RuneFest 2015

Runefest 2015 logo.png

Event Information
Date October 11, 2014
Venue Tobacco Dock
Theme Steampunk & Vampyre
Clan Quest
Number of attendees 8
List of attendees Draziw
Miss Alaska
Vodka B
Sethron 666
Alex 43
i Herblaw
Ewe Logs

RuneFest 2015, which occurred on October 3, 2015, was the first Runefest that Clan Quest officially planned to attend together. While Runefest had been talked about in the past, primarily ingame and on the RSOF recruitment thread, this year marked the first time that an extensive amount of forum activity was dedicated to planning attendance and activities before, during, and after the event. Six total members of Clan Quest attended the event alongside two additional members who would join the Clan immediately afterwards, and attend it with them again in future RuneFest's.


Though individual attendees began preparing for the event on their own terms, they collectively began planning it together when Miss Alaska started a thread on the topic on June 17th, 2015. A lot of people expressed an interest in attending, and so in order to create a more organized means of planning for the event, the first ever "RuneFest Forum" was created just to plan for the event. Preparations were made between June 21st and October 3rd, the date of the event, primarily by Draziw who helped provide travel and hotel information to those attending. Discussions were also held on whether or not the Clan should show up in personalized merchandise, but these discussions ultimately went nowhere(and would go nowhere until the 2017 RuneFest).

Before RuneFest

Much of the activities that took place before RuneFest were coordinated by the attending members through private means of communication, and so it wasn't recorded on the Clan Forums. At least three members, Draziw, Miss Alaska, and Protoman807, met up at the RuneFest "Night Before" party while other attendees were still flying in, and then a night-before dinner was also attended by some of the Clan's attendees.

At RuneFest

A lot of the events that occurred during RuneFest weren't posted about on the Forums, but pictures posted primarily by Miss Alaska gave a window into what the event was like. A lot of time was spent interacting with a to-scale model of the Stone of Jas, while also meeting and spending time with different Jagex Moderators. Otherwise the Clan's attendees spent most of the event simply partaking in the various festivities set up, many of which were only documented in live streams or videos, and not by the Clan's attendees themselves.

After RuneFest

On the night the event ended, members of Clan Quest who could not attend were, for the first time, given a detailed look into their Guildmates time at RuneFest through a series of photos provided by Miss Alaska, and other general posts made by attending members on the Clan Forums and ingame. A few days after the event, when everyone was home and settled down, the Questing Clan began recruiting multiple members they had met at the event, most notably including i Herblaw and Ewe Logs. Preparation for the following years RuneFest did not begin until the March before the event.