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Clan Quest
Joined Clan June 2011
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Cireon; Cireoff

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Name Tom
Age 26
Sex Male
Occupation Software Engineer
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Cireon is a current Clan Councillor of Clan Quest. He has been member of Clan Quest since 2011, and has held numerous positions in the clan.

Clan Contributions

The first official contribution to the clan after joining in 2011 was in March 2012, when Cireon started hosting the Tears of Guthix event[1]. He would go on to run this until its end in 2014.

In May 2012, he was added to the Honor Council as fourth member by exception, due to the group's inactivity[2]. The Honor Council is disbanded November 9 that year.

In March 2013 then, Cireon is finally added to the Clan Government through his promotion to Low Councilor[3]. Only few months later, in November, he is given the position as Head of Low Council.

During his period as Head of Low Council, Cireon made several large changes to the Low Council that would remain in place for several years. The Low Council guidelines were redrafted and presented in a more digestable format, and an important mandate is made to improve communication between councilors and the general membership. This is made clear in a public post to the entire clan[4].

The efforts do not go unnoticed, and several months later Cireon is promoted to High Councilor together with three others[5]. He resigns the position as Head of Low Council, and promises to continue his mandate of open communication. In November 2014, Cireon is assigned the Head of High Council position.

Throughout his time as High Councilor, Cireon introduced the monthly Clan Bulletin as a way to keep members updated on what is happening in their clan, held the first Great Clan Quest Survey, and organised several events, including the C.O.R.E. Events.

Apart from the monthly bulletin, Cireon's main responsibilities around the clan involve managing the clan platforms (such as clanquest.org and Clan Discord) and leading internal and external communication. He also took a major role in the introductions of the Builders role, to allow more Clan Quest members to contribute to code projects. This led to the creation of a GitHub organization, in which Cireon is one of the administrators and main code reviewers.

In February 2019, Cireon resigned his position as Head of Clan Council[6], transferring the position to Sirapyro. He continues his role as Clan Councillor up to today.


To give every member a safe and inclusive place to enjoy themselves, each other, and the interests they share.


Going around as barechested character in RuneScape quickly led to the general appreciation of the character's abs, which have since been associated with Cireon in general. Other characteristics have been based on his real-life appearance: most notably his hair and his voice have been part of many a discussion.

It is also commonly known that Cireon acts as a bad luck charm, impacting even the clan members with the best RNG (most notably Xenon Ray during one of the Vindicta masses). This led to Cireon being given the title "Cireon, the Bad Luck Charm" on a Cards Against Humanity card. Cards Against Humanity discussion also led to the conclusion that the name "Cireon" is, in fact, a verb.

Cireon is also commonly known for his puns - earning him the nickname of Punreon - and is commonly asked to leave. Honestly, it's quite a miracle he hasn't been PKed yet.


RuneScape Characters


While Cireon was not the first RuneScape character Cireon played, it has been by far the most invested in. The account was created in 2004, after playing two other characters. The characters was exclusively free-to-play until after the hiatus that lasted from 2006 until 2010, after which the character started with some short membership periods, followed by a continued membership until the present day. It is the only character that is an official member of Clan Quest.

As main character, the character owns both a quest cape and a max cape. Its characteristic appearance involves dark hear tied in a top knot, and generally barechested clothing (see also Memes). The chosen colours are usually orange.

The character spent one month as female character during 2015 as consequence of a discussion with LizBeth[7].


Cireoff was a character created in 2017 to test out the reworked Imp Catcher quest for an upcoming RSBandB Update episode. The character was created as an ironman account. The name was a wordplay on the name "Cireon", as to act as an opposite. The character is female for that same reason as well.

The character creation and subsequent quest play-through in free-to-play led to some several insights on the free-to-play experience on the podcast.