Miss Alaska
Clan Quest
Joined Clan May 2012
Gaming Info

Miss Alaska

Personal Info
Name Alana
Age 23
Sex Female
Occupation Software Developer
Location Australia

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Early Days

Miss Alaska (or Alaska for short) began RuneScape one evening after school thinking that whatever game this was, it sounded pretty neat. It ran slow on the dial-up connection, but that didn't matter. Some time later, Tutorial Island was complete and The Restless Ghost had begun. What follows is the generic origins of a RuneScape player in 2008 with just the basics of free-to-play. Talk to some NPCs, kill some giant rats, mine some copper, kill some goblins, try to equip the goblin mail, realise you can't. Getting lost north of Falador, end up in Barbarian Village, find out about the home teleport, arrive back at Lumbridge. Pick up some more quests, finish some more quests, purchase a gnomecopter ride and see all the members world content. Finish the Halloween event and get a pet spider. Gain skill levels, acquire new equipment, accumulate more gold pieces. Do some more quests. Chop down the trees, create fire lines down Draynor Village. Kill cows, acquire the pair of fancy boots, look for more quests. Finish the quests, read the Varrock newspaper. Gain more skill levels, complete Dragon Slayer.


Turns out Dragon Slayer was the last free-to-play quest left for Alaska. She hadn't bought membership for RuneScape before, but it was pretty tempting now. Over a hundred new stories to delve into, and she was keen to take off into it. So in 2010 Alaska purchased RuneScape membership and walked through the gate to Taverley. Her first members-only quest was Wolf Whistle. Given the upgrade now and having the rest of the game's content unlocked, achieving Quest Cape became the new goal. Traversing through Gielinor and continuing storylines that had begun in the free-to-play world, or starting entirely new arcs altogether. The first two years preceding this had been just the tip of the iceberg, and now the world of RuneScape had grown much larger for Alaska.

Clan Quest

Going at it solo can get lonesome. In free-to-play Alaska had participated in Clan Wars, staking out at the wilderness lobby with various friends chats (then clan chats) that formed and disbanded across a dozen war challenges existing only for the temporary game sessions. Her first real clan was an events clan found while trying to get help with the Penguin Hide & Seek D&D. Alaska had spent some time here during the early days of having RuneScape membership, before later exiting. Seeking out a clan that matched interests more closely, Alaska stumbled across 'The Questing Clan of RuneScape', otherwise known as Clan Quest. After spending some preliminary time in the clan, it became quite obvious this was the right place forand avid quester. Many others in Clan Quest appreciated RuneScape's lore and quests and there would be many an opportunity to discuss the game's stories and new quest content in earnest. After a few weeks hanging out in the clan, Alaska knew she would be resting here for a while yet. Back in the RuneScape itself meanwhile, Alaska was homing in on the much-desired Quest Cape. With a few remaining quests - The Void Stares Back, While Guthix Sleeps, Nomad's Requiem and Ritual of the Mahjarrat - the end was in sight. On the 13th of July 2012, Miss Alaska wrapped up Ritual of the Mahjarrat with Sir Tiffy and claimed the Quest Cape from the Wise Old Man.

Skilling & Killing

Text - all that follows quest cape


Text - 2015 RuneFest attendance / clan meet

Quest Cape Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Text - new account and quest replays

Boss Practice

Text - moving into more PvM gameplay

A Break

Text - 2017-2020

The Road Goes Ever On

Text - Returning to RuneScape in 2020

Clan Contributions

Recruitment Razzers

Text - helping out on recruitment forum and beyond


Text - article contributions

Low Council

Text - general member and later position held as head of low council for a term

Combat Marshals

Text - group that organised bossing events in Clan Quest


Miss Alaska

Text - main account


Text - account made for the rs clan cup quest competitions


Text - quest replay account