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Questing Clan of RuneScape
Honor Council
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The super secret meeting chamber of the Honor Council.
Council Information
Head of Honor Council Cireon
Number of Councilors 3
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The Questing Clan of RuneScape Honor Council, or simply just the "RS Honor Council", is the judicial body that governs and mediates disputes within the entirety of the Questing Clan of RuneScape. While the Guild Council serves as the day to day moderators, the Honor Council is responsible for making the final decision on all major breaches of ethics, through reference to the Clan Quest Canon of Ethics. They are the original Honor Council, and unlike the Low and High Council's, were not combined and replaced with the implementation of the 2018 Constitution that redefined Clan Quest's infrastructure. This makes the Questing Clan of RuneScape's Honor Council the oldest organization in the entirety of Clan Quest in name. Read on to learn more about this group, how it works, and its history!


Head of Honor Council

In the structure of the Honor Council, the "Head of Honor Council" is the de facto leader of the Council who is elected by popular vote and responsible for selecting every other member who will serve on the Honor Council for their tenure. The Head of Honor Council is thus provided a lot of responsibility and is afforded a considerable amount of respect by both the members of the Guild and the Honor Council, but in practice the Head of Honor Council holds no additional practical powers than any other member of the Council.

General Honor Councilors

"General Honor Councilors" is an unofficial term that refers to every member of an Honor Council that is not the Head. "General" Honor Councilors are selected by the Head within 72 hours of their being elected, and are locked in until the next Honor Council election. Should any single member of the Honor Council resign, or be proved inactive, the entire Honor Council is removed to be replaced. Every member of the Honor Council, including the Head, has an equal say in all of the Council's relevant business.


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The Honor Council currently consists of 3 members that are listed below:

The Head of Honor Council is Wolffi, having been elected in January 2019.


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Forming the Council

(July 14th, 2010 - August 1st, 2010)
Prior to August 1st, 2010, Clan Quest was managed exclusively by the "Generals", better known as the "High Council"(and later Clan Council), and to a lesser extent the "Captains"(or "Low Council"). In the early days of the Guild's existence, this worked fine. But as time went on, and as more and more people with diverse opinions and personalities joined, drama was bound to happen that the existing Council's would be unable to control. What would happen, for instance, if members of the Councils got into a fight with each other? This very scenario occurred on July 24th, 2010, when High Councilor ChadMcBadd and Low Councilor CupOfChips got into what was described as a "massive argument" in the public Clan Chat.

While most who were witness to the situation agreed that it was clear the latter of the two parties was in the wrong, it still resulted in a highly dramatic fight that only ended when ChadMcBadd kicked CupOfChips from the Clan, albeit temporarily. The fight moved to the forums after this, but was ultimately shut down by the High Council. Both parties were punished for their involvement in the incident, but it left a bad taste in everyone's mouth that left a single, major question: How will we handle these situations, should they happen again? The High Council held an emergency meeting to come up with an answer to this question, and decided to announce their decision at a public meeting.

On August 1st, 2010, Clan Quest held it's first ever "State of the Union" meeting in which both Councilors and Members gathered to discuss what was to come in the aftermath of the Chad/CupOfChips fight. The decision had been made: A third "Council" was necessary, one whose purpose was to mediate disputes between members of the Guild, and given the authority to act if necessary, even against higher ranking members. In order to appease those who felt that Council selection was biased, especially CupOfChips, it was decided that the new "Honor Council" would be selected by a single "Head" of Honor Council, who was to be elected by popular vote among the entire Guild. This was the first time in Clan Quest's history that the general membership of Clan Quest was given a definitive say in the Clan's government.

Hemsky and Nene Mom

(August 1st, 2010 - April 16th, 2011)
The first ever vote to select the Head of Honor Council occurred in-game, immediately after the decision to formally create the group. Hemsky ultimately won the vote by a wide margin, making him the first ever Honor Councilor and Head of Honor Council. He was then instructed to select two other members of the Guild to serve alongside him as Honor Councilors. Unfortunately, a lot of the timeline during this period was lost due to important events taking place in-game, or on long since deleted recruitment threads, but throughout Hemsky's tenure as the Head of Honor Council it is known that five individuals served with him on the Honor Council at different points in time: Nene Mom, Zumadragon, Early Hope, BomChica, and iQuestCape.

In addition to the Honor Council, the first ever iteration of the Guardians were implemented during the "State of the Union" meeting, who were tasked with rendering judgement on all new recruits and determining whether or not they were a good fit for the Guild. The two groups together were tasked with ridding Clan Quest of drama, a job they performed adequately. Certain members, such as CupOfChips, protested the Honor Council even still, but their complaints fell on deaf ears. On October 1st, 2010, amendments to the Constitution were ratified that not only solified the Honor Council's role in Clan Quest, but also made the first ever iteration of the Code of Ethics their official code. The Code of Ethics was an extremely powerful document that allowed the Honor Council to use their discretion when handling issues between members of the Guild. As "Ethics" can be subjective, this gave the Honor Council a considerable amount of responsibility to make sure the right thing was done.

As 2010 came to a close, it became evident that the Honor Council, and the secretive Guardians, were accomplishing the goal they were given, to reduce the in-game drama and influx of "unfit" members. Unfortunately, due to the role the Honor Council served, it demanded the highest levels of in-game activity its members could provide. By January 27th, 2011, it was clear that Hemsky was no longer fit to serve as the Head of Honor Council, real life obligations had taken hold. So, in order to replace Hemsky, an election was started by Draziw on January 30th, on the official Clan Quest forums. Only four members of the Guild accepted their nomination to become the next Head of Honor Council: Arkaela, Nene Mom, Sinistral, and Vodka B. When the voted ended on February 1st, 2011, Nene Mom had won with 40% of the votes. On the 9th she publicly announced that Roting Mortal and Auridan would serve as the other two members of her Honor Council.

Unfortunately, due to real life obligations, Nene Mom would also be unable to fulfill her duties as the Head of Honor Council for very long, and during a Clan Meeting on April 16th, 2011, a mere two and a half months later, it was announced that Nene Mom was surrendering the position, which meant yet another election had to be held. Since a Clan Meeting was already being held, though, this election was held on the spot, and saw two potential candidates: Skills2Quest and TG-20. Skills2Quest easily won this election, earning 17 of the 22 cast votes.

Skills2Quest and Dirty Rain

(April 16th, 2011 - March 18th, 2013)
On April 19th, three days after the April 16th meeting where Skills2Quest was elected, he publicly announced the two members who would serve alongside him on the Honor Council: Jedi Bom, and PureUranium. However, after only two months it became evident that these two members were far too absent to maintain a consistent Honor Council, and so on June 29th, 2011, they were replaced by Lady Klaw and Roadmaps. While the activity of this group would not hold for the entire duration of Skills2Quest's tenure, it was a far more active group than the original. A December 9th, 2011 vote held by Skills2Quest attempted to address the activity issue by adding yet another member to the Honor Council, but ultimately nothing came out of this attempt.

Skills2Quest's Honor Council was a unique first in the history of the Honor Council, in that it was the first to make use of a set of newly created forums aimed to help increase communication between Councilors outside the game. Around the same time these forums were implemented, the High Council made the decision to temporarily shut down recruitment on July 18th, 2011. While this was not immediately relevant to the Honor Council, it would effect how the Guild's membership was determined and, consequentially, what type of people were able to become members. During the months that recruitment was closed new sponsorship requirements were implemented that made it harder for new members to be admitted, meaning that those who were admitted had proven they were a good fit for the Guild, and had earned the respect of three pre-existing members. This meant that the influx of members who were responsible for drama decreased, which in theory meant that the number of cases that the Honor Council had to oversee was decreased.

The influx of members did indeed stop, and while this was beneficial to the Guild as a whole in the long term, it was a double edged sword. Because every new member of the Guild was required to be social in order to be sponsored, it meant that every one of them possessed strong personalities. Strong personalities have a tendency to crash, and so while there weren't necesarrily more fights or instances of drama, the cases that did come up were typically more passionate and angry. There were thirteen recorded instances in that July alone, all of which the Honor Council were tasked with reviewing and passing judgement on. And for several months, this was the position the Honor Council found themselves in. Skills2Quest quickly became the longest serving Head of Honor Council, and so because the group had a more constant membership there was less happening with the group publicly.

There was not a lot of public activity from the Honor Council until a Clan Meeting on May 6th, 2012, where multiple shakeups were made to the Councils. People were promoted to the Low Council, MsKonnan10 became the Head of Low Council, and Cireon was added as a fourth member of the Honor Council. Cireon's inclusion in the Council was a decision made by the High Council in response to Skills2Quest's rising inactivity due to real life obligations. He did not resign, nor did the High Council pressure him to, but the decision was made that the Council needed a fresh, active, voice among its ranks. This was the first, and only, time in the history of the Honor Council that it had an even number of members serving at the same time.

All continued as normal after Cireon's promotion to the Council, at least until October 21st, 2012. On this date yet another Clan Meeting was held in-game, where both Skills2Quest and MsKonnan10 were offered positions on the High Council. Skills2Quest, unfortunately, was not in attendance for this meeting, and so he was not immediately able to respond to the offer, but nevertheless the High Council went ahead and initiated a vote to replace him. Skills2Quest did eventually accept the offer, so nothing problematic ever came out of starting the vote pre-emptively. The problems with this election came afterwards.

During the October 21st meeting, Dirty Rain was nominated to replace Skills2Quest as the Head of Honor Council. He proved to be a popular nominee, but the High Council chose to run this election on the Clan Quest forums rather than in-game, and so there it moved. Nominations were submitted between October 21st and October 29th, despite the original deadline being set for the 24th, and by the end of this period three candidates had accepted their nomination: Dirty Rain, Cat Fud, and Roadmaps, with the latter, of course, having been a member of the previous Honor Council. After the long nomination period came a few days of "Campaign speeches", which lasted until November 4th. On November 4th the election finally began, and this is where things became messy.

Shortly after the voting began, those running the election began to receive complaints that one of the candidates, Roadmaps, was attempting to influence the election through private messages, "securing votes" or trying to "make people feel obligated to vote for him". In short, there were those who felt that Roadmaps was unprofressionally attempting to influence the election, to the point of "spamming" members to secure their votes. Roadmaps denied the more negative connotations of these claims, but stood firm that he was aggressively campaigning to become the leader. Ironically, an election for a position designed to handle inner-Clan drama was facing its very own set of drama. Roadmaps aggressively lashed out at the organizers of the vote, who were largely opposed to how he was handling the situation, questioning their character and calling them liars. All of this was intensified by the fact that it was an extremely close race between Dirty Rain and Roadmaps, with no clear winner in sight.

The election finally came to an end on November 9th, making it the longest Honor Council election period to date, and the results were announced: Dirty Rain had won, beating Roadmaps by only a single vote. 24 had voted for Dirty Rain, 23 for Roadmaps, and only 4 for Cat Fud. Roadmaps made no documented response to the results of the election, but ultimately remained in the Guild. There are no known instances of any fallout following the election, despite the bitterness during it. On November 10th, 2012, the day after the election, Dirty Rain publicly announced who would be joining him on the Honor Council: Fellow nominee Cat Fud, and newcomer AlphaLeo.

Despite this narrow, but earned, victory, Dirty Rain's tenure as the Head of Honor Council did not last long. On March 18th, 2013, Dirty Rain resigned from all of his positions in Clan Quest and removed himself from the in-game Guild so that he could pursue other endeavors. This was the first time a sitting member of the Honor Council had surrendered his position by leaving the Guild, and it forced yet another election to be held. It would be nearly a month before this election finished and a new Head of Honor Council was announced, but fortunately far, far less drama was involved throughout the process.

AlphaLeo and Seb

(March 18th, 2013 - March 12th, 2018)
The nomination process to replace Dirty Rain began the same day he resigned, March 18th, 2013. Of the eight people nominated over a week long period, only four accepted: former Honor Councilors Cireon and AlphaLeo, and newcomers Poorman30 and Miss Alaska. The nominees were then given until April 3rd to post a "campaign speech", despite all three of them posting on the relevant thread within three days. AlphaLeo, Cireon, and Poorman30 all provided a campaign speech, but Miss Alaska instead used the opportunity to pull out of the race due to real life obligations elsewhere. The vote finally began on April 3rd, and would run for nearly two full weeks, ending on April 15th, 2013. After a nearly month long process, the results were in: Poorman30 had received 9 votes, Cireon had received 11, and AlphaLeo had received 17, making him the next Head of Honor Council.

While it took him a few days to organize it, AlphaLeo publicly announced who would be serving on the Honor Council with him on April 17th: his former partner in Dirty Rain's Honor Council Cat Fud, and Infinity4. Once everything was settled in after the election, the status quo resumed. The Honor Council still dealt with issues when it was needed, but for the most part the Honor Council remained quiet. "Quiet" would more or less become the new status quo for the next several years, as only one election would be held between April 15th, 2013 and March 12th, 2018. That does not mean that there was not shakeups in the Honor Council's membership, however. AlphaLeo's tenure as the Head of Honor Council would be one of the most publicly reorganized in the groups history.

On October 18th, 2013, Infinity4 made the decision to resign from the Questing Clan of RuneScape, and with it, his positions in both the Honor and Low Councils. This would have been the second time a sitting Honor Councilor resigned their position if several members of the Guild had not talked him out of it. While there was some debate as to whether or not it was right for people to talk him out of it, some claiming he was only being guilt tripped into staying, Infinity4 ultimately made the choice to stick around. Because he was gone for such a small amount of time, the High Council chose to overlook his decision and allow him to remain onboard both Councils. This was also the month that the Low Council finally came to a decision on whether or not members of the Honor Council should be allowed to serve on the Low Council as well. Infinity4 was a member of the Low Council before joining the Honor Council, and so the decision was made that there was no reason someone could not be in both groups. AlphaLeo was promptly promoted to the Low Council, making him the first sitting Head of Honor Council to be promoted to the Low Council, and the third to serve on it behind Dirty Rain and Skills2Quest.

Everything continued on as normal for the Honor Council until February 2014, when a string of high ranking members cut ties with the Clan in a relatively short period of time. First to go were High Councilors Bigg Doggg and Anamona, followed soon after by Honor Councilor Cat Fud. Unlike Infinity4, Cat Fud did not go back on her decision to leave, and so AlphaLeo was tasked with replacing her on the Honor Council. By February 20th he had made his decision: Gardenchick would fill the Honor Council's empty seat. Unfortunately this new Honor Council's roster would not remain as it was for very long, as on May 3rd, 2014, Infinity4 once again resigned from the Questing Clan of RuneScape and both the Low and Honor Council's, and this time he stuck with his decision. Once again, AlphaLeo was forced to choose someone to fill an empty seat on the Honor Council, but this time the decision wasn't as simple.

After two weeks of consideration, AlphaLeo finally announced Seb as Infinity4's replacement on May 17th, 2014. The Honor Council's membership calmed down for a while after this, falling back into a state of relative silence, only being seen by the Membership-at-Large when they were needed. This status quo went on for a full year before any kind of shakeup occurred in the Honor Council. By this point AlphaLeo had already been in his position for more than two years, an unprecedented amount of time for the Head of Honor Council. In June 2015 Gardenchick privately announced that she wished to resign from the Honor Council, the first time anyone had willingly resigned from the Honor Council without resigning from the Guild. Seb and AlphaLeo were then tasked with choosing someone to replace her, and ultimately decided on Kitty after receiving multiple High Council recomendations. This new Honor Council roster lasted only a matter of weeks, though, as on July 8th, 2015, AlphaLeo resigned from the Honor Council.

The nomination process began once again on July 8th, 2015, after more than two years since the last election. By July 19th, the end of the nomination period, four candidates had emerged: Seb, Kitty, Solis, and Earth. Each of them were instructed to post a "Campaign speech", as had the nominees in the last few election, and so they did. By the time the election actually began on July 25th Earth had dropped out of the race, leaving only Seb, Kitty, and Solis. On July 31st the results were announced: Seb had won, making him the first new Head of Honor Council in more than two years. In the end Seb received 15 votes, as opposed to Solis' 10 and Kitty's 6.

It took Seb a little longer than past Heads of Honor Council to announce who would be serving with him, but the announcement came on August 3rd: Kitty and Shane would be Seb's partners in the Honor Council. Despite this breath of fresh air, the Honor Council quickly fell back into the same status quo it had been in for the last two years. The membership of Seb's Honor Council would remain static and active throughout the entirety of his tenure, so the only time the Honor Council was ever addressed by the Membership-at-Large was when they were forced to render judgement on a particular situation. By this point the drama taking place in the Guild was minimal, though there were still many instances of strong-headed people bashing their heads against the proverbial wall that was the Clan's various Councils. In one particular instance a member of the Honor Council clashed with a general member of the Guild, an incident which became highly publicized and caused some to look poorly on the Honor Council.

Despite some missteps, and concerns that the Honor Council was too private with and not forthcoming about their decisions, this Honor Council proved to be one of the most active and reliable to date. By the end of 2017 Seb's Honor Council was still going strong, and had raced past AlphaLeo's in terms of duration. Throughout the end of 2017, and into the beginning of 2018, members of Clan Quest's High Council had been working on a draft of a brand new Constitution that would completely restructure the Clan, with the long term goal of setting up new Guilds in mind. The function and organization of the Honor Council was largely unchanged, but a previously ignored "rule" of the Honor Council was emphasized in this new Constitution: should any single member of the Honor Council resign, the entire Honor Council, including the Head, was required to be reselected.

On March 12th, 2018 the new Constitution was ratified, and all of the Questing Clan of RuneScape's Councils experienced a shakeup. The Low and High Council's became the Guild Council, and a new Honor Council election began. This occurred for a few reasons, despite Seb's continued activity: After more than two and a half years, the Guild felt it was time for a new election to take place, and because the night before the Constitution was ratified, Shane was promoted to the High Council, meaning the Honor Council was technically required to hold a new election regardless.

Post-Constitution (Derparnieux and Wolffi)

(March 12th, 2018 - Present)
Only two elections had taken place over the course of five years as of March 12, 2018. This, along with some people's desire for a more visibly active and transparent Honor Council, contributed to an unprecedented number of people being nominated, and accepting their nominations, for the position as Head of Honor Council. By the time the nomination period ended on March 16th, 2018, a total of nine people were running for the position: Earth, Cam, Wolffi, Derparnieux, Nex Sicarium, Kitty, Ptv suli, Questcaping, and Xenon ray. Even though Ptv Suli would end up dropping out of the race during the speech phase, there were still eight people running, making it the most packed election process in the Guild's history.

The vote began on March 17th, and ended on March 21st at midnight GMT. The race had seemed close throughout, but by the end there were one clear winner. Xenon Ray and Cam each recieved only one vote, while Kitty and Nex Sicarium each received three and Wolffi received four. Next came Earth, with seven votes, then Questcaping with ten. By the end of the process, the winner was Derparnieux with 15 votes, making him the Guild's newest Head of Honor Council. Within 48 hours he had already announced who would be joining him on his Honor Council: fellow candidates Wolffi, Questcaping, Nex Sicarium, and Ptv suli. Derparnieux's Honor Council was the first since Dirty Rain's to not include a single member for the previous Honor Council, making the group's roster completely fresh.

Derparnieux ran on a platform of activity and transparency, and those were the requirements he placed upon the members of his Honor Council. The Clan Council, which had replaced the High Council, also determined to keep their eye on the Honor Council's activity, as to avoid another extremely long tenure such as AlphaLeo's or Seb's. By this point in the Clan's history, though, there was very little public drama for the Honor Council to deal with. They had earned their position, but by August 2018 there had been no major incidents requiring the Honor Council's intervention. Despite only a few months having passed, Derparnieux quickly realized that certain members of his Honor Council had become inactive, and in an effort to enforce the rules of activity, he resigned from his position as the Head of Honor Council on August 28th in order to incite a new vote.

The same day as Derparnieux's resignation a new vote began, and this time only four people accepted their nomination: Derparnieux, Choto 3000, Wolffi, and Quester Rob. In a fairly standard vote, the nominees were given two days to make their speeches, and the Guild was given three to vote. On September 6th, 2018, the vote ended and the results were in. Rob received no votes, Choto received 2, Wolffi received 4, and Derparnieux received 19, making him the winner by a landslide. Derparnieux's re-election made him the first person in the history of Clan Quest to be elected as the Head of Honor Council twice. On the 7th of the month Derparnieux announced that Wolffi would rejoin him on his Honor Council, and newcomer Choto 3000 would serve as the third and final member.

Once again, everything remained quiet throughout the next few months. Some drama came up that members of the Council were forced to handle, but it was largely held behind closed doors and the Membership-at-Large was not largely impacted. Eventually, though, Derparnieux came to the decision that it was time for him to resign, and did so on January 10, 2019, initiating the third election since the Constitution. This time, however, he did not accept any nomination for reelection, and so a new group of candidates arose: veterans Wolffi, Shane, Questcaping, and newcomers Shiro Shana and Cabege. The vote went by fairly quickly, but it ultimately came down to two major candidates. When the dust settled on January 16, 2019, Wolffi was victorious with 21 votes, followed by Shane with 16, Questcaping with 4, and both Shiro Shana and Cabege with 2 each. Wolffi announced the following day that he would be joined on his Council by Shiro Shana and Cabege.

Unfortunately, this new Honor Council would quickly be faced with the groups first real test in some time. On January 16, shortly after the election results were announced, multiple prominent members of Clan Quest resigned their positions in the Clan, sparking speculation and conversation amongst the Guild Council as to why. Through all of the discussions, accusations of election fraud began to spread, accusations chiefly aimed at Clan Councilor Draziw. These accusations had been spreading even during the election, and some had taken it upon themselves to "push back" against who they perceived to be Draziw's preferred candidate. Misinformation spread like wildfires as speculation dominated decision-making, and so the newly formed Honor Council was forced to look into the accusations - which by that point were getting out of hand. After a days-long investigation by both the Honor Council and members of the Clan Council, it was determined that there was indeed no foul play throughout the election. People may have "campaigned" for votes, but there was no evidence of intimidation, bribing, lying, or anything unethical or immoral.


The Honor Council is unique in the makeup of the Questing Clan of RuneScape, and Clan Quest as a whole, because it is the only position that is chosen by popular vote among the entire Guild. The Guild Council votes internally on who it adds to its ranks, as does the Clan Council, making the Honor Council representatives of the Membership-at-Large in a way the other two groups can't be. Of course, when an election is held to select a new Honor Council, only the Head is voted for. Whoever wins this vote is then tasked with selecting the rest of their Honor Council, meaning you not only vote for a Head of Honor Council, you vote for a Head of Honor Council who has free reign to select any other member of the Guild to join them.

Honor Council elections occur only when there is a vacancy in the Honor Council. Should any member resign or be deemed inactive, then the entire Honor Council is disbanded and a new election begins. It takes place in the Guild's public forum, where any member of the Guild can nominate someone, even themselves, to become the next Head of Honor Council. The nomination process will last several days, after which each of the nominees who have accepted their nomination are asked to present a "speech", or a "pitch" as to why they are a good fit for the role. Finally, after allowing only a couple days for these speeches, the Guild is asked to vote, and whichever candidate receives the most votes wins.

The Honor Council is also unique in that there is only one single requirement to be eligible as a candidate: You must be considered a full member of the Guild. That's it, that is the only requirement to nominate a candidate or to be nominated, even if you have only been in the Guild for a few weeks. No in-game achievements are required, and there is no time limit beyond the probationary period.


  • The Honor Council was the final group of Clan Quest's government to be formed, after the High(Clan) Council and Low(Guild) Council.
  • Only seven people have been the Head of the Honor Council: Hemsky, Nene mom, Skills2quest, Dirty rain, AlphaLeo, Seb, and Derparnieux.
    • Hemsky and Nene mom were the only two Heads ever removed due to inactivity.
    • Skills2quest was the only sitting Head of Honor Council to ever be promoted to the High Council.
    • Dirty Rain was the only Head of Honor Council to forfeit his position by leaving the Clan entirely.
  • The three longest serving Heads of Honor Council served for a collective 6 years, 4 months, and 20 days.
    • Seb was the longest serving Head of Honor Council, at 2 years, 7 months, and 22 days. He maintained the same councilors throughout his entire tenure.
    • AlphaLeo was the second longest serving Head of Honor Council, at 2 years, 2 Months, and 23 days.
    • Skills2quest was the third longest serving Head of Honor Council, at 1 year, 6 Months, and 5 days.
    • The time between Hemsky's appointment and Seb's resignation was only 7 years, 7 months, and 11 days, meaning the other three Heads of Honor Council predating the 2018 Constitution only served a collective 1 year, 3 months, and 22 days, less than Skills2quest's tenure.
  • There is a noticeable, unintentional, pattern when looking at the list of Honor Councilors.
    • Each Honor Council alternated between having six and three total members over the course of its Head's tenure.
      • Over the course of Hemsky's tenure, six unique individuals held a position on the Honor Council.
      • Over the course of Nene mom's tenure, three unique individuals held a position on the Honor Council.
      • Over the course of Skills2quest's tenure, six unique individuals held a position on the Honor Council.
      • Over the course of Dirty rain's tenure, three unique individuals held a position on the Honor Council.
      • Over the course of AlphaLeo's tenure, six unique individuals held a position on the Honor Council.
      • Over the course of Seb's tenure, three unique individuals held a position on the Honor Council.
    • This cycle was broken when Derparnieux became the Head of Honor Council and appointed four additional members to serve with him, bringing his total to five.