To maintain a functioning community, Clan Quest maintains a framework of clan services, available for all its member to use, and for free wherever reasonable possible. Together, the clan services form the backbone of the clan's infrastructure.

Clan website

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The clan website - generally referred to as offsite, from being "off" the host game's infrastructure - has been a vital part of the clan since its inception. The first offsite was just a DarkBB board. Later iterations included additional features to complement the forum functionality, but the forums have traditionally played a central role on the offsite.

The current iteration of the clan website was first released in 2017, again centred around phpBB as forum software. However, for the first time in the clan's history to offsite was built with extensibility in mind, and in early 2018 the website was expanded to include a wiki system that tightly integrated with the forum software.

Further additions, such as an improved application and guild management system, have been planned, with the ultimate goal that the offsite become a hub for all its members.


The Clan Quest forums are the central point of administration of the clan, and have a solid track record as being the source of truth in clan communication. The forums are based on the phpBB forum software. The data currently present on the forums dates back to when the offsite was first transitioned from DarkBB to phpBB.

The forums are separated in three general sections: Clan Quest, Off-topic, and Admin. The Clan Quest category is home to discussions about Clan Quest and gaming, member introductions, and the Clan Magazine. Off-topic contains discussions that don't belong anywhere else, but also homes the forum games. The Admin section contains hidden forums for clan-wide moderation groups.

In addition to the general section, each Guild gets their own forum category. The exact layout of these is up to the Guild Council's discretion, but common forums are Introductions, General, and Events.


Other systems

Clan Discord

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Organizational expertise


Gaming community structuring

Interest in gaming teams

Historic services

The sections below describe services that used to be offered by the clan, but have now been discontinued.

Mumble server

Non-official services

The following services have been offered to Clan Quest members, and are generally member-initiated initiatives. These services have not been officially incorporated into the clan infrastructure by the Clan Council.

TeamSpeak server (historic)