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Since it was founded in 2009, there have been more than a thousand people that have at one point or another called themselves a member of Clan Quest. A large number of those people have made a significant impact on the history of the Clan; its development, its Guilds, its websites, and so on. Unfortunately, not all of these people have remained as contributors to the Clan, having at some point disappeared, quit, or were even banned. The Notable People series of articles goes into detail about many of the people who have had an impact on the history of Clan Quest, but do not necessarily warrant a page of their own.

In this article, you will find information about the individuals who served as members of Clan Quest's High Council, but at some point were either removed from the position or left voluntarily. They may have been members of other Councils, such as the Low or Honor Councils, as well.


Clan RuneScape Old Logo 003.png
The logo created by Anamona.
High Council: Apr 16, 2011 - Feb 17, 2014
Low Council: Aug 12, 2010 - Apr 16, 2011

Anamona was one of the earliest members to join Clan Quest, and was one of its most active members both ingame and on the Forums from the time she joined to the moment she left. Anamona first made her mark on Clan Quest by responding to a request made by Draziw on April 3rd, 2010 for ideas on an official logo for the Clan. Anamona was not the first to respond, but on May 26th, 2010 she was the first to present an actual product: the Clan Quest "Rune" logo that would go on to become the official logo of Clan Quest for years to come. In celebration of her role in creating the logo, Draziw publicly declared that Anamona would become the official "Mistress of Ceremonies," and would be one of only two people allowed to speak at an upcoming Clan Meeting, a high honor at that time. In addition to all of this, she was guaranteed a position on the Low Council the moment she earned her Quest Cape. This promise was made good on when Anamona did finally complete her last Quest, and so she joined the Low Council on August 12th, 2010.

During her time as a member of the Low Council, Anamona continued on as one of the Clan's most active members, which really showed in her offsite activity, but she never posted particularly much in the Low Council forums. She did, however, make her voice known when it came to promoting various members to the group that would go on to shape it in the following years, such as Vodka B and Earth. After only eight months serving in the Low Council, a public Clan Meeting was held to make a few big announcements. Among them was the announcement that Anamona was being promoted to the High Council, along with then Head of Low Council Bigg Doggg. She continued to serve as a community leader throughout the next few years, and even helped kickstart the Questaholic magazine by contributing a "Sweet Cabbage Salad" recipe to its first ever issue, further cementing Clan Quest's cabbage obsession. Unfortunately though, her activity showed signs of slowing all throughout 2012, even even more severely through 2013. By February 2014 she had grown distant from the Clan, and on the 17th she privately informed the High Council that she was resigning to pursue other endeavors. She left quietly, the Membership-at-Large only finding out after a High Council announcement at a later date. Her departure came only a week after Bigg Doggg also resigned from the Clan.


High Council: Sep 26, 2010 - Jan 25, 2013
Low Council: ??? - Sep 26, 2010

Artson's history in Clan Quest is somewhat mysterious and lacking in information, moreso than any other former member. He was one of the first member to Join Clan Quest, its Forums, and the Low Council, but no records exist of when specifically he was promoted to the latter. He was never particularly active on the forums, either, and so his interactions with the Guild were almost exclusively ingame. He was the third person to ever be promoted to the Low Council, and the first to be promoted as an individual rather than as a group. His promotion occurred on September 26th, 2010 at a Clan Meeting not recorded on the Clan Forums. Artson served as a moderator ingame, and occasionally on the offsite, but his activity seemed to struggle going into the end of 2012. Due to issues in real life, Artson was forced to take a leave of absence and made the decision to resign from the high Council in January, 2013. He briefly returned to the Guild some time after that, but his position was not reinstated.

Bigg doggg

High Council: Apr 16, 2011 - Feb 13, 2014
Low Council: ??? - Apr 16, 2011

Bigg Doggg joined Clan Quest early on in its life, but the part he played in its history didn't begin until March 19th, 2010, when the High Council made "The Big Announcement," a forum post that announced the promotions of ChaDMcBaDD and GL im Kody to the High Council, and of Bigg Doggg's to the position of Head of Low Council. During his time as the second ever Head of Low Council, Bigg Doggg did very little that was recorded. He did not register on the Clan Forums until two months after his promotion, and even then he had very little to say on there. His leadership ingame is what defined him, but that information has, of course, been lost to time. Nevertheless, his contributions to the Guild, and the impression he made on the High Council, resulted in his being chosen to join it on April 16th, 2010, along with Anamona. His activity on the forums did not increase following this promotion, so his time in the High Council is largely shrouded in mystery, but what is known is that he was especially active on RuneScape, and so he always maintained a presence. On February 13, 2014 Bigg Doggg reportedly quit Clan Quest as well as RuneScape altogether, though later reports indicated that he joined a new Clan to focus more seriously on his ingame skilling. Whatever the reason for his departure, this marked the end of Bigg Doggg's story in Clan Quest.


High Council: Mar 19, 2010 - Jan, 2016
Low Council: Jan 15, 2010 - Mar 19, 2010

ChaDMcBaDD was one of the first members to ever join Clan Quest, coming on board in November 2009, and the impact he made on the Guild's leadership showed very early on. When the Low Council was officially formed on January 15th, 2010, Chad was chosen to be its first ever leader; the first ever Head of Low Council. Despite this record being associated with him, he was also associated with another: out of anyone who ever held the title "Head of Low Council," Chad held it for the least amount of time. This was not because he was removed or replaced, but rather because he, along with GL im Kody, were promoted to the High Council on March 19th, 2010, as announced in "The Big Announcement". This was a monumental achievement at the time, as Chad and Kody were the first people to ever serve on the High Council that were not one of the Clan's founders. Despite all of this, though, Chad was not done making history in the Clan, though his future history would not be quite as positive.

On July 14th, 2010, Chad found himself in a "huge" fight with a fellow member of the Guild, CupOfChips. Most of the details about what they were fighting over has been lost to time, because all the early drama from that period was fairly immature and insignificant anyway, but it ultimately resulted in Chad removing CupOfChips from the Guild. Chad's position in the High Council was briefly taken away ingame as punishment for how he handled the situation, though it was ultimately decided that both parties were at fault. Seeing as how CupOfChips was a member of the "Event Coordinators" team, which were basically members not eligible for a position on the Low Council but given a voice anyway, the aftermath of the fight proved challenging. Never before in the history of Clan Quest had two members of any its Councils gotten into a fight with each other, and it quickly became clear that there was no system in place to properly deal with those incidents. Because of Chad's fight, and in part because of the actions he took, the decision was made to implement the "Honor Council" on August 1st, 2010. Chad continued to serve the same levels of activity in the Guild until he suddenly disappeared in July 2011, and he has been inactive ever since. In January 2016 he was officially retired from the High Council after it was learned that he never intended to return. He still remains on the Questing Clan of RuneScape's ingame roster to this day.

Gl im kody

High Council: Mar 19, 2010 - Oct 17, 2010
Low Council: Jan 15, 2010 - Mar 19, 2010

GL im Kody, usually just referred to as Kody, was an incredibly popular member of Clan Quest who joined within weeks of its inception. His activity ingame and contributions to its events made him an obvious choice to be one of the original four members promoted to the Low Council when it was formed on January 15th, 2010. These contributions made him an even more obvious choice for a promotion to the High Council, a promotion he received alongside ChaDMcBaDD on March 19th, 2010 as part of the "Big Announcement". Their promotions were celebrated ingame on April 10th, 2010. Unfortunately, peoples faith in Kody was shaken when he was discovered "botting" on RuneScape, often considered the single deadliest sin for anyone playing RuneScape. For his violation of the official RuneScape rules, and consequentially Clan Quest's rules, Kody was banned from Clan Quest on October 17th, 2010. He was allowed to leave on his own terms, and posted a thread announcing his departure, but not the reason why. To this day Kody remains the only member who was banned while serving on the High Council.


High Council: May 10, 2014 - Feb 26, 2016
Low Council: Oct 14, 2011 - May 10, 2014

LizBeth, the combined personality of the nice Liz and evil Beth, was one of the single most active and well known faces in Clan Quest, and to this day she remains as the top contributor on the Clan Forums by a considerable margin, despite not having posted since December 2016. She holds the record as the Questaholic Magazines top contributor, also by a considerably margin, even though her final article in it was submitted in December 2014. Not only was she crucial in co-founding the Questaholic Magazine and keeping it going for its first three years, she was also the co-founder of the official Recruitment Razzers group that brought members who were not part of the Low Council into the world of Guild recruitment. Her undeniable contribution to Clan Quest, its website activity, and its subgroups that would go on to be a major part of its history all made her an obvious candidate for the Low Council, which she was promoted to on October 14th, 2011. All of this after she joined only months earlier, in July 2011. Her timeline in the Low Council is not entirely clear, due in large part to her apparently resigning in October 2013, followed by her quickly rejoining. The circumstances surrounding this event are unknown.

Eventually, her positive attitude and respect in the Guild resulted in her being considered for a position on the High Council, a decision that was easily made. On April 21st, 2014 it was announced that she, along with Cireon, Earth, and Hemsky, would be promoted to the High Council as soon as an ingame event could be organized to celebrate it. The event didn't happen until September 10th, but she and the others were officially promoted May 10th in response to controversy over the High Council's decision to "lock" the ingame chat from non members. For much of her time on the High Council, LizBeth served as one of the de facto leaders of the recruitment system, and directly oversaw everything to do with the Recruitment Razzers. On July 8th, 2015, as she was slowly drifting away from the Clan, she appointed Wolffi as the leader of the Razzers, and served more as an overseer than as a direct participant. Liz spent the remainder of the year mostly playing RuneScape, finding herself in a race to max all skills with fellow High Councilor Cireon. Unfortunately Liz's time in Clan Quest came to an end on February 26th, 2016, when it was announced that she had left the Clan in order to "move on". She remained sporadically active on RuneScape, and continued to post on the Clan Forums until the end of the year, when she truly disappeared from Clan Quest for good.


High Council: Oct 21, 2012 - Dec 29, 2013
Low Council: ??? - Oct 11, 2012
Honor Council: Apr 16, 2011 - Oct 21, 2012

Skills2Quest was among the earliest members to join Clan Quest, and also one of the earliest to ever be promoted to the Low Council. By the time he joined the offsite in June 2010 he was already a member of the Council, and he quickly made his presence known on their forum. Skills was a sometimes controversial figure who did not always agree with High Council decisions, especially if they were made in secret, but he proved himself to be one of the most reliable members of the Low Council during that period of time. While he had more than a few periods of announced inactivity due to real world obligations, he remained on board the Low Council, and even went on to run for the position of Head of Honor Council, and win. After spending more than a year on the Honor Council, while also still serving on the Low Council, Skills was offered a promotion to the High Council on October 21st, 2012. He was the first member of an Honor Council to ever be promoted, and the only member of an active Honor Council to ever be promoted, up until Shane's promotion on March 11, 2018. Skills continued on as an active member of the Guild until December 29th, 2013, when he resigned from Clan Quest entirely.


High Council: Dec 24, 2016 - Mar 12, 2018
Low Council: Sept 17, 2014 - Oct 16, 2016
Low Council: Aug 1, 2010 - Jul 28, 2011

Sinistral joined Clan Quest in early 2010, and he quickly became a very active and prominent figure amongst the membership-at-large. Not even a year later he was promoted to the Low Council, and after yet a couple of months later, in 2011, he was made Head of said Council. He ultimately resigned his position in favour of Lord Earth. More than three years went by, and in 2014, Sinistral was re-added to the Low Council, a role he maintained for 2 years and 1 month. At some point in 2016, the Clan learnt that he suffered from a serious illness, that ultimately led to his death a couple months later. Long-time friend Draziw made a public request to his fellow High Councilors to promote him to the Clan's highest office as a posthumous honor. Sinistral kept that position until the new Constitution was ratified, on March 12, 2018.