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Clan Quest
Joined Clan 6th August 2020
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December 2008
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Name Rebecca
Age 25
Occupation Deputy Registrar
Location England, UK
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Darkestnight is a current member of the RS3 Guild Council and RuneScape Guild, and a previous Head of the RS3 Honour Council. She joined Clan Quest on 6th August 2020.

She can normally be found co-hosting minigame events on the weekend, and other times can be found either replaying all quests on her alt account or getting up to nonsense.

The Dawn


Darkestnight's original trek to the world of Gielinor began sometime in 2007, but being young she wanted to replay Tutorial Island over and over rather than progress further in the game, so she made several accounts over a period of time to do this.

Her original account has since been lost to the sands of time, and the account she currently uses as her main is the one that survived the Tutorial Island Trials. Due to a foggy recollection of this time period, we only know that this last account was made in December of 2008 because of Hans.

Dark's original escapades on Gielinor were both nonsense and quest driven. Examples of nonsense include;

  • Buying an Abyssal Whip because everyone had one while having nowhere near the requirements needed to use one
  • Prioritising fashionscape over function and changing outfits everyday regardless of the protection it offered her
  • Dyeing her in-game cat purple without thinking about if she really wanted a purple cat
  • Regularly dedicating a few hours to creating nothing but gold rings and selling them on the Grand Exchange as she liked the idea that she was the main wedding ring supplier for Gielinor

Amongst her nonsense, Dark dedicated time to completing quests as best as she could. Some of the quests Dark was most excited to play belonged to the region of Morytania, although she treated Morytania with the same level of wariness as she did the Wilderness. As such, enemies such as the Giant Lobster from Ghosts Ahoy were all that much terrifying as she feared her character dying and not being able to get back to her gravestone in time to recollect her gear. She would outgrow this fear of dying as she got older however, and was able to enjoy combat fully.

Prior to the Evolution of Combat update Dark's combat style was almost entirely Magic based, and she was determined to make Magic her first 99. Another Magic related goal of hers was to enter the Magic Guild in Yanille and she spent a considerable amount of time dedicated to training Magic to accomplish this, although this was done in fairly inefficient ways and she would not meet the entry requirement until her return.

Around about the time of the EOC update Dark took a long break to focus on school, and although she would stop by occasionally she wouldn't fully return until 2019.

The Return

In 2019 Dark made her permanent return to Gielinor. Like most returning players, she didn't quite know where to start with the large amount of new content that had been produced while she was away, but she did what she knew best: Questing.

Dark eventually managed to meet her goal of entering the Magic Guild in Yanille, although it wasn't as exciting as her much younger self would have imagined it to be! Dark planned on working towards making Magic her first combat related 99 as she had ended up with Farming as her first 99 instead (which would also be her first 120 Skill as well), which she felt was a good compromise as a nod to her younger self. Dark achieved this goal of 99 Magic on 06/09/2021, and with this her promise to her childhood self had been fulfilled.

Ironically, after returning and learning how to use the new combat mechanics Dark ended up making Melee her primary combat style instead of Magic. She still utilises Magic as a combat style though, primarily in PvP situations.

Dark's playstyle had always been traditionally solo which meant she didn't have much interaction with other players, and so she kept mostly to herself while relearning the ropes. This all changed, however, when she decided to join a clan.

The Day

Clan Quest

Dark's search for a clan was spurred on by a surprising thing: Achievements. Dark had noticed there were a handful of achievements you could only get by visiting your Clan's Citadel, and so she decided this would be her reason to search for a clan after several years of playing solo.

Dark didn't want to join a clan which had demanding requirements to maintain membership within the clan, and wanted to find a friendly social clan with a passion for lore and quests. A quick search led her to Clan Quest's offsite, but she decided she would ask around first before making any commitments.

Posting on the RS3 Reddit asking for clan suggestions would lead her back to Clan Quest as a fellow clannie, Xurdones, would recommend Clan Quest to her amongst a few other suggestions. Taking this a good sign, Dark would guest in Clan Quest's chat as a guest for a day before making her application to join. On 6th August Dark would be officially invited to join Clan Quest, and her days as a solo player ended.

Taking breaks in-between playing meant Dark had a vague recollection of earlier quests she had completed, so in late 2020 she created her alt account, Lightestday, to begin replaying earlier content alongside fellow clannies on Clan Quest's Group Questing Twitch Streams.

In March 2021 a crashed server changed everything. Darkestnight was one of a few players who were locked out of their accounts following the crash of a server storing their account data, and as a result was unable to return in-game until her account profile had been manually recreated by Jagex staff. During this time Dark commandeered her alt account which had not been affected, and began to pour her spare time into fully relearning the Runescape lore she had forgotten.

On April Fools Day 2021, Darkestnight's account was returned to her as she had left it. The irony of having it returned on April Fools Day did not escape her, and she joked at the time she would log in the next day only to be locked out again. As luck would have it, this was not the case.

On 19th May 2021, Darkestnight was inducted onto the RS3 Guild Council after a nomination by Questcaping. Since then Dark has been a Guild Councillor for Clan Quest and continues to do so today.

From mid August 2021 to mid September 2021, Darkestnight held the first RS Cook Off for Clan Quest to great success. For the 2021 Christmas Advent Fundraiser, she reprised this role by hosting a Christmas Cook Off with a charity milestone at $750 promising to publish the recipes used in the Cook Off. This milestone was achieved along with the overall target, and a wiki page for the Christmas Cook Off was made to fulfil the charity milestone. Since then there have been several more Cook offs, and likely more to come in the future.

On 18th January 2022, Darkestnight was appointed the Head of the RS3 Honour Council after a competitive election. This was a position she held until 17th February 2023.

On the 14th March 2022, Darkestnight finally maxed by reaching 99 in the Invention Skill and was able to enter the Max Guild and claim her Max Cape.

On 23rd July 2022, Darkestnight met up with fellow clannies Spy Whoman, Cireon, and Shiro Shana in Amsterdam. They visited the Van Gogh Museum and grabbed some ramen afterwards.

As part of the 2022 Advent fundraising, Dark streamed Star Trek: Borg where a milestone was met mid-stream for her to change into a Star Trek: TNG uniform. According to her pips she holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She proceeded to argue and thoroughly enjoy being exasperated by her co-host Q, who in turn would treat her to the Q White Screen of Death when he thought she was making too much progress. He may or may not have also been the cause of the internet connectivity issues presented during the stream.

From 11th August to 13th August 2023 Darkestnight stayed in Utrecht (and briefly revisited Amsterdam) to meet up with other clan members and participate in the 2023 Utrecht Clan Quest Meetup. This event was attended by Choto 3000, Diana, Cireon, ILikeSlayer, Moesen Natha, Shiro Shana, Spy Whoman, Derparnieux, and of course Darkestnight. The group enjoyed a picnic (of which a custom Barbie Sliske brownie was smuggled through customs and into Europe for), went bowling, enjoyed some pool, and finished the night off with a meal out.

The Night

Darkestnight currently coordinates the Weekend Minigame Events as part of the Events Team (formerly alongside Questcaping before he took retirement), and enjoys getting to know the clannies that attend. Her favourite minigames include Trawler, Heist, Shades of Mort'ton, and Shifting Tombs.

Dark's alt account is Lightestday, whom she had legally married to her account Darkestnight during the Clan Minigame Tournament of the Summer of 2021 by Questcaping using Guthix's Book of Balance. The Green Lantern jokes are never ending.

Lightestday is being used to replay all quests as a refresher on RuneScape lore as she had gaps in her memory of the earliest quests as she had played them more than 10 years ago. One of Dark's main goals is to achieve a Quest Cape for Lightestday as proof that she is a hardcore lorehound.

Once she eventually achieves this she hopes for Lightestday to become an account to ruminate on new quests and allow her to replay them immediately, so that she may dissect the story points at her own pace once she knows how they end.

Dark also has a second alt account called DarwinPriest for the purpose of group-questing now that Lightestday has covered the majority of quests. DarwinPriest is based off of her RS3 inspired D&D character, Father Darwin, a thief who turned from a life of crime to Saradomin who has since lost faith in the gods after the Battle of Lumbridge. Dark enjoys portraying Darwin as a sarcastic himbo. Darwin has also been known to be referred to affectionately by Questcaping as "Daddy D".

Darkestnight is the main account, Lightestday is used for reflection, and DarwinPriest is used for chaos.


  • Being a member of Clan Quest, Dark's passion for quests is a given. Her favourite questlines include the Mahjarrat Questline, the Sliske Questline, the Pirates Questline, and the Elder Gods Questline.
  • Dark is infamously known for being a fan of Sliske.
  • Since their introduction, Dark has become incredibly fond of the Light and Shadow voices. So much so that she made from scratch a replica of the Light mask, which was featured on the 2021 Golden Gnomes Livestream as a runner up in the Cosplay Prop category.
  • During Deathmatch games, Dark will just run around until she can find the Chickens powerup and let her army of Chickens do her dirty work.
  • Dark's musical tastes range from 80's pop, to Heavy Metal, to film and videogame soundtracks.
  • Dark has one younger sibling who wanted a mention on her wiki page. She also has her own wiki page.
  • Dark has theorised she can summon Choto by updating her wiki page to get his attention.
  • Update: It took Choto less than a day to notice this update to her Wiki, proving her hypothesis. Hooray for predictability.
  • Dark was a dental nurse for 3 years, and can talk about teeth for days.
  • Dark has been an advent team member for the 2021, 2022, and 2023 Advent campaigns.
  • Several clanmates have asked what on earth is her discord profile picture, with guesses ranging from Kylo Ren to Tommy Wiseau. It's Severus Snape.
  • Dark was interviewed for the 94th issue of Questaholic, and her picture was drawn by Questcaping.
  • Dark has been a member of the Questaholic team since 2022.