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Founded November 9th, 2009
Founded by Gregory Wheeler, Jamie Davies, Nicholas Kapusinski
Current Clan Council
Website Administration Staff
Countries our members are from
Member Countries Map.png
The Questing Clan of RuneScape
Guild Founded March 12th, 2018
Guild Founders Cireon, Draziw, Earth
Shane, Sirapyro
Head of Guild Council Shane
Head of Honor Council Cireon
Number of Members 460+
Old School Clan Quest
Guild Founded July 8th, 2018
Guild Founders Roadsick, Irene Angel, Ragulu
Santa Ends, Sugam
Head of Guild Council Dogsnow mkii
Head of Honor Council Prinessi
Number of Members 50+
Rocket League Guild
Guild Founded June 5th, 2019
Guild Founders Dawn, Wolffi, Shiro Shana
ProdigalGazz, Cireon
Head of Guild Council Dawn
Head of Honor Council Wolffi
Number of Members 5+

Clan Quest is an online community dedicated to providing its members infrastructure and branding. Clan Quest hopes of better enable its members to organize and enjoy their various interests. Members who share interests organize themselves into various Guilds, which collectively comprise the Clan Quest community as a whole. These guilds have a presence in multiple online games and communities, and collectively strives to be standards by which other online communities are measured.

Originally founded within the Jagex hosted game RuneScape, the Runescape Guild would eventually split off into additional interests. As of the 2018 Constitution, Clan Quest as an entity became separate from the exclusive Runescape community that it had been since its founding on November 9th, 2009. Founded as a community that organized serious "Questers", the community's aim was to create a welcoming community where individuals of all types could join together, have fun, and better themselves. Most of the community are avid followers of game lore, enjoy helping complete strangers, and have a strange love for cabbage.


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Clan Quest has a long history, originally starting as an online community and eventually branching into other games and interests.


From it's founding on November 9th, 2009, Clan Quest was a gaming community built within the Jagex hosted game of RuneScape. Draziw would create the group with two friends Kappa and Sethron, and together they would eventually recruit many like-minded players who shared a passion for the game's quests and lore. As the community grew, they gained recognition from Jagex, as well as considerable influence within the game's community, especially considering the clan's age and number of members.

Over the next 9 years, Clan Quest would see dramatic growth, an incredibly active community of contributors, and even saw dramatic changes in its operation and leadership. Throughout 2017 and early 2018, the focus of the community moved into expansion, and a transition was made to allow the established infrastructure to be used by other gaming communities.

With Separate Guilds

Clan Quest started a push to broaden its horizons. With the number of in-person meetings increasing and members looking for more ways to stay in touch with their friends outside of the game, it was clear we needed to accommodate for more. While Runescape was a central pillar in the Clan, we are now expanding into a larger space and welcome everybody who wishes to be part of the Clan Quest family.

Today, the clan has grown to something bigger than the shared love for a game.

Clan Government and Operation

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There are two major components to the Government of Clan Quest: the Clan Council, and Guilds. The Clan as a whole is overseen by the Clan Council, a group made up of the founders and leaders that manage and oversee the Clan's websites, content creation teams, Discord server, and the success of each of Clan Quest's Guilds. Each Guild is an independent body that is overseen by a "Guild Council" and an "Honor Council", the former of which oversees moderation and day-to-day activities, while the latter enforces the Clan Quest Canon of Ethics. The Clan Council exists to enable and connect all the Guilds of Clan Quest, and to ensure they have the resources they need to build a community together.

Clan Services

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Clan Quest affords all of its Guilds a place on its website, clanquest.org. This includes forums, the Clan Quest Wiki, a place in its Questaholic Magazine, and more, all overseen by professional web developers and content creators! Having a stable, constantly visited website is a boon for any community or developing organization, and Clan Quest has worked hard to make ours available to you! Likewise, every Guild of Clan Quest is also afforded a place on the official Clan Quest Discord server, where all of our communities can come together, while still having their own private rooms for their target interests! Finally, Guilds that are a part of Clan Quest have the right to contribute to its social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.


To a visitor of the Clan Quest channel, some of the clan's “practices” may seem very curious. Most important amongst these is the tendency for members to call each other noobs. “Noob” while used in Clan Quest, is a term of endearment; frequently used in friendly banter and to acknowledge a player's favorite friends in the clan. If you are called a noob in Clan Quest, rest assured this is a good thing. Keep in mind, you may be a noob, but you are their noob. They take this very seriously! Also, feel free to call any members of clan quest noobs (as long as you remain polite) and please bear in mind their intentions if you are addressed as a noob while visiting.

Included in the practice of calling people noobs, you may find that many of their members possess nicknames including Noob (or some variation) in their name. Ex: Tohtli (Nubhtli), The Rerecros (The Noobecros), The Draziw (The Boon), etc. Clan Quest members are encouraged to assume a “Clan Name” which includes Noob in some context.