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The official "Diary of Questers" banner

Diary of Questers was a short lived Clan founded by former members of the Questing Clan of RuneScape, most notably Quest Kitty, some time before October 10th, 2010. By this point the RuneScape Clan update had not yet been released, which provided a significant number of improvements to the management and organization of ingame Clans, and so it was common for players to partake in what was known as "Multi-clanning". So while the various members of the Questing Clan were establishing the Diary of Questers Clan, they were also still participating in the Questing Clan's ingame chat, and on its offsite. This led to some animosity between some members, due to concerns about "member poaching" and people being made to "choose" between which Clan to be a part of. Some in the Questing Clan even referred to those in Diary of Questers as "Seperatists". Ultimately, the leadership of Diary of Questers held no ill feelings towards Clan Quest in general, and continued to actively participate in its community.

As of October 10th, 2011, the Diary of Questers Clan had not yet gone "public" with its recruitment, but by October 24th they had established their own offsite, which they had posted about multiple times on the Clan Quest forums. Despite all of this, there was evidence that the Clan was struggling to establish itself, and that many of its founders "didn't give a damn". By November 22nd the Clan still appeared to be struggling, as some of the leaders were documented commenting on it hitting "bumpy roads". All of this was only made worse by ongoing drama surrounding a member who had been banned from Clan Quest, but was allowed to remain a member of Diary of Questers, a decision made after much deliberation. Eventually the person in question disappeared altogether, but drama never helps in a Clan's formative period. Finally, after months of drama and problems, the de facto leader of Diary of Questers, Quest Kitty, disbanded the Clan and rejoined the Questing Clan of RuneScape full time. Several other former members of the Questing Clan followed him back, and in January 2011 the Clan officially collapsed.