"Real Life Before RuneScape" is a fundamental idea from which the entirety of Clan Quest is built. The phrase was originally used by Clan Councilor Kappathegray during the early months of the Clan's existence, and it means exactly what it says: Real life is more important than, and comes before, RuneScape, or any game we play. While many gaming communities require freqent and rigorous participation from its members, Clan Quest quickly came to understand that this wasn't the right direction for its community.

While the term "RuneScape" is used, the term has since become a universal standard for Clan Quest and all of its Guilds. Many have argued that the Clan's principal of not penalizing members of its community for inactivity is one of the reasons for the Clan's long term success, and the concept of prioritizing real life obligations over the game(s) we play has been woven into all three governing documents of Clan Quest, including the most recent Constitution.