Clan Quest Chess Guild
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The Guild's most popular opening: The Bird.

Guild Information
Guild Founded June 8th, 2021
Guild Founders Choto 3000, Derparnieux, Diapolo10, Ilikeslayer, Shiro_Shana
Head of Guild Council Derparnieux
Head of Honor Council Diapolo10
Approximate Members 15

This guild was made official as of the vote on June 8th, 2021.

Clan Quest Chess Guild is the fifth official Guild of Clan Quest as of its ratification on June 8th, 2021. The Guild is the first to branch into a 'non videogame' interest, as well as the first to amass more than 30 positive votes for its officialization. The idea was conceived at the end of the first chess tournament involving clan members.


As per the Clan's Constitution, the Chess Guild is organized into its two primary bodies: The Guild Council and Honor Council. There are currently no volunteer groups. There is, however, an extremely secret overlord group popularly known as The Pigeon Council.

Guild Council

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The current Council is composed of four clan members who have already served as Guild Councilors for the RuneScape Guild. It is currently led by Derparnieux

Honor Council

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The Honor Council for the Chess Guild is currently headed up by Diapolo10. He is the sole member for the time being.


The idea to form an official Chess Guild arised after the end of the first clan tournament, dubbed 'Questchamps'.

Past and on-going tournaments

'Questchamps: The First Edition'

'Questchamps: The Second Edition'


The Guild uses the platform for ranking, matches and recruiting.