RuneFest 2014

Runefest 2014 logo.png

Event Information
Date October 11, 2014
Venue Tobacco Dock
Theme None
Clan Quest
Number of attendees 3
List of attendees Draziw
Vodka B

RuneFest 2014 was attended by a few members of Clan Quest after an attempted meetup was organized for the first time ever on the Clan Forums. Among those who attended were Draziw, Protoman807, and Vodka B. The thread used to gather interest for the event was started on September 15th, 2014, less than a month before RuneFest was supposed to occur, on October 11th. A handful of interested members responded, but mostly to express their regret at their inability to attend. Many of those who posted then would end up attending a future RuneFest with members of the Clan, though. This nor only marked the first time RuneFest was prepared for on the forums, but also the first time the idea of Clan Quest themed merchandise was brought up to wear at the event. This particular idea would not pan out until RuneFest 2017, though. Not a lot was posted about the event once it had occurred, but at least the three members listed before attended together.