Guild Council
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The Guild Council's favourite opening: The Kádas.
Council Information
Head of Guild Council Derparnieux
Number of Councilors 4
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The Chess Guild Council is the governing body that oversees the entirety of the Chess Guild. They are its leaders, its moderators, its decision makers, its recruiters, and its role models, as defined by the Constitution. They, along with the Honor Council, ensure that the Guild runs smoothly and without incident.


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The following list displays all current active members of the Chess Guild Council

The current Head of Council is Derparnieux.


Forming the Council

(June 8th, 2021 - Present)
The Chess Guild was founded on June 8th, 2021. Derparnieux signed on as its first Head of Guild Council, with Shiro Shana and Slayer joining him in the Guild Council. Not long after, Fennric joined the Guild Council as well. In August of the same year, Choto finally managed to blackmail Derp into letting him the join the Guild Council too.