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Hosted by ZodiacHide & Miss Alaska
Date held 25th Oct 2021 - 11th Nov 2021
Participants RuneScape Guild members

The PvM Help Corner was a pop-up thread on the Clan Quest Discord server that opened on 25th October 2021 to coincide with the release of the final Elder God Wars Dungeon update of the year - the TzekHaar Front.



PvM Help Corner was organised by ZodiacHide and Miss Alaska as temporary dedicated space to assist PvMers and non-PvMers in the RuneScape Guild with any questions or advice they sought pertaining to bossing. Given that the final Elder God Wars Dungeon update included a free-death week feature - same as the previous three updates - it was a good time for guild members to try out new bossing feats without the overhead of a death cost. To encourage participation in bossing content during this time, the thread was set up with a number of PvMers in the clan volunteering as assistants by declaring the bosses and topics they were comfortable giving advice on. These assistants included:

Other members of the RuneScape Guild were also welcome to give responses to queries if they were able to provide advice on a given boss or other combat topic. Much discussion pertains to the new boss released for the TzekHaar front (TzKal-Zuk), as guild members sought advice on how to tackle the brand new combat encounter added to the game.


To capture the knowledge shared between guild members, a transcript of the different topics covered in the PvM Help Corner has been archived below. Note that video content hosted on YouTube will be declared as (YouTube video ID: xxxxx).

Thread Opening

Ability bar setup

Greater concentrated blast & 4-tick auto attacking

Greater ricochet switch

Adrenaline renewal vs replenishment potions

TzKal-Zuk Strategy

Dealing with eruptions at TzKal-Zuk

Dealing with igneous floor at TzKal-Zuk

TzKal-Zuk rotation reset

Raksha Phases 3 & 4

No-checkpoint TzKal-Zuk

TzKal-Zuk igneous floor & overall inventory setup

High level gear example

Armour pieces for Animate Dead spell

Telos with magic