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March 2019
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While Clan Quest currently maintains an active Discord server for its members, it has had a longer history of attempting to establish more forums of communication for its members, with mixed success. Information about the history of Clan Quest's various voice chat platforms, as well as about its Discord, can be found here.

Early History

On August 3rd, 2010, a Ventrillo server was created by Panda in Luv, the first ever attempt to create a voice chat server for Clan Quest. This was incredibly early on in the Clan's existence, and though it found some success it ultimately did not last. It is unknown exactly when this Ventrillo server was shut down, or how active it was during its time online. Following that, that was a long period of time where the Clan did not have a single dedicated voice chat platform. That was until September 3rd, 2011 when Seth E Roth attempt to establish a TeamSpeak server for the Clan, the first instance of a Clan TeamSpeak. Some members suggested ditching TeamSpeak, which cost money thost, in favor of a Mumble server, but at this point one was not established.

By July 2012 the TeamSpeak hosted by Seth E Roth had been taken down, due to not enough members utilizing it for it to be worth the price. Still, discussions continued on what voice platform the Clan should use, and on July 27th, 2012 another topic had been created discussing the Clan's voice chat options. It is at this point that a Mumble server was created, though TeamSpeak was still suggested, and a Skype group was also set up for those who preferred that option. While the Skype group would last for a while, the Mumble server was seldom used and ultimately abandoned not long after. This left Skype as the primary voice chat platform for the Clan, but it was never truly incorporated into the Clan structure, and it was typically afflicted with drama or, more commonly, silence.

On November 24th, 2014 Sirapyro once again made a case for the creation of a Clan TeamSpeak server, as he had found an official voice chat server was a common request among potential recruits. This discussion ran into December, and the Clan almost took up a members offer to use a seperate room in their own server, but this idea was ultimately shot down when that servers more innapropriate content came to light. This discussion continued sporadically for a few months until finally, on June 11th, 2015, an official Mumble server was established by Earth and Shane. While not the most actively used server, it was stable on servers provided by RSBandB, and was set up to be moderated by the Clans councils.

Unfortunately, Mumble reamined an unpopular option among some members of the Clan, and on August 20th, 2015 another TeamSpeak server was started by Idiotonastic. This was met with praise by some of the Clan's members, but its administrators, particularly the Clan Council, opposed the creation of yet another server and stressed that the Mumble was the only official channel that Clan Quest would support, as it was owned and operated by the actual leaders of the Clan. This debate continued into 2016, and by this point the Mumble was generally inactive and taken down. The TeamSpeak continued on, but still remained unsponsored by the Clan Government. Talk of this TeamSpeak eventually fizzled out and less and less members actively used it, instead preferring to move to the newly created Clan Discord.


On January 1st, 2016 the Questing Clan of RuneScape member Xenon Ray created a Discord server for use by members of the Guild. It was by no means an officially sponsored platform of Clan Quest, but it found success and popularity among the Guild's members. At the time a TeamSpeak was still being hosted by Idiotonastic, and so for a long time the Guild's presense was split between these two groups, with a little bit of a rivalry forming between them. Some preferred Discord, others preferred TeamSpeak. This was all happening at a time where Discord was experiencing a massive spike in popularity across the internet, however, and the Clan Council quickly got in touch with Xenon Ray to coordinate making his server an official, sponsored communication platform for the entire Clan.

Finally, on May 22nd, 2016, it was announced by the Clan Council that Xenon Ray's Discord server had become the Clan's official voice communication platform, and from there it swelled in membership, with at least forty percent of the Questing Clan of RuneScape voluntarily joining. The server did experience a minor shakeup with this announcement, though, as the ownership of it was transferred to the Clan Council for administrative purposes, but Xenon Ray was still able to maintain moderation priveleges over it. For many, the Clan Discord has become their primary means of communicating with the Clan at large, and the server continues to grow in size and prominence in the Clan to this day.