The Moderators team is a group of individuals from across all Guilds of Clan Quest that have been given additional powers by the Clan Council to assist in various aspects of the Clan and its various communication platforms. The Moderators group is not defined anywhere in the Clan Constitution, and as such is considered to be a "subgroup" of the Clan Council, as per Article X. On the Forums Moderators have the ability to delete, move, or rename threads in every subforum, and on Discord they have the ability to change nicknames and kick/ban people from the server. In terms of administrative power, they are in many ways equal to the Clan Council. While everyone in the Moderators group is given the rank on both our Forums and in our Discord, they are not given the same rights by default on our Wiki, which has its own staff.

How to Become a Moderator?

You must be selected by the Clan Council; it's that simple. There is no application method, no vote or sure-fire way to guarantee that you will be promoted to the rank of Moderator. Moderators are given an incredibly large amount of power within the Clan, and the right to distribute that power lies exclusively with the members of the Clan Council. Historically, those who have been given the role were contributors to the Clan that could not adequately perform their duties without the extra permissions. The role was initially given to Sirapyro because he was helping organize the forums after structural changes. It was given to Xenon Ray because he is the founder and an administrator of our Discord channel. Ultimately: if you both deserve it, and are determined to need it, it will be given to you.

History of the Moderators

There isn't much concrete history to talk about for the earliest iteration of the Moderators group. Much of that information has been lost to time, or was handled ingame and, as such, little to no record of it exists. The group was initially conceived after the creation of the original Forums to increase the number of people monitoring the forums, as at the time there were only a small handful of Clan Councilors who could do it. While the membership of this early group is uncertain, it included - at the very least - Rerecros, Vodka B, and Sinistral, and may have eventually included some future Clan Councilors such as Tohtli and MsKonnan10. While the position did not initially grant its members any power in the Guild itself, it was decided on May 11, 2011 that everyone in the Moderators group would be added to the Low Council if they weren't already in it.

In April 2015 both Kitty and Sirapyro were added to the group for different reasons after several years of limited activity in the groups membership. At some point in those years Sinistral resigned, and Cyberman received and lost it, and others who would eventually become Clan Councilors, such as Earth, may have held it as well. No explicit roster exists as there does for the Low and Honor Councils, and so you may review the Clan Timeline if you want to know more about who has been promoted to the team, and when. Initially, Discord and Forum Moderators were two separate groups, but on March 18, 2018 the decision was made to "sync" the two groups: Discord Moderators would become Forum Moderators and vice versa, both at that point and going forward.