The Wolfs Eye Clan was a RuneScape 3 Guild founded by Daviddts, Lagerluver, and AngreePirate some time before October, 2011. At some point in their history they became one of the Questing Clan of RuneScape's allies, due to a generally similar shared set of values. As of August 15, 2011 the Guild still existed, and was going strong, but between that date and October 11, 2011 something changed. Due to inactivity and a lack of leaders, the de facto leader of Wolfs Eye, Daviddts, made the decision to close the Guild. Rather than outright leave and let the Guild slowly die, Daviddts approached the Clan Quest High Council to discuss a merger of their two Guilds. Ultimately it was decided that Clan Quest would accept every member of Wolfs Eye who wished to make the move into its ranks, with Daviddts serving as a valid sponsor for every one of his former members.

Some controversy arose around Clan Quest's absorption of Wolfs Eye, due to fact that the High Council handled the entire matter privately and failed to properly inform the entirety of the Low Council. While the Low Council did not necessarily need to have a say in the merger, problems did arise when members of Wolfs Eye began applying to the Guild with Daviddts as their sponsor, who himself was not yet a full member. It took a couple days before the issue was settled, and the process of absorbing Wolfs Eye and integrating its members went smoothly after this. Due to a gap in the Guardians record keeping, though, there is no official record of who from Wolfs Eye joined the Guild other than Daviddts himself.