Clan Quest
Joined Clan December 30th, 2011
Gaming Info
RuneScape 3

March 2005
Quest Point Cape
Master Quest Cape
Max Cape
Personal Info
Name Leevi Kinnari
Age 22
Sex Male
Occupation Freelance Translator
Location Kerava, Finland
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March 22 2018 13:34 UTC+2

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Wolffi (AKA Woofer, Wilfo, Pawffi) is a Content Editor. Guild Councillor and Honour Councillor that joined Clan Quest in December 2011. He was originally introduced to the community by Temato, and was sponsored to the in-game clan in RuneScape 3 by Anamona. His most notable contributions to the clan have been as an Honour Councillor (2018-present), Editor (2018-present), Event Thug (unknown), and Razzer (2015-2017).

Clan Quest

Joining Clan Quest

Wolffi joined Clan Quest in December 2011, months after being introduced to the community via word of mouth from an adventurer, Temato, that he met on the Mort Myre swamp in RuneScape 3. The two met while completing the Nature Spirit quest, but continued to finish the entire Myreque questline together before Wolffi would eventually be coaxed into joining the community of questers. During this time he had already talked to many of then members of the clan as a guest in their chat, but had been notoriously silent due to his introverted nature. Eventually by the end of the year, he would look for sponsors and then captain Anamona would vouch for him joining the community and its website.

Clan Hopping

Being easy to offend by not being paid attention to, Wolffi would leave the clan in multiple occasions in search of other communities that might be more suitable to him. Such other clans that he joined for a brief time were at least Family Unity Network, Lil' Howlers, TheRisingPhoenix and SkyGuardians, the last of which is a long time allied community with Clan Quest having shared a multitude of members over their existence. Much of this search brought him many friends but the communities would eventually not offer the same freedom for creation and organization as Clan Quest did, and he was due for a permanent return in August 2016. This also caused some discrepancy in his recruitment information as he has been sponsored into the clan multiple times by at least Anamona, CoopYa and Toragrai.

Recruitment Razzers

Wolffi approached LizBeth about helping with the Razzers Recruitment Team in 2015, and would soon be accepted into the group in which he would first channel his need to contribute. As recruitment was mostly done on the RuneScape Official Forums (RSOF), he would quickly create many templates which allowed for advertisement of the community and some space for answering questions and concerns of potential recruits on a personal level. Later in 2015, LizBeth would step down as the Leader of Recruitment Razzers and the role would be handed down to Wolffi. He would continue to act in that honour for two months after which he once again left the community entirely, and Irene Angel was promoted in his place. Wolffi joined back into the group in 2016 and tried to revive it from a silent downhill by creating a new Discord group and working closer together with Choto 3000 and Tyco Elf to keep recruitment alive both on the forums and in-game. Razzers were later entirely disbanded and their duties handed down to the Guild Council in 2017.

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RuneScape 3

Account #1: Wikingit10

Account #2: Wolffi



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Account #3: (IM) Iron-Wolffi


Account #4: (HCIM) Pawffi


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