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Joined Clan June 26, 2020
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September, 2004

Xurdones is a current member of Clan Quest. He joined the clan on June 26th, 2020[1], and is currently a member of the Content Editors team.

Runescape History

Early History

Xurdones' RuneScape journey began in mid-2004 (the exact date has been lost to history). One of his school friends was playing it, and encouraged their entire group to try it out. Xurdones - not yet going by that name - did, and was immediately enamoured by the game. Unfortunately he couldn't figure out what to do once leaving Tutorial Island, so he created another account to do the tutorial again. And again, and again. The names of these early accounts have also been lost to history.

Finally, the account named Xurdones was created, and it was this account, with the assistance of another schoolfriend who had progressed quite a bit further, that began journeying beyond Tutorial Island. From the very beginning, Xurdones loved quests: they were, to him, the only content worth exploring, and he never trained his skills very far, unless it was to meet a quest requirement. Consequently, his skills were very low.


Initially restricting his journey to the free lands, Xurdones became a paying member in approximately 2006. He quickly set about completing the new quests that had opened up to him, and it was around this time that he became aware of the Quest Point Cape. Acquiring that cape quickly became his primary motivation, but unfortunately many quests were beyond his skills at that time, so achieving the goal seemed unlikely at best.

With the pool of eligible quests dwindled to nothing, and the prospect of grinding up to the remaining requirements losing its lustre, Xurdones slowly abandoned the game around 2008.

The First Return

Xurdones was drawn back into the game in late 2010 by a new friend, Ice Wolf. Though they spent little time together in-game, since Ice Wolf was maxed and Xurdones was very much not maxed, two years worth of new content enticed him back into training and questing. Although the release of Nomad's Requiem made the goal of a Quest Point Cape seem less attainable than ever, he enjoyed the new quests that had been released during his absence, and those older quests he was now able to complete with his higher levels.

He would remain a semi-active player until 2013, and the release of The World Wakes. Xurdones had never quite gotten the hang of the new combat system, which had been added to the game in 2012, but for his purposes at the time it hadn't been necessary to learn it. However, attempting The World Wakes proved to stretch his limited knowledge of boss mechanics to its breaking point, and he gave up after dying for the third time to the Automaton's special attack. Disillusioned, and feeling like the game had left him behind, his activity dwindled again and he soon stopped playing once again.

The Second Return

Many times over the years, Xurdones would feel the urge to return to Runescape and see what had happened in it. He resisted those urges until December 2019, when curiosity finally got the better of him and he logged back in. Finding the game world less populated than he remembered, but much prettier, he was soon sucked back in. Finding skill training to be easier now, whether due to the game itself being easier or due to his own growing experience with video games he didn't know, he once again set his sights on the elusive Quest Point Cape, and attempted some quests that he had previously thought beyond his reach.

Quest Point Cape Achieved

Nomad, the Pest and Dagannoth Queens, the assault on Guthix in The World Wakes; all were easily bested by a Xurdones with greater skills and a far greater understanding of combat mechanics (the introduction of Revolution mode in his absence helped tremendously as well). Finally, only three quests remained between him and his goal: Nomad's Elegy, Sliske's Endgame and Curse of the Black Stone.

Elegy proved not to be as difficult as he had feared, until the third phase of the final battle against Nomad, in which two Nomads are spawned simultaneously, and both must be killed. At that time Xurdones' knowledge of PVM mechanics was still rudimentary, and the challenge once more felt impossible. Fortunately, an item had been introduced to ease these challenges: the Deathtouched Dart. Desperate, Xurdones waited for the Travelling Merchant to get them in stock, and used one to bypass this phase of the battle.

Endgame was hard-fought, but with the assistance of a guide on the Runescape subreddit[2], he killed Sliske in only three attempts.

That left only Curse of the Black Stone, which required completion of the three Elite Dungeons. The task seemed impossible, but bolstered by his past successes Xurdones pressed on. Over the course of weeks, he slowly chipped away at the dungeons on story mode, until all that remained was the final battle with the Ambassador. After reading about his mechanics on the official wiki, as well as watching some Youtube guides, Xurdones decided "fuck this noise." Fortunately a promotion was being run on Treasure Hunter that awarded Deathtouched darts, so with a bit of luck (and purchasing some additional keys with Oddments), he acquired one and used it to destroy the Ambassador, completing the quest.

At long last, in March 2020, Xurdones had completed his childhood goal: become the owner of the Quest Point Cape. Understanding that not having a goal would cause him to eventually lose interest in the game once again, he refocused on a new target: the Master Quest Cape. This would prove an even greater challenge than the Quest Point Cape had been.

Joining Clan Quest

On June 25th, 2020, Runescape began what was meant to be a general Q&A livestream on its Twitch account. Because of scheduling conflicts, that topic was abandoned and replaced with an introduction to the newest member of the Runescape Community Management team, Mod Hooli. At one point in the Twitch Chat, Idiotonastic and Santa Ends began asking Mod Hooli, who had expressed a love of Runescape's quests, if he would be interested in joining the Questing Clan of Runescape, or Clan Quest.

Xurdones was watching this stream, and had been contemplating clans for a few weeks. The game had become far less sociable than he remembered from childhood, and the prospect of playing with friends again had some appeal. After skimming the clan's official website, Xurdones was convinced, and submitted an application thread. It was soon accepted, and Questcaping formally added Xurdones to Clan Quest.