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Clan Quest
Joined Clan Dec 08, 2012
Gaming Info

Santa Ends
Personal Info
Name Nicholas/Tw
Age 24
Sex Male
Occupation Logistics
Location Singapore

Hi, my name is Nic but you can call me Santa. I am one of CQ's officers, holding the appointment of both honour and guild council on Old School RuneScape (OSRS). I used to be RS3 guild councillor and part of the content editors team, but dropped both commitments.

My main game is OSRS. Over the years, I have comped and mqced on RS3 but has lost interest due to the heavy amount of content to keep up with and the steep learning curve. OSRS provides me a place to grind for hours on end without a punishing learning curve. I plan to get max cape on OSRS eventually, and hope to get it by milestones of 10s. Currently I am working on getting 80 base stats.

As you probably can tell, I like skilling more than questing (blasphemy!), pvm (understandable) and pvp (that's why we are here right and not in WG).

My time in CQ, ever since I joined in 2012, I've always felt like an outsider looking in. I never understood how a bunch of people can enjoy game lore and easter eggs when all I want to do is run agility laps for hours.

However I stayed for the community, I have forged deep friendships and the non-elitist, non-judgemental, inclusive environment. CQ has been one of, if not the most consistent friend groups in my life.

Over the years I have met a few clannies in real life. Xenon in 2016, a ton of people in RuneFest 2017, Werecool in 2017.

Besides RuneScape, I also play Overwatch (only when Xenon or Zoo plays), Final Fantasy 14 and Fate Grand Order. 95% of my gaming time however is dedicated to RuneScape and I forsee this will be the case for years to come.

On RS, I write articles for Questaholic, make YouTube guides and RSMVs.

Beside my gaming hobbies, I also enjoy exercising. I gym, run, swim and cycle in order of highest to lowest frequency. I also enjoy reading books, mostly on self improvement and economics, less so on business and psychology. I am currently reading The Twelve Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Dr Jordan Peterson.

Oh and I like Isekai anime and webcomics like XKCD and SMBC, though I don't really understand them and need Werecool to explain it to me.

I got my BA economics from National University of Singapore. I work in logistics, for a company called Expeditors International.

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