still add images to their pages by posting a direct link to it, a process which is covered more specifically in the content editing guide. Please note that no offensive or otherwise harmful images will ever be permitted on this website, even on ones own personal user page. Should you link to any innapropriate images on this website you will have your editing priveleges immediately revoked. Innapropriate images can include, but are not limited to, pornography, those discussing sensitive topics such as politics or religion, or anything with racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or other non-inclusive or offensive content.

Wiki Administrators hold the right to take any images you post on either this Wiki or on our forums and upload it to our servers for official use, so long as it does not violate your own personal security or privacy. We will never upload a real world image of you without your permission. If you are a contributor to the Clan Magazine, Questaholic, then you may request a selection of images be uploaded to our server for official use only in the Magazine.

MediaWiki has built in functions that make it simple to create a hyperlink to an external web page, and even if it did not it is incredibly easy to simply copy and paste one into raw text. You may never link to any innapropriate, offensive, or harmful content on this site, and linking to anything other than another part of our website, or a well known, safe, website such as google.com or youtube.com may result in your link being removed by a Moderator. Those who commit severe offenses may have their editing priveleges revoked without warning.