Moesen Natha is a current member of Clan Quest. He is a part of the RS3 Guild Council and RS3 Honour Council. He joined Clan Quest on TBD. He is a devoted married father of two daughters, who enjoys playing RuneScape and socializing online what made him end up in this place.

He can mostly be found playing RuneScape in sporadic burst throughout the daytime on weekdays (low intensity side screen stuff). On Friday he tries to organize the PVM gateway event to keep up the tradition that was set by his predecessor Miss Alaska. In the weekend he will be lollygagging in the Minigames event on Saturday or Sundays.

= The Beginning =

Moesen Natha started playing RuneScape when he was 12 years old during the summer holidays of 2004. As he was 12 he tried entering his full name as username, but came one letter short, but reall didn't care enough to change it. This username has stuck with him for the past 19 years. He began as a free-to-play noob, a status that he will have for many years. The goal at the time was just to have fun with friends and try to beat his friends in games and go PK'ing together.